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Making Metrics Matter

Kevin Eikenberry

When I talk to many leaders, the term “metrics” seems to cause one of two responses: a gleam in the eye of those leaders who love the numbers…or a blank stare from the rest who know that measures and metrics are important, but will say they “aren’t numbers people.”

Not All Metrics Are Created Equal

N2Growth Blog

Here’s the thing – metrics are at best useless, and quite possibly harmful, if the wrong things are being measured. In today’s post I will attempt to provide some general guidelines that will be useful to any business attempting to create and analyze a valid set of success metrics.

Management Observation Program Best Practice 13 – Metrics and Results Communication

Strategy Driven

The post Management Observation Program Best Practice 13 – Metrics and Results Communication appeared first on StrategyDriven. Management observation programs serve to reinforce leadership expectations throughout the workforce.

Why 20th Century Metrics Will Fail 21st Century Businesses

The Leadership Advisor

So much time has been spent picking apart how the organization functions and developing metrics to manage it, that this shift threatens it on some level. Don’t misunderstand me; metrics are vital. The quality and premise of our relationship with metrics is what has become toxic. We want to improve performance, so we create a metric to “govern” or “encourage” the performance we want. Metrics have an interesting way of absorbing energy.

Metrics That Matter Most for 2014 (free PDF)

Rajesh Setty

We want to improve on the metrics for the sake of improving on the metrics. Sometimes we forget to measure the amount of time we spend being obsessed with measuring the metrics. I have created a ONE PAGE self-asessment checklist called “ Metrics That Matter for 2014.

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 24 – Diverse Metric Groupings

Strategy Driven

When developing the picture of organizational performance, many leaders view their metrics in clusters aligned with the organization’s hierarchical structure. You just finished reading Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 24 - Diverse Metric Groupings !

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 25 – Performance Metrics Inventory Database

Strategy Driven

Over time, leaders can grow their performance measurement systems to include almost countless numbers of interrelated metrics. In our experience, the optimal method for maintaining such an inventory is through the use of a centralized metrics inventory database.

Execution Leadership: 12 Metrics That Must Be Measured, Monitored, and Managed….Relentlessly

Terry Starbucker

The best way to do this is with the right metrics to measure, monitor and manage. Metrics that are not necessarily the “bottom line” ones – such as Net Profit, Total Revenue, Earnings Per Share, or Total Customers.

Online Community Moderator Metrics

Managing Communities

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Continuous Improvement Programs Offer Competitive Advantages On Key Financial Metrics

Six Disciplines

IndustryWeek recently reported on a survey it conducted with TBM Consulting about the impact of continuous-improvement programs on three financial metrics: anticipated revenue growth, operating income growth, and cash flow over the past year.

Useful Performance Measures & Metrics ? How To Measure.

Michael VanBruaene

Leaders: Stop Trying to Be Efficient

N2Growth Blog

Leadership Miscellaneous Productivity Success Effective Leaders effectiveness efficiency efficient vs. effective Leaders: Stop Trying To Be Efficient Leadership Effectiveness leadership success Measuring Success Mike Myatt N2growth Performance Metrics Success Metrics

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 18 – Ad Hoc Reports First, Automated Metrics Second

Strategy Driven

You just finished reading Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 18 - Ad Hoc Reports First, Automated Metrics Second ! The post Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 18 – Ad Hoc Reports First, Automated Metrics Second appeared first on StrategyDriven.

Marketing Metrics: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, Second Edition Paul Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip Pfeifer, and David Reibstein Prentice Hall (2010) Note: The review that follows is of the Second Edition (2010), a sequel to Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master (2006). How and why “marketing metrics can show problems (and [.].

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

Harvard Business Review

While effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Most industries cower to a few central metrics, the yardsticks that define the winners and losers. Metrics tried and proven over years become a guide to what’s important, driving resource allocation. But these metrics can become tyrants. When things change, outmoded metrics can threaten a firm’s survival. HBR STAFF.

Identify the Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter

Harvard Business Review

However, too many executives rely on metrics that look good in a report, but in reality don’t affect the organization’s goals. Metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs), should be set upfront, so that the marketing team knows what goals they are striving to reach.

Video Metrics Every Marketer Should Be Watching

Harvard Business Review

But if you look under the hood of what really drives a video strategy, it becomes clear that view count is primarily a vanity metric. Looking at metrics like these can help determine whether you chose the wrong topic, used the wrong delivery, or simply put the video in the wrong place.

One CEO???s Reflections On Measuring Impact And Purpose

Tanveer Naseer

In my experience, impact is frequently understated within organizations; it often gets relegated to a set of lifeless metrics that quantify part of the story but obfuscate qualitative understanding. No single metric can tell the real story of impact.

CEO 95

How Do You Calculate ROI?

Mills Scofield

Return on Investment (ROI), or the measurement of how effectively something will pay for itself, is a classic business metric. It is a qualitative and quantitative metric of intangibles and tangibles.

ROI 115

How do you define your purpose?

Lead on Purpose

Thinking about the life before … Continue reading → Purpose commitment happiness impact likeness metrics progress successAmong the most important discoveries you will make in your life is finding your purpose—the reason for your being, the core principles you espouse, the intent for which you get out of bed every day.

Eight Unusual Things Leaders Should Measure

Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership Learning culture measurement metricsMeasurement. It’s something that we all know is important for anyone who is managing a team or business. And while we have all heard, and likely repeated “What gets measured gets done,” sometimes, when we get past the basic things we must measure like the financials, and perhaps some safety numbers, we fall short in [.].

What Big Companies Get Wrong About Innovation Metrics

Harvard Business Review

One type is what we call “activity” metrics, which show that you’re busy stoking the boilers of innovation. The other type of metric, an “impact” metric, shows that the ship is actually going somewhere. Kenneth Andersson.

Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives?


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives? You can measure almost anything in your business, but if those metrics don’t serve a real business objectives, they are just numbers with no real meaning.

The Metrics Sales Leaders Should Be Tracking

Harvard Business Review

In a recent study, the Sales Education Foundation and Vantage Point Performance identified 306 different metrics that sales leaders used in their efforts to manage their business.

How do you define your purpose?

Lead on Purpose

Thinking about the life before … Continue reading → Purpose commitment happiness impact likeness metrics progress successAmong the most important discoveries you will make in your life is finding your purpose—the reason for your being, the core principles you espouse, the intent for which you get out of bed every day.

Common Human Resources (HR) Metrics

Rapid BI

Common Human Resources (HR) Metrics One of the most common questions around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics for HR is "what should I measure". This is a common question found on many HR groups and forums. Increasingly in organis. Business ecademy

Know the Difference Between Your Data and Your Metrics

Harvard Business Review

We were concerned with the wrong metric. A metric contains a single type of data, e.g., video views or equipment donations. This is what separates data from metrics. You can't pick your data, but you must pick your metrics. Organizations become their metrics.

Video 11

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 36 – Performance Measure Development Sheets

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium evaluation and control key performance indicator key performance measure KPI nathan ives performance measure development performance measure development sheet performance measurement performance metric strategydriven

The Twelve Sales Metrics that Matter Most

Harvard Business Review

Below, you will find twelve of these key sales metrics that benchmark sales organization performance, structure, and effectiveness. Sales is both an art and a science. It is the skillful combination of emotion and logic, people and process, free-thinking and organization.

We Can’t Study Short-Termism Without the Right Metrics

Harvard Business Review

The McKinsey Global Institute, in conjunction with FCLT Global, recently released research stating that long-term-oriented companies perform better than those that focus on short-term results. While a laudable effort in principle, measuring a company’s tendency to make myopic operating and investing decisions is fiendishly complex. Getting the measurement right is central to providing convincing evidence on the debate over short-termism.


The False Promise of the Single Metric

Harvard Business Review

Instead, he focused his metrics on the long-term needs of a full range of stakeholders , as Unilever’s annual reports demonstrate.

16 Startup Metrics

Crossderry Blog

Source: 16 Startup Metrics Filed under: PMO. A great primer on measure your business’s effectiveness: startup or not.

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 22 – Use a Multidiscipline Team to Develop the Performance Measurement System

Strategy Driven

Consequently, the design of a performance measurement system takes on a high degree of complexity because of the numerous interrelationships between various organizational levels and workgroups and the cross-functional sharing of common metrics.

Why Your Marketing Metrics Don’t Add Up

Harvard Business Review

Few things can be as jarring for marketers as losing trust in your metrics. Learn to live with inflated metrics. Another common source of confusion is artificially inflated metrics. By having a universal set of KPIs, metrics, and vernacular, you’ll save time and key resources from ongoing debate, chatter, distress, and distrust, freeing up time for meaningful optimization activity.


How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

Establish metrics and goals. There are two kinds of metrics – what I would call “end result”, or lagging metrics, i.e., percentage of female executives, managers, etc… and “activity”, or leading metrics. Top 10” is a relative metric, so there should be no incomplete lists.

Why You Should Treat Laughter as a Metric

Harvard Business Review

I was following the same yoga video I had followed more than 30 times in the past. Because I know the routine well, I usually have little trouble breathing rhythmically through the postures, feeling the subtleties of each movement, and sliding gently into a mind-body meditation. This time, though, was drastically off. Not only did my mind wander, I was clumsy and confused. I did “Warrior 1” twice on the same side instead of switching legs. I lost my balance in eagle pose.

A Better Metric for the Value of a Worker Training Program

Harvard Business Review

These metrics are useful but miss the big picture, in part because they mistake a program’s cost for its value. We developed a new metric — cost per employed day (CPED) over the first six months — that we believe better defines how well employment programs work. Debating the utility of specific metrics might seem like a minor thing. Data and metrics are part of the solution.


Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time

Harvard Business Review

Many companies use the wrong metrics to measure their performance, especially when it comes to social media. I run a social-media company, and until recently even we were confused about what metrics mattered. Those metrics are the most common false idols of analytics.

How to Lead Yourself When the Boss is Not Around

Great Leadership By Dan

If you can’t get the regular meetings, then at least provide regular updates on key decisions, achievements, metrics, and a head’s up on any problems that might end up finding their way to your manager’s desk. empowerment goals metrics self leadership time management leadership accountabilit

CFO 61

Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard

Harvard Business Review

Big data is great. But we should consider that we've actually had more data than we can reasonably use for a while now.