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Online Focus Groups As Effective As In-Person

The Horizons Tracker

Research from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston suggests that online focus groups are an effective way to gather data on even the hardest to reach constituents. The author was concerned that an online focus group would reduce participation and ultimately lower the quality of data collected.

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Using AI To Augment Vehicle Design

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Instead, “theme clinics,” involving large focus groups of highly-targeted consumers evaluating designs on paper, are relied upon. As a result, companies end up spending vast amounts of money and manpower on designs that ultimately fail to connect with focus groups and are subsequently abandoned.


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How to Be a Better Team Leader: A Case Study

Let's Grow Leaders

After all this was a recognition focus group for the top reps in this enormous call center. Team Leader Turmoil “I used to be one of those disengaged reps, you’re talking about.” We were all a bit shocked by Mike’s response. Several of whom were on the short-list to become team leaders.

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Generating Keen Energy That Electrifies a Powerful Culture

The Practical Leader

The consultant will interview key leaders and staff, run focus groups, and gather input from a variety of sources. This often starts with surveys and third-party interviews or focus groups. Managers often hire consultants to help them solve major organizational problems. The outside company then prepares a summary report.

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The Pros And Cons Of Working Remotely

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The findings emerged from a number of focus groups involving both managers and non-managers from a wide range of different sectors. Things were not all bad, of course, and a number of positives emerged from the focus group. The paper explores some ways people who have continued to work remotely can do so effectively.

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Why Employee Engagement Is About More Than Just Metrics

HR Digest

Focus Groups. Focus groups that are composed of employees across all levels and departments of your organization can be used to dive deeper into feedback you’ve collected from employee engagement surveys. Thankfully, collecting qualitative feedback is easier than you think.

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Top 11 Attributes of Leaders Who Excel at Communication and How We Define Them


Through our quantitative research of more than 750,000 leaders and employees inside some of the world’s leading organizations, and in the many focus groups we conduct every year, we’ve identified 11 attributes that matter most. We’re often asked what qualities the most effective leaders have when it comes to communicating effectively.