Your Process SUCKS! I am NOT a jerk & tell me the behaviors you want.

Mike Cardus

Tuesday, November 02nd, 2010 Posted by: mike Met some friends for a focus group at a local coffee place. The challenge is that we focus on problems and just tell people “what not to do&# as opposed to finding solutions of “what to do&# mike Wednesday, 3rd.

How Communication Strategies Can Really Engage Employees

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determine significance of achieving the business objectives Employee engagement is a shared understanding of the issues that affect the business Focus group research How Communication Strategies Can Really Engage Employees identify the largest gap between what customers think and what employees think customers think Marcia Xenitelis measure the impact of the change in thinking MedfiaTec Talent Management magazine Chief Learning Officer magazine

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Top 11 Attributes of Leaders Who Excel at Communication and How We Define Them


Through our quantitative research of more than 750,000 leaders and employees inside some of the world’s leading organizations, and in the many focus groups we conduct every year, we’ve identified 11 attributes that matter most. We’re often asked what qualities the most effective leaders have when it comes to communicating effectively.

New eBook: 12 Tips for Employers to Navigate the Future World of Work


Even in just two months, our team at The Grossman Group has learned a lot by listening to leaders and employers, surveying employees and conducting focus groups to really understand how various audiences are thinking about the workplace going forward.

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A Simple Employee Collaboration Tip You'll Flip Over


It’s an informal focus group of sorts, where employees will periodically revisit the question and ideas, leading to great collaboration in real time (and without meeting!). Have something you want to get your employees’ input on?

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Meet people where they are

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Over the last few months, the organization has done its due diligence—conducting focus groups and surveys; studying program participation; reviewing revenue, expenses, and donor history; checking out its competitors and assessing its differentiators; doing [.]

Change Management 101: Communication Skills That Help People Change


I was moderating an employee focus group about change , and during the discussion an educator in the group shared this Buddhist quote: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”. It was a moment of brilliance.

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Are You Ready for Recovery?

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This same approach can enable a group to be assembled to look at preparedness for the post-crisis recovery. Thus, the transpersonal leader can set the ‘future-focusedgroup up with the autonomy to use their fully conscious decision-making processes to create a myriad of ‘what if’ options.

The Three Pillars Of Executive Presence

Eric Jacobson

“People Matter,” and that’s what matters! – (insight from Mike Muhney, VIPorbit)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Mike Muhney, CEO, VIPorbit But in the end, for something this complicated, it’s really hard to design products by focus groups. I’m going to start a company so I can have what I need. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Steve Jobs ———————– Look, it’s… Read More “People Matter,” and that’s what matters! – (insight from Mike Muhney, VIPorbit).

Daring To Serve

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It occurred to me that our Leading Voices , Instigators , and Lead Change Group Members have touched on these principles in many of their writings. The original focus group of leaders who she asked about what needed to change all answered that they wanted to be leaders different from them.

5 Signs Diaper Drama Is Destroying Your Culture

Let's Grow Leaders

Encourage your team to focus on substance over form at least in their readouts to you. I’ve worked with companies where the employees tell me the unspoken rule… “Never ever bring up the the truth in a focus group.”

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Powerful Leaders Go Beyond Empowerment to Empartnerment

The Practical Leader

The consulting firm usually interviews people, runs focus groups, and gathers input from a variety of sources. The post Powerful Leaders Go Beyond Empowerment to Empartnerment appeared first on The Clemmer Group.

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Three Simple Secrets to Running a Remarkable Meeting

Let's Grow Leaders

I’ve heard these words so frequently, in focus groups, in one-on-ones, and even behind closed doors with seasoned managers. “This is so stupid–they asked for my opinion and then ignored it. I don’t know why I even bother!

What Causes Promotions to Fail?

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After conducting focus group discussions and assessments of current supervisors, we were able to identify eight core skills needed for the supervisory role compared to their former roles, along with some relevant knowledge. It is unfortunately common for employees in organizations to climb up the ladder to their “level of incompetence,” a concept in management known as the Peter Principle.

7 Strategic Questions Your Team Should Be Able to Answer

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I just wish they would focus on the day-to-day work.” I ask this question every time I go into a focus group. I’ve never met an executive who said, “my team’s just too strategic. ” Nope in fact it’s quite the opposite concern.

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On The Leading Edge to Cut Wasteful Employee Engagement Efforts

The Practical Leader

During a focus group with frontline team members to assess their current culture, participants weren’t participating. The post On The Leading Edge to Cut Wasteful Employee Engagement Efforts appeared first on The Clemmer Group.

Closed Loop - How to make a Quality Product

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4 - Customer feedback and focus groups. I am coaching a newer company on how to produce high quality products. I figured it was easier to write this blog entry where it might have use to other people than just send it in an email to them. One lesson I learned years ago by going through ISO9000 certification is closed loop. Every failure needs to be analyzed and the root cause solved. Simply fixing the problem for one customer is not enough.

3 Ways to Avoid the Slippery Slope of Inconsistency

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In every company I work with I hear a consistent theme in focus groups: “I wish our managers had tougher and more consistent standards. Kendra is late because she was at the hospital with her sick child and barely got home to take a shower… got it.

Knowledge Is Power. Data Isn’t.

In the CEO Afterlife

At Apple, Steve Jobs never wanted research from focus groups or quantitative usage and attitude studies. How many times have you heard that “knowledge is power?” I’m guessing that without much thought, you readily nod your head in agreement.

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It’s Not A Race: Don’t Rush Launching Your New Product!

Strategy Driven

Make time for focus groups. A simple way to ensure that your new product, its packaging, and various marketing materials will appeal to your target audience is to hold focus groups.

How to Reach Your Target Customers More Effectively

Strategy Driven

You should try to make sure that you choose an audience that you know is going to be interested in what you’re offering, and you can carry out market research and use focus groups to get a better idea of this.

3 Consequences of Promoting the Smart, Successful Jerk (with video)

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I’ve been in enough focus groups across enough companies to tell you–when you promote the jerk, people assume it’s the jerk behavior that sealed the deal. Oh he’s good. Very good. He gets sh__ done. It’s hard to argue with the results.

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An Army of One

General Leadership

All are intentionally designed to reinforce that every individual is simply one part of a larger group at work. Many of you may remember seeing the following TV commercial several years ago: A soldier is running alone across the desert, carrying a backpack but no rifle.

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New Leadership for a Changing Workforce

Great Leadership By Dan

So, for these Second-Wavers, I’d recommend focusing on the three P’s: Personal Attention, Professional Development, and Purpose. Purpose After observing focus groups of Second-Wavers, one thing really stands out: They want to know not just what to do and how to do it, but why.

Picturing Myself as a Photographer

Lead Change Blog

This post is a part of our 2016 Lead Change Group Guest Blogger Series. Within each theme Facebook provides a range of focused groups and pages – some are interest groups, others focused specifically on photography, and many commercial retail pages.

New Approaches to Leadership Development: A New VUCA Filter

Great Leadership By Dan

Action Item: Set up focus groups and ask employees how they stay informed about the company.

5 Ways to Ensure Your Messages Get Through to Employees


Understanding your audience helps you focus on those messages that will most resonate. For more systematic listening, targeted practices such as focus groups, surveys, and meetings with teams offer unparalleled insight into the success of any communication.

How to Get Employees to Care About Your Company

Let's Grow Leaders

Nothing is more disconcerting that watching employees share relentless feedback in focus groups and having execs finally pay attention when the consultant comes in and says the same thing.

How to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth

Skip Prichard

This is a company that has focused on its culture from day one. Providing low-cost elements such as the opportunity to be entrepreneurial and involved in decision-making, along with a focus on giving back to the community, are as important to employees today as health benefits or a 401(k).

This is Critical to Building an Agile, Change Adaptive Organization

The Practical Leader

” That’s a key conclusion of a major study by Harvard Business School’s Project on Managing the Future of Work and the Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute. They found “the two groups perceived the future in significantly different ways.”

The Three Pillars Of Executive Presence

Eric Jacobson

After two years of research, forty focus groups and a national survey, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett contends the three pillars of Executive Presence are: How you act ( gravitas ) How you speak (communication ) How you look ( appearance ) All three work together to help you telegraph (signal) to others that you have what it takes and that you're star material.

It’s Time to Start Teaching Your Teams to Succeed

Management Excellence

For those who’ve lived and thrived on a high-performance team, the memory of what it was like to work with a motivated, caring, challenging (but respectful), accomplishment-focused group of individuals provides sustenance for the lonely, near-death experiences that characterize so many other team and project experiences in the workplace. If you’ve ever been part of a truly effective team…a high performance team, you know the experience is memorable.

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Don’t Be a Leader of Stupid Rules

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Now, focus the service garbage detection spotlight on every other process in search of stupid rules. Create an on-going virtual customer focus group focused on policies, procedures and practices.

Moose Mess: Boeing’s Culture May Have Caused Those Tragic Crashes

The Practical Leader

” Get a facilitator outside of your team to run focus groups, conduct confidential interviews, or do a survey of your team or organization to identify and prioritize Moose issues. Cluster the similar points until you have 5 – 7 major groupings or clusters.

Three Pillars Of Executive Presence And The Aspects Of Gravitas

Eric Jacobson

After two years of research, forty focus groups and a national survey, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett contends the three pillars of Executive Presence are: How you act ( gravitas ) How you speak (communication ) How you look ( appearance ) All three work together to help you telegraph (signal) to others that you have what it takes and that you're star material.

9 Must Haves for Business Success

Great Leadership By Dan

Focus groups and stay-interviews can reveal why people want to come to work every day. Performance reviews should focus on outcomes and results.

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Creating a renewed focus for each person to be working for shared values and commitment to the organization, teams, the community, stake holders, and each other. Within these coaching times focused development, feedback and field work assignments were discussed and explored to develop the defined objectives. Executive Coaching and peer coaching groups were established to highlight and sharpen existing great behaviors and actions.

Test-Running A New Business Idea

Strategy Driven

Use a focus group of strangers. Organising a focus group of strangers and pitching your idea to them can be a way of seeing how your business idea will really get on in the market. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel.

How To Achieve Executive Presence

Eric Jacobson

Why Mission Statements Fail


It’s great to be focused on company culture and respecting cultural differences and the strengths that employees provide. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you wake up when the sun rises? Or Is it because you already know your kids are awake?

Who was Steven P. Jobs?

Coaching Tip

He was a focus group of one, the ideal Apple customer, two years out. If you had listened to Steven P. Jobs' presentations over the years, he came across not as the creator of a product so much as its very first fan--the first person to digest its possibilities.

Do You Have Executive Presence?


The study surveyed 18 focus groups, 4,000 college-degreed professionals, 50 personal interviews and 268 senior-level executives and concluded that leadership positions are most often given to those who look the part.