Sam Ford: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Sam Ford is Director of Audience Engagement for Peppercomm. The book was named one of the best business books of 2013 by Booz & Co.’s His 2013 New York University Press book, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture, was co-authored by Henry Jenkins and Joshua Green. s Strategy+Business and was voted one […]. Bob''s blog entries Advertising Age Albert Einstein Booz & Co.’s

When It Comes to Content Strategy, Spreadable Is the New Sticky

First Friday Book Synopsis

The author of Spreadable Media, discusses why content strategies that focus on keeping conversations artificially contained are outmoded. Here is a brief excerpt from an article written by Sam Ford for Fast Company magazine. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here. Image: Flickr user Doug Wheller * [.]. Bob's blog entries Abigail De Kosnik C.

Love Is the Killer App: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends Tim Sanders Crown Business (2003) Note: Here is a review of a book I read when it was first published in 2003. I recently re-read it prior to reading and reviewing Sanders’ latest, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence. [.].

Guy Kawasaki on how to overcome resistance to project launches

First Friday Book Synopsis

In his latest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Habits, Minds, and Actions (to be published by Portfolio/Penguin on March 8 2011), he offers a wealth of practical advice on how best to achieve especially important strategic objectives. For example, how to overcome resistance to project launches such as change initiatives? Here’s his response. * [.].

A Guide To Starting A Home Mechanic Business

Strategy Driven

Anyone that knows their way around under the hood of a car and is looking for a rewarding way to earn money from home should consider starting their own mechanic business. This will involve: Carrying out market research.

043: How to Lead a Likeable Business | with Dave Kerpen

Engaging Leader

There are just too many examples of organizations that are mediocre, or worse: their people are doing things that cause customers to go on Twitter or Facebook or TripAdvisor and make negative remarks. Likeable Local : a Facebook marketing solution for small businesses.

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5 Ways Retailers Can Increase Sales

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Even if it is seasonal, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what can be done to give yourself a boost to make up for the temporary loss. One of the biggest focuses any business should have is their engagement with their customers. Develop a marketing strategy.

Hackers and Hummingbirds: Leadership Lessons from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Terry Starbucker

I recently read “ Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg ” by Ekaterina Walter (I received an advance copy). 1) Create a culture that supports the purpose and vision of your business.

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How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business Through Social Media

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And the chance that the first interaction they ever have with your brand is through social media are very high, considering that nearly eighty percent of the population is said to be on at least one social media network. One of the ways you can achieve this is by offering sneak peaks.

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Effective Strategies For Business Growth

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It is crucial at this time to use positive momentum to keep pushing forward as this can have a significant impact on the success of the company. There are many effective strategies for growing a business in any industry so consider any of the following when you are ready to take the next step.

Build your Brand by Building Relationships

Women on Business

What better day to mull the topic of relationships than today? And, are you putting in the time to learn about these new acquaintances, rather than leaping in after the first couple of meetings with a request to sign on the dotted line? ” Never lose the humanistic side of sales.

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Discover How You Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Women on Business

Following is an edited excerpt from my latest book, Content Marketing for Dummies , which teaches individuals and business owners how to create and publish online content that can help you reach your goals. If your content is relevant and interesting, they’ll want more of it.

Word-of-Mouth and Social Media

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Both realize that some of the best word of mouth advertising they could have would be taxi drivers raving about their shows. The short answer is to give more of what you have away. . They'll watch YouTube videos of you.

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Social Media Marketing and the Strategic Shift from Destination to Audience

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Social media marketing has transitioned from being an ancillary marketing strategy to become a strategic business imperative. 30-Minute Social Media Marketing : Step-by-step Techniques to Spread the Word About Your Business by Susan Gunelius. Direct and indirect marketing.

3 Steps in the Presales Process Fortune 500 Companies Never Skip

The Kini Group

B2B businesses with a strong and strategic presales process consistently achieve win rates of more than 40%, according to McKinsey research. As a result, many companies give their presales departments woeful amounts of attention, little strategy direction, and inadequate technology.

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Blogging Starter Checklist Updated (again!) | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

It has, of course, grown over the years and many people tell me that it is no longer a “starter checklist&#. It has become a collection of a more than 150 resources and articles on how to get your blog to the next level. In particular, I have added the sections called “Commenting Platforms&# and “Spread the word&# (for word-of-mouth marketing) If you know of any other resources that should make the list, please add them in your comments here or on the lens.

Privacy is a Luxury You Don't Have

Harvard Business Review

I remember my first taste of social networking — a 2004 invitation to join Friendster. I declined, traumatized at the thought that people I didn't know would see information about me (the point of the site, which I deemed quite suspicious, was to help connect you with friends-of-friends). Fast forward to the spring of 2006, when I was teaching a course at Emerson College. Or is there a way to make it work in the era of social networking?

Learn to Adjust Your Focus

Harvard Business Review

A market segment can be characterized broadly (women 25-34) or specifically (women in an early career phase who are newly-married and starting a family). But when is the optimal time to think about a situation in terms of its small details? It is important to understand specific aspects of your customers to figure out how the product will appeal to them and why they will be motivated to purchase and use that product. Abstract thinking is useful for early stages of innovation.

Why the Greek Yogurt Craze Should be a Wake-Up Call to Big Food

Harvard Business Review

He wanted to use it to produce a line of strained, or “Greek,” yogurt called Chobani. But for years, as Chobani gobbled up market share, the major food companies stuck to their regular lines of yogurt. and cost General Mills, Dannon, and other established players billions of dollars in sales. Consumers are more tightly connected now and are more likely to follow word-of-mouth (or word-of-keystroke) advice than in the past.

Should You Back That Innovation Proposal?

Harvard Business Review

The first comes from a team of young entrepreneurs hoping to bring word-of-mouth marketing to China. The strategy is logically sound, takes advantage of the company’s capabilities, and the team is offering up precise financial projections promising hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues. The word-of-mouth idea was pitched to Innosight’s investment arm by entrepreneur Christoph Zrenner in 2010.