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3 Life Changing Life Lessons from Roger Federer

Leadership Freak

Roger Federer is one of the world's great athletes. His commencement talk at Dartmouth blew me away. Life lessons: #1. Effortless is a myth. #2. It's only a point. #3. Life is bigger than a tennis court. This post summarizes Federer's key points in his own words. Don't miss it!

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Leading Thoughts for April 25, 2024

Leading Blog

Roger Martin on our personal knowledge system dynamics: “Personal knowledge systems are highly path-dependent. They listen to people as though they have all the tools they need to be successful, and could simply benefit from exploring their thoughts and ideas out loud.”

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Mr. Rogers in the Boardroom? You Bet!

Decker Communication

And he was losing his patience as PBS was losing the verbal battle— until Mr. Rogers stepped in. You know him—Fred Rogers, PBS star and now the mild-mannered hero of the excellent documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Speakers who got up before Mr. Rogers read scripts and shared what was on a piece of paper.

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Roger Martin

CEO Blog

Roger Martin, Dean of Rotman School of Business spoke at World Innovation Forum (#WIF11). I know Roger and have read most of his books. I even have one on my desk waiting to be read now. He sat on the RIM board with me. He certainly is an innovative and deep thinker.

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Remembering Roger Ebert

First Friday Book Synopsis

Roger Ebert reviewed films for the Chicago Sun-Times from 19677 until his death yesterday. For years, I delivered the Tribune in the morning and the Sun-Times after school. He and James Agee probably did more than anyone else ever has to nourish my understanding and appreciation of great [.].

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Weekly Round-Up: 10 Comms Lessons from Mr. Rogers, 4 Important Leadership Stories, Recognition & Appreciation Best Practices, Top 5 Rules for Internal Comms, Advice for Communicating Bad News


This Week's Round-Up of Leadership and Communication Blogs: 10 Lessons From Mr. Rogers On How To Make Yourself Heard By Chet Wade via Forbes ( @Forbes ) Communicate better, especially when times are tough and the news is bad, with these 10 lessons from Mr. Rogers. “ The lessons taught by Fred (How can you refer to him as “Rogers?”)

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The Amazing Story Of Assault Fitness And The Bike People Love To Hate With Roger Dean Bates

Steve Farber

This is exactly what Roger Dean Bates did with Assault Fitness. The post The Amazing Story Of Assault Fitness And The Bike People Love To Hate With Roger Dean Bates first appeared on Steve Farber. In the marketing world full of overlapping products and services, coming up with a unique concept is the only way to stand out.

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