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In just 8 short weeks, The Myths of Creativity , will hit the shelves of bookstores everywhere. We’ve already been overwhelmed by the love people are showing for the book by pre-ordering it. To say thank you to those folks, and everyone else who’ll follow their example, I’ve put together an awesome package of giveaways for people who pre-order the book before October 14th.

Innovators and Early Adopters


The Left-Siders by Simon Sinek ( blog ). The world is a bell curve. Class room test scores, employee performance in a company or how many people really, really like you. No matter the population you’re studying, they always fit neatly across the standard deviations of the famous bell curve. The most important thing about the bell curve is that it is always balanced. If there are high performers on one side, there are low performers on the other. It is always balanced.


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When It Comes to Change, Are You a Cuddly Curmudgeon or Early Adopter?


Individuals will always have different levels of hesitancy when it comes to change. Learn how to address skepticism in a way that makes change easier for everyone at your organization.

Have You Learned to be an Early Adopter

First Friday Book Synopsis

“His parents were simply early adopters of what will become an essential learning tool for the next generation.” ” (speaking of a three year old in Sweden working “on his music” on an iPad). – Michael Saylor, The Mobile Wave —————- Here’s a short but important thought for a Saturday. I’n in Natchitoches, LA, for our [.]. Randy's blog entries

Choose Change!

Lead Change Blog

Rogers categorizes coworkers into five groups, according to how they deal with accepting new ideas: The innovators are always in for a new idea and are quick to adopt; often also quick to drop an idea in favor of a new, more attractive looking idea. The early adopters first take a critical look at the proposal before deciding whether it’s a good idea or not. The early majority eventually want to hook up with the new idea, but want some proof that it works before committing.

Just How Early Do You Need To Be An Early Adopter? – Pretty Early

First Friday Book Synopsis

Just how early do you need to be an early adopter? Pretty early. The pace of change is breathtaking. You can fall behind in a heartbeat. And somebody, somewhere, is trying to move ahead of you right now. And someone else is trying to move ahead of the someone who is trying to move ahead […]. Randy''s blog entries

Change Management Lessons from Eating Snakes and Rats

Lead Change Blog

Students who were brave early adopters followed them, filling their plates and heading for a table to show off to their buddies, all with the admiration of the instructors. Change Management Army Jungle Survival School Camp Sherman Early Adopters military Vietnam A significant part of the Vietnam conflict in the late ‘60s was fought in thick jungle.

Three reasons pms need an iphone

Lead on Purpose

However, five weeks ago I purchased an iPhone 3GS (granted, I’m not an early adopter) and the experience has been phenomenal.

4 Tips for Managing Organizational Change

Harvard Business

Start with a trusted group of early adopters. Change management Managing organizations Digital Article

The Human Impact of Rapid Tech Change

Lead Change Blog

Individuals may fall into three categories: early adopters, late adopters, and resistors. However, to move your change agenda forward, the early adopters and late adopters are your change agents and will help bring the resistors along the change continuum. Companies are increasingly utilizing automation technologies to increase productivity and innovation.

6 Communication Lessons from Social Media for 21st-Century Leaders

Engaging Leader

I was not one of social media’s early adopters. I finally got on Facebook in 2009, roughly the same time as your grandmother. Twitter? Not until 2011. All those hashtags and short URLs confused me. BTW, my first-ever tweet: [link] I quickly discovered that social media isn’t rising so quickly because the tech is sexy. […]. The post 6 Communication Lessons from Social Media for 21st-Century Leaders appeared first on Engaging Leader.

Media 151

How Sales Leaders Can Reclaim the Advantage in a Virtual World

Next Level Blog

When the COVID quarantine began, the early adopters/adapters on his team realized that since connecting with people is the central part of their job, they were going to have to find new ways to do it.

Blog 200

BlackBerry 10 Sentiment

CEO Blog

I often see products that sell lots in the first few week - this is normal early adopter. BlackBerry 10 launched today. There has been lots written about it so not for me to share anything new. Lots of apps, lightning fast surfing etc. The device looks like a winner - but will it be? I think the next 90 days will tell. Then the sales either grow exponentially or fizzle. Largely depending on how well the market accepts the product.

CEO 152

Organizational Alignment is the Key to Managing Change

Lead Change Blog

Empower Willing Change Leaders: The most successful change efforts include the early adopters and use internal, front-line change agents to sway the majority. There are two types of organizational change: change that is mandated and change that is proactive. The latter is easier and can be less emotional than the former, yet the lines often blur between the two – frequently because proactive change launched by one group is perceived as mandated change by another.

Is Your Organization Digitally Mature?

Leading Blog

Technology changes faster than individuals can adopt it (the adoption gap ); individuals adapt more quickly to that change than organizations can (the adaptation gap ), and organizations adjust more quickly than legal and societal institutions can (the assimilation gap ). While older generations have much to learn from the millennials, the fact that they are early adopters doesn’t mean they necessarily know how to adapt that technology in an organizational setting.

Today’s Leaders All Share These 5 Traits – A Digital Mindset

N2Growth Blog

There’s no need for leaders to be early adopters of technology, though that would be great. The best leaders have a propensity for looking for ways to leverage digital technology for competitive gain.If you want to be a great leader , you absolutely have to develop a digital mindset. It’s the only way you can help your business leverage data and information technologies in the pursuit of growth and profitability. Why, you ask?

Cascades: 6 Principles for Creating Transformational Change

Leading Blog

The alternative you present must be better not just for the believers but for those outside the early adopter group. Yet that wasn’t a value, it was an early manifestation of a value. In the early days, many of IBM’s customers were banks, so IBM’s salespeople dressed to reflect their customers. T HE NATURE OF POWER has shifted from top-down to the center of networks. Networks are key to understanding how to create transformational change.

Blog 251

Essential Elements Of A Business Website in 2021

Strategy Driven

Early adopters of the internet will remember just how odd our early engagements with the web were. One of the issues with early websites is that there was simply too much going on, and it wasn’t very well organised.

8 Ways to Have a Successful Partnership

Leading Blog

Once these early adopters are moving product, others will not be able to blame anyone but themselves for missing targets. This is a post by August Turak, author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks : One CEO''s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity. In a marketplace gone global, productive partnerships are more crucial than ever.

Is Blogging Dead?

N2Growth Blog

When a new industry surfaces, the early adopters (first-movers) set-up shop, validate proof of concept, carve out their niche, and build very strong, if not in some cases, category dominant brands. Many successful bloggers today were not necessarily first-movers, but rather fast-followers able to leap frog the early adopters. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. I read an interesting article in Inc.

Blog 244

Leadership Caffeine Podcast #10: Geoffrey Moore on Escape Velocity

Management Excellence

Moore, the renowned high-tech strategist and author, perhaps best known for his book, Crossing the Chasm, a guide to helping firms move from early adopters across this fateful and often fatal canyon, is back with his latest book, Escape Velocity-Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past.

Corporate Culture And Changing Behavior

Eric Jacobson

Smith and O''Connell go on to explain that: Given the importance of peer influence, people need to perceive that respected peers are adopting change. I''ve found this advice from authors Neil Smith and Patricia O''Connnell ( How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things ) to be particularly helpful when it comes to corporate culture and changing behavior : Corporate culture is an interlocking series of expectations, rituals, and habits maintained by peer influence and rewarding adherence.

Start a Business at Any Age

Skip Prichard

People do not start selling early enough. Start early and often. Start selling early and often.” Make your mistakes among friends and early-adopters. They are your early warning radar. Ageless Startup.

AI evolves the hiring process

HR Digest

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses has increased by 270 percent in the last four years and is expected to reach $266.92 And a major factor driving this growth and adoption is the human resources field. .

Corporate Culture And Changing Behavior

Eric Jacobson

Smith and O''Connell go on to explain that: Given the importance of peer influence, people need to perceive that respected peers are adopting change. I''ve found this advice from authors Neil Smith and Patricia O''Connnell ( How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things ) to be particularly helpful when it comes to corporate culture and changing behavior : Corporate culture is an interlocking series of expectations, rituals, and habits maintained by peer influence and rewarding adherence.

Guest Post: Change Management Models

Change Starts Here

There is little or no point in worrying about the later steps until you have taken care of the early ones. Like the Kubler-Ross model the innovation adoption curve categorises people. Some of us are “innovators” or “early adopters” whilst others are “laggards” The vast majority of us sit in the middle of the population as “The early or late majority” Again this is a people led model of change.


3 Major Challenges Financial Institutions Face When Implementing Business Insight Technology

Strategy Driven

Also worth explaining to your colleagues is that the tech will put you in a highly competitive position: that of an early adopter. If you adopt a solution you truly believe in, your enhanced ability to derive and act on key business insight will speak for itself.

How to Lead a Redneck

Lead Change Blog

And what about the baby boomers who are “can-do,” purpose-driven early adopters who care more about learning than a gold watch, use Snapchat and listen to Jay Z?” We can thank Hapeville, GA native Jeff Foxworthy for giving rednecks their due. Jeff did not invent the word; the label has been around for a long time—at least 150 years.

How To 167

Leaders Can’t Execute Strategy

Great Leadership By Dan

People who are early adopters of the execution need encouragement to take risks. The bold areas above come together to make up the Implementation Compass ™ - a framework for identifying the right actions, adopted by governments and companies. A recognized pioneer and expert in strategy implementation, Robin Speculand is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different approach.

Innovative Leaders Aren’t Scared of Customers


With only a few customers in the early stage of the game, any open-ended conversation with someone interested in what we’re doing is welcomed with enthusiasm. A different bank, for example, recently created an incubator where early-stage ideas could be seen and worked on by employees only. Here’s how to start: Identify the leading edge customers (customers that think creatively, ask for new things, or are your early adopters).

How to Overcome the 3 Organizational Barriers to Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

In any organization, there’s always going to be about 10% early adopters, 80% that will eventually get on board if you can convince them and show them how, and 10% that are just going to dig their heels in and refuse to try anything new or different. “The truth is that no one factor makes a company admirable; but if you were forced to pick the one that makes the most difference, you’d pick leadership.”. Fortune’s. Thomas Stewart.

The New Roadmap For Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Jacobson

Success with early adopters can be misleading and give founders unwarranted confidence to expand. Rather than writing yet another how-to guide for people wanting to launch a startup, Tom Eisenmann conducted original research on startup failure to better understand startup success.

Success Stories From 10 Successful Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Eric Jacobson

Susanna has a big techie network, as an early community leader at the pivotal publication Wired and then on the staff of Macworld , PCWorld and Outside magazines.

Fast Change: The co-organization of Business

Great Leadership By Dan

As individuals, we take our cues from the early adopters and we learn what to do – and what not to do. Guest post By Russell Raath : There are many descriptors for the world we live in. Volatile, complex, global, flat, uncertain, unpredictable, and on. But I would suggest that it is Fast Change that defines our world more than any other word or phrase, and our greatest challenge has become living with it and learning to cope within it.

The Value of Account-Based Marketing for CRM

Strategy Driven

Just as there are always early adopters of new technologies, the ABM movement offers a tremendous opportunity to market leaders to increase their profits by looking for whales rather than guppies. In this era of information, businesses are searching for advanced solutions to the issues they face. The internet has been both a benefit and a mystery for businesses. Brand leaders and marketers are online continuously trying to figure out the Rubik’s Cube that is online marketing.

CRM 50

Prerequisites for Change Adoption

Change Starts Here

And what can it tell us about some of the prerequisites for change adoption? Seeing others driving the car not only made it safe, but made me realize if I wanted to be on the early adoption side of the curve, I would have to hurry up! We make decisions every day at work and in life that can help us understand how people adopt change.

The Lessons From 10 Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Eric Jacobson

Susanna has a big techie network, as an early community leader at the pivotal publication Wired and then on the staff of Macworld , PCWorld and Outside magazines.

Sidelining Those Who Don’t Play Nice With Change

Change Starts Here

Common sense calls for enlisting the early adopters first to gain momentum while keeping the more difficult converts at bay. However difficult it may be to deal with their resistance up front, involving them early may be less painful than trying to have them jump into the project after much work has been done without their input. During the course of any change initiative, you may come across those whom you prefer to keep at arm’s length from the change.

The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding Your Company

Steve Farber

Businesses like restaurants and microbreweries–those with strong brand loyalty that can quickly connect to a large crowd of customers and supporters–have been early adopters. Jones says that if you’re an early-stage company considering this approach, one of the first things to do is pick the right person to conduct your offer at the right portal.

The Revealing And Inspirational Journeys Of 10 Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Eric Jacobson

Susanna has a big techie network, as an early community leader at the pivotal publication Wired and then on the staff of Macworld , PCWorld and Outside magazines.

Every Business Is Social (Like it or not)

Mills Scofield

Business Model: As an early adopter and co-creator of Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) , I use it the most. Mali Health Given the great comments on last week’s post and a Huffington Post article on the subject by Matt Murrie , I thought a follow-up was in order. The comments centered on two themes: Investment funding’s acceptance of “Social” as a viable type of business. Business Modeling – social vs. regular.

ROI 111

Leading in a New Direction - 3 Techniques for Thinking up New Business Ideas

Great Leadership By Dan

This will appeal to both early adopters (who can spread the word) and customers not being served by current DVD rental businesses. Here's a guest post from entrepreneur Duncan Murtagh," an Irishman living in Taiwan, who has been to New Hampshire several times": How can we move past the tough times of 2011 to a more profitable 2012? Well we could start by coming up with some new ideas to drive revenue growth.

BPM should focus on people, not technology

Chartered Management Institute

You can target early adopters. The breadth and variety of BPM tools has never been greater, yet the increasing availability of tools has not increased the success of BPM projects. The biggest barrier to BPM success is so often human related. This software often allows companies to monitor process performance and implement changes in real-time, a stark contrast to days of yore when managers would have to wait until the end of the week or month to see how changes had performed.

BPM 64