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“Interpersonal Connectedness” One Factor in Metric to Replace GDP

Michael Lee Stallard

In “ The Rise and Fall of GDP ,&# that appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Jon Gertner describes this effort.

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Unleashing AI’s Potential: The Imperative of Creative Executive Leadership

N2Growth Blog

Future Outlook: Where AI and Executive Creativity Intersect With AI trends predicting a seismic shift in business dynamics, including a projected 21% net increase in the US GDP by 2030 , the role of creative executives becomes ever more pivotal. And at the heart of this innovation lie our brilliantly creative executives.


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The Economic Costs Of Climate Change

The Horizons Tracker

They used an empirical approach to examine the consequences of rising global temperatures on GDP. “This contrasts with models that calculate metrics like the social cost of carbon, which mostly assume temporary temperature impacts on GDP. . The researchers set out to determine the costs and benefits of climate change policy.

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A Revolution Has Begun in America’s Health Care Coverage

CEO Insider

Americans spend more on medical care as a percentage of GDP than any other nation. For the decade ending in 2020, insurance premiums rose 47 percent and deductibles jumped nearly 69 percent.

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The Long-Term Boost Provided By Ukrainian Refugees

The Horizons Tracker

A recent study , from NC State, suggests that European countries that allocate resources towards infrastructure and other capital enhancements are poised to witness long-term improvements in their gross domestic product (GDP) as a result of the influx of Ukrainian refugees across the continent. If you own the capital, you benefit from this.

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Employee Engagement Plan: 6-Step Strategy and Template


That’s equal to 11% of global GDP. All those disengaged employees cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, according to Gallup's 2022 report on the state of the global workplace. Why does all the concern over engagement not result in a boost in employees feeling motivated and excited about their work?

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Working Mothers Are Important Contributors to the U.S. Labor Force

HR Digest

The UN Women website states that by increasing female employment in OECD countries to match the levels presented by Sweden, GDP could be boosted by over $6 trillion. It is undeniable that the challenges working women face are considerable but the workforce remains determined to participate to the best of their abilities.

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