Situational Team Decision-Making: Collaboration Does Not Require Consensus

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Some people believe that in a collaborative environment, consensus is the best. Pushing for consensus when it’s not needed actually makes collaboration more difficult. → Read More: Situational Team Decision-Making: Collaboration Does Not Require Consensus.

Why Consensus Doesn’t Work

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Posted in Change Management Team Dynamics [link] Building consensus is key in the democratic process. Change Management Team Dynamics consensus Leadership Management people managementWhen you have a vote you “have a say” in the outcome.

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Shared Ethical Values: Global Consensus?

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As we struggle day-to-day with what ethics means in business, groups of concerned leaders around the world are studying common ethical values that could clarify ethical behavior and unite us in a common global code of ethics. There are resources readily available that present ethical values in a global context and provide guidance for ethical corporate behavior.

How to Reach a Consensus Decision and Not Go Around in Circles Forever

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Consensus building is hard work for a leader – it takes a willingness to “roll the dice” and be open to any alternative. Read my recent post over at Management and Leadership to find out how to involve others in a consensus decision and not have it go around in circles forever. consensus decision making facilitation meetings Big egos need to be set aside.

Six Things Great Leadership Teams Do

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Consensus Do discussions end with members proactively summarizing options, making recommendations, and end with a clear, mutual, firm decision or action being made? If consensus is not being reached, do all members engage in the discussion to reach consensus quickly?

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The Reason Empowerment is Smoke and Mirrors

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Author Book Notes Leading Managing Power Taking others higher Teams consensus decision Culture flat organizations Leadership Development Management Organizational Development zero sum games Two groups don’t have power to make the same decision, at the same time, in the same way. Power to decide is an either/or proposition. Empowerment is smoke and mirrors until management loses power.

Learning From the Movies: 12 Angry Men

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Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development 12 Angry Men consensus team development I’m going to do something a bit different here this week. Typically in this space and time I recommend a traditional learning resource to you – a book, teleseminar, workshop or perhaps a website. Today I am going to recommend a movie and give you a few thoughts about how to watch it for more […].

Learning From the Movies: Dead Poets Society

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Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development 12 Angry Men consensus team development A few weeks ago I recommended a movie not because I am a movie critic, but because it could be used to learn and reflect from in our role as a leader. Check out that recommendation for 12 Angry Men here.) This week, in light of the recent death of Robin Williams, I have decided […].

It’s The Consensus, Stupid*

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One of the first things they must do is assemble the complete Buying Decision Team to garner the consensus necessary for change. Studies from the CEB show that a Buying Decision Team includes approximately 6 decision makers and untold influencers who must achieve consensus before considering how to resolve their problem, whether it’s a purchase or another fix. We are not facilitating consensus as it’s unique and systemic.

Genunine Leaders Mold Consensus

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" A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." -- Martin Luther King Jr. Management Leadership Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management General Management Skills Leadership Quotes

Solve the Frustration of Team Decision-Making

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Ineffective teams don’t know how to make consensus decisions. Margaret Thatcher complained of consensus: “To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs,… Continue reading → Decisions Teams Communication Leadership Development organizational success Can we please make a decision and move on?

0413 | Michael Roberto


In this interview, we discuss how great leaders balance consensus and conflict in making the best decisions, and how history sometimes precedes the research on great leaders. Leadership conflict consensus decision-making LDRLB Podcast roberto

Why Consensus Kills Team Building | N2Growth Blog

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Where Dan lost me was on point #4 – Teams Decide by Consensus. And as odd as it may sound, one of the greatest impediments to building productive teams is practicing management by consensus. Consensus isn’t the goal. That's consensus.

Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer: A book review by Bob Morris

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Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer: Managing for Conflict and Consensus Michael A. Roberto One of the most important attributes of a great leader organizational judgment Princeton University the Great Man theory of decision making Tom Davenport Why Great Leaders Don''t Take Yes for an Answer: Managing for Conflict and Consensus

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10 Practical Ways to Make Better Decisions

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Peter Drucker said, “If you have quick consensus on an important matter, don’t make the decision.” Weak leaders silence dissent; wise invite it. All important decisions are made better by constructive dissent. Leaders with authority and power are responsible to invite, explore, honor, and reward constructive dissent. 10 ways to make better decisions with constructive dissent: … … Continue reading → Decisions

Dare to Polarize

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In life, we have an admirable tendency to conform, to seek harmony, and to build consensus. This is commendable, as we certainly don't want to intentionally cause conflict and wreak havoc. However, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Leader Competence: Will it Be A Multiplier or a Divider?

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While sometimes people disagree about implementation, there is a strong consensus among scholars and research organizations that today's leadership requires broad, high level thinking. By Linda Fisher Thornton Ethical leadership competence is an issue that is gaining attention. Expectations of "good leadership" are increasing and leaders and organizations are scrambling to keep up.

Three Simple Secrets to Running a Remarkable Meeting

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“I need to make this decision, but I would love your input” or “We’re going to decide by consensus” or “After 30 minutes of discussion, we’re going to take a vote.” “This is so stupid–they asked for my opinion and then ignored it.

Embracing Conflict: It's Part of Every Leader's Job


Also, drive consensus but encourage individual points of view. It’s a paradox that every leader faces: Create teams that work well together but embrace conflict. Discomfort is emotional. Feelings can be complex and multi-layered.

HR Leaders: How Decisions Actually Affect Talent Retention in a Real Way

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However, is this consensus a fair one? It isn’t uncommon for the human resources department to be viewed as one having little impact on a company’s profitability, finances, or sales. After giving it some thought, which department in the business is responsible for the talent driving the finance and sales sectors? Developing Your Business Infrastructure […].

12 Ways to Maximize Collisions of Perspective

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Consensus is the path to average. Mediocrity is the result of peace and harmony. Rather than resolving conflict, invite it. Lousy leaders and weak organizations pursue peace at all costs. The heat of tension, tests, clarifies, refines, and strengthens teams and ideas. Teams without tensions have weak players. One person runs the show. Everyone else […].

Commo Check – 11 Ways to Establish a Trust Message

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Posted in Leadership Development “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” ” Martin Luther King, Jr. Can you hear me now? Verizon introduced this phrase in their marketing campaign to emphasize the surety of their cell phone products because consumers want to trust the connection, to communicate a timely and clear [.]. Leadership Development Communication leadershiip Trust

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Meetings, unending email threads, too much focus on consensus building, siloed thinking and lack of experimentation are some of the biggest wastes in an organization.

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Leadership and Change: Build These Three Muscles


Any change in a positive direction means channeling collective energy of people, overcoming resistance, building consensus and involving others – none of which is possible without some leadership. There is no real leadership without change.

7 Ways I’ve Made Leadership Easy – And Learned to Make a Rhyme Along the Way

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Rather than build consensus, I pretend to enjoy the ride. Leadership is easy. Seriously. All these years I’ve tried to complicate things. It’s really more simple than I imagined. Once I discovered how easy leadership could be – my life even began to rhyme more.

Leadership: The 8 Qualities Test

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Regardless of source, it seems there’s a consensus that makes most everyone’s cut. No matter what you read on the subject of leadership, the question of what qualities a leader should have usually comes up. So, here are eight key qualities – in alphabetical order – that good leaders should possess (or develop), and utilize: [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Organizational Health Practical Steps to Influence Professional Development business leadership Management

Radio Shack is Just About Gone – & Other “Powerful” Companies & Organizations & Institutions are in Perpetual Danger

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Indeed, it’s striking how little consensus exists about the direction of change in our world and what threats we need to anticipate as a result—let alone how to deal with them. …advocates of each can marshal a set of facts and evidence to make their own plausible and thought-provoking case. Moisés Naím, The End of […]. Randy''s blog entries

Leaders Made Here

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Forge a consensus regarding our organization’s working definition of leadership. T HE NUMBER ONE REASON most companies do not have a leadership culture is their current leadership, writes Mark Miller in Leaders Made Here.

Where Women Leaders Are Better than Men

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Building consensus, supporting staff, sharing credit, and leading [.]. I asked the “Freaks” that follow my Facebook page, “What are women leaders better at than men?” Knowing when there is no value in fighting. Understanding when someone just has a crummy day. Understanding the pressures that other women leaders face. Organization and multitasking. Compassion. Empathy. Tenderness.

One Thing to Eliminate From Every Job Description

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” They reached quick consensus: responsiveness, self-sufficiency, creativity, and candor topped the list (with a beautiful argument about the pros and cons of compliance).

The #1 Killer of Change

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That phenomenon, first described by Jerry B Harvey in his article ‘The Abilene Paradox’, highlighted his views on consensus inertia. Ensure your team consensus is real, rather than imagined, by regularly reflecting on the values that underpin your declared purpose.

On Leadership and The Politics of Onions

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Indian politicians have been battling one another as to how to reverse the country’s declining economy, but no consensus […]. There’s an interesting dynamic taking place in India right now. It’s a lesson about creating political change, but it also offers a great insight into how to be more effective as a leader and/or a marketer.

Control: What does it give you? What do you lose? Where is the real control?

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Have they reached consensus? You spend too much time chasing folks who fit a profile but will never buy; you can’t recognize a real buyer because you’re only listening for ‘need’ and forgetting the work they must do to prepare for, decide upon, and get consensus for, a purchase.

Where Women Leaders Are Better than Men

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Building consensus, supporting staff, sharing credit, and leading [.]. I asked the “Freaks” that follow my Facebook page, “What are women leaders better at than men?” Knowing when there is no value in fighting. Understanding when someone just has a crummy day. Understanding the pressures that other women leaders face. Organization and multitasking. Compassion. Empathy. Tenderness.

10 Warnings for Those Who Seek to be Senior Leaders

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And, with much of this platform I encourage people to build by consensus and include others in decision-making, but there will be times you’ll have to stand for the right thing. I have a few warnings for those who want to be a senior leader.

7 Unwritten Rules which Shape an Organization

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A consensus of the largest percentage of people? In an organization the unwritten rules are just as, if not more, important than the written rules. I wrote about this idea HERE.

The Good Struggle: A book review by Bob Morris

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Bob''s blog entries A brilliant response to the “enduring questions of responsible leadership” in the market-driven world in which we live and work Albert Einstein “crucibles” that all leaders encounter but from which not all of them emerge stronger and wiser “the burden of leadership” “burden of freedom” Bob Thomas Consensus Values and Core Values Harvard Business Review Press Joseph L. The Good Struggle: Responsible Leadership in an Unforgiving World Joseph L.

Why You Should Value the Nonconformist

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The friction of ideas and concepts rubbing against each other can produce a spark of creativity that you can’t get in a consensus environment. I’m not paying you to agree with me. I’m paying you to think. That’s Colin Powell’s approach to leadership.

Clearing The Leader Fog: Fighting Ambiguity!

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Conflict Management Leading Change Professional Development Team Building Leadership ambiguity consensus context analysis leadership polarity project strategic initiative Strategic management Strategy implementationWhen a person “fights with” ambiguity, does that means that they are on the same side, the opposing side, or that ambiguity is a tool for fighting? But of course… all of these meanings are possible… Both or Neither am·bi·gu·i·ty noun ?am-b?-?gyü-?-t? am-b?-?gyü-?-t?

How to Avoid Team Decisions That Plop

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Decision by consensus. One of the most effective but also time-consuming methods of team decision-making is to seek consensus. Consensus is where every member of the team can say, “I believe everyone understands my initial point of view.