Case Study—Implementing Change

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Various studies have found that 60-to-70 percent of change initiatives don’t achieve the desired results. Let’s apply these questions to this short case study. Brown and Sessions need to make a compelling case with facts, statistics, case studies, and testimonials that increased use of the discussing style of teaching will improve student engagement and enhance learning. In this case, no precise goal was stated. Did you know?

Communicate Vision – A Case Study

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Leadership Development case studies Communication shared vision Vision Author’s note: This is a story from my first management position, not my first “leadership” position. I think you’ll agree, I was a manager with a leadership problem. My first management opportunities came with very small groups of people. This story is about the time I became branch manager of a small trucking company. The [.]


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Case Study: Overwhelmed

Leading in Context

Complexity Ethical Leader Trends 7 lenses of ethical leadership case study define ethical leadership define ethics ethical context trust is earned Have you ever gone to your manager to ask for help prioritizing your tasks? Usually we try to avoid it, and do it as a last resort, when we are overwhelmed. It may surprise you to know that how they answer gives us a clue about their ethics and values.

How to Be a Better Team Leader: A Case Study

Let's Grow Leaders

I smiled gently, […] The post How to Be a Better Team Leader: A Case Study appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Team Leader Turmoil “I used to be one of those disengaged reps, you’re talking about.” We were all a bit shocked by Mike’s response. After all this was a recognition focus group for the top reps in this enormous call center. Several of whom were on the short-list to become team leaders.

Why HR Technology Matters Now More Than Ever

When a crisis hits, HR technology gives business leaders the data, tools, and support to make important business decisions quickly. In this report, Josh Bersin breaks down the 4 key benefits of HR tech and demonstrates through case studies how business leaders can leverage it to solve problems and grow. Download this report to learn more!

Better Case Studies: How Your Success Stories Can Help You Get More Clients

Strategy Driven

Case studies can be an incredibly powerful tool. But getting your case studies right can be a challenge – it is about much more than just throwing together a few statistics alongside a positive quote from the satisfied customer.

Marie Curie: A Case Study in Breaking Barriers

Harvard Business Review

How did the Nobel laureate plan her time and navigate her life choices to leave a lasting impact on the world? Leadership Work-life balance Health and behavioral science Gender Personal growth and transformation Audio

70 Women Leaders Case Studies

Eric Jacobson

Prepare to be inspired, impressed and motivated by personal, real-life stories and case studies from 70 women leaders in the book, Wisdom Warriors , authored by Carol Seymour. Carol Seymour Highly readable and relatable, this collection of enlightening profiles will help readers, male and female, to find the strength they need to define and achieve success in all aspect of their lives.

Elon Musk: A Case Study of The World’s Richest, Influential, And Most Controversial Man

CEO Insider

The post Elon Musk: A Case Study of The World’s Richest, Influential, And Most Controversial Man appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. There is no better word to describe Elon Musk, than an ‘entrepreneur’.

Developing a Leadership Training Program for High Potentials: A Case Study

Great Leadership By Dan

Developing a Leadership Training Program for High Potentials: A Case Study. Let’s look at a case study of a manufacturing company that saw the need for a leadership development program for their high potential employees. Case Study: XYZ Widget Manufacturing Corporation. leadership development programs leadership training leadership competency models case study high potentials Gina Abudi

From CEO to Novelist: A Case Study of Radical Career Change

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The post From CEO to Novelist: A Case Study of Radical Career Change appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. I just started reading John Bell’s new novel The Circumstantial Enemy and am having a hard time putting it down. Fortunately I’m traveling tomorrow and will have time to finish it on the plane. Can’t wait! I know John Bell as a leadership expert. By the age of 47, John had turned a bankrupt company […].

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Contextual Goals Matter

Mike Cardus

Contextual Goals Matter. If the goals are too small people feel micromanaged. If the goals are too large people are lost and unsure what to do, macromanaged. Properly delegated Contextual Goals are Goldilocks Goals …They cannot be too big or too small. They are just right, and matched to the person. How as a manager do you determine the “just right” amount of context that is needed for on-time, on-budget, on-quality completion of goals and tasks?

Team Decision Making-Case Study and Success Story

Mike Cardus

Below is a case study / success story of coaching and consulting with a manager and a team to improve their decision making process and output as a team. Working on teams and reaching agreement on anything can be a challenge. Team Leaders and Managers set the tone for team based decision making. For decisions to be effective a process must be known and shared.

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Employee Engagement Requires the Necessary Resources

Mike Cardus

To complete work the employee must have the appropriate resources. This does not mean that a manager needs to supply all the resources that employees desire, but it does mean that the manager should supply employees with sufficient resources. Resources can include materials, consultants, training, staff, etc.; without the proper resources frustration will occur and this frustration leads to disengaged employees.

Case Study – Intelerad

Coaching Ourselves

The post Case Study – Intelerad appeared first on CoachingOurselves Founded in Montreal in 1999, Intelerad is a leader in radiology imagery. Their clientele consists of radiologists, hospitals and, technicians in radiology in both private and public sectors. They stand out due to their unique flexible customer experience and their modular product that adapts to multiple realities of healthcare professionals.

Two Case Studies in Winning Consulting Business. Connect the Dots.

David A Fields

Two case studies reported to me by consultants in the past couple of weeks: Rich, in South Carolina, nabbed a $64,000 project from a state agency. To win the project, he submitted a proposal that was easily accepted because he was the only consultant bidding. The proposal built on three phone calls between Rich [ ] Consultants Consultative Selling Consultative selling

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Employee Engagement Requires Sufficient Autonomy

Mike Cardus

Systems-Drive-Behavior. Autonomous people are accountable for their decisions. This comes from an organization that has “big enough” managers and people in the right roles with the right accountability + authority to do their work. Contact Mike to develop organizational structures & clear lines of accountability + authority that will allow autonomy to flourish. If employees feel that they are being micro-managed, the engagement will be sucked out like a rapidly deflating balloon.

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. The methods and processes worked! and I know with certainty they can work with your Mangers and Organization. Contact me to make your leaders & teams better. Situation: Currently there is an authoritarian style of management creating a decrease in morale, satisfaction with work and innovation amongst employees.

TRUFAST - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study

Six Disciplines

” Read the entire TRUFAST / Six Disciplines client case study here TRUFAST Corporation was founded in Bryan, Ohio in 1981. Owned by Altenloh, Brinck & Co Group since 2005, the company manufactures 100% American made fasteners under the TRUFAST® and SPAX® brands at their ISO 9001:2008 certified complex in northwest Ohio. TRUFAST has been using Six Disciplines since June 2006. Their thoughts about using Six Discipline?

Transforming a Management System – A Case Study From the Madison Wisconsin Police Department

Curious Cat

A Case Study Madison, Wisconsin (1981-1993). Customer focus Data Deming Management Respect Statistics Books case study continual improvement leadership Madison organization as a system Public Sector respect for people TQM transformationThis post in an excerpt from The Quality Leadership Workbook for Police by Chief David Couper and Captain Sabine Lobitz ( buy via Amazon ). The New Quality Leadership Workbook for Police. Transformational Steps.

Best Practices for Employer Branding

Chart Your Course

Case Studies/White Papers Communication Articles Employee Motivation Articles Employee Recognition Finding top talent Generations at Work Good Places to Work Growing a Business Human Resource ManagementIt is widely believed that every company has several brands to market.

Brand 130

3 Ways to Save Your Business From the ‘Fog of War’

N2Growth Blog

Case Studies Corporate Culture leadership leadership and communication

CapitalWorks - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study Part 3

Six Disciplines

The Six Disciplines Solution. By implementing the Six Disciplines Total Performance Excellence program, Hollington says it allows CapitalWorks the ability to have a productive owner/manager relationship without micromanaging each acquisition. Six Disciplines’ program combines continuous business improvement methodology based on proven best-practices, an innovative add-in for Microsoft Outlook, and coaching services to increase self-leadership effectiveness.

Shifting the Team from Separate Functions to Systems Thinking–Case Study

Mike Cardus

From the case-study above what did you find useful? Consulting & Coaching on Organization Development & Building High Performance Teams with a Spice Manufacturing Company. An ‘Impact Project Team’ representing vertical and horizontal sections of the company was formed.

CapitalWorks - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study Part 2

Six Disciplines

Bluffton Motor Works in Bluffton, Indiana, is a global leader in custom-engineered fractional electric motors. The company serves a wide variety of OEM manufacturers and industrial production facilities. KKSP Precision Machining in Glendale Heights, Illinois, is a manufacturer of high-volume, precision made-to-print automatic screw machine products for automotive, medical/veterinary, appliance, HVAC and aerospace markets.

CapitalWorks - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study Part 1

Six Disciplines

CapitalWorks, a private equity firm located in the Cleveland suburb of Beachwood, has found its niche in the Midwest market. Primarily focusing on acquiring manufacturing and distribution companies in the lower end of the middle market, CapitalWorks learned it needed to offer a management program to help these acquired companies achieve growth and success. They have found measurable success with Six Disciplines’ Total Performance Excellence program. Defining Goals.

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Falling from Big Enough to Too Small in competence for the role

Mike Cardus

Case-Study going from “Big Enough” to “Too Small” in competence for the role. Based upon the case study above, how is your company determining capacity of managers in their roles? The most frightening thing about having a manager that is “Too small” and creates under-performance and dis-engagement is the gradual reduction in level of competence of the subordinate team, which creates broad departmental under-performance and increased dis-engagement.

Milligan Workshops, Inc. - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study

Six Disciplines

Read the entire client case study here Milligan Workshops, Inc. is located in Bowling Green, Ohio. For the past 25 years, they have provided high-quality, low-cost outsourced services such as assembly, inspection, and packaging. They have focused on providing these services to the manufacturing sector, primarily automotive manufacturers. Sales were growing very quickly, but without direction, the company was faltering in quality, cash flow, and profit margin.

Bluffton Motor Works - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study

Six Disciplines

Read the entire Bluffton Motor Works - Six Disciplines Client Case Study here Bluffton Motor Works (BLMW) manufactures fractional horsepower electric motors for commercial and industrial markets. Located in Bluffton, Indiana, the privately owned company originally began as a division of Franklin Electric Company, Inc. in 1944. Bluffton Motor Works serves a wide variety of manufacturers and industrial production facilities, across many industries.

Team Building & Leadership: Case Study; Increased Trust=Faster.

Mike Cardus

Design by 12GrainStudio Team Building & Leadership: Case Study; Increased Trust=Faster Implementation of Decisions & Problems Solved Cheaper Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 Posted by: mike The following is a true story, of value added results that come from Create-Learning’s Team Building & Leadership Processes.

Case Study: Adopting a Deming Management System in a Service Company

Deming Institute

Total Quality Management in Logistics: a case study from the trucking industry by Harry Lehman, Jr. (a study the practical aspects of implementing a W. There are certainly limits to any case study but as long as you read with a critical mind you can learn from what others have tried. The case study details problems encountered by the company and those are very common: resistance to change (by everyone including executives) etc.

Recent Promotion to Management: Leadership Success Case Study

Mike Cardus

Welcome to the Other Side: Recent Promotion to Management. Situation. Anthony, at 30, was promoted to Director of Finance. He had been chosen because he had the ability to fill the role and his level of thinking and values matched what was needed for success in the position. Prior to the promotion, he had served as a team leader of purchasing.

GILDAN Case Study : Using CoachingOurselves Globally

Coaching Ourselves

The post GILDAN Case Study : Using CoachingOurselves Globally appeared first on CoachingOurselves Gildan is one of the world’s largest vertically-integrated manufacturers of basic apparel with over 50 000 employees worldwide. The Company controls almost every step in the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished garments.

Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Are a Case Study on the Challenges of Data Literacy

Harvard Business

First lesson: Big data is often smaller than it appears. Analytics Data Marketing Market research Digital Article

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Teams and People Need Objective Measures of Progress and Regress

Mike Cardus

If performance metrics are established based upon the “feeling of the manager” then you will achieve misery, anger and fear…which is mutually exclusive of engagement. The measurements must be co-established by employee and manager in reference to the goal set. The employee has the final say over how to complete their own work, with the knowledge of the manager’s goals in context.

SOLVEDcards self-coaching progress example

Mike Cardus

Innovation Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Solution-Focused coaching questions solution-focused case study SOLVED coaching SOLVED solution-focused solvedcardsThe Inspiration for SOLVEDcards self-coaching solution-focused.

A Case Study of Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong

Harvard Business

We have interviewed Quirky executives and studied each of the company’s product offerings, publicly available product reviews, and their development process. Marrion Barraud for HBR. For those who believe in the promise of open innovation, the 2009 startup Quirky was an exceptionally exciting company. Founded by entrepreneur Ben Kaufman, Quirky developed a platform that connected the company with outside inventors and project contributors.

How Employee Engagement Drives Customer Satisfaction

N2Growth Blog

An IBM study in 2017 showed that 80% of employees feel more engaged when their work is consistent with the core values of the organization. A clear business case for leaders to focus on building engaged teams across the business. Case Studies Corporate Culture Human Capital Opinion chief human resource officer culture by design Culture of Leadership employee engagement Employee Engagement Drives Customer Satisfaction human resources N2growth N2Growth Africa Sandra Burmeister

The Stereotypes in MBA Case Studies

Harvard Business

And how to challenge the them. Business education Demographics Digital Article

DS Hydraulics | Great Place to Work

Chart Your Course

Case Studies/White Papers Customer Service Employee Recognition Employee RetentionI always talk about the importance of employee retention. Retention starts by treating your employees with respect and dignity. Here is an example of one of those businesses. Greg Smith. I started working for D&S Hydraulics, a family owned company, almost 35-years ago. The company was making little money and raises were scarce to say the least.

7 Saboteurs of Business Success

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Its success relies heavily on case studies. In the spirit of HBS’s “what doesn’t” case studies, here’s a list of the [.]. Career Development Leadership Development case studies Harvard Business School managing uncertaintyPosted in Career Development Leadership Development Harvard Business School is one of the oldest, most-acclaimed MBA-granting institutions in America.

Two Cold Call Case Studies: Why Your Cold Calls Aren’t Working

Strategy Driven

Case Study Number 1. Case Study Number 2. You just finished reading Two Cold Call Case Studies: Why Your Cold Calls Aren't Working ! The post Two Cold Call Case Studies: Why Your Cold Calls Aren’t Working appeared first on StrategyDriven. I believe that cold calls are quite important as part of an overall sales strategy. How they are done, however, determines their success.

Case Study: Is Holacracy for Us?

Harvard Business

Editor's Note This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. This was an old trick of Rogier’s: He would align two people who disagreed with him, knowing that the more moderate one (Derek in this case) might temper the other’s view. Rogier Maes, the CEO of Contect, wrapped up his year-beginning speech to all the company’s employees.