Mintzberg Rejects Macro-Leadership

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Henry Mintzberg. During our conversation, Mintzberg explained that, “It’s destructive to separate management from leadership. No buy in: Mintzberg believes that leaders focused on setting strategy and vision but who are removed from the front lines eventually develop a vision [.]. Author Humility Influence Interview Leading Personal Growth Vision arrogance henry mintzberg Leadership Leadership Development Listening Management worse than failure

Henry Mintzberg’s Bedtime Stories for Managers

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Managing is not about sitting where you have become accustomed,” writes Mintzberg. “It’s M INTZBERG’S 20th book, Bedtime Stories for Managers , is a thought-provoking page-turner. (In In that sense I’m not sure it’s good to read just before drifting off.) The stories—a collection or repurposed blog posts —are meant to be pondered.


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Mintzberg’s Magic Wand

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I asked Professor Henry Mintzberg, author of 140 articles and 13 books, “If you waved a magic wand over businesses, what would you change?” Mintzberg’s quiet voice disarms but he [.]. He said, “I’d get rid of all MBA’s.” He explained, “We’d lose some good people but in the whole it would be a positive move.”

Mintzberg on What’s Wrong with Management

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Henry Mintzberg thinks modern management is off the tracks. While we spoke, I got the feeling if I asked what’s wrong with management he’d say practically everything. This from one of the most respected business thinkers in the world. He went so far as to say, “The problem in America isn’t the economy it’s management.” [.]. Humility Interview Leading Managing Marks of leaders business Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational success quotes

Mintzberg on Managing


Henry Mintzberg in this interview with McGill University’s Karl Moore talks his latest book, simply called Managing. Leadership management

60 second with Henry Mintzberg

Chartered Management Institute

That’s the verdict from the first CMI Management Book of the Year event, which saw Henry Mintzberg’s 15th book beat off competition from 144 shortlisted titles to take the top prize. If you read just one management book this year, make it Managing. We caught up with the winning author to find out why Managing should take pride on place on your bookshelf. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

3 Creative Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Connection

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I asked Canadian scholar and author Henry Mintzberg to share the word of advice he most enjoyed giving managers. He said, “I can give you one word. Connect.” I was underwhelmed. His wisdom… Continue reading → Leading

Managing is all About Actual Interactions with Real People – Insight from Henry Mintzberg’s Managers not MBAs

First Friday Book Synopsis

Ed Savage is the head of Training and Development in a sizable company relatively near Dallas. He is also smart, and well-read — and, to make me even more envious, he remembers what he reads. And, he regularly attends our First Friday Book Synopsis, and has had both me and my colleague Karl Krayer do […]. Randy''s blog entries

Finding the Missing Link of Leadership

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I’m still blown away by Henry Mintzberg’s one word of advice, “Connect.” Appreciation Communication Encouragement Influence Leading Listening Marks of leaders henry mintzberg Leadership Leadership Development leadership skills meaningful relationships Organizational Development word of adviceYou’re great at doing but are you great at connecting?

Bedtime Stories For Managers

Eric Jacobson

Nights this month, unplug from your mobile phone and both enjoy and learn from Henry Mintzberg ’s 42 former blog posts compiled into his new book, Bedtime Stories for Managers. Mintzberg is Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal and author of fifteen books. Eric Jacobson Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Henry Mintzberg Leadership Management Managers

Forget Global – What Leaders Really Need Is A “Worldly” Perspective

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece from McGill Professor (and fellow Montrealer) Henry Mintzberg. Do we need more globalization on this globe? How about more worldliness in this world? In our International Masters Program for Managers, the 10-day worldly mindset is devoted to the social, political, and economic issues around. Click to continue reading. Guest Posts communication leadership Management mindset perspective

5 Neglected Strategies to Connect with Others and Lead into the Future

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Four years ago, I asked Henry Mintzberg for the word of advice he most frequently shares. His response is a guiding light. He said one word, “Connect.” Leadership in its fundamental form is… Continue reading → Curiosity Humility Leadership Development leadership success

Expert Advice on Creating Connection: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Connecting the Dots Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak shares Mintzberg Rejects Macro-Leadership. When Dan asked Henry Mintzberg for the advice he most frequently sharing with leaders and managers, he said one word, “Connect.” This month’s Frontline Festival sets a new record for submissions. I am grateful for all the experts sharing their insights on creating connection.

Advice 327

20% Walk Around Time And Other Tips for For Successful CEOs

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Inspired by Henry Mintzberg.) If the most powerful thing leaders do is connect, the most dangerous is isolation. Relationship building: “Half of Americans view themselves as lonely,” David Cordani, chief executive of Cigna. Cigna… Continue reading → Health Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher weaknesses Communication Growth Leadership Development organizational success



The other day I was listening to an interview with Henry Mintzberg, legend in management thought. Mintzberg said a plethora of things I am still processing but one thing in particular struck me. Mintzberg said it quickly and then moved on, but my mind won’t let go as quickly as he did. Perhaps Mintzberg is right. Leadership management mintzberg strategy Micromanaging isn’t a dangerous as macroleading.”.

Management - Its not what you Think

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CEO Blog - Time Leadership Sunday, January 02, 2011 Management - Its not what you Think Management - Its Not What You Think is a book of articles edited and complied by Henry Mintzberg. Some of the chapters: "Accentures next champion of waffle words," Lucy Kellaway "PowerPoint is evil," Edward Tufte "The opposite of profound truth is also true," Richard Farson "Why most managers are plagiarists," Kellaway again "Change management is an oxymoron," Jim Clemmer "Ye gods, what do I do now?"

CEO 159

On Chemistry Sets and Pogo Sticks

Leadership Freak

This morning I thought of Henry Mintzberg again. About six years ago I asked Henry to share the one piece of advice he most loves to share. He said one word, “Connect.” Connect”… Continue reading → Influence Personal Growth Growth Leadership Leadership Development

Surveying Strategy: The Learning School


Featured learning mintzberg strategy surveyingstrategyThis post is the third in a series about the various schools and models of making organizational strategy. It is excerpted from The Portable Guide to Leading Organizations , available now from LeaderLab Press. Strategy is an emergent process. For proponents of the learning school, any attempt to reduce the complex world into clear positions and plans is futile. The world is far too vast and multifaceted to allow such reduction.

Most Valuable Business Insights: 11-15

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Albert Sloan Alexander Bill George collaboration Henry Chesbrough Henry Mintzberg James O’Toole’s The Executive's Compass Julius Caesar Larry Bossidy Lincoln Management? After having read and reviewed so many business books, I now share brief comments about what I consider to be the 25 most valuable business insights and the books in which they are either introduced or (one man’s opinion) best explained. Here are the third five: 11.

Books 80

How to Become a Leader Before You are One

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” Henry Mintzberg […]. Don’t tell me what you hope to do.Tell me what you’re doing. Reading and talking are useful, even essential, but experience matters most. Leadership is about practice more than theory. Every leadership behavior can be practiced as a volunteer in a not-for-profit organization. Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.”

Surveying Strategy: The Learning School


Strategy learning mintzberg strategy surveyingstrategy This post is the third in a series about the various schools and models of making organizational strategy. Strategy is an emergent process. For proponents of the learning school, any attempt to reduce the complex world into clear positions and plans is futile. The world is far too vast and multifaceted to allow such reduction. Therefore strategy cannot be a formal planning process.

Finding Real Leadership Power

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Henry Mintzberg. Humility is real power, arrogance façade. 15 Ways to be an arrogant leader: Rush. Important” people don’t have enough time. Look serious. The more important you are the more serious you look. Detach. Arrogance comes from detachment.” Take calls or text during meetings. Now we know you’re important. Ooooo! Act like you [.]. Author Book Notes Feedback Humility Influence Leading Power Teams Trust arrogance Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Power 195

Leadership Lessons from Christmas

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When I asked Henry Mintzberg for his favorite word of advice, he said one word, “Connect.” It doesn’t matter, skeptic, doubter, or believer, the Christmas Story contains useful leadership lessons. Connect: Leaders connect. Who can’t connect with a baby? If leadership is all about people then connecting is essential. Vulnerability: Vulnerability is dangerous but necessary to connect. [.]. Leading Marks of leaders Leadership Leadership Development

Managing by Reflection

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an interview of Henry Mintzberg by Art Kleiner for strategy+business magazine (March 15, 2010). To read the complete interview, please click here. * * * Managing author Henry Mintzberg believes that to improve business schools, we must first understand the essence of what managers do.

Book Review: Strategy Safari


Leadership book review mintzberg strategy Leadership requires strategy. But there is far more to strategy than just announcing where an organization is headed. The authors of Strategy Safari use the analogy of a syringe to explain this misconception. Where leaders believe it is solely their responsibility to fill a syringe with deliberate strategy and then inject it into the followers. What causes this misconception? Another analogy.

First Look: Leadership Books for February 2019

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Welcome, Engaging Management Henry Mintzberg. Henry Mintzberg has culled forty-two of the best posts from his widely read blog and turned them into a deceptively light, sneakily serious compendium of sometimes heretical reflections on management. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2019. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Leadershift : The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace John C. Maxwell.

Books 251

Changing How Management is Practiced

Coaching Ourselves

Here’s an excerpt from Henry Mintzberg’s blog and a link to the rest of the entry. CoachingOurselves is offering a virtual Free Public Event with Professor Mintzberg on October 28th. Use Mintzberg’s 90-minute CoachingOurselves module “Understanding Organizations” in small groups of managers and leaders, and then meet with Professor Mintzberg afterwards for Q&A. CoachingOurselves was born out of the desire to change the practice of management.

LeadershipNow 140: December 2019 Compilation

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Henry Mintzberg Doesn’t Mind Being The Rebel Of Management Theory by @profkjmoore. Here are a selection of tweets from December 2019 that you don't want to miss: A Noble Purpose Alone Won’t Transform Your Company via @mitsmr.

Which book will become 'CMI Management Book of the Year' 2012

Chartered Management Institute

Last year saw the launch of the competition with Henry Mintzberg author of Managing winning the coveted title CMI Management Book of the Year and cheque for £5,000. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Book Review: Management? It’s Not What You Think!

Chartered Management Institute

From the winning author of CMI's Management Book of the Year 2010, Henry Mintzberg's Management? It’s Not What You Think! Review by Andrew May FCMI for Professional Manager. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The Inner Development Goals to Reimagine and Reshape Our Future

Coaching Ourselves

Interestingly, the IDG framework is quite similar to one of the fundamental CoachingOurselves learning frameworks as outlined by CoachingOurselves founders Professors Mintzberg and Gosling in their Harvard Business Review article, “The Five Mindsets of a Manager”. The IDG categories and the five mindsets of a manager as outlined by Gosling and Mintzberg, are almost the same. If we are to achieve a sustainable global society, we all need to work on crucial personal capacities. .

LeadershipNow 140: June 2015 Compilation

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Henry Mintzberg, the Anti-CEO , on The CEO Series radio show via @profkjmoore. Here are a selection of tweets from June 2015 that you might have missed: Reconsidering the Charismatic CEO by Eric McNulty. Leadership is Not Something We Accomplish by @StrategicMonk. From @WallyBock Becoming a great boss: where to start. From @JohnBaldoni LeBron James: Confidence Does Not Negate Humility. The Inner Game of Leading by @artpetty.

Leadership: Balancing Art, Craft, and Science

Mike Cardus

Reference: Mintzberg, H. Leadership does not exist in a vacuum; others observe it while a person is leading, found while experienced within a particular context. Removing the person leading from the context creates confusion and uncertainty.

Peer Learning Comes of Age | CoachingOurselves in HBR

Coaching Ourselves

Try out a 90-minute discussion guide with your team or create a program—we have almost 100 discussion guides written by experts in management and business including Professor Henry Mintzberg of McGill, Professor Linda Hill of Harvard, leadership coach and author Marshall Goldsmith, and many others.

35 Leadership Quotes from the 10th Global Peter Drucker Forum

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Henry Mintzberg, Professor, McGill University. ? T HE 10th annual Global Peter Drucker Forum was held in November 2018 in Drucker's home town of Vienna, Austria. This year’s theme was Management: The Human Dimension. The following are 35 quotes from the two-day event that are worth reflecting on: ? Innovation doesn’t happen by one person having an aha moment. Linda Hill, Harvard Business School. ? It is the age of the employees. Trust them and they will create magic.

The GuruBook

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Schein, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters, Pascal Finette, Andreas Ehn, Murray Newlands, Brian Chesky, Hampus Jakobsson, Craig Newmark, Alf Rehn, Paul Nunes, Nathan Furr, Mette Lykke and others. J ONATHAN LAW created The GuruBook to change, refine, and enhance your thinking. He has curated ideas from 45 internationally–known doers and thinkers on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and authentic leadership. You’ll find great insights here from the likes of Sonia Arrison, Edgar H.

Schein 174

LeadershipNow 140: November 2012 Compilation

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Change and Continuity - Mintzberg And Kotter Agree - You Must Manage Both by @profkjmoore. Here are a selection of tweets from November 2012 that you might have missed: A Great Leader's Year-end Checklist by @lesmckeown Making time to reflect. Move Over Economists : We Need a Council of Psychological Advisers by Barry Schwartz - @TheAtlantic. Doing Leadership. Part 1 of 6 by @Mark_Sanborn. Read " The Art of Receiving " by @LollyDaskal. The Many Faces of Greed by @FSonnenberg.

The Strategy Book

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The tools include: SWOT analysis, Porter's 5 forces of competition, McKinsey's 7-S framework, BCG’s product portfolio matrix, Kim and Mauborgne's blue ocean, Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard, Mintzberg’s deliberate and emergent, Prahalad's bottom of the pyramid and twenty-one more. * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. “Strategy is about shaping the future,” writes Max McKeown.

Andy Saunders, Deputy Editor of Management Today interviewed about CMI Management Book of the Year competition

Chartered Management Institute

Dear All, You may be interested to see what Andy Saunders has to say about the entries in CMI Management Book of the Year and its winner, Henry Mintzberg in this video on Youtube You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Does a Mentor have to Breathe?

In the CEO Afterlife

Prahalad and Henry Mintzberg joined me as silent colleagues. To most of us, mentors are people of experience and knowledge who help the less experienced advance their careers and/or their education. There are plenty of well-known examples throughout the course of history; Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great, Laurence Olivier mentored Anthony Hopkins and Freddy Laker mentored Richard Branson.

Mentor 185

New LeaderLab Paper – The Portable Guide to Strategy


There are ten main schools of strategy as first outlined by Henry Mintzberg, Joseph Lampel and Bruce Ahlstrand. The very mention of the word strategy brings with it connotations of planning and images of executives sitting around large tables at off-site meeting facilities. These executives pour over data regarding what products are profitable and unprofitable. Finally, they emerge from their off-site cave with a step-by-step guide for the rest of the hierarchy to implement.

Management vs Leadership is Dangerous Nonsense

Mike Cardus

Henry Mintzberg. Sometime I feel like we are beating a dead horse or perhaps a unicorn? I just read a GREAT blog post from John Hunter of Curious Cat Management – Leadership and Management. Having also written about my concern separating leadership from management. Management vs. Leadership. Like Two Unicorns Sexting. The Manager AS Leader. 10 Managerial Leadership Practices. Why should anyone be led by you? That’s a dumb question. Charisma is NOT a replacement for Competence.

Why Good Managers Need To Power Down

Tanveer Naseer

I’m delighted to share this guest post from Henry Mintzberg and Peter Todd, one of the professors and Deans from m y alma mater, McGill University. Henry Mintzberg is the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University. Do you ever disconnect, even for just a few minutes? Think about the last time you used your “off button.” Was it at home over the weekend? On vacation? Or were you at the office?

Power 180