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Among the many things I would like to know: how many airline executives are 6'2" or taller and how often do those individuals fly coach

40 Timeless Lessons From Southwest Airlines

Eric Jacobson

A few years ago, Southwest Airlines celebrated its 40th year and was kind enough to share in its in-flight magazine 40 lessons it learned since 1971. airline to offer a profit-sharing plan, in 1974. Employees now own 13 percent of the airline. airline to establish a home page.

Southwest Airline's Core

Eric Jacobson

I always look forward to my flights on Southwest Airlines. That's because I get to read Gary Kelly's (Chairman, President and CEO) monthly column in the airline's in-flight magazine.

40 Business Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines.

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featured in the July issue of Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine. Bob's blog entries 40 Business Lessons to learn from Southwest Airlines A legend is an asset. Anthony Club the Civil Aeronautics Board Southwest Airlines' Spirit magazine Southwest just completed $1.4 These are the first five and the last two.

Be More Like Southwest Airlines - Where All Employees Own The Culture

Eric Jacobson

If you''ve flown Southwest Airlines you know they''re tops in airline customer service, driven by a leadership style that creates a company-wide culture where all employees own that culture.

All airlines are the same, except for their people.

Strategy Driven

Mostly on major airlines, but because I’m more interested in flying non-stop than getting travel miles or points, I take whatever airline is most convenient for my schedule. This past Friday I found myself flying Alaska Airlines from Atlanta, Georgia, to Portland, Oregon.

Finally – Some Great Business News about American Airlines

First Friday Book Synopsis

American Airlines is in the news every day. We have read about union issues, negotiation struggles, bankruptcy, customer service issues, and a host of other maladies about the airline. Karl's blog entries American American Airlines AT&T Dallas Morning News Exxon Mobil general counsel Marjorie Powell pro-bono unionAnd most of it is not good news.

Airline Seating: Seat Guru


Tired of cramped airplane seats? CoolTools extols the virtues of SeatGuru

A CEO of Southwest Airlines on Goals

Leadership Freak

Jim Parker, former CEO of Southwest Airlines told me, “Don’t set artificial goals for yourself. We forget the expected and remember the unusual. I’ve been remembering something unusual that was said to me about ten months ago. Don’t set goals about the job you want or the amount of money you want to make.” You [.]. Goals Personal Growth Leadership Development

What Southwest Airlines Taught Us This Year

Eric Jacobson

Southwest Airlines celebrated its 40th this year and was kind enough to share in its in-flight magazine 40 lessons it learned since 1971. airline to offer a profit-sharing plan, in 1974. Employees now own 13 percent of the airline. airline to establish a home page. By 2010, boasted more unique visitors than any other airline, and ranked as the second largest travel site.

A Happy Place to Work? – Compare American Airlines to Pret a Manger

First Friday Book Synopsis

Pret a Manger summarizes its personnel policies (from Demand, Adrian Slywotzky) ————— So American Airlines has filed for bankruptcy (Chapter 11 – the kind that lets them keep flying). Randy's blog entries American Airlines happiness morale Pret a Manger“We hire happy people and teach them to make sandwiches.”

Can Small Business learn from the American Airlines Merger?

Women on Business

The American Airlines merger gives us a great example of what do look for in a partnership and what we should avoid. The post Can Small Business learn from the American Airlines Merger?

Southwest Airlines Shares 40 Lessons For Business Leaders

Eric Jacobson

Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 40th year and was kind enough to share in its in-flight magazine 40 lessons it learned since 1971. airline to offer a profit-sharing plan, in 1974. Employees now own 13 percent of the airline. airline to establish a home page.

Maybe Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, Needs to Rethink His Word Choice – (A Reminder: Think about Your Customer!)

First Friday Book Synopsis

So, American Airlines wants to be the best airline in the world. That’s the headline in today’s Dallas Morning News: American Airlines’ goal: “To be biggest, best and most profitable carrier in the world” From the article: Doug Parker didn’t bother setting modest objectives for the new American Airlines Group as he took over as […].

Tom Brady’s Footballs; American Airlines Safety Practices – Can we Rely on People and Companies to Always Follow the Rules?

First Friday Book Synopsis

A union group is suing American Airlines, claiming supervisors are pressuring mechanics to release planes before they are safe to fly. American Airlines denies the allegations, saying that it complies with federal safety rules. […]. Local 591 of the Transport Workers Union says that union officials who raised objections were threatened with termination or even arrest. Randy''s blog entries

What a Diverted United Airlines Flight Can Teach You about Conflict Resolution

The Recovering Engineer

Shock and dismay are the best words I can use to describe my initial response to the news that a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver had been diverted to Chicago due to a dispute between passengers over leg room.

Weekly Round-Up: Lessons from United Airlines, Brutal Leadership Truths, Strategic Leaders, Life & Leadership Lessons, & the Double Bind


This week you’ll read articles on leadership lessons from United Airlines, 3 leadership truths no one likes to admit, 6 things strategic leaders do, 10 life and leadership lessons you should have learned as a kid, and the double bind of leadership.

What Southwest Airlines Teaches Leaders About Corporate Culture

Eric Jacobson

If you've flown Southwest Airlines you know they're tops in airline customer service, driven by a leadership style that creates a company-wide culture where all employees own that culture.

Hit or MISS’ive - Starwood: You Can Learn a Lesson of Effective Communication from American Airlines


Both Starwood and American Airlines announced big news for travelers and those loyal to their brands this week. One’s communication was a hit; the other a big miss. Hit or Miss'ive Column

Modern Times


Wait until Southwest Airlines hears that I have a honey badger as a service animal

Servant-Leadership is Great in a Crisis

Modern Servant Leader

Two servant-led companies, Starbucks ( SBUX ) and Southwest Airlines ( LUV ), recently experienced major crises. Southwest Airlines – Engine Failure Kills a Passenger. This is also true of our servant-led examples, Starbucks and Southwest Airlines.

Crisis 157

Social media and the airline industry – 4 ideas to springboard from

Krishna De

What can we learn from the airline business in how they are using social media? In 2010, Delta Airlines enabled an application you can use if in the US to book your tickets to fly with Delta – and you don’t have to leave their Facebook Page to do so and South West Airlines have [.] Social media and the airline industry – 4 ideas to springboard from is an article post from: Biz Growth News.

Great Ad


David Kanigan has a charming ad for Turkish Airlines

Create a Culture Office to Promote Connection

Michael Lee Stallard

For example, Southwest Airlines has a Culture Office that reports to the CEO. 100 Ways to Connect connection connection culture Culture Office E Pluribus Partners michael lee stallard Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines culture Southwest Airlines Culture Office TCU Center for Connection Culture texas christian university

The Art of Business: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries "five strategic arts" The Art of Possibility and Southwest Airlines) CEO David Neeleman Coach John Wooden of U.C.L.A Dell Earl Bakken Fortune Magazine Grameen Bank Herb Kelleher Intel JetBlue Airlines Medtronic Raymond T. Yeh Singapore Southwest Airlines Stephanie H. The Art of Business: In the Footsteps of Giants Raymond T. Yeh with Stephanie H.

Holiday Travel Brands

Coaching Tip

and Southwest Airlines are the most recommended. I go by my favorite airline: 10% 5. AIRLINE NET PROMOTER SCORES SHOW. airline name] for holiday travel to a friend or. VIRGIN AMERICA: NPS of -48 Negative NPS results across several major airline. Communication Current Affairs Memes Personal Life Travel What is air travel American Facebook Instagram JETBLUE market research Marriott Hotels Southwest Airlines VIRGIN AMERICA YouTube

Travel 116

Don Yaeger on “Great Teams”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated and author of 25 books, nine of which have become New York Times best sellers. He began his career at the San Antonio (TX) Light and also worked at the Dallas Morning News and the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville before going… Read More Don Yaeger on “Great Teams”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris.

Team 137

Get Off the %/##!!! Plane!


Waiter Rant provides a different and unexpurgated take on the United Airlines incident

Leading through Turbulence

Dave Bratcher

Special thanks to Frontier Airlines for an amazing experience. Uncategorized fear first flight Frontier Airlines Jackson Sun Have you ever seen a child on their first flight scared when flying through turbulence?

Do You Have the Fundamental Systems to Serve Customers?

Modern Servant Leader

Imagine buying a full vacation package for your anniversary through a major airline. Then, when booking your flight, that airline chose to seat you with strangers rather than your spouse. But then, when aboard the plane, you learn the other passengers in your row were traveling together but separated by the airline so you and your spouse could be seated apart as well. For anyone interested, the company in this case was Delta Airlines / Delta Vacations.

System 141

Connect, Encourage and Coach for Superior Performance

Michael Lee Stallard

Southwest Airlines discovered that when they reduced the front line supervisor to front line employee ratio so the supervisors could connect, encourage and coach these employees, front line employees performed better.

Tuesday Time Machine: Trajectory – The Importance of Knowing Where We Are Going

General Leadership

Its 9:45am at Chicago’s O’Hare International Terminal as American Airlines Flight 1693 hums patiently at Gate K18 on the snow-covered ramp as passengers take their seats. Curator Posts airlines communicating Communication disney fritz Planning sharing strategy Vision

Dan Pontefract on “The Purpose Effect”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Dan Pontefract is Chief Envisioner at TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications company, where he heads the Transformation Office, a future-of-work consulting group that helps organizations enhance their corporate cultures and collaboration practices.

How Southwest Airlines Hires Such Dedicated People

Harvard Business Review

Southwest Airlines receives a job application every two seconds. Given the talent shortage facing our industry, you’d think we’d be tempted to snap up many of those candidates, particularly ones with backgrounds in engineering and technology.

Servant Leadership Flies High from the Cockpit – United 757

Lead Change Blog

In June, I found out that Captain Denny Flanagan, of United Airlines (UAL) retired after 30 years with UAL and 20 years Navy before that. Leadership Development Aviation Denny Flanagan Leadership United AirlinesPROLOGUE: I wrote this over 9 years ago.

Aircraft Maintenance and Your Assumptions


From Vanity Fair in 2015: Where do you think the major airlines get their planes repaired

By The Window Seat


Art Contrarian looks at the design of airline cockpit windows

Humor Break: American Voices


The Onion on airline passenger complaints up sharply

Which Is Worse: Airline Monopolies or Airline Competition?

Harvard Business Review

Near the beginning of the complaint that the Justice Department, five states, and the District of Columbia filed this week in an attempt to halt the merger of US Airways and American Airlines is a sentence that cannot help but make a person stop and think. airlines lost $41.6

How to Adapt Without Losing Yourself

Leadership Freak

Image source The first thing Jim Parker, former CEO Southwest Airlines, said when I asked him to share the advice he most frequently gives leaders is, “Be yourself.” “I’m Communication Encouragement Feedback Influence Insecurity Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Power Strengths Taking others higher Growth jim parker Leadership Leadership Development no brainer organizational success southwest airlines