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Bottom-Up or Top-Down: What Shapes Organizational Culture?

CEO Insider

Combining top-down and bottom-up management methods allows leaders to embody a leadership style that prioritizes shared power and put the needs of employees first to drive performance. Your business’s culture is the […] The post Bottom-Up or Top-Down: What Shapes Organizational Culture? All rights reserved.

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Learn to Build Goals from the Bottom Up


Learning how to build goals from the bottom up connects individuals to the broader mission. In addition to building your goals from the top-down, a useful exercise is to build goals from the bottom-up. For bottom-up goals, start with what the team thinks they can commit to. What they can deliver.


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Where to Focus for Peak Performance with Sunjay Nath

Let's Grow Leaders

23:17 The top 10% and bottom 10% is not an assessment of the character of the person. If the criteria you are focusing on change, the top 10% and bottom 10% can swap very quickly. 38:36 When you focus on the bottom 10%, you’re focusing on a person who does not want to be there.

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quickpoint: What Middle Managers Do

Leading Blog

What middle managers do is actually much more complex than what either executives or frontline workers do: They manage both up and down, and serve as translators in both directions. The people in the middle were the only ones who could connect the big goals at the top with the details at the bottom, and do so quickly.

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7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

These are 7 actions you can take to help ensure your business lands the best of the best: Build an employment brand from the bottom up. Talent is going to be hard to find for a while. Optimize your recruiting efforts from the top down. Become a company known for learning & training. Become a company known for benefits.

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Bottom-up Leadership Works | Top Executive Coaching with Tony Mayo.

Tony Mayo

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Culture is the Way: 5 Steps to Building a World-Class Culture

Leading Blog

Take a bottom-up approach. Culture needs to be top-down directed but then bottom-up created.” Nothing makes up for poor leadership. And changing mindsets and behaviors, especially at scale, necessitates making people feel like they are a vital part of the process rather than relying on old engagement methods.”

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