Overcoming supply chain complexities for advantage

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Co-hosts Steven Bowen, author & CEO at Maine Pointe, and Mike Burnette, MD, Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI), University of Tennessee, will discuss the latest research into corporate supply chain challenges.

Protect Your Supply Chain During a Pandemic by Using Automation

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All of these crises foreshadowed a reality that the global pandemic of 2020 confirmed: There are systemic weaknesses in most companies’ global supply chains that must be mitigated. AUTOMATION AND THE SUPPLY CHAIN.


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4 Gifts Blockchain will Bring the Supply Chain in the New Year

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And… Supply Chain Management blockchain supply chain managementAt this time of the year, trends, forecasts and innovations that are driving the technology industry forward are often summarized, and an outlook for the New Year is given.

Creating More Resilient Supply Chains

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Supply chain Operations Globalization AudioA conversation with Harvard Business School professor Willy Shih on the risks of global, just-in-time manufacturing and how to create stronger systems.

Lessons in Cambodian Silk Supply Chains

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She’s just your ‘average’ 20-something creating an international supply chain in the fashion industry, and succeeding. Posted in Community Involvement Light Your World [link] Marcelia Muehlke, one of the great young entrepreneurs I get to hang out with. In the spirit of ‘and/both’ instead of ‘either/or’, Marcie doesn’t accept the 20th century cut throat culture of the Garment District. This is a wonderful story, with lessons [.].

Lessons in Cambodian Silk Supply Chains

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She''s just your ''average'' 20- something creating an international supply chain in the fashion industry, and succeeding. Making eco-socially-responsible wedding dresses requires a very special international supply chain and lets me combine my background in international development and my MBA. That lack of options means little competition which is tempting but also gave me pause – was it possible to build the kind of supply chain I was imagining?

Four Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Supply Chain - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM PREMIER

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According to a March survey conducted by the Institute for Supply Chain Management, nearly 75% of U.S. companies reported supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus-related issues. Today, the definition of supply chain […].

What Supply Chain Transparency Really Means

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Supply chain Sustainability Digital ArticleAnd five steps to get started.

Why Every Business Owner Should Study Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain management is sometimes considered as a posh name for logistics, but it does entail much more than making sure that products are delivered from Point A to B. If you are serious about improving your business and your productivity, you have to take supply chain management more seriously in the future. Having an effective supply chain management system in place will reduce idle times in your business.

The Digital Future of the Supply Chain

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The Fung Group’s Pamela Mar explains how we can build more resilient supply chains amid the pandemic. Supply chain Manufacturing Technology Audio

Building Resilient Supply Chains Won’t Be Easy

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Supply chain Crisis management Digital ArticleIt’s time to look past simplistic solutions.

Coronavirus Is a Wake-Up Call for Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain Crisis management Digital ArticleStart mapping your suppliers in depth — now.

Why Supply Chains Need the Right Kind of Planning to Deal With Tariffs and Trade Wars - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM KINAXIS

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Global strategy Supply chain Sponsor ContentSponsor content from Kinaxis.

We Need a Stress Test for Critical Supply Chains

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Government Supply chain Digital ArticleIt would ensure a more resilient response to the next global crisis.

When You’re Tied Up In Supply Chains, You Need A Strategy

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According to estimates by supply chain management organizations, the global supply chain market is worth more than $10 trillion a year. As a company, managing your supply chain, organizing shipments and coordinating your efforts with other companies takes a lot of planning and effort. Here’s how to execute a great supply chain strategy without getting tied up in knots. Supply chains aren’t impervious to human error or malicious acts.

CEO Spotlight: Janne Juhala, Co-founder and CEO of Logmore on the Future of Supply Chain Data Logging

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License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article CEO Spotlight: Janne Juhala, Co-founder and CEO of Logmore on the Future of Supply Chain Data Logging are those of the author Anna Papadopoulos alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine. Technology has enabled entrepreneurs of today to approach business with a global perspective. E-commerce allows just about anyone to conduct cross-border commerce.

Complimentary Resource – How to Leverage SRM For Supply Chain Resiliency

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How to Leverage SRM For Supply Chain Resiliency. by TAKE Supply Chain. Click here for more information on How to Leverage SRM For Supply Chain Resiliency. You just finished reading Complimentary Resource - How to Leverage SRM For Supply Chain Resiliency ! The post Complimentary Resource – How to Leverage SRM For Supply Chain Resiliency appeared first on StrategyDriven.

The Death of Supply Chain Management

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The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. To make the best decisions, managers need access to real-time data about their supply chain, but the limitations of legacy technologies can thwart the goal of end-to-end transparency. New digital technologies that have the potential to take over supply chain management entirely are disrupting traditional ways of working. Technology Competitive strategy Supply chain Digital Article

The Rise of FinTech in Supply Chains

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A new type of services company could transform global supply chains: Financial technology companies that act as intermediaries in facilitating transactions between a company and its suppliers. FinTechs are internet companies that streamline financial systems and make funding the supply chain more efficient. Some firms are already providing supply-chain services such as procurement and inventory management.

Conscientious consumers or creatures of habit? A focus on our supply chains

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Do we, as general consumers, really focus on, or give any thought at all, to the whole supply chain that eventually led to that product making it to our shopping trollies? But it goes to show you how important our supply chain actually is. Every touch point in the manufacturing process is crucial and it is more important than ever to have full traceability and visibility of the supply chain. A focus on our supply chains !

How Coty Reinvigorated Its Supply Chain

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where one of us is Vice President Supply Chain, suggests this “magic” can be repeatable. In 2010, Coty was rapidly expanding through acquisitions and internal growth and needed to align, integrate, and further accelerate improvements in its supply chain. The company’s Supply Chain Leadership Team had seen the pace of change for its group began to plateau. Change management Supply chain Retail & Consumer Goods Digital Article

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for a NAFTA Overhaul?

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These shifts will have important implications for the supply chain and profitability of U.S.-based This reduces the supply of dollars, makes them more difficult to get, and pushes up their relative value. They include improving cost management or operational effectiveness in procurement, supply chain, and inventory management. Companies can monitor a wide range of signposts and map them to possible strategic moves with their supply chains.

How Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Supply Chain by Mid-March

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Supplies from China will dry up, slowing manufacturing and port activity worldwide. Operations management Economy Supply chain Digital Article

Prepare Your Supply Chain for Coronavirus

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It’s late in the game, but there are still steps you can take. Operations management Crisis management Digital Article

New Supply Chain Jobs Are Emerging as AI Takes Hold

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Companies are cutting supply chain complexity and accelerating responsiveness using the tools of artificial intelligence. Through AI, machine learning, robotics, and advanced analytics, firms are augmenting knowledge-intensive areas such as supply chain planning, customer order management, and inventory tracking. What does that mean for the supply chain workforce? Now is the time to identify exceptional talent by looking outside of the supply chain.

Why We’re in the Midst of a Global Semiconductor Shortage

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Weak links in supply chains have underscored the importance of rigorous supply chain management. Supply chain Digital Article

Using the Power of Supply Chains to End Sexual Harassment

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Among the recommendations we offer, one in particular is salient to businesses: supply-chain reform. Notably, the Fair Food Program food addresses many other issues beyond sexual harassment, including wage theft and human trafficking, but their efforts use supply-chain reform to eliminate sexual harassment provides a novel example of how to prevent and address workplace abuse—a strategy that other industries and organizers can use. Image Source/Getty Images.

Book Review: Guide to Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management spans all movement and storage of materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.' Supply chain management;EconomistReviewed by David Stephens FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching.

The Supply Chain Economy and the Future of Good Jobs in America

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supply chain is generally recognized as an integral part of the American economy. From Intel’s semiconductors to Microsoft’s enterprise software, the supply chain builds the goods and services that businesses need. supply chain economy, quantified the number and quality of jobs it contains, or assessed how much it matters for innovation. supply chain economy is large and distinct. The Importance of Supply Chain Services.

Coronavirus Is Proving That We Need More Resilient Supply Chains

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Companies are paying the price for not having followed best practices. Operations management Digital Article

How Business Leaders Can Prepare for the Next Health Crisis

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Organizations need to radically improve their approach to securing and distributing PPE and other medical and safety supplies. Supply chain Crisis management Digital Article

Abandoning Globalization Will Only Hurt U.S. Businesses

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Globalization Supply chain Digital ArticleFour reasons why.

A Financial Crisis Is Looming for Smaller Suppliers

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Their collapse could further destabilize the global supply chain. Supply chain Financial management Crisis management Digital Article

Make Your Organization More Resilient With High-Performance Sourcing and Procurement Technology - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY

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Technology Supply chain Operations Sponsor ContentSponsor content from Workday.

Global Supply Chains Are About to Get Better, Thanks to Blockchain

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When an E.coli outbreak at Chipotle Mexican Grill outlets left 55 customers ill , in 2015, the news stories, shutdowns, and investigations shattered the restaurant chain’s reputation. At the heart of the Denver-based company’s crisis was the ever-present problem faced by companies that depend on multiple suppliers to deliver parts and ingredients: a lack of transparency and accountability across complex supply chains.

As Covid-19 Disrupts Global Supply Chains, Will Companies Turn to India?

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It’s an increasingly viable option for companies anxious about sourcing from China. Economics & Society Economic development National competitiveness Digital Article

Why You Need a Supplier-Diversity Program

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Demographics Supply chain Social responsibility Digital ArticleIt can lift up disadvantaged communities — and make your business more competitive.

Executive Briefing Cost Reduction Opportunity: Inventory Optimization

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For Work Management and Supply Chain leaders, areas of potential savings lie with: optimizing inventory levels while reducing associated carrying costs, minimizing or eliminating expediting costs, and. Tactical Execution business management inventory management inventory optimization portfolio item strategydriven supply chain supply chain management whitepaper

Cost 58

An Innovative Way to Prevent Adversarial Supplier Relationships

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Supply chain Business law Negotiations Digital ArticleFormal relational contracts can keep suppliers and buyers from turning on each other when times get tough.

Why the U.S. Still Has a Severe Shortage of Medical Supplies

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Supply chain Government Digital ArticleThe Strategic National Stockpile was intended to be a national safety net. Six months into the pandemic, it remains a mess.

Using Digital Acceleration to Strengthen Your Business - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY

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Managing organizations Supply chain Risk management Sponsor ContentSponsor content from Workday.

Using Supply Chains to Grow Your Business

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Challenged by other entrepreneurs in Scale Up Milwaukee’s Scalerator program to come up with a plan for rapidly ramping up his business, Cronce wondered: “What if I redefined Raphael as a strategic link in the global medical imaging supply chain, rather than as a paint shop?” ” This supply chain epiphany is taking Raphael toward $10 million of work a year by burrowing into GE’s global network as well as serving its competitors.

Leading Without Direct Reports

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In the years to follow, Walter enrolled in supply management courses at some of the best universities. Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Business CEO Crisis Management Culture In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Mentoring Purchasing Purpose Supply Chain Management VisionLeadership does not begin the when you step upon the first rung of the management ladder. One direct report does not make you a leader; nor does ten.

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