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Overcoming supply chain complexities for advantage

Lead Change Blog

Real-world insights into how to drive measurable cost, cash, and growth improvements across the end-to-end supply chain to enhance your EBITDA. End-to-end collaboration best practices.

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Leadership Communication: How Do I Get Everyone On the Same Page?

Let's Grow Leaders

So if employees hear “EBITDA” from you or another leader, they understand “what I need from ya.” You want to ensure that every member of your senior team is an expert translator– articulating the vision in terms of specific actions and behaviors.


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How To Help Your Team Think Like an Entrepreneur

Let's Grow Leaders

Be sure your town hall meetings talk more than EBITDA, with a clear message of “What I need from ya.” One of the biggest challenges we hear from our fast-growing start-up clients is that it gets more and more difficult to keep everyone aligned on what matters most as the business scales.

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All-Hands Meeting: How to Ensure Yours is Amazing and Worth the Investment

Let's Grow Leaders

” One way to think about this is to not just talk EBITDA, but get real about “what I need from ya.” Translate Strategy to Practical Actions and Behaviors All-hands meetings, company offsites, and leadership events are a GREAT time to talk strategy – where you’re headed and most importantly why it matters.

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The Relationship Between Startups And VCs

The Horizons Tracker

revenues, net income, or EBITDA).” Earnouts are “an arrangement where part of the merger consideration is made contingent on a future event (e.g., drug approval or first product sale) or (financial) performance measure (e.g.,

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Beyond Recruitment: N2Growth’s COO Search Solutions Enhance Organizational Performance

N2Growth Blog

The firm’s EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) margin expanded from 10% to an impressive 15% within two years of his appointment. The chosen COO became a transformative force within the organization, improving workforce productivity, streamlining operations, and drastically reducing expenses.

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Chief Executive Coaching: Charting a Bold Course in Leadership’s Vast Ocean


Not to mention, CEO Coaching boasts of clients who’ve achieved a staggering 78% average compound annual EBITDA Growth Rate​ ​. Vistage reports that their coached CEOs saw an uptick in annual revenue by 4.6% amidst a global downturn—a testament to the power of executive coaching​ ​.