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NGO organizational assessment diagnosis

Rapid BI

Organizational Asessments in NGO organizations. The post NGO organizational assessment diagnosis appeared first on RapidBI.

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Expertise Matters!

Nathan Magnuson

One day the president of the other NGO expressed a need for a new accountant and I casually suggested his consider the accountant from the first NGO. I didn’t want to be like the woman in the first NGO: a friendly and enthusiastic person who couldn’t be taken seriously as a professional.

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Unlocking Corporate Social Responsibility: 10 Impactful Ways to Give Back as a Business Owner

Strategy Driven

Work with the NGO to reform the affected after the disaster has passed. Help create awareness in the locals. You can also train your employees to work as volunteers. Provide logistical support. Donate food, water, medicine, and other relief based on the disaster. Establishing yourself as a socially responsible company isn’t too difficult.

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In 100 Words: Bitter or Better?


He runs a successful NGO and speaks across the globe on coping with life’s challenges. After struggling initially as a depressed kid who contemplated suicide, he was transformed when his mother showed him an inspiring article about a man who was also dealing with a severe disability. Which one would you choose? ”. - – - – -.

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065: Influence 3.0: Upgrade from Leadership to Impact

Engaging Leader

In this episode, Jesse traces the development of influence through three stages: Influence 1.0: Management Influence 2.0: Leadership Influence 3.0:

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What would Vince Lombardi do?


When we compare what it takes to lead a military unit, a football team, an NGO, or a business, we sometimes forget that the rules are different. NGO workers know that if they don’t solve an important issue, people will suffer.

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2 Big Opportunities for Incredible Change!

Marshall Goldsmith

The vision for Ethical Coach is to support 64,000 NGO, non-profit and children’s charity leaders each year in accessing coaching. Ethical Coach will host 400 NGO leaders in workshops and deliver coaching skills through our high level international volunteer coaches. The first is the Ethical Coach program.

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