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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Netflix’s Bright

Joseph Lalonde

You will be amazed at what your team can do: Tikka battled against an evil Elf, Tien (Veronica Ngo), who was hell-bent on raising the Dark Lord. In the 2018 Netflix original movie Bright, a human cop is forced to partner with an Orc.

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Innovation, Quality & Entrepreneurship at Akshaya Patra


Akshaya Patra is an Indian NGO that provides mid day meals to about 1.2

Expertise Matters!

Nathan Magnuson

One day the president of the other NGO expressed a need for a new accountant and I casually suggested his consider the accountant from the first NGO. Years ago I served as a consultant to two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that worked closely together.

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065: Influence 3.0: Upgrade from Leadership to Impact

Engaging Leader

In the early 90s, the Iron Curtain fell. More people started using the Internet, and then the Web. The world was becoming smaller, more diverse, and more connected. Market conditions changed more quickly, and became more complex and harder to predict.

Leadership Comes in Many Forms. Helping Business Save the Earth.

Great Leadership By Dan

Social ventures and NGO’s, of all shapes and sizes, can help catalyze the innovation ecosystem, for example, by creating market transparency through labeling initiatives or motivating corporate action through boycotts and protests. Guest post from Michael Lenox : Humanity faces a number of critical sustainability challenges, global climate change chief among them. In my new book with Ronnie Chatterji, Can Business Save the Earth?

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What would Vince Lombardi do?


When we compare what it takes to lead a military unit, a football team, an NGO, or a business, we sometimes forget that the rules are different. NGO workers know that if they don’t solve an important issue, people will suffer. I recently met this amazingly engaging executive from Life Touch who had the privilege of spending seven years with Vince Lombardi. What great stories he had to share, as we circled a mile above San Francisco.

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Does Change Happen to You or with You?


When you build a successful company, department, NGO, or team, you build upon successes. What can Darwin teach you about organizational life? It’s tricky to reproduce success, however, because many decisions were both context- and time-bound.

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In 100 Words: Bitter or Better?


He runs a successful NGO and speaks across the globe on coping with life’s challenges. Nick Vujicic is a hero. He was born with no arms and no legs!

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Be Zen for Focus

CEO Blog

An outstanding book about a marine who started an NGO in one of the worst slums in Africa. Often I find my mind racing. My new See Do Time Management System where I just do something when I see it works well on tidying and cleaning but is actually less efficient in many cases. EG - If I see that the dashboard needs dusting so whip inside to grab a damp rag and wipe it. This is less efficient that getting a bucket and detergent and doing the whole inside.

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2 Big Opportunities for Incredible Change!

Marshall Goldsmith

The vision for Ethical Coach is to support 64,000 NGO, non-profit and children’s charity leaders each year in accessing coaching. Ethical Coach will host 400 NGO leaders in workshops and deliver coaching skills through our high level international volunteer coaches.

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Leading For Good

Great Leadership By Dan

We were by far the first environmental NGO to move. Guest post from Christoph Lueneburger: Every leader who has ever wondered what kind of difference they could truly make in the world should hear the story of Mark Tercek, a hotshot Goldman Sachs banker who decided to become “a force for good.”

Change Your Social Context, Change Your Life


We received a lot of press, and I was frequently asked to join bank, for profit, and NGO boards. by Gary Cohen “A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Gandhi. Social context affects the way you behave, think, and interpret the world.

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5 Lessons from an Office on the Edge

Mills Scofield

For the last three years, I have satiated this string of my DNA with an unconventional job – as Executive Director of a small NGO addressing maternal and child survival in slums of Mali, West Africa, where health outcomes are among the lowest in the world.

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Lessons from Amazonian Culture and Ecology for Talent Management

Mills Scofield

In Ecuador, we’ve developed very strict rules and very high standards for our team and our suppliers, working against the tendency of people to see us as just another NGO that is “here to help” (aka doesn’t take our work seriously).

Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

Marshall Goldsmith

Asheesh Advani – President and CEO, Junior Achievement Worldwide – the largest NGO dedicated to teaching young people about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Dear Friends, Greetings from Rancho Santa Fe!

CEO 91

Top Leaders of 2010 | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

She has only been finished her Residency in anesthesia for little over a year and is coordinating international WHO’s and the efforts of the likes of the Clinton Foundation, The UN and othe NGO’s.

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Global NGOs Spend More on Accounting Than Multinationals

Harvard Business Review

NGO board members, especially those with corporate backgrounds who understand the importance of investment, must change the mindset that equates success with revenues and views low overhead as a proxy for organizational effectiveness. billion NGO with operations in 97 countries.

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How Exactly Will We Move Away from Fossil Fuels?

Harvard Business Review

As a recent report on the subject from the NGO Ceres said, “According to the IEA, more than two-thirds of the world’s proven reserves of fossil fuels will be unusable prior to 2050 if necessary carbon regulations are enacted [emphasis added].”. The growing divestment movement, led by the NGO , is an attempt to make investing in fossil fuel companies morally equivalent to investing in South Africa during the anti-apartheid movement.

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Meet the Tech Companies Creating Opportunity in Africa

Harvard Business Review

FERIDUN AKGÜNGÖR. For our family, it’s the homecoming routine. I pull up to the house and my son flies out of the car to inspect the box or two on our front stairs. Santa only delivers once a year, but Amazon leaves something on our door about every other day.

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Should Your Business Be Nonprofit or For-Profit?

Harvard Business Review

While our primary focus is in India, Embrace is doing pilot projects with NGO partners in 10 countries, and we hope to further scale this year.

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How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day

Harvard Business Review

feridun akgüngör. You probably know the feeling all too well: You arrive at the office with a clear plan for the day and then, in what feels like just a moment, you find yourself on your way back home.

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How Quick Wins Can Become Stretch Goals

Harvard Business Review

As part of an effort to increase education in Southern Sudan, a team of villagers with help from an NGO took on the challenge of increasing school attendance by 30% in 100 days.The villagers were so motivated to achieve this goal, that they eventually made their own bricks to construct a new building. Recently my fellow HBR blogger Daniel Markovitz suggested that stretch goals can be demotivating, and should be replaced by confidence-building "quick wins."

Success in Rio? That's For Us to Decide

Harvard Business Review

Few companies attended the original Earth Summit, and examples of company-NGO collaboration were few and far between. The Rio+20 Summit on sustainable development is still weeks away, and yet many already have proclaimed the event a failure. That verdict is based on outdated assumptions about the nature of change. In fact, a 21st century success in Rio remains possible.

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“Office Housework” Gets in Women’s Way

Harvard Business Review

When Patria, a program leader in an NGO, was asked by her director to help a colleague whose team was having trouble managing its workload, she agreed.

NGO 18

The Era of Corporate Silence on Climate Policy Is Ending

Harvard Business Review

The Climate Declaration, created by the NGO Ceres as part of its BICEP advocacy group , makes a simple case for action: Taking on climate change will save money, improve efficiency, and drive innovation, all of which will keep America competitive internationally.

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Is VW’s Fraud the End of Large-Scale Corporate Deception?

Harvard Business Review

An eco-NGO, the International Council on Clean Transportation — not formal regulatory review — effectively uncovered the con. Volkswagen’s brazen and bizarre “ Diesel-gate ” deception beggars belief.

NGO 16

The Buzz on Green Business in China

Harvard Business Review

I visited Beijing last week, speaking to a group of corporate executives assembled by a major NGO to work on climate change issues. However, the company execs and NGO leaders in Beijing tell me that sustainability is still a new pursuit for Chinese companies. Besides the meeting itself, I was struck by the considerable focus on green issues in China. Each morning at my hotel I received the China Daily , the country's main English-language newspaper.

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To Profit from Doing Good, Start Small

Harvard Business Review

If you have the funds, or your company supports such programs, volunteer (with the help of an NGO) to live in a rural village for a week or allow your people to take mini-sabbaticals or secondments with NGOs to work on development projects. It wasn't too long ago that corporations were the villains — polluting the environment , exploiting workers , and consuming energy and other resources without concern for long term consequences to the planet.

To Come Up with a Good Idea, Start by Imagining the Worst Idea Possible

Harvard Business Review

Dara Dotz is removing obstacles to rapid recovery in humanitarian disasters with her NGO, Field Ready. There are many creative tools a designer uses to think differently, but none is more counter-intuitive than “wrong thinking,” also called reverse thinking.

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What the Nonprofit Sector Needs to Reach Its Full Potential

Harvard Business Review

It has InsideNGO, which works to improve the operational and management capacity of organizations in the global NGO community. The nonprofit sector has limbs.

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Morning Advantage: A Supply Chain Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Harvard Business Review

When disaster strikes, the NGO would set up pop-up warehouses in those locations to channel relief directly from the manufacturers to the myriad micro sites. Time after time, three issues continue to bedevil global flood relief efforts — lack of advance preparation, lack of attention to floods too small to grab the international spotlight, and lack of economic recovery efforts after the waters abate.

The Future of Cities Depends on Innovative Financing

Harvard Business Review

However, social impact and pay-for-success securities could unlock substantial foundation, philanthropic, and NGO assets to buffer the risk for return-seeking capital. Today’s mega-cities have a footprint problem.

Bond 16

Fighting Diabetes in the 21st Century

Harvard Business Review

This NGO has promoted health-related peer support across six continents and has run a number of initiatives that have significantly lowered people’s blood glucose levels, a strong indicator of diabetes risk in developing countries.

The Obligatory Pre-Davos Post!

Harvard Business Review

Continues Parag: The best place to view what model of diplomacy lies before us in the New Middle Ages is the Swiss enclave of Davos, where each January the planet's most influential heads of state, CEOs, mayors, religious leaders, NGO heads, university presidents, celebrities and artists flock for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos kicks off tonight.

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Jet Lag Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Business Trip

Harvard Business Review

FERIDUN AKGÜNGÖR. When business is conducted globally, we often have to travel long distances to launch projects, meet with partners, negotiate deals, address crises, manage customer relations, and engage in a variety of other activities on the behalf of our organizations.

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Even Life-Saving Innovations Don’t Sell Themselves

Harvard Business Review

Only when BRAC, a Bangladesh NGO, recruited and deployed thousands of paid workers to teach villagers how to make it out of ingredients in even the humblest of homes did adoption take off, in the early 1980s. Most businesses wouldn’t survive without driving demand for their products or services, either through marketing and advertising or through involving users so deeply in the design of the product that word of mouth spurs adoption. The same is true for social innovators.

Why So Many of Us Experience a Midlife Crisis

Harvard Business Review

If the burned out Wall Street lawyer and the dissatisfied NGO activist were to change seats, perhaps neither would end up more content. A mid-career crisis can happen to anyone. It can hit even those who objectively have the most fulfilling jobs.

NGO 17

How Target Is Taking Sustainable Products Mainstream

Harvard Business Review

The collaboration, which the NGO Forum for the Future is managing, has high aspirations. For years, the answer to the question “Do people really want to buy more sustainable products?” ” was a profound “sort of.”

If You're Out to Change the World, How Do You Know When to Move On?

Harvard Business Review

Every international NGO (INGO) and aid agency involved in water supply has a mission statement along the lines of "we envision a world where no one dies of a water-related disease."

A Business Model for Bangladesh

Harvard Business Review

Such an intermediary organization (in this case probably an NGO) would collect the extra 3.3%, build relationships with buyers and sellers and would use the trust of its relationships to have the confidence to certify that clothing was produced according to proper standards.

How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s Health Care System

Harvard Business Review

The outcome is delivered on the machine screen with a printout, providing confidence of analysis and further actions which may include prescriptions at participating pharmacies, or escalation for medical attention with NGO doctors who supply anonymous medical treatments. KATERYNA/KONSCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images.

Change the World Without Losing Yourself

Harvard Business Review

And so a young girl, whose calling — and whose value to the world — may really be to dance, or to build an industry, is hypnotized into becoming the fundraising director for an NGO.

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