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Three Methods To Help You Keep track of Business Finances

Strategy Driven

Look At Fixed Costs And Changing Ones. Every business has fixed costs and variable costs. What will cost you the same amount every time? Sit down and think about these differences right now, and write down any costs you can think of. Most of the time, these costs can overlap in some places.

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Winning Now, Winning Later: Playing the Infinite Game

Leading Blog

Grow while keeping fixed costs constant. He developed three principles of short- and long -term performance that forced them to consider the long- and short-term implication in every decision they made: 1. Scrub accounting and business practices down to what is real. Invest in the future, but not excessively.


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A New Look At Budget Setting

Women on Business

Corporate budgeting used to be simple: review fixed costs once a year, control variable expenses as much as possible, calculate the ROI on capital expenditures and relax until the end of the fiscal year. The goal was clear and easily quantified (though not so easily achieved): maximize profit.

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Tilt: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries De Beers Ford Motor Company Harvard Business Review Press How and why downstream [comma] customer-led activities and preferences will dominate the competitive landscape in the future Infosys Niraj Dawar the locus of activities that add value (those the customer is willing to pay for) the locus of competitive advantage the primary (..)

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If Innovation Is Happening, Where Is The Creative Destruction?

The Horizons Tracker

To understand this, they believe we need to better understand how changes in technology and organization will affect both fixed costs and marginal costs of production, or whether they will facilitate decentralization. They also ponder whether it’s a trend that is likely to continue.

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Love Them and Lead Them

The Practical Leader

Airline revenues collapsed while fixed costs stayed high. .” Companies decimated by the pandemic especially need to feel the love to bounce back. That’s particularly true in the airline industry. If you’re going to bet on an airline most likely to soar as travel resumes, put your money on Southwest Airlines.

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Close to 2,500 Carvana Employees Get Laid Off Over Zoom

HR Digest

This eventually led to higher fixed costs and lesser profits. Carvana earnings for Q1 have been dismal and disheartening. . The company explained that it had built up sales volume for 6-12 months in advance whereas reality did not match up to expectations. Furthermore, on May 10, Carvana announced that it will shell out $2.2