Nuclear Power is Clean, Safe, and Reliable… But Can It Be Competitive?

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StrategyDriven experience reveals many of these cost reductions to be implementable within 180 days and to possess similar payback periods. For over 30 years, U.S. nuclear plants provided clean, safe and reliable electricity.

A Refresher on Payback Method

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There are a variety of ways to calculate a return on investment (ROI) — net present value , internal rate of return , breakeven — but the simplest is payback period. What is payback period? ” The shorter the payback period, the better.

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Why So Many Different Loan Types Exist

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Because of these multiple numbers, credit scores can be a lot more accurate, and predict your likeliness to go into debt when you can’t make up with payments after a certain period. Credit scores dictate what you can and can’t get because of your payback period or payment rate.

5 Reasons CFOs Struggle with Financial Reporting and Analysis (and How to Overcome the Challenges)

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In fact, an IDC study showed that cloud solutions offer an average payback period of 7.1 No one likes financial reporting and analysis. There, I said it. Analysis, now sometimes that’s fun. But reporting? Always a chore.

How to Better Manage Your Company’s Utility Bills

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This process, known as “ retrocommissioning ” often does not require any capital outlays and can have a simple payback under two years. In our experience, well-designed retrofits can deliver 20%-50% energy savings with fast payback periods.

How to Get People to Collaborate When You Don’t Control Their Salary

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Both these efforts help the payback period arrive sooner, making collaboration a smarter investment for the next wave of people. Most of us assume that if we want to change people’s behavior, we need to change their incentives.

How GE Stays Young

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People in finance at GE, typically focused on return on investment and payback periods, love FastWorks because they get a better throughput of ideas. GE is an icon of management best practices. Under CEO Jack Welch in the 1980s and 1990s, they adopted operational efficiency approaches (“ Workout ,” “Six Sigma,” and “Lean”) that reinforced their success and that many companies emulated.

Obama Gave a Monumental Climate Change Speech, But It's Still Not Enough

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Still, if you''re dependent on coal-powered energy — or your value chain is — it''s time to rethink your energy strategy and reconsider the payback periods on clean energy investments.

Accelerating Customer Adoption at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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For example, the drip irrigation we sell has an average six-month payback period. Groundbreaking solutions often never reach scale.

Walmart Broadens ROI for Green Power

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For example] the longer term payback on solar helps us get to scale down the road.". Of course, investing in projects with a hard-to-measure payback — such as a new marketing campaign or entry into new geographic or customer markets — is a normal part of business strategy. When it comes to green projects, this narrowly-defined measure of "payback" is particularly destructive.