The Pandemic-Era CFO: Bold Financial Leadership Is a Strategic Imperative

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License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article The Pandemic-Era CFO: Bold Financial Leadership Is a Strategic Imperative are those of the author Scott Carberry alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine.

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CEOs Bring in Big Bucks, Even More When a CFO is Hired after Them

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License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article CEOs Bring in Big Bucks, Even More When a CFO is Hired after Them are those of the author John Heater alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine.

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5 Strategies To Go From CXO/CEO/ COO/CFO to Successful Entrepreneur

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You had the title of CXO/CEO/CFO/COO and everything that comes with it: The corner office, a closet full of silk [.]. Posted in Career Development Change Management Self Leadership Value Creation Are you a corporate refugee or executive in transition who thought the grass was greener on the entrepreneurial side of the fence, only to find out it wasn’t as easy as you expected? It’s an interesting problem.

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The Top Five Dashboards Every CFO Should Review Daily

The Kini Group

The CFO’s responsibilities have migrated far from the typical numbers focus and cost analysis to growth strategy, sales tactics, and even human resources. This evolution of the role of CFO has created a demand for more oversight. To truly stay on top of profitability performance, here are the top five CFO dashboards every financial leader should have in hand at the start of their workday. CFO Dashboard 1: The Sales Team’s Progress Toward Margin and Volume Goals.

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9 Ways to Manage Costs and Prepare for Future Growth

SMB leaders are working day and night to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Successfully managing it requires the CFO and HR leader to make complex decisions quickly, without rushing into an uncoordinated response. Foremost among these decisions will be cost containment. The way organizations manage costs now will determine how well they perform during and after COVID-19. Download our guide and start preparing for the future today.

Your Company’s Next Leader on Climate Is…the CFO

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Changes in tools, teams, regulations, and markets are putting sustainability in the hands of the finance department. Sustainability Social responsibility Business models Supply chain Motivating people Government Digital Article

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The CEO and CFO Pairing That Makes Mergers More Successful

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Research finds optimism and pessimism play an important role. Mergers & acquisitions Leadership Decision making Digital Article

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Complimentary Resource – The CFO’s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward

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The CFO’s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward. Click here for more information on The CFO’s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward. You just finished reading Complimentary Resource - The CFO''s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward ! The post Complimentary Resource – The CFO’s Cheat Sheet to Compensation Risk & Reward appeared first on StrategyDriven. by Ultimate Software.

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How the CFO and General Counsel Can Partner More Effectively

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What receives far less attention is that, more and more in our increasingly complex, volatile, and fully-globalized business world, the effectiveness of such action depends on a powerful partnership between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the General Counsel (GC). As a result, the optimal CFO-GC alliance is now much more like a peer relationship, jointly coordinating and overseeing fundamental corporate issues of performance, compliance, ethics, risk and governance, and organization.

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3 Critical Skills of Effective Leaders.

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Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip CEO CFO Coaching Communication Delegation Information Management Motivation Obstacles Performance VP Great leaders translate vision into decisive action — a skill that’s especially vital in tough times. But what are those skills? Do you have a blind spot? Should you be doing more? First off — great leaders do three things — no more, no less: They motivate their people. They deliver information when required.

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My Great Failure, Part 3: Needing Where I Should be Leading

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The already overburdened technology team had no bandwidth and the CFO would not accept changing priorities of other efforts. Ultimately, I was called into the CFO’s office and asked for my resignation. I should have resigned the moment the CFO insisted on the project. Had I volunteered my resignation at that moment there were two possible outcomes: The CFO backed off his insistence : I remained employed there and we addressed the solution properly at a later time.

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Robert Sher: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Uncategorized Albert Einstein Bibliomotion Brilliant Mistakes Brooke Manville CEO to CEO The Feel of the Deal: How I Built a Business Through Acquisitions Forbes CFO Magazine James O''Toole Judgment Calls Lao-Tse Mandela Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers Nelson Oscar Wilde Paul Schoemaker Peter Drucker Robert Sher: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris Tao Te Ching the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom Tom Davenport Voltaire

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Why HR and the CEO should be joined at the Hip | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

The day the Jacobs Suchard (now part of Kraft Foods ) Board of Directors promoted me to the C-Suite, they strongly suggested I align myself with the CFO. The advice proved excellent, and for the rest of my days in the corner office I was joined at the hip with an outstanding finance executive who is now the CFO of Lindt & Sprüngli , the world’s leading chocolatier. In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding. Why HR and the CEO should be joined at the Hip.

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Robert Sher: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Albert Einstein Bibliomotion Brilliant Mistakes Brooke Manville CEO to CEO The Feel of the Deal: How I Built a Business Through Acquisitions Forbes CFO Magazine James O''Toole Judgment Calls Lao-Tse Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers Oscar Wilde Paul Schoemaker Peter Drucker Robert Sher: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris Tao Te Ching the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom Tom Davenport Voltaire

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Keep Your Sarbanes-Oxley Off My CFO

Harvard Business Review

No, Minow is suggesting that CFO essentially work for the audit committee. As she puts it, when she's evaluating a company, "the most important thing I look for in a CFO is someone who reports directly to the audit committee, because what I want is a CFO who is absolutely clear that his or her job depends on telling the truth to the board.". I don't know of any CFO of a public company who would tell you that the job doesn't already depend on telling the truth to the board.

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The CIO Paradox: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Ross Jeremy Hope Martha Heller Operations versus Strategy Oscar Wilde Peter Weill recruiting Reinventing the CFO: How Financial Managers Can Transform Their Roles and Add Greater Value Successor The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership

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Morning Advantage: Take My CFO, Please

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At first blush, it sounds like something straight out of the mind of Scott Adams, but John McCallum's guide to management one-liners in the Ivey Business Journal has its sincere merits. McCallum mines the cannon of executive aphorisms from the likes of Stephen Covey and Warren Buffett — but also Socrates, physicist Lord Kelvin, and Donald Rumsfeld — for those pithy phrases that really do capture the essence of common situations.

Head’s Up! A great business book will soon be published.

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CFO Magazine Conference Board Creating a World Without Poverty Curt Finch Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It Crown Business During the decision-making process involving a purchase [comma] During the decision-making process involving a purchase [comma] what role do th3e emotions reason play? On October 4, 2011, Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It, will be published by Crown Business. Written by Adrian Slywotzky with Karl Weber.

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Being Inspired: Leaders need to be inspired to inspire others

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He was following in the footsteps of a larger-than-life personality and, as the former CFO, Andrew had very different qualities. Andrew had just taken over as CEO for a major organization.

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Why Can't a CIO Be More Like a CFO?

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Unlike the world of the CFO, management and staff generally do what they like when it comes to creating and (not) disposing of information, creating a cavernous gap in accountability. Information governance is not IT''s job. But it should be the CIO''s job. It''s time for CIOs to move beyond their roles as chief technology officers, and embrace the name with all of its implications: Chief Information Officer. Because no one is managing the store.


Tony’s Interview with Healthcare Finance News

Tony Mayo

However, once you move from being a bookkeeper to being a CFO, you are dealing with the future […]. Tips for CFOs to survive the transition to value Give up clinging to the illusion of certainty, said executive coach Tony Mayo. Accounting is a black and white world and as such attracts people who like certainty. For Executives Micro-Managers Organizational Leadership Personal Goals

157: The Aspiring Leader — Successfully Step into a New Leadership Role | with John Lawler

Engaging Leader

Perhaps you’re the Director of Finance, and you’ve just been tapped to become the new CFO. Perhaps you’re the Director of Finance, and you’ve just been tapped to become the new CFO. Is your sight set on a new leadership role? What do you need to change now that your former peers will be reporting to you? Or maybe you’re not yet in a position with formal authority, but you know […] Is your sight set on a new leadership role?

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Beyond the Transaction: How to Make Business Shifts Successful

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I’ve been a CFO at […]. Lots of companies move from private to public and public to private. Consider this: Dealogic reports there were 175 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in 2019, while 47 firms were taken private. And deals involving public companies being taken private by domestic private equity sponsors increased more than 27 percent over 2018.

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Mobile Payments and the 'Wow' Factor: Q&A With Square CFO Sarah Friar

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We asked Square''s CFO and Operations Lead, Sarah Friar , for perspectives on this technology, what it means for marketers, and how to manage in the world of mobile innovation. As a CFO, that kind of terminology can sometimes scare the wits out of me, but it''s break the rules, don''t break the law, but break the rules and do not be held back by what has gone before.

Samurai Bookkeeping

Tony Mayo

Years ago, while I was establishing myself in a new executive coaching practice, I supported my family by working as a part-time, outsourced CFO. Here is a reminiscence of a deep learning I earned during one of those accounting gigs. I sought help from my own coach with the very difficult [.]. For Executives Attachment Conflict Freedom

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One Question Away From Optimism

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During dinner with the CFO [.]. Image source You can’t lead if you aren’t dissatisfied. Every new beginning begins with dissatisfaction. If the present is satisfactory, you have nowhere to go. A preferred future stands on an un-preferred present. Dissatisfaction is easy, optimism is necessary. Seeing the light dimly: Things come together at the strangest times. Change Courage Leading Marks of leaders Optimism Taking others higher Leadership Development

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Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First

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This is a group that consists of the CEO, the CFO, and the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer). The relationship between the CFO and CHRO is vital. The success of the G3 is up to the CEO, but the CFO and the CHRO “must be star performers who can learn from each other’s language and dive into each other’s business.”. I F PEOPLE NOT COMPANIES, generate value, why isn’t talent at the center of every company’s strategy? It’s time to take charge of talent.

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Money-Making Job Opportunities in Accounting Career: Exploratory Guide

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If you work in the field long enough, you can go from a staff accountant to an executive position such as a CFO. Chief Financial Officer (CFO). CFO is one of the end goal positions for all accountants. The position of CFO demands the most considerable expertise, maximum experience, and exceptional leadership skills. The more compound the organization is, the more vital the character of a CFO becomes. Accountants work with numbers.

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20 Articles to Help Leaders Navigate the COVID 19 Crisis

Great Leadership By Dan

Crisis Management: The Overlooked Leadership Skill (CFO) 9. I’ve dug deep into Google search to curate 20 articles from what I believe to be trusted sources for leaders. Some are new and some are older; all seem to be practical and relevant advice for leaders trying to step up during these challenging times. After reading as many as you can, ask yourself the following question: “In five years, how do I want to be remembered for how I handled this crisis?”

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These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

Chart Your Course

Business leadership researchers tell us that the best traits for your CFO are emotional stability and global ethics. In the days after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), a chief executive cannot hide behind the acts of the CFO. If your CFO is doing something financially shady, SOX says that he is either doing it with you or to you. Your CFO should be Captain America with the emotional range of a rock.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Joel Peterson has been around the block serving as a leader in various roles—CEO, CFO, founder, investor, entrepreneur—and is currently the chairman of JetBlue Airways and a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Y OU don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be an entrepreneurial leader. Entrepreneurial leadership is a mindset. It is a mindset that is even more critical in today’s unstable world and is the sine qua non of crisis leadership.

The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

As Craig’s CFO and CAO, I always appreciated this leadership style. Build great teams In the early dark days as CFO of Footlocker, we had a struggling company that was deeply in debt. Be an engaged listener As a young executive and newly appointed CFO, I was fortunate to work for Jim Hageman. Prior to founding Gideon Advisors, he was the Executive VP and CFO at Yankee Candle Company, Cushman and Wakefield, and Foot Locker, Inc.

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Leading by Cause

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In their CFO Magazine piece, “ How An Obsession with Metrics Is Killing Your Company ”, authors Alexander Van Caeneghem and Jean-Marie Bequevort , write, “The quest for financial performance and the pressure to measure can corrode organizational cultures, narrow the focus of leadership, reduce intrinsic motivation, and support unethical behavior. Lessons throughout history inform us that cause precedes effect; actions create results.

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Infuence Mapping – How To Lead Your Project To Success

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Usually the CEO and the CFO have the biggest impact on organization-wide changes, but it is not always so; in some cases the hierarchy doesn’t reflect the amount of influence, so it’s advisable to check everything carefully. Even the most powerful people rarely act alone. The decisions they make are usually influenced by their coworkers and advisors. Understanding the nature and intensity of these changes can be vital to your project’s success.

The Unexpected Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

Lead Change Blog

You cannot dare do the same thing as an entrepreneur when you are still the HR manager, marketing guru, office manager, janitor, tech guy, sales staff, CFO and CEO. How interesting is it to start your own business? Many people say they wish to own their own businesses. Sometimes people tell me, “You must be so lucky,” or “it must be a relief to be out of the rat race.” The truth is that none of these statements are true.

Morning Advantage: Leaders Need Hugs Too

Harvard Business Review

The Imprecise World of Accounting (CFO). Some top execs may take home eight-figure salaries these days, but I wouldn’t wish their jobs on anyone. Just take a look at these excerpts from interviews with global leaders at McKinsey Quarterly — they read like transcripts from a therapy session. The greatest leadership challenge, they say, has been dealing with the rise in external crises — the collapse of Lehman Brothers, earthquakes, floods.

Morning Advantage: How Leaders Get Their Strategic Groove Back

Harvard Business Review

"What are the first three words that come to mind when you hear the word 'strategy'?" When HBS professor Cynthia A. Montgomery asks leaders in her executive education classes this question, they respond with "plan," "vision," "direction," "focus," "advantage," writes Carmen Nobel in HBS Working Knowledge. To Montgomery, this is indicative of a disturbing trend: strategy has been narrowed to a competitive game plan, separate from a firm's larger sense of purpose.

Competence, Commitment, and Character

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“Cash is kind” was the CFO’s favorite go-to line when vetoing spending requests. The CEO always agreed. Therefore, over time, “make money” became the company’s informal mantra. Over time, company culture changed too. Ethical corners were cut. Legal lines were crossed. Compliance became the norm, as did cutthroat competition. Money became the only yardstick by which success was measured.

CEOs: Don't Sabotage Your Successors

Marshall Goldsmith

A CEO asked me to coach his potential successor, the CFO. It didn't take long before I just felt that the CEO just didn't like the CFO. I brought it to his attention: "I just don't think you like the CFO." A SINGLE DETRACTOR I worked with the CFO for more than a year, and all but one of his raters said they saw him as making great improvements in interpersonal relationships. However, the CEO now concluded that the CFO lacked the "adequate marketing skills."

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Great Leaders Focus on the Why and the What—Not the How

Great Leadership By Dan

About the author: Author, CFO of an international billion-dollar company, and management consultant, Steve Coughran has over two decades of experience driving business excellence. Guest post by Steve Coughran : In my two decades of business experience, I have encountered many different flavors of leadership.

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Morning Advantage: My Kingdom for a Developer

Harvard Business Review

Facebook Flop Won't Scare Off Growth-Company Listings (CFO). Everyone in the room who is fully satisfied with their IT staff and has no concerns about finding and recruiting new technology talent raise your hand. OK, you way in the back, you can leave. The rest of us have a big problem to solve. Let's face it, the war for tech talent is only getting worse.

CMOs, Build a Relationship with Your CFOs

Harvard Business Review

But this makes the still lingering CMO-CFO disconnect even more significant, as both executives are now stewards of that critical corporate data. After having collaborated at David's Bridal to build a more effective marketing function (and actually enjoying it), we decided to share some of our observations, from both the perspective of the CFO (Gene) and CMO (Kimberly). In your preliminary discussions with the CFO, establish clear definitions, success criteria, and formulas.

What Events Shaped You as a Leader?

Great Leadership By Dan

He was clearly a high potential early on and was tapped by his CFO to create and lead the new internal audit group for a public company. One day the CFO asked him to attend a board meeting so that he could answer any questions that might arise regarding the internal audit group.

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