AMA Handbook of Due Diligence

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They do limited due diligence on the theory that it does not help them find winner companies. I disagree with this approach and think good due diligence improves the odds. I, personally, love thorough due diligence but lack the attention required to do it well myself so I like to surround myself with people who do it well. Recently, I read a great book by William Crilly and Andrew Sherman called, The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence.

Top Ten Due Diligence Mistakes Made by Board Candidates

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6 Ways to Choose the Best Employees

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Consider these six … Continue reading → Leadership Product Management Team Building attention channels due diligence experience transparency Guest post by Jon Spivey The best employees help your company to thrive and achieve its greatest potential. So to reach your potential, you must put effort into finding and choosing the best employees for your company.

The New Trust vs. Due Diligence Dilemma

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The economics and accountability of due diligence have changed. The fundamental difference between then and now is that doing due diligence at the source was a matter of mouse-clicks and moments. Because the costs and complexities of due diligence were so low, I eliminated the risk of error instead of propagating it. If the analysis is that important, you'd be foolish not to perform due diligence on the source.

Meet people where they are

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Over the last few months, the organization has done its due diligence—conducting focus groups and surveys; studying program participation; reviewing revenue, expenses, and donor history; checking out its competitors and assessing its differentiators; doing [.]

Are You Trading Attention for Influence?

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It is the due diligence of politics.” It’s the due diligence of leaders everywhere. P EGGY NOONAN brought up some great thoughts in her editorial, A Rash Leader in a Grave Time that would be good for us to consider in any time.

Crucial Investing Tips for 2018

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Obviously, always perform your own due diligence before diving in. In the early days of 2018, it’s a good time to consider what’s the same and what’s new as the new year unfolds.

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Counterintelligence Tactics to Help you Hire the Best Candidate

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I conduct what Justin Recla calls “intuitive due diligence,” and if the other person passes my gut-check, I’m eager to roll forward with a deal. That’s not a wise approach, Recla says, and he knows a few things about due diligence. One of the questions Recla asks is, “How do I do my due diligence on you?” ” The bigger the deal or the risk, the more due diligence you need to take.

Wishy-washy supervisors’ negative impact on employees

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I’m all for due diligence. We’ve all come across some indecisive people in our lives. Indecisiveness comes in all forms. You’ve got the employee who refuses to make the final call on anything. The co-worker who leaves all judgment calls up to you. The manager who expects excessive research before she will approve a project. Don’t get me wrong.

Things To Ask Your IT Support Provider Before Signing

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When it comes to looking for a reliable technical support provider, you need to do your Due Diligence, and an easy way to do this is to ask your prospective providers a series of questions to help you understand what sort of fit they will be. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success

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Often times a new entrepreneur feels he or she has done their due diligence only to learn later that they barely scratched the surface. It seems that most businesses fail, not due to the validity of the idea, but rather that the project was under capitalized or underfunded from the start. If you are confident enough in what you are doing, and you have truly done your due diligence, you can have a prosperous business.

Chip Shots – When Work Styles Differ

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Will Lukang shares: When working with a new manager, I always do the due diligence to learn and understand the person’s work preference. Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches.

Hardwoods of Michigan Joins The Six Disciplines Client Community

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As a result of mutual due diligence, Hardwoods of Michigan has joined the Six Disciplines family and are off and running. Due to this engagement (with Six Disciplines), I am confident that 2011 and the years ahead will be our best ever Hardwoods of Michigan is a forty year-old company that acquires virgin timber, processes the logs, and then cuts the lumber to meet specific customer requirements.

How to Start Your Own HR Consulting Company


With our workforce rapidly shifting due to telecommuting, freelance and changing family dynamics, the need for dedicated human resource professionals has never been greater. Before you even get started it is important to perform your due diligence in the HR industry. Deciding If You Are Ready to Start .

What it means to be Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

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Customers should do due diligence and check if the company or contractor that they plan to hire are licensed, bonded, and insured. Service companies and contractors usually mention that they are “bonded, licensed, and insured” when they advertise their services.

5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from a Micro-Manager

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I definitely believe that every company, every boss, and every hiring manager could benefit from doing their due diligence before they hire anyone.

Thin Watches, the Donner Party, and Bad Advice

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Remember to do your due diligence and devote more investigation to situations of high risk or where failure could be disastrous. Bad advice can get you in big trouble. That’s what happened to the Donner Party. It doesn’t have to happen to you. Early in my career, I got a big promotion from Assistant Manager to Distribution Center Manager. The promotion came with a hefty raise, a move to a new city, and advice from my new boss.

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Bring It: 7 Keys To A Great 3 Minute Startup Pitch

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It’s a formidable barrier to entry into the world of “ due diligence land ” where your idea and company will get a more comprehensive review – and even that won’t guarantee an investment, but at least you get a full shot.

Are You Betting On the Wrong Job References?

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Instead, conduct your due diligence and have their input documented by a third party. Most of us can relate to this scenario: when completing an employment application, you are asked to identify a number of references (typically 3-5) for prospective employers to contact. In order to put your best foot forward, you choose these references wisely and list those whom will provide the most glowing reviews of their professional abilities.

Advancing towards the age of Retirement

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Exercise due diligence and consult your financial advisor to understand how the benefits you receive will be affected by retirement age and enable you to make an informed choice. Advancing towards the age of Retirement. As you approach retirement, you need to worry about future changes. Why not be proactive in taking steps to put your new financial reality in your hands?

Bad Hiring is an HR Nightmare

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This occurs when a company fails to do their due diligence to properly screen a dangerous employee. Posted by Cat Carlos | Nobody Likes a Bad Apple! PeopleViews – The PeopleClues blog. Few things strike more fear in an HR manager’s heart than making a bad hire.

Angel Capital vs. Venture Capital - CEO Blog - Time Leadership

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4 - Provide due diligence. I know some angel groups like Golden Seeds do awesome due diligence but on the whole, VCs are better than Angels at it. CEO Blog - Time Leadership Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Angel Capital vs. Venture Capital Angels and VCs are often very synergistic. The line between venture capital and angel capital can be blurry. I know some VCs who have invested $500,000 in an deal and I know some Angels who have invested $3,000,000.

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Compliance And Risk Management In Today's Business World

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Compliance and risk management consultants can also work with companies to assist with due diligence in acquisition transactions.

THOROUGHNESS - Why the Compassion of 10 Missionaries Went Wrong in Haiti

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We all need to do our due diligence and take care of business. So Laura Silsby and her nine missionary colleagues have been charged with abducting Haitian children. It could have been worse.

It’s The Culture Stupid

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Sometimes we just have to hit what’s pitched to us, even if our impatience and marginal due diligence is the one who has been doing the pitching. It’s no real secret that there are some employees that seem more difficult to manage than others; and that’s being polite.

The Upside of Anger

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I suggested to my seatmate that the real cause of his anger might be that he was beating himself up for being a poor judge of character and not conducting adequate due diligence into the purchase. Getting angry with other people often means you’re just upset with yourself. by Marshall Goldsmith. On a flight from Zurich to New York, I sat next to a very successful investor who had paid too much for a small high-tech firm.

8 Simple Merger Tips (Simple to say - tougher to do)

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Regardless of what due diligence is done prior to the merger, there is still lots to learn. I was speaking to a friend who is looking at acquiring a company. I was going to send him an email with tips of how to make it go smoother (notice I do not say smoothly - there will always be little issues). I thought it would make a good blog entry. My tips for integration: 1 - Have a rolling 90 day plan. The first 30 days should be "listen and learn".

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The Big Picture of Business – The Fine Art of Failure: Benefiting from Mistakes to Assure Success

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The importance of research, due-diligence and marketplace understanding surface. Most people and organizations fail due to never having control over certain ingredients, improper planning and the inability to change. Success and failure… it’s a matter of perspectives.

Does Your Culture Breed Success?

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I’m going to assume you already have done that due diligence, move past the what and jump right into the how. There are plenty of blog posts, articles, wikis, and other things out there that define success or help you discover your definition of success. This isn’t one of them. Whether you’re a business, a professional, or a single parent, we all want to be successful at something. Many folks view success as this tenuous existence somewhere just out of reach.

How to Assess an Online Money-Making Idea

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But before you make a commitment, I urge you to do just a little bit of due diligence. According to Google, in December of 2012, 1.44 million people searched on some variation of the phrase “make money online.” Maybe you even found this blog post by searching for that phrase yourself. If you’re reading this, you’re at least probably interested in it. I’ve been in the business of internet revenue generation for years.

Capital vs. Influence

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth . I have watched entrepreneurs and executives initially trivialize the value of influence in a capital transaction, only to regret it down the road.

Putting leadership in its place

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Directors are being held, via one device or another, to their duty to do due diligence in both the selection and the exercise of close supervision of their CEOs. In this series we’ve attempted to make the case for why managers should abandon the essentially irrelevant (to say the least) concept of individual leadership.

Assume Good

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If your intuition guides you to assume bad, dig deeper, do your due diligence, and check it out. And if it’s still no good, and due diligence proves that having your hackles up is truly important, you have a whole new set of actions and conversation to have. I believe that people generally come from a place of positive intention. If there is a disconnect, it often happens in their impact and the stories that get made up about their intentions.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Murder On The Orient Express

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Doing due diligence. When it was revealed each passenger on the train had a part in Ratchett’s death, he struggled with balancing the murder with the fact Ratchett received his due.

5 Productivity Pitfalls Learned From Marathon Training

Ron Edmondson

To avoid this productivity pitfall in other areas of life, ensure you conduct the necessary due diligence, preparation and secure proper training for the desired improvement. This is a guest post by Tor Contantino. I had the pleasure of meeting Tor at Catalyst this year.

You Can Not Train People to Think Bigger or With More Complexity Than They are Currently Capable

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a) is this person really capable of doing the work within this role as it stands right now; b) have we as the organization done due diligence in determining the time-span and level of work within this role and communicated that clearly to their manager and them?

Before a Merger, Consider Company Cultures Along with Financials

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A normal acquisition process seeks to ensure something basic: a strategic rationale for a deal, supported by a thoughtful selection process, with known risks identified by a short, intense due diligence. Those who conduct integration due diligences have two major advantages.

How to be a Better Leader in 2012

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The Processor, meanwhile, needs to document and categorize the new idea or fresh insight – they need to collect data on it, analyze it, test it, and they think the Visionary is flaky for jumping from idea to idea without doing this due diligence.

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Building Trust Develops Team Cohesiveness

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It’s created through a process of due diligence and a deliberate effort to intentionally and consistently integrate the seven core values into the workplace. LDRSHIP is an acronym for the seven core values of the U.S.

Your Intentional (or not so intentional) Energetic Presence

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Done my due diligence. ” More due diligence. True story, I had to share. Because this may be showing up for you – either as the giver or the receiver – and if it is, it’s likely completely unintentional. And we can do something about that. This morning I got a gift. A major gift. So here you go. Take this and use it as it serves you — however it serves you.

Apocalyptic Leadership

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Leadership can have it’s difficulties, so there’s no need to make more through lack of due diligence and insight. This winter has been a pretty big deal for much of the country. Currently I’m looking out the window at the 2nd wave of a pretty nasty ice storm. The front windshield of my car looks like it’s plagued with the automotive equivalent of a cataract. The ice has completely encapsulated everything outside.

Initiative Is Often A Benevolent Rebellion

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Ask lots of questions - Accepting it as something positive doesn’t excuse you from due diligence. In our “let’s measure everything possible&# business climate, we systematically tend to paint ourselves into corners.

The Shocking Costs of Hiring Mistakes … And The Secrets to Avoiding Them

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If you are hiring anything less than “A” performing leaders, your leaders will hire mediocre employees that are not as good as they are, due to their own insecurities. Secret #5: Stop relying on intuition; start relying on unbiased, objective due diligence.

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