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The Role of Due Diligence in Business Transactions

Strategy Driven

Due diligence involves reviewing information thoroughly before a transaction takes place. There are two types of due diligence. In-depth due diligence evaluates technology, operations, and regulatory risk to help investors like Zack Schuch assess terms and valuation more accurately.

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Protecting Yourself Against Fraudulent Recruiters & Hiring Scams

N2Growth Blog

Due Diligence: Research is Your First Line of Defense Before engaging with an executive search firm or recruiter, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive research to ascertain its credibility. Performing due diligence is not just advisable but essential.


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AMA Handbook of Due Diligence

CEO Blog

They do limited due diligence on the theory that it does not help them find winner companies. I disagree with this approach and think good due diligence improves the odds. Recently, I read a great book by William Crilly and Andrew Sherman called, The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence.

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Top Ten Due Diligence Mistakes Made by Board Candidates

Women on Business

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What to Consider When Selecting a Retail Space

Strategy Driven

Due Diligence Before finalizing your decision, conduct thorough due diligence. Does the space allow for growth and expansion if your business succeeds? Having room to grow can be advantageous, as you won’t need to relocate staff, and the process can be less daunting.

Retail 122
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Unintended, Unanticipated ~ Does It Matter?

Mills Scofield

To me, unintended consequences are those that one is, was, or should have been, aware of if the proper due diligence or research into the project, product, or “thing” that caused the unintended consequence had been done… it was predictable or possible, no matter how remote the odds. Does it matter?

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Why CX Assurance Matters In Commercial Due Diligence

CEO Insider

In many mergers and acquisitions, the future revenue of the customer base is critical to the success of the strategy, and, if incorrect, can sink the business or massively impact revenue and margin. The problem with the common process is that the financial history assesses the future revenue security of the customer base. It’s like […].