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Protecting Yourself Against Fraudulent Recruiters & Hiring Scams

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Consult Your Network: Peer Reviews and Recommendations Your professional network and platforms, such as LinkedIn, can be a powerful resource for vetting potential search firms. Similarly, scrutinize the job descriptions provided. Referrals are often the cornerstone of a reputable executive search firm’s business model.

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Study Finds No Publishing Bias Against Novel Research

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The researchers analyzed peer-reviewed data from nearly 50 journals in the physical and life science fields and found that evaluators didn’t show any noticeable bias against novelty, as has long been the fear. They found no evidence that this bias exists either.


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How Scientific Communication Can Spread Misinformation

The Horizons Tracker

It is not without costs, however, as the peer-review process is usually removed in the rush to print. While peer review doesn’t guarantee rigor, it is an invaluable safety valve to ensure robust results enter the public domain. This has obviously been beneficial during the pandemic as time has been of the essence.

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Is It Time For A Peer-Reviewed Bonus System?


Incentive compensation systems often seem just as likely to disappoint employees as to motivate them.

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Why Should a Hybrid Employee Come to the Office?

CEO Insider

And peer-reviewed studies find clear associations between longer commuting times and worse job satisfaction, increased stress, and poorer mental health. Given that data, […] The post Why Should a Hybrid Employee Come to the Office?

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Protecting Your Company From Misinformation via Behavioral Science

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Instead, look for thorough hard numbers, statistical evidence, and peer-reviewed research to support claims. Peer-reviewed research has shown that taking the Pro-Truth Pledge is effective for changing people’s behavior to be more truthful, both in their own statements and in interactions with others.

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360-Degree Feedback Programs To Help Your Company Grow

HR Digest

Approaches Peer Reviews Delicately An article by Harvard Business Review emphasizes why honest peer reviews are hard to find as people do not want to hurt their friends or feel it might reflect negatively on them as a team. Avoid personal questions and evaluations and focus on the individual’s work performance.