Rotman on Design: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Rotman on Design: The Best on Design Thinking from Rotman Magazine Roger Martin and Karen Christensen, Co-Editors University of Toronto Press (2013) The best on design thinking from Rotman Magazine: An abundance of valuable insights. Brilliantly co-edited by Roger Martin and Karen Christensen, the several dozen brief essays comprise the best single source for information, […].

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Olympian Leadership Lessons in Peak Performance

The Practical Leader

Dawn Fraser, gold medal Australian swimmer at three Olympics declares, “ The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself.” Later this month, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games get underway in London, England.

018: How to Have More Great Days at Work | with Chris Rice

Engaging Leader

Book: The Engagement Equation: Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce , by Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow, and Mary Ann Masarech. ©2012 Christopher Rice.

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Applying Improvement Concepts and Tools to Your Daily Life

Curious Cat

Bishop trail, Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia. My mother visited me when I was in Malaysia and as we were hiking in Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia the trail was fairly challenging. This month the ASQ Influential Voices is taking a bit different approach.

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Building Emotional Competencies In Our Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

The impact these two neurological factors have on our employees can be best appreciated in the findings made by researchers from Simon Fraser University.

5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

RapidStart Leadership

About five minutes later, I was putting an eight foot Fraser fir on the rack when I heard Jack’s voice through the trees – he was gathering the Scouts. On a chilly Sunday evening recently I watched a young man take his first successful steps as a leader.

Decoding The Truth Of Leading Multi-Generational Workforces

Tanveer Naseer

Fraser R.L, When it comes to discussions on the various challenges leaders need to address in today’s fast-changing global economy, there’s one topic that merits a proper assessment as to whether or not it’s really an issue for today’s organizations.

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Win 2 Tickets to PLAY DEAD in NYC

Women on Business

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Who are your Thought Leaders?

Rapid BI

Fraser hay. Steve because he challenges our thinking on everyday issues and keeps things real, Carolyn because she sheds a light of positivity and engagement, Fraser due to his obsession with sharing and giving information freely, Robert because of his incisive views ans insight, Alan because he bridges academia and pragmatism (a little too academic at time for me – but a great inspiration none the less). Who are your “Thought Leaders”?

Better Value in Health Care Requires Focusing on Outcomes

Harvard Business Review

At Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), in the early days of its pediatric cardiac surgery program, newly recruited director Charles Fraser investigated the hospital’s performance relative to national referral centers as reported in the literature. Implementing a value-based strategy is on the mind of nearly every health care organization in the U.S.

Fortune Favors the Prepared, and Hiring Managers Favor the Fortunate

Harvard Business Review

Now Ackman is out too , and Fraser P. Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? When they’re hiring, companies are looking to find out what candidates have really done — not what they’ve participated in or watched, but what they’ve done. At least, that’s what Neil Roseman was looking for when he was Technology VP for Amazon and Zynga.

How Beacons Are Changing the Shopping Experience

Harvard Business Review

in the House of Fraser, Hawes & Curtis, Bentalls, and Jaeger, and will soon come to stores in the U.S. Beacons are taking the world of mobile by storm.

Do Commodities Speculators Make Things Cost More?

Harvard Business Review

Jacks of Simon Fraser University reviewed this evidence a few years ago along with before-and-after data from when futures trading in various commodities started , he still concluded that "futures markets are systematically associated with lower levels of commodity price volatility." Commodities trading, Adam Smith wrote in 1776 , was a boon to efficiency and a foe to famine.