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Jill Bolte Taylors Stroke Of Insight TedSummaries

Persuasive Powerhouse

Speaker Jill Bolte Taylor a neuroanatomist interested in how the human brain relates to schizophrenia and severe mental illness. She is also an author, having published books on her stroke My Stroke of Insight and ranked by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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A new year message from Ann Francke OBE: Let’s be more Taylor Swift in 2024

Chartered Management Institute

Harvard University is now even offering a “Taylor Swift and Her World” class! What’s great about Taylor Swift is that her message is so positive. So go on, try it out, build on this phenomenon yourself, live your best life, be a little bit more Taylor Swift in 2024. First, we need to recognise her talent. Why not share it.


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Advice to Taylor Swift on Sustaining Success

Michael Lee Stallard

Taylor Swift has successfully managed living in the frying pan of fame for nearly a decade now. Taylor, I appreciate your humility and focus on others. Your humility, Taylor, will also help you adapt to inevitable changes. You are very talented, Taylor. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia User MyCanon. You care about people.

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Leadership Lessons From Kent Taylor, Founder Of Texas Roadhouse

Eric Jacobson

From cover-to-cover of Made From Scratch you’ll learn the leadership lessons of the late Kent Taylor , founder of the restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse. In the new book, Taylor recounts how he built the restaurant chain from the ground up after being rejected more than 80 times as he pitched the idea for the business.

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0525 | Chris Taylor


Chris Taylor is the founder of , a training and development company that spreads actionable insights from business books in the form of summaries and workshops. The post 0525 | Chris Taylor appeared first on LDRLB. In this interview, we discuss the role of culture in leading virtual teams.

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The Consultant’s Paradox

Lead Change Blog

Chris Taylor, founder of Actionable Books, spends his daylight hours helping consultants and employees alike find meaning in their work and discover rich team relationships. It’s time to get crystal clear on where your business is headed, and how you’re going to get there.

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5 Relationship Books For Leaders To Read In February 2023

Joseph Lalonde

Relactional Leadership: When Relationships Collide with Transactions by Ford Taylor: That’s not a misspelling for the title of the book. Ford Taylor understands that business is not all relational. Taylor will help you bridge the gap between transactional people and relational people. Business is both.

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