Hyperbolic Discounting and 7 Ways to Prevent Self-Sabotage

RapidStart Leadership

Hyperbolic discounting isn't some crazy sales technique, but it CAN keep us from achieving our goals; here's how to recognize when it's happening, and seven ways to prevent our tendency to self-sabotage.

Helping Not-For-Profit Leaders Grow – at a Huge Discount

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Helping Not-For-Profit Leaders Grow – at a Huge Discount appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Our mission is to help as many leaders as we can become more effective so they and their teams can make a positive difference in the world.


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Great Bosses Don’t Discount Others, They Validate Others

Great Leadership By Dan

Those conversations inspire, discount, validate, or erode others’ skills, ideas, efforts, and accomplishments - whether we’re aware of it or not. Degrading, deflating, dismissing, or discounting a person’s efforts, skills, progress, and ideas is not going to create an engaged, willing partner. Guest post from S. Chris Edmonds: I believe we are all leaders in our families, communities, and workplaces. But wait,” you say, “I’m not a formal leader in my organization.”

Leadership Lessons: When Truth is Discounted

Women on Business

In my new book in process, “ GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change ” I had to stop writing and take the temperature of my own “GUTSINESS”. Here is the story: I have always been a rebel, rebel who wants to see positive change and is willing to stand and be counted. I have done this in many instances when the risk has been to my career, reputation, and even the financial bottom line.

What B2B Companies Get Wrong About Volume Discounts

Harvard Business

They’re not only for customers who buy more. Pricing Digital Article

Here’s How to Stretch Your Training Budget Before the End of the Year

Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development anniversary anniversary discount anniversary offer discount training training budget training discount workshop workshop offerThere are three months left in the year, which means people are starting to plot and plan how they will spend the remainder of their budget – including their training budget.

The SOBCon2010 “Blog it, Earn it” Discount- And An All-Expense.

Terry Starbucker

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Don’t Discount God because of Circumstances

Ron Edmondson

Don’t discount God because of your circumstances. The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised. Genesis 21:1. It made no sense. Sarah was too old. Everyone was laughing. They had tried to “help God out” But, God did as God promised to do. In spite of the circumstance. In spite of the irrationality of the situation. In spite of those who said it couldn’t be done. In spite of how long it seemed to be taking.

Research: Why We’re Incentivized by Discounts and Surcharges

Harvard Business

Our motivations are as social as they are financial. Motivating people Digital Article

Retailers’ Holiday Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be “Discount Everything”

Harvard Business

Analysts attribute this more than 300% increase to widespread discounting by retailers. As a result, customers have been conditioned to expect discounts. In addition to satisfying consumers’ discount desires, retailers have their own agenda to further lower prices. With roughly two months of holiday discounting, it’s confusing to know exactly when to buy. Employ Step Discounts. Instead of heaping on an extra discount (e.g.,

The Pros and Cons of Offering Coupons

Women on Business

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Using Coupons To Drive Sales

Women on Business

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2013 eBoardmember Independent Director e-Publication is Now Available

Women on Business

Discounts & Offers boardroom diversity eboardmember women on boardsThe 2013 eBoardmember Independent Director Catalog , which was discussed on Women on Business last month, has been released, and it includes profiles of qualified director candidates. Board Guru Tracy Houston of Board Resource Services, LLC shared details about the publication, which you can read below. You can also download the publication for free by clicking on the link at the beginning of this article.

Sorry Subscribers but I’m Back

Modern Servant Leader

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We Have Change Covered for You – Our Three Public Workshops: November 12-13

First Friday Book Synopsis

discount s early-bird rate Jeff Mauzy Karl Krayer Leading Change Managing Change Organizing Change Randy Mayeux Richard Harriman Richardson Richardson Civic Center Robert Sutton Ten Steps of Innovation The Creative Habit Tom Kelley Twyla Twyla Tharp Weird Ideas That Work No matter what your circumstances, you WILL deal with change in any organization, and no matter how you want to work with it, we have you covered….

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Managing Communities

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You Are The Company’s Greatest Asset

Women on Business

Discounts & Offers Female Entrepreneurs Female Executives Human Resources Issues Uncategorized asset director insurance KeyMan Insurance owner Protection self employedThe number of people choosing to work for themselves continues to rise. Entrepreneurs inspired by a vision and a dream set out on a course of business ownership, their only tools often being their mind, creativity and experience. If this is you, both now and in the future you may be your company’s greatest asset.

Discover How You Can Benefit from Content Marketing

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You can also find it through Barnes and Noble , where it is currently on sale for $16.47 (a 34% discount), and through other book sellers. Books for Businesswomen Career Development Discounts & Offers Marketing Women On Business News business women businesswomen content marketing content marketing for dummies social media marketing resources Susan Gunelius women in business Women On Business

Holiday Discounts Are a Dangerous Drug

Harvard Business Review

Add to this the conviction that people will spend (if properly motivated) and you have the perfect recipe for a pricing disaster: all-out competition for the earliest, deepest, and most enduring discount. And the holiday season exaggerates this threat because discounting has always been the retailer's weapon of choice. To understand the problem with discounting, think of a price cut as a potent drug. The standard assumption is that discounts destroy a brand.

Math Anxiety Affects Consumer Preferences for Discounts

Harvard Business Review

People who suffer from math anxiety prefer easier-to-process dollar discounts (" $10 off the regular price of $50") over percentage discounts (" 20% off ") and sometimes make suboptimal decisions because of that preference, says a team led by Rajneesh Suri of Drexel University.

Suri 12

In Search of the Ideal Groupon Discount

Harvard Business Review

When the deal sites Groupon and Living Social launched a few years ago, I was astonished by the 50% discounts I found promoted for some of my favorite restaurants, stores, and services. Many sellers believe in "try it, you'll like it" discounts: lower prices to draw in new customers who will return to pay regular prices. Sure, I believe in "try it, you'll like it" discounts. So if this is true, why not offer a big discount?

Case Study: Escaping the Discount Trap

Harvard Business Review

Augusto saw discounting as a sinkhole — just like the ones that opened up in roads all over Brazil during the rainy season, trapping cars and their drivers. For years, our sales reps have given bigger and bigger discounts to sell more products, and our prices and margins have dropped steadily. Device makers competed intensely for sales to these institutions by signing up as many customers as possible, using steep discounts if necessary to drive the competition away.

Walmart: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Bryan Roberts How and why Walmart International continues to be “the best positioned retailer in the world” KoganPage Kroger Natalie Berg Safeway Sam Walton’s leadership The first Walmart Discount City store Walmart: Key Insights and Practical Lessons from the World’s Largest Retailer Walton International

What Microsoft Should Have Done Instead of Discounting Windows

Harvard Business Review

To counter this sales drop, Microsoft did what I call a surgical discount strike. The caveat is that this discount is only available to manufacturers that preinstall Windows 8.1 This discount is directly targeted to tablet makers (to be more competitive against iPads) as well as notebook manufacturers (to take on rivals that use Google’s Chrome operating system). For instance, when discount airlines started entering different markets, incumbent carriers typically panicked.

Price 12

When It’s Wise to Offer Volume Discounts

Harvard Business Review

Then, out of curiosity – let’s call it “research” – I asked if I was entitled to a volume discount since I was buying so much. As a consumer I appreciated the $60 savings—but as a consultant who helps businesses optimize their pricing, I wondered if the butcher realized how much of the store’s operating profit margin disappeared due to his hastily-considered discount. And remember, not every customer is seeking a discount – so providing one may be costly and go unappreciated.

Price 12

Why Women Should Ask Auto-Repair Shops for Discounts

Harvard Business Review

Shops may be caught off guard when women ask for discounts on car repairs, the researchers say. Women who called auto-repair shops to inquire about getting a new radiator were quoted prices that averaged 6% higher than those offered to men, according to an experiment led by Meghan Busse of the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Yet female callers who requested a price reduction were successful about 35% of the time, compared with just 25% for men.

Price 12

Restaurant Week as a Crash Course in Discounting

Harvard Business Review

Twice a year, many of the finest restaurants in the Boston area participate in a discount promotion called Restaurant Week. cities — packs restaurants and provides lessons that all businesses can learn from about discounting. By this, I mean try to minimize the chance that customers who would have paid full price take advantage of the discount. As a result, die-hard fans of prune-stuffed gnocchi can't order it at a discount.

Price 12

A Discount May Devalue a Product More Than a Giveaway

Harvard Business Review

By contrast, people who were offered the bread sticks at a discounted price of 50 cents were willing to pay just $2.76 The findings suggest that a discount promotion may devalue a product in consumers'' minds, whereas a free promotion offer may not devalue a product at all.

Are You Really Getting a Discount, or Is It Just a Pricing Trick?

Harvard Business Review

Penney’s failed attempt to wean customers off of puffed-up discounts provides further evidence. After revenue dropped by 25% in the first year of using everyday low prices, Penney fired its CEO and reverted back to boosting reference prices and the non-stop cycle of discounts. The full value of these true discounts, however, is lost amid the noise of our cynicism on the veracity of reference prices.

The Fool’s Eraser

Leadership Freak

A fool finds a way to discount and devalue principles. There are three reasons we play the fool. We don’t like admitting we’re wrong. We don’t want to change. Our behaviors seem to… Continue reading → Curiosity Humility

How the rise of e-commerce is driving growth in cross-border sales

CEO Insider

There is a growth in demand for discounted goods from consumers in the U.S., One of the biggest success stories from the pandemic has been the growth in e-commerce, fuelled by lockdowns and recession in America. which sellers are keen to source from low-cost destinations like China.

Mini Saga #71 – Offer

Rajesh Setty

Bob hated deals and discounts but this car wash deal was too good to pass. Related Posts: Mini Saga #55 – Discount Mini Saga #67- Advantage This Car Wash is Free – The Power of the Narrative Mini Saga #60 – Advantage Mini Saga #63 – Job. Mini Saga discounts narrative offer storyThe same offer can be transformed into a killer offer with the power of a story.

Two Great Conference Opportunities in February

Michael Lee Stallard

My readers can receive a 20% discount off the registration fee by sending an email with the subject line “ 20% Chair/speaker discount” to busie@knowres.co.za I’m happy to share that I will be giving keynote speeches at two exciting virtual conferences this February.

Save Some Money Today – Get Results for a Lifetime

Kevin Eikenberry

That’s why we have offered some “COVID-19 discounts” for the past several months. It’s that time of the year. Time to look at the budget, see what’s left, and use it to the greatest possible impact. And while this activity comes around every year, this has hardly been a normal year.

4 Ways to Support Your Clients During Covid-19

Strategy Driven

Temporary Discounted Prices. Offering a temporary discounted price will go a long way with your clients. Naturally, how much discount you can offer will depend upon your margin but there are certain industries like the subscription-based industry that can slash their prices radically.

Don't only focus on "Why?" There's more to it than that.

Jason Womack

A lot of talk these days discounts the power of what, by when, and with whom. Start with "Why?" but that's not the end. Keep going, ok? When you look out and see where you are going, how you're getting. Goal setting Travel

Made From Scratch

Leading Blog

Instead of offering discounts, focus on product and service quality. T HE KIND OF SUCCESS Texas Roadhouse has enjoyed didn’t happen by doing things the conventional way. But then founder Kent Taylor is not a conventional guy. He dropped out of business school and threw away the rule book.

Why the Ferrari Strategy May Beat Your Consulting Firm’s Current New Business Strategy

David A Fields

You could discount your fees on the first project [ ] Consultants ConsultingYour consulting firm has a hot lead with California-based, Death Valley Electrical (a.k.a. DVE), a surprisingly large company you’ve never worked with before. The project scope is modest, but you sense that a small engagement could lead to a long, profitable relationship. How should you proceed?

Leading Performance Conversations without Losing Your Cool

Let's Grow Leaders

0:58 – Be sure to pick up your discounted copy of Courageous Cultures through the end of June 2021. It’s easy to take things personally and get upset when you need to lead a tough performance conversation.