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5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Restructure

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“We’ve got some exciting changes next year which will include an important restructure to streamline efficiencies and operations. Restructuring in Waves. I once received the entire restructuring plan, including all impacted names, intended for another “Karin.”

Important Considerations For An Organizational Restructuring

Michael VanBruaene

A organization restructuring will create substantial impacts that can extend throughout the organization and also with external relationships. When you consider a restructuring apply these factors: Establish and document the reorganization’s objectives. If it’s the incumbent that should be changed then you are not doing a restructuring. Establish with rigorous analysis the actual results of the restructuring.

When to Restructure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

This is so much the case that some CEOs will avoid restructuring initiatives at all costs. There are even some business theorists that warn against undertaking complex restructurings because of the great risks involved. link] dovgordon It may just be me, but I think some people rush to things like restructuring because it's a nice distraction from real work.

Overcoming the Abysmal Reorganizing and Restructuring Failure Rates

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” BCG’s study identified six critical factors that cause reorganization and restructuring efforts to succeed or fail: Synchronize Design with Strategy. management leadership organizational change Organizational Restructuring The Boston Consulting Group values-based culture W.

How to Reorganize in a Way That Won't Create Cynicism, Anxiety, and Complete Chaos

Great Leadership By Dan

leading change organizational design reorganizations restructuring Reorganizations can be disruptive and fraught with challenges and risks. They should never be taken lightly, and should always have a shelf life of at least a few years. Read my recent post at Management and Leadership to find out how to have a better chance of achieving your reorganization objectives and minimizing disruption, anxiety, and cynicism.

3 Things Great Leaders Know About Managing Change

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I’m working with a client right now who is leading his organization through a massive restructuring. Posted in Change Management Leadership Coaching. He engaged me to help with the inevitable human reactions to monumental change. My favorite line I heard from him on enabling his employees to accomplish the transition successfully is: “I can’t just hand them a business card [.]. Change Management Leadership Coaching Change Character-based Leadership

In Their Time: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Singleton Nitin Nohria Paths to Power Restructuring Stewart H. In Their Time: The Greatest Business Leaders Of The Twentieth Century Anthony J. Mayo and Nitin Nohria Harvard Business Press (2005) How great business leaders “seized the zeitgeist of their times&# I recently re-read Paths to Power, co-authored by Anthony Mayo and Nitin Nohria with Laura G. Singleton, as well as this book in which [.].

Study Shows Power of Leadership Behaviors Supported by Management Systems and Processes

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Way too often executives will use organizational restructuring (often including mergers and acquisitions), implementing new systems — especially technology, tightening policies and procedures, or introduce programs like Lean/Six Sigma, safety, or cost cutting to drive organizational change.

Mindful Mondays: When is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

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Corporate restructurings and 24/7 access through smart phones are two of the big ones.

“Shift Happens” Video Ignites Discussion on How We Need to Change or We’ll be Changed

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Organizational Restructuring/Building. Last week I ran a highly customized Peak Performance Leadership workshop and facilitated a strategy session in beautiful Colorado Springs.

Natural Laws of Organizational Transformation


Organizational transformation initiatives come in many forms – restructuring, cultural transformation, service transitions, rapid innovation, process overhauls, turnarounds and acquisitions to name a few.

5 Reasons Teams Lose Confidence

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He needed more time, more resources, better systems, and the uncertainty of the restructure was distracting to everyone, including him. Great leaders help teams visualize a winning future.

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10 Ways Winning Organizational Teams are Like Winning Athletic Teams

Ron Edmondson

The team restructures when needed to meet the current competition. I live in basketball country. This area specializes in horses, bourbon and basketball. But, during a few months of the year, basketball seems to trump everything.

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6 Reasons Many Leadership Competency Models Fail

The Practical Leader

Dozens of studies have shown that 50 – 70% of organization improvement initiatives like customer service, leadership development, performance management systems, restructuring, quality improvement, etc.,

The Biggest Barrier to Your Team’s Development? You.

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We were both managers of large sales teams, worked for the same overly demanding boss, and had to manage in a period of never-ending restructuring and downsizing. Years ago I had a peer (I’ll call her Nancy) who complained constantly about her team.

The Four Seasons of Leadership

Ron Edmondson

They restructure. There are four seasons of leadership. Misunderstanding this can lead to frustration. Four seasons: Some plant – Some leaders sow seeds. They are used to start something new. As a church planter of two churches, we planted a lot of seeds.

Do Your Motivations Undermine Your Ability to Lead?

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He said, “Don’t you think we’re going to have another restructuring, if you read between the lines?” An employee walked into my office and asked me to read an email from our CEO he had printed out. He asked me what it meant. I had not seen it yet so I read through it. I looked at him.

Purpose Point of View

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They cast about searching for a toehold by rebranding or restructuring with no meaningful understanding of how and why they exist. No matter which way you turn, the focus on ‘purpose’ is everywhere.

Finding The Energy To Do More With Less

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Within a few hours we had an idea to restructure our team in such a way that it would decrease the number of times that each person had to change their focus, which would increase their efficiency and effectiveness, and decrease burnout.

The Lighthouse Of Legacy

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” And by major accomplishments I don’t just mean you restructured your company. Each and every one of you is currently in a pivotal moment. You just might not know it. Is your business languishing in the face of an unprecedented level of challenge from a particularly fierce competitor?

Human capital. How inspir…zzzzzzz

ReImagine Work

Often happens as a result of organization restructuring. If you are in business, you might hear the term “human capital” and not give it a second thought. A financial term. I understand the need for it and yet it puts us in a potentially harmful mindset.

The Value of Vision Series – Kate Emery

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We completely restructured – increased transparencies and participative governance, decreased potential egregious discrepancies in pay, and restructured distribution of profits with one-third to employees, one-third to the community, and one-third to shareholders.

When Transparency Goes Too Far

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My phone rang, “Karin I’ve just been told there’s going to be a restructure and significant downsizing. My team may or not be impacted. I have NO additional information, just that it will be months before all the dust settles.”

Employees thinking of jumping ship? 5-step plan to keep ‘em

Managers are Heroes

Restructuring departments, layoffs, and shifting priorities. These are just a few examples of the types of change – managers are dealing with every day in the workplace. If handled correctly, many employees will see change as an opportunity for the company and their careers.

Passive Employees Are Your Key To Success

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I worked for a large entertainment company and went through an internal restructuring designed to foster more front line customer service. I was absolutely shocked when the CEO of a small organization told me why she couldn’t be more effective.

What Successful People Know that You Need to Learn!

Marshall Goldsmith

When we join a reading group, we’re imposing structure on our reading habits (and possibly restructuring our social life). Dear Followers: My new book Triggers is published! Order it now at ! Life Is Good. Marshall.

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Leadership Matters

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with equal rotation of study in the final year of GMI’s Business Administration School, really launched my career at GM and led to my quick progression through the organisation culminating in my leading the team that restructured General Motors in Australia in 1986.

Why Leaders Should Depersonalize Communication

Tanveer Naseer

Your boss has lost it (and what she’s lost is control over her attention), but you know that she’s under enormous pressure dealing with a significant restructure. The following is a guest piece by Dr. Derek Roger and Nick Petrie.

The Quest of Better Outcomes: Hierarchy Versus Process


a lot of companies focus on restructuring their organization structure (hierarchy). Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer The Quest of Better Outcomes: Hierarchy And Process In quest of better outcomes (efficiency, results, productivity, improvements etc.),

Why front line customer service training fails to deliver

Rapid BI

You have restructured to be as cost efficient as possible. Cost effective customer service training Customer service training provision is often preceded by a lot of change in organizations. It’s a common situation. You have introduced a new IT system to streamline your operations. You have implemented LEAN or other process based efficiency analysis strategies. […]. The post Why front line customer service training fails to deliver appeared first on.

Aligning Team Goals with Organizational Objectives « Survive Your.

Survive Your Promotion

You may have heard it batted around in meetings and if you have been through a restructuring recently, it was probably cited as one of the reasons behind the re-org. Survive Your Promotion!

Summer’s Trump Cards

Mills Scofield

Strategy Trumps Structure : In most crises, the first thing the organization does is restructure; ok, problem solved. How can you restructure without knowing where you’re going and how best to achieve it? We use the term "trump" a lot (hum.gambling influence on our culture?).

Free Tech Tools for the Digital Economy

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Whether you are a veteran of technological sophistication, just beginning one’s career in IT or technical communication, or even a novice player in the digital economy, there are many free technologies that can be used to complement, enhance, and simplify one’s technical tasks, business processes, documentation, as well as enrich and restructure workflows.

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Reference Books for Executives

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Clearly, regulatory restructuring on a global scale is underway. Today''s business world is extremely complex and challenging. It''s easy for even the most seasoned executive to make a mistake or overlook a detail that can lead to utter failure for his or her business. We have entered a new commercial age. The business models from the past that relied heavily on size and leverage will no longer deliver returns.

The Fall of Competitive Advantage and the Rise of Transient Advantages


Ann Taylor stores temporarily went through a “lull,” but has also bounced back with a boutique style redesign, improved e-commerce (through multi-channel initiatives where customers’ orders are delivered almost immediately), and restructured pricing strategies. “Strategy is stuck.

The Strategic Leader’s Roadmap

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Neither a restructuring strategy nor a turnaround leader alone could have engineered Nissan’s historic rebound. The financial situation for Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company could not have been more dismal in 1998.

Millennials Speak! 5 Future Leadership “Must Haves”

Marshall Goldsmith

Reengineering, restructuring, and downsizing are leading to a world where outsourcing of all but core activities may become the norm. Millennials speak up! You need an “equal say” in your company’s future leadership. Here is why. To begin, let’s start with a premise I hear over and over.

Are You a Team in Name Only? 3 Questions to Help You Find Out

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Leaders who want to make their team more effective often ask me for help with teambuilding, training in team skills or advice on restructuring. My first question is always, “What do you want to accomplish? What will be different as a result?”.

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Leading Views: The Haircut Problem

Leading Blog

Esther Dyson reflects on one of those ways: restructuring institutional norms. In Rippling , by Beverly Schwartz explores five strategic ways that social entrepreneurs change social systems.

How to Plan a Great Off-site Meeting

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A restructuring? This post recently appeared on Smartblog on Leadership : To start off the New Year, a lot of leaders will take their teams “off-site” for a day or more. An off-site meeting can be a great way to develop strategy, get creative, develop a team, learn, and re-invigorate a team.