5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Restructure

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“We’ve got some exciting changes next year which will include an important restructure to streamline efficiencies and operations. Restructuring in Waves. ” You’ve taken what could have been a month’s worth of restructuring and spread the pain and suffering out across nine months to a year. I once received the entire restructuring plan, including all impacted names, intended for another “Karin.”

When to Restructure | N2Growth Blog

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This is so much the case that some CEOs will avoid restructuring initiatives at all costs. There are even some business theorists that warn against undertaking complex restructurings because of the great risks involved. link] dovgordon It may just be me, but I think some people rush to things like restructuring because it's a nice distraction from real work.

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Overcoming the Abysmal Reorganizing and Restructuring Failure Rates

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” BCG’s study identified six critical factors that cause reorganization and restructuring efforts to succeed or fail: Synchronize Design with Strategy. What’s amazingly common and incredibly idiotic is how often senior executives impose reorganization and restructuring from the top down. management leadership organizational change Organizational Restructuring The Boston Consulting Group values-based culture W.

Restructure Your Organization to Actually Advance Racial Justice

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It’s time to make foundational changes. Organizational culture Race Diversity Digital Article

A Primer on Restructuring Your Company’s Finances

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Understand your options, both in and out of court. Financial management Reorganization Finance & Accounting Business law Digital Article

The Missing Ingredient in Kraft Heinz’s Restructuring

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As the company cut costs, its ability to innovate suffered. Mergers & acquisitions Change management Reorganization Digital Article

How to Reorganize in a Way That Won't Create Cynicism, Anxiety, and Complete Chaos

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leading change organizational design reorganizations restructuring Reorganizations can be disruptive and fraught with challenges and risks. They should never be taken lightly, and should always have a shelf life of at least a few years. Read my recent post at About.com Management and Leadership to find out how to have a better chance of achieving your reorganization objectives and minimizing disruption, anxiety, and cynicism.

One Crucial Way to Release Your Team’s Best Thinking

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Our company’s insurance provider had restructured all their plans, and the numbers didn’t look good. Your Team’s Best Thinking Won’t Always Raise Its Hand Medical insurance rates had gone up again. Three days after we got the news, the CEO, Director of […]. The post One Crucial Way to Release Your Team’s Best Thinking appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. courageous cultures

Leadership Roundtable: STOP for 90 Minutes and Disrupt your Thinking

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What is your biggest challenge in restructuring the business - deciding who to make redundant, actually making them redundant or dealing with the aftermath?

In Their Time: A book review by Bob Morris

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Singleton Nitin Nohria Paths to Power Restructuring Stewart H. In Their Time: The Greatest Business Leaders Of The Twentieth Century Anthony J. Mayo and Nitin Nohria Harvard Business Press (2005) How great business leaders “seized the zeitgeist of their times&# I recently re-read Paths to Power, co-authored by Anthony Mayo and Nitin Nohria with Laura G. Singleton, as well as this book in which [.].

The Quest of Better Outcomes: Hierarchy Versus Process


a lot of companies focus on restructuring their organization structure (hierarchy). Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer The Quest of Better Outcomes: Hierarchy And Process In quest of better outcomes (efficiency, results, productivity, improvements etc.),

Goldman Sachs Decides Restructuring Work Is Possible, After All

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After years of hearing that it was impossible to restructure jobs to make them more doable, guess what? According to The Wall Street Journal , when Goldman Sachs discovered it couldn’t attract and retain the most promising recruits with pay and perks alone, it woke up to the idea that you can actually restructure the way work is done. Now they tell us.

7 Ways to Make Team Meetings Work Today

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When everyone groans before team meetings, it’s time to: Restructure the way… Continue reading → Teams Leadership Development organizational successTeam meetings that don’t work drain vitality. We’ve all been there. The leader is in love with their own voice, for example.

6 Reasons Many Leadership Competency Models Fail

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Dozens of studies have shown that 50 – 70% of organization improvement initiatives like customer service, leadership development, performance management systems, restructuring, quality improvement, etc., Most progressive organizations today are using leadership competency models to outline the key skills and behaviors they want to see in their supervisors, managers, and executives.

Study Shows Power of Leadership Behaviors Supported by Management Systems and Processes

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Way too often executives will use organizational restructuring (often including mergers and acquisitions), implementing new systems — especially technology, tightening policies and procedures, or introduce programs like Lean/Six Sigma, safety, or cost cutting to drive organizational change. A new study was recently published by the global management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

“Shift Happens” Video Ignites Discussion on How We Need to Change or We’ll be Changed

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Organizational Restructuring/Building. management Colorado Springs culture change culture development customer service employee engagement Employee Morale employee productivity Generational Change leadership leadership development New Business Development organization change organization performance Organizational Restructuring Peak Performance Leadership sales training Shift Happens succession planning

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3 Things Great Leaders Know About Managing Change

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I’m working with a client right now who is leading his organization through a massive restructuring. Posted in Change Management Leadership Coaching. He engaged me to help with the inevitable human reactions to monumental change. My favorite line I heard from him on enabling his employees to accomplish the transition successfully is: “I can’t just hand them a business card [.]. Change Management Leadership Coaching Change Character-based Leadership

Interview With Robert Strzelecki CEO Of TenderHut Group

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He leads innovative projects, prepares companies for sale or restructuring, and also introduces complex IT systems within businesses. Robert Strzelecki is the CEO of the TenderHut Group from Poland. He graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. TenderHut is a technological capital […]. CEO Insider

What Employees Want to Know Most in Times of Change to Eliminate the Grapevine


Another restructuring, transformation, cutback, change at the senior leadership level. Often the biggest complaints from employees today is about all the change going on. and on and on. Change is the Norm. Change can be exhausting for employees; yet it can also be exhilarating and help evolve an organization in a great way. Regardless, the most important thing for employees to realize is that change IS.

Three Must Do’s for Leaders Leading Through Change

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As reported in the New York Times this week, the World Bank is in the midst of a two year restructuring effort. The basic goal of the change is to shift from the Bank’s decades-long regional structure to one that is organized around areas of functional expertise. Another goal is to reduce expenses. Everyone’s world is being rocked there and the criticism and rumors are flying.

Managing Change Effectively

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The new business strategy necessitated an organisational restructuring, which they handled internally, with the support of some expertise from their Board of Trustees. I was recently asked back, a year on from the completion of the restructuring process, to revisit the business strategy and help the staff team develop and refresh it. It is always fascinating to engage with a cultural change process, and a recent encounter was no exception.

Mindful Mondays: When is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

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Corporate restructurings and 24/7 access through smart phones are two of the big ones. One of the reasons I’m writing my new book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative, is because I’ve worked with a lot of leaders over the past several years who find themselves trapped on the gerbil wheel of too much to do and not enough time to do it. There are a lot of reasons for that. Click headline to continue. Mindful Mondays mindfulness perfection productivity workload

Mentoring Matters – Chad Crago

Roundtable Talk

Roundtable Mentor, Chad Crago, Senior Manager, Leadership Development at Walmart, shared his advice for keeping a team motivated and confident after a stressful restructuring. “Being aware and honest with yourself around your own reactions allows you to prepare, and to be intentional in your approach.” ” READ MORE. Latest News & Insights Member Spotlight Career Management Engagement leadership lessons Motivation performance

Weekly Round-Up: The World's Best Workplaces, Future of Internal Comms, Increase Trust in Your Leadership, Leadership Tips & Insights, 10 Laws of Trust


Frequent corporate restructurings in the United States and Canada. Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts. This Week's Round-Up of Leadership and Communication Blogs: How the World’s Best Workplaces Create a Great Global Culture By Ed Frauenheim ( @edfrauenheim via @FortuneMagazine ), Fortune In the largest-ever study of workplace culture, research and analytics firm Great Place to Work surveyed 3.4

Mentoring Matters – Sylvie Doré

Roundtable Talk

Roundtable Mentor, Sylvie Doré, Sales Director, Central & Western Canada at Jobillico, shared his advice for keeping a team motivated and confident after a stressful restructuring. “It does not matter if you are letting go of 70% of your workforce or a couple of individuals, the team will be unsettled.” ” READ MORE. Latest News & Insights Member Spotlight Career Management Engagement leadership lessons Motivation performance

Mentoring Matters – Fiona Ellis

Roundtable Talk

Roundtable Mentor, Fiona Ellis, AVP, Dealer Relations at Canadian Tire, shared her advice for keeping a team motivated and confident after a stressful restructuring. “As leaders, we need to be empathetic, respond truthfully and give employees a chance to process the changes before asking them to resume business as normal.” ” READ MORE. Latest News & Insights Member Spotlight Career Management Engagement leadership lessons Motivation performance

Wired for Authenticity

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Trends including the rapid pace of change, constant restructuring, and a 24/7 always-on work environment are creating overwhelmed employees and eroding trust in workplaces. Leadership today is more challenging than ever. Organizations need leaders who drive engagement, innovation, and outstanding client experiences. How can you be this type of leader?

Streamline Your Business Processes For Enhanced Efficiency

Strategy Driven

As a caring employer, try to restructure your business to save as many jobs as possible. It may involve a restructuring of your firm, but this could see you through an economically uncertain time.

5 Tips for Achieving a Successful Business Merger

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A restructure may also result in economies of scale. You can restructure activities across all related documents and transactions, and do so within a secure environment. Merging your business with another entity has a number of potential benefits.

Finding The Energy To Do More With Less

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Within a few hours we had an idea to restructure our team in such a way that it would decrease the number of times that each person had to change their focus, which would increase their efficiency and effectiveness, and decrease burnout. Our restructure was different: It took some time for the team to warm up to the idea. Last week I received a cartoon by Artell, over social media.

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Empowering your Workforce in Increments

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I currently mentor a close colleague, who has recently experienced probably the worst example of organisational restructuring and change management that I have witnessed in over forty years! While he successfully competed and secured a senior management position in the new structure, that badly-handled process has caused significant damage to his belief in the organisation, its vision, mission and values! Likewise, the same is true for many of his colleagues, most of whom I know.

Quoted at Forbes: 10 ways CEOs can avoid alienating their management teams

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Keeping management in the loop, whether you’re involved in an acquisition, a restructure or a crisis of sorts, is the key to getting through any challenge. Forbes, June 8, 2016: Gone are the days of the “untouchable” CEO. Today, in order to be most effective, CEOs must make communication a top priority.

Is traditional consulting a future-proof business model? A plea for re-orientation

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Traditional strategy, restructuring, and implementation consulting agencies are more and more under pressure. The consulting industry is currently undergoing a radical change. The causes are manifold and can be anything from not meeting client requirements to new scientific findings and easier access to current knowledge via the internet. Alternative consulting approaches are focusing on the traditional consulting model’s weaknesses and become more and more important.

Leading Views: The Haircut Problem

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Esther Dyson reflects on one of those ways: restructuring institutional norms. In Rippling , by Beverly Schwartz explores five strategic ways that social entrepreneurs change social systems. When trying to introduce a new way of thinking, explains Dyson, you have to deal with the haircut problem—thinking that the current way is the right way. We need to change how people think: not just what they notice, which is hard enough, but also their perceptions of justice and propriety.

5 Reasons Teams Lose Confidence

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He needed more time, more resources, better systems, and the uncertainty of the restructure was distracting to everyone, including him. Great leaders help teams visualize a winning future. They arm their team with the courage and audacity to remove roadblocks and galvanize people toward “impossible” feats. Take John. John had been in tough situations before, but this time the cocktail of challenges was just too much.

Team 217

The Biggest Barrier to Your Team’s Development? You.

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We were both managers of large sales teams, worked for the same overly demanding boss, and had to manage in a period of never-ending restructuring and downsizing. Years ago I had a peer (I’ll call her Nancy) who complained constantly about her team. I’ll admit, it certainly was trying and stressful most days, and there were definitely times when I was frustrated with my team.

Preview Thursday: The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success

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David has helped guide large-scale change initiatives and business strategy driven by ERP, mergers, restructuring, and the need for cultural change. We are pleased to present this excerpt from The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success by David Nielson. Impact Must Equal Intent. Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known. Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters. My time growing up was fairly typical.

The #1 Killer of Change

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He works for a large national, not for profit organization in the UK, and it is mired in yet another major restructuring process, driven, as ever, by dwindling funding. I recently had a great catch up with my younger brother and youngest sister over a meal in their favorite local restaurant. Our conversation was free-ranging, covering a multiplicity of subjects. However, a part of that conversation with my brother struck the deepest chords and prompted my thoughts in this post.

Do Your Motivations Undermine Your Ability to Lead?

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He said, “Don’t you think we’re going to have another restructuring, if you read between the lines?” An employee walked into my office and asked me to read an email from our CEO he had printed out. He asked me what it meant. I had not seen it yet so I read through it. I looked at him. The purpose of the note was a little perplexing. But it was the last paragraph that grabbed my attention. It was 1997 and I remember this particular line word for word. “It’s

What It Takes to Be a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

David has helped guide large-scale change initiatives and business strategy driven by ERP, mergers, restructuring, and the need for cultural change. Guest post from David Nielson : As a leader, taking on a new challenge, making a change, or leading a team can be challenging. Be it in business or in life, it isn’t just a test of your ability to know what to do. It’s a test of your ability to hold yourself 100% accountable to follow through on what you promise (or commit) to doing.

Are You Suffering From Decision-Making Fatigue?

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How will you restructure your leadership activities to leverage the power of decision-making fatigue? I recently heard a story that shocked me. Three judges sat on a parole board, where they got to decide which prisoners would be granted parole. On this one specific day, three different prisoners came in to have their cases reviewed. All three had served two-thirds of their sentence, but only one was released.

Preview Thursday: Up is Not the Only Way by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams, and Lynn Cowart

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As downsizing, restructuring and delayering took hold in the late 1980’s, old ladders became largely inaccessible. The following post is a preview excerpt from “ Up is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility ” by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams, and Lynn Cowart, with permission from Berrett-Koehler Publishers (2017). Careers used to be predictable. There were paths and ladders. The hierarchy worked – for some.

Human capital. How inspir…zzzzzzz

ReImagine Work

Often happens as a result of organization restructuring. If you are in business, you might hear the term “human capital” and not give it a second thought. A financial term. I understand the need for it and yet it puts us in a potentially harmful mindset. It objectifies those who are employed to get work done —also known as human beings. Objectifying employees can be harmful from a human dignity standpoint.