What Curve Balls Say About Your Culture

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I was recently interviewed by Fast Company on the effectiveness of “curve ball questions” in the interview process. 5 Messages Oozing From Curve Balls. ” I’ve watched enough Little League to know that nothing feels more powerful than a curve ball.

The Shadow Side of Leadership

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When it comes to learning to be a leader, there’s a real learning curve. It takes time to weather the insecurities of being a new manager, learn from your mistakes, and get to the point where you feel competent and comfortable in the role of leader.

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How Do I Find a Great Mentor?

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Is there something about your mentor’s background or skill set that you want to learn? What advice do you have for accelerating my learning curve on those? What do you know now that you wish you learned sooner? Career & Learning how do I find a mentor Mentoring

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Leading Rookie Talent: A Sizing Guide for Stretch Assignments

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Needing to close a knowledge gap quickly, hyper-learning kicks in, causing them to seek out guidance, experiment and get rapid feedback. In this environment, the ability to learn is far more critical than one’s accumulated knowledge.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a New Career

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A New Learning Curve. Working in retail could mix things up a bit, and it could put you on a completely different learning curve when it comes to selling clothes. A change of careers isn’t for everyone.

7 Common Tensions During Fast Growth or Overwhelming Change

Ron Edmondson

I have learned either times of fast growth or change both have common tensions associated with them. This may be some of the learning curves after this current season. This is why it is important to take notes along the way and continually be learning.

7 Excuses I’ve Heard for Not Leading Well

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With each new season in leadership there will be a learning curve. Learn. Make sure you have a vision worth following, learn to communicate well and do all you can to help people attain it. Leaders have to learn to pace themselves. Learn delegation.

7 Actions Which Cripple Leaders

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I’ve learned along the way to being a better leader that there are some things which simply keep leaders from being effective. I have had more than one hard learning curve in this area. I’ve learned “we’ve always done it this way” is rarely true.

7 Default Zones Every Leader Should Implement

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I don’t follow my own advice here often enough, but I’ve learned if my gut is telling me to “keep a tight rein on my tongue”, it’s likely to be a Biblical conviction. I’ve learned – the hard way – no one will protect my calendar as well as me.

How to Get Promoted At Work: The ASK Strategy

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Remember – “Mentoring, at it’s best, is a magical elixir which shaves years off your learning curve through mistakes unmade.” In many cases, demonstrating a familiarity for the job’s subject matter and a commitment to continue learning makes a big difference.

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How a Young Leader Develops as a Leader

Ron Edmondson

I recognize that I have a long way to go in developing my own leadership skills, and I recognize that I have plenty to learn about leadership in general. What are some of the biggest learning curves you have had as a leader? This is a guest post by Tyler Crosson.

What Does It Really Mean to Be Change-Ready?

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It wouldn’t be enough to change the nurses’ workstations, show them where the crash cart is, and expect they would overcome the learning curve eventually. A fellow change practitioner recently shared the story of a friend who is a health care consultant.

How To Know When You Are Ready For Your Next Professional Challenge

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It's all about living and working perpetually on a learning curve. Something magical happens when a skilled veteran successfully re-learns his rookie smarts and is still able to retain his veteran acumen," explains Wiseman. You've stopped learning something new every day.

6 Secrets to a Successful Mentoring Program

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Mentoring, at it’s best, is a magical elixir which shaves years off your learning curve through mistakes unmade. Call me to learn more. Career & Learning Communication best in class mentoring strategies Mentoring mentoring experts mentoring keynotes

Corporate Innovation Through Daring Personal Disruption

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People interrupt each other, laugh, learn and venture out of their comfort zones. Where Are You On The Curve? Johnson shares this insightful S-curve derived from research on innovation. No more steep learning curves, no extreme challenges – just another day at the office.

Leading Rookie Talent: The Tight Rope and the Safety Net

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When we are stretched to our limits (and often beyond), we are forced to focus, and we learn fast – a mode I call “rookie smarts.”. Vice president and partner Dan Parisi said, “Our job is to move people from left to right, up a learning curve. When there’s a steep learning curve, you need to build a safety net under it.” They’ve learned to get comfortable asking others to be uncomfortable.

Elevate Your Leadership

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The book will take years off your learning curve and provide seven succinct actions to take. Author Jill Griffin in her new book, "EARN YOUR SEAT ON A CORPORATE BOARD: 7 Actions to Build Your Career, Elevate Your Leadership, and Expand Your Influence," said "You know, being on a corporate board is leadership at the highest level. A well-run business can change the world, and that starts at the top.

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How frequent releases help you satisfy and retain your best employees

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Some customers for certain applications may need to be retrained to deal w/ frequent releases, but SaaS models have eased that learning curve. There was probably a brief feeling of satisfaction, hopefully a validation from the customer that you delivered what they wanted, and your team learned a thing or two about how effective they are at deploying and testing the changes that were delivered with the release.

How to Hire the Right Leadership Team for Your Startup

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Therefore, bring in experienced key personnel with credible track records to minimize the learning curve promptly. Are you planning to start up a business with limited resources but wanting to hire the best people?

Five Valid Reasons People Are Mad at Your Change Initiative

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We can expect with most changes there will be a learning curve: a temporary productivity loss and some discomfort as people learn new behaviors and skills. As change agents, we tend to believe our change initiatives are worthwhile and important.

The Best Leadership Books of 2014

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A S LEADERS we must learn and grow. Learn or Die : Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization by Edward D. Hess Learn or Die is a book everyone who is serious about learning and growth—personally or organizationally—should read. If you thought you were serious about it, Learn or Die will take you to a whole new level with tools, case studies, and insights that will challenge your commitment to learning.

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3 Connections That Propel Every Great Leader

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Coaches can provide targeted, objective feedback and skill-training to shorten your learning curve and help you make rapid progress with your leadership challenges. How You Grow Tall. Last week I traveled to San Francisco to speak at a conference. I took an extra day to visit the famous California Coast Redwoods. I’d read about them and seen many pictures, but the reality of standing beside the tallest living things on the planet was astounding.

Rookie Entrepreneurship

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For today''s knowledge workers, constant learning is more valuable than mastery. Why does a lack of experience drive some people through a discomfort zone and up a learning curve toward new frontiers? To build something new, they must be willing to explore, to learn, to fail, and to improvise. Source: Liz Wiseman: Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work. When is not knowing more valuable than knowing? .

7 Leadership Default Zones

Ron Edmondson

If you think you shouldn’t say it…don’t – I often don’t follow my own advice here, but I’ve learned if my gut is telling me to “keep a tight rein on my tongue”, it’s likely to be a Biblical conviction.

The Conditions for Resistance-Free Change

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No learning curve – the ability to go from 0 to 100% effectiveness instantaneously. As I sat on a plane yesterday on my way to facilitate a client workshop, I remembered the saying about how a plane has to take off against the wind.

The Top 5 Ways Enterprise Social Collaboration Can Boost Organizational Productivity

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In addition, onboarding can become more efficient with a faster learning curve established for new employees. The social media revolution has changed the way people interact in their personal lives, and now it is inevitably changing the way they collaborate and connect in the workplace.

Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn

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Further steps would include: 1) Gen X and Boomers+ coming to the table asking, “What can I learn from you, Gen Y?” ” Followed by, “What would you like to learn from me?” If so, how are they most likely to have learned this?

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Leading Millennials: What Millennials Want Leaders to Know

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This access has allowed them to shorten their learning curve, make quicker decisions on what’s important to them, find like-minded individuals in far-away places to collaborate with, and develop a deeper and wider vision for imagining a world they want to live in and be a part of creating.

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10 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready For A New Challenge

Eric Jacobson

It's all about living and working perpetually on a learning curve. Something magical happens when a skilled veteran successfully re-learns his rookie smarts and is still able to retain his veteran acumen," explains Wiseman. You've stopped learning something new every day.

Transcending Skill (A Mastering Leadership Excerpt)

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The all-consuming outer game is obviously where most leaders spend most of their time, since the day-to-day requirements of the outer game are fierce and the learning curve is steep.

To Lead, You Must Follow

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What I learned within a short span of time is that titles and org charts are invisible to the definition of leadership. That means taking a dive into the center and learning my way through regardless of title, how high my office walls are, or status on the org chart.

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Leadership Essentials for the Matrix Environment

Great Leadership By Dan

Create space to learn. Our research has found that the most effective – and often the busiest – executives still carve out time for learning. Others keep a journal where they write down a few of the most interesting things they learn each day.

20 Reasons Your Organization is Immune to Change

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Managers express irritation when efficiency slides as employees experience a learning curve. Organizations have a way of maintaining the status quo through reinforcing the old way of doing things and discouraging the new way.

FORTUNE COOKIE - Personal Development

Building Personal Strength

This monumental effort to improve her condition took several years, and she learned some powerful skills along the way. Now she’s learning how to turn her healing skills into a new business. when I was 32, but most of what I know now I’ve learned since I turned 40.

5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Fall off the Fast-track

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As a high potential, you’re expected to have a high degree of “learning agility” and will be expected quickly climb their learning curves and nail each new assignment. Yes, it’s important to perform at a level above your current level, and you’ll be expected to be learning and practicing new leadership behaviors. Most organizations have some kind of formal or informal succession planning process to identify their high potential (HIPO), or “fast track” talent.

Seven Dilemmas for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Rajesh Setty

Any meaningful AND significant pursuit will involve a huge learning curve. Some pursuits are “safer” than others as your long struggle can be private before you ultimately expose yourself in public.

How to Be Wiser In 3 Minutes or Less With Audvisor

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We all want to learn. And there are 100 more experts to learn from. Now about the App’s user experience: The app is easy to use, has no learning curve and lives up to the promises made on their marketing website. What You Can Learn From a Difficult Boss.

More about Building Personal Strength

Building Personal Strength

In my case, it motivated me to learn. I took my studies seriously, but the feeling that I had a lot to learn persisted well after graduation and for another ten years, until I earned my Ph.D. But as they say, once you leave the classroom the real learning begins.

10 Reasons You Need An Executive Coach

Eric Jacobson

During Gatton's nearly 30 years in business, she's found several areas that continuously surface for leaders to become more effective or for potential leaders to shorten the learning curve as they climb up the ladder.

3 Reasons to Automate Your Business in 2015

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If concerns over learning curves and installation times are preventing you from automating your workflows and business processes, choose the right solution and put those fears to rest.

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