Your True Intent Matters When Preserving Your DMCA Safe Harbor Protection

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Mills Scofield

It is that time of year when I am called to my duty as Pemaquid Harbor Tide Watcher. Innovation Leadership Maine Safe Harbor I take on this auspicious duty reverently and devotedly until mid-August.

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5 Safe Decisions That Aren’t So Safe

N2Growth Blog

I’ve found safe decisions rarely are. What we don’t need is more leaders who hide in safe harbors. Leaders don’t get paid to make safe decisions; they get paid to make the right decision. By Mike Myatt , Chief Executive Officer, N2growth .

What I Learned When I Quit the Rat Race

Lead Change Blog

Sail away from the safe harbor. “The future is called ‘perhaps,’ which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the important thing is not to allow that to scare you.”. Tennessee Williams. For thirty-three long years, climbing the corporate ladder was my only goal.

For CEOs, Safe Decisions Aren’t Always Safe

N2Growth Blog

News Flash: safe decisions rarely are. What we don’t need is more CEOs who hide in safe harbors. If you sit in the big chair, you don’t get paid to make safe decisions; you get paid to make the right decision.

CEO 312


CEO Blog

Sail away from the safe harbor. Of course, Twain spelled sales wrong and the lawyers keep advising not to leave the safe harbor. I have not given worry much thought but I did read an interesting post on 9 Habits of Being a Worry Free Leader by Denise Marek. I think worry loosely fits into 2 categories - productive worry - where the worry spurs action and creativity and helps solve the issue.

How to be Decisive: 9 Ways to Make a Decision You Won’t Regret

RapidStart Leadership

Sail away from the safe harbor. How can you be decisive if you don’t know what decision to make? Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” ” That sounds like good advice, but how do you decide which fork to take?

How To 169

ODE to Innovation

Mills Scofield

Three quotes in the book stick in my mind: “The only safe harbor is our convictions…because it ensures we are honest to our core values.”

How To Be Your Best Self And Leader Every Day

Eric Jacobson

And, ultimately know who the cheerleaders or safe harbors are you can count on.

Leadership Inspirations – Be Bold and Not Disappointed

Strategy Driven

Sail away from the safe harbor. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

How To Be The Leader You Want To Be

Eric Jacobson

And, ultimately know who the cheerleaders or safe harbors are you can count on.

Five Essential Principles For Being The Leader You Want To Be

Eric Jacobson

And, ultimately know who the cheerleaders or safe harbors are you can count on.

Expert Q&A: Understanding the DOL’s Overtime Rules

HR Digest

The FSLA has a Safe Harbor Policy for employers who are yet not ready for the new overtime rule enforcement and make some inadvertent mistakes. The United States Department of Labor has issued a new set of rules that will cover an additional million-plus workers under it.

Mark Twain's Wit and Wisdom for Personal Strength

Building Personal Strength

Sail away from the safe harbor. Novelists have a way with words, of course, but perhaps the most quotable novelist of all time was Mark Twain (1835-1910). His given name was Samuel Longhorne Clemens, and he grew up in Hannibal, Missouri.

List to the Lee

Chris Brady

     It's our true calling Our life's one purpose That carries us home again Safe harbor's purchase.

Stopping Data Breaches Will Require Help from Governments

Harvard Business

Companies that meet a defined set of risk-based requirements, which could be developed through a collaborative, multi-stakeholder process, should have a safe harbor from liability – recognizing that they are victims, not perpetrators, of malicious cyber activity.

Remaining Objective Is Hard, But the Best Leaders Figure Out How to Do It

Harvard Business

In other words, during periods of great stress, our best leaders rely on sound tradecraft as their safe harbor. Danae Diaz/Getty Images. There is no single leadership trait that guarantees success in any profession, but there is, based on my experience, one that many of the best leaders share: a fierce commitment to objectivity. And yet I realize it’s often not easy for leaders to remain objective.

Turkey Badly Needs a Long-Term Plan for Syrian Refugees

Harvard Business

Syrians no longer feel as welcome as they did when the Turkish border first opened to give them safe harbor. Turkish people love to boast about their hospitality. In our culture, people consider it the height of ill manners not to offer tea to guests. When civil war broke out in Syria and refugees started crossing the border, Turkish officials proclaimed that the country was welcoming Muslim brothers fleeing the brutal Bashar al-Assad regime.

How to Return Home After an Assignment Abroad

Harvard Business

Rather than rely on others to provide you with the safe harbor of validation and connection that you seek, look for ways that you can create it for yourself. MOHD RASFAN/Stringer/Getty Images. You’d think that the biggest cultural challenge when going abroad for an assignment would be acclimating to the foreign culture you’re moving to.

Understanding Your Legal Options If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed

Harvard Business

The law too often gives employers a safe harbor. Sexual harassment scandals at companies such as Uber and Fox News have been a reminder not only that sexual harassment is still a regrettably routine feature of working life but also that even some of the most powerful perpetrators can, eventually, be held accountable. Despite over four decades of legal sanctions and workplace training, harassing conduct remains persistent and pervasive.

You Can’t Achieve Your Goals Without the Right Support

Harvard Business Review

The Safe Harbor: Who are the people with whom you can just let your guard down, knowing you can share your ideas, thoughts, and observations without judgment or retribution? He was a safe harbor by nature and, given his integrity and candor, someone who could be a great mirror.

Brexit Could Deepen Europe’s Digital Recession

Harvard Business

The DSM will facilitate data-sharing “safe harbor” agreements, bank licensing agreements, and uniform rules affecting digital traffic ranging from e-commerce to digital streaming across the EU.

How the Apple/FBI Fight Risks the Whole U.S. Tech Industry

Harvard Business Review

The damage has also extended through to Europe, specifically through the Safe Harbor provisions that govern the transfer of data between the U.S. There’s a very real cost to the actions of the U.S. Government in the San Bernardino case.

Is Copyright Enforcement Censorship?

Harvard Business Review

To stop all the downloading , Wayne's record label must issue takedowns to newalbumreleases and/or RapidShare, which are protected from liability by the DMCA (as long as they are following the safe harbor provisions), and only I and the million downloaders are liable. As a result, websites now protected under the DMCA's (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) safe harbor provision will have an inherent motivation to remove infringing links and content.

The Business Implications of the EU-U.S. “Privacy Shield”

Harvard Business Review

An earlier agreement, known as the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, which went back 15 years and was relied on by some 4,000 companies, was declared illegal last year based on concerns, highlighted by the Edward Snowden disclosures, that compliance with surveillance requests from U.S.

How to Reduce Primary Care Doctors’ Workloads While Improving Care

Harvard Business

In contrast to cardiologists or orthopedists who can limit their responsibility to heart disease or joint- and bone-related issues and triage all other issues back to primary care providers, those providers have no safe harbor. HBR Staff/Reza Estakhrian/Getty Images. Not long ago, many services such as tax accounting were delivered episodically and in-person, as most health care still is today.

The Commoditization of Scale

Harvard Business Review

In other words, the advantages of size gave some companies a bit of safe harbor. In the game of innovation, there is next to no time to rest. As soon as you've discovered the next, best thing, everyone in your industry starts trying to replicate it.

Clinton’s Proposals on Stock Buybacks Don’t Go Far Enough

Harvard Business Review

That said, the safe harbor provision of Rule 10b-18 that currently enables a company to repurchase on any one day up to 25% of its stock’s average daily trading volume over the previous four weeks should be eliminated. HBR STAFF.

Hedge 11

The More Things Change, the More Our Objections to Change Stay the Same

Harvard Business Review

That''s why the third principle of change is for leaders to encourage a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo , to persuade their colleagues that business as usual is the ultimate risk, not a safe harbor from the storms of disruption.

?Numbers Show Apple Shareholders Have Already Gotten Plenty

Harvard Business Review

Here’s how the first two work: DOMRs: Apple repurchases stock on the open market on strategically chosen dates under SEC Rule 10b-18, presumably in amounts up to its daily “safe harbor” limit, currently $1.5 Carl Icahn is at it again. On Oct.

EPS 11

Five Tips for Coping with Uncertainty — and Finding Opportunity

Harvard Business Review

Europeans wait for a resolution to financial woes from the south affecting the north, and in a safe, sane Nordic country, Norway, fear rises from a seemingly insane terrorist shooting that cost nearly a hundred lives. Safe harbors have uncertainty, too. Clouds of uncertainty hover over the Western world. The consequences are stalling action. Companies are sitting on piles of cash, several CEOs have told me, as they wait for a resolution to the U.S.

The EU Privacy Ruling Won’t Hurt Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Officials are even reviewing the Safe Harbor agreement, which enables the transfer of personal data from the EU to companies in the U.S., Consumers have a “right to be forgotten” – at least in the EU. Last month, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) classified Google as a data controller and ruled that they must comply with individuals’ requests to remove certain links to personal data. Google has asserted that this will adversely affect innovation, but those claims are premature.

The Great Firewall of America

Harvard Business Review

If they don't, they lose their safe harbor provisions. The Senate's PROTECT IP Bill, designed to stop piracy, now has a matching bill in the House: E-PARASITE. It would have been tough to top PROTECT IP, but they've managed to do it. It contains provisions that will chill innovation. It contains provisions that will tinker with the fundamental fabric of the internet. It gives private corporations the power to censor. And best of all, it bypasses due legal process to do much of it.