Information Technology's Dangerous Trend in Africa

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For the past few decades, emerging technologies such as biotechnology, microelectronics, information technology and communications technologies have become central to the socioeconomic development of nations. These technologies improve productivity and facilitate better living standards when they penetrate into societies. With its ease of adoption, this interdependence has scaled rapidly, unlike any other technology in modern history.

Pattern Recognition

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As opportunity assessments are conducted and information is uncovered on the path to transformation, business leaders must allow flexibility when the need arises to veer from the path in order to maximize possibilities. Very large companies in the information technology industry, like IBM, are successfully moving from product-driven to services-driven businesses.

Things To Ask Your IT Support Provider Before Signing

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Entrepreneurship business management entrepreneurship information technology strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pexels. Outsourcing large tasks and functions is fast becoming the thing to do in business because of the success it can offer, and the top of that list is IT support.

How Bad Leadership Helped Launch Intel, the Silicon Valley and Venture Capital

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Yet, were it not for the bad leadership of Shockley, Bell Labs and Fairchild Semiconductor, one wonders if we’d ever have had Intel, the semiconductor as we know it today or even the information technology revolution?

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You Need an Algorithm, Not a Data Scientist

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Managers Are More Connected, But Not For The Better

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There is, however, one evident change in recent times that is influencing the practice of managing: the digital technologies which over the past two decades have dramatically increased speed and volume in the transmission of information. Managing does not change, not fundamentally.

The Best Data Scientists Know How to Tell Stories

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Information & technology Data Analytics Communication ArticleWhen hiring data scientists, people tend to focus primarily on technical qualifications. It’s hard to find candidates who have the right mix of computational and statistical skills.

FinTech Is Weaving Charitable Giving into Everyday Transactions

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Social purpose is continuing to evolve from a philanthropic niche to a key part of core business strategy, and this shift presents unique opportunities for technology companies, in particular. Social responsibility Internet Information & technology Digital Article

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Robots Will Replace Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

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More recently, there has been a shift to systematization, the use of technology to automate and sometimes transform the way that professional work is done — from workflow systems through to AI-based problem-solving. Our inclination is to be sympathetic to this transformative use of technology, not least because today’s professions, as currently organized, are creaking. Information & technology Professional transitions Internet Digital Article

Leading a Digital Transformation? Learn to Code

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Gledhill is Group Executive and Head of Group Technology & Operations at DBS Bank, a leading Asian bank with more than $300 billion of assets and a market capitalization of about $35. Information & technology Innovation Technology Article

Prevent Email Horror with a 2-Minute Send Delay

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Business writing Information & technology ArticleMarketing manager Grier was just plain tired of colleagues playing the expert in her domain. When a designer sent her an e-mail questioning her choice of quotes for a new product brochure, she snapped.

Why You Shouldn’t Swear at Siri

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If adaptive bots learn from every meaningful human interaction they have, then mistreatment and abuse become technological toxins. Using bad manners with smart technologies can lead to bad management. Sooner, rather than later, organizations will have to recognize that getting the best out of their smart technologies requires getting the best from themselves. Technology Mobile Information & technology Digital ArticleStop swearing at Siri.

Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year

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No reasonably well-informed external customer would pay more for these steps. Data Information & technology Operations Digital ArticleConsider this figure: $136 billion per year. That’s the research firm IDC’s estimate of the size of the big data market, worldwide, in 2016. This figure should surprise no one with an interest in big data. But here’s another number: $3.1

Gamification Can Help People Actually Use Analytics Tools

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The technological challenge is hard enough. If decision makers aren’t willing to experiment with the tool and improve their outcomes over time, then your investment in the technology is wasted. Information & technology Data Managing organizations Decision making

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Build STEM Skills, but Don’t Neglect the Humanities

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Who doesn’t stand in awe of the advances that science and its STEM siblings (technology, engineering, and math) have created to better our world? Education Information & technology Emotional intelligence

What the U.S. Military Has Learned About Thwarting Cyberattacks

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Technological safeguards, while vital, will not alone make a company safe. Information & technology Operations management Managing people Developing employees Article

The Sectors Where the Internet of Things Really Matters

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has emerged as a leading adopter of smart meter technology for power utilities, approaching 50% penetration of 150 million total endpoints. Information & technology Internet The Internet of Things is emerging as the third wave in the development of the internet.

The Ideas That Shaped Management in 2014

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Of all the ways the world changed in 2014 — economic, cultural, technological, all three — which will matter most to us in 2015? Leadership & Managing people Information & technology

Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business

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AI, expert systems, and business intelligence have been with us for decades, but this time the reality almost matches the rhetoric, driven by the exponential growth in technology capabilities (e.g., AI is not the be-all and end-all; it’s an embedded technology.

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Your Customers’ Behavior Is a Competitive Advantage

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This point was powerfully reinforced when listening to Nadia Shouraboura , former head of Amazon’s Supply Chain and Fulfillment Technologies and founder of Hointer , an innovative “digiphysical” retail startup , at an Intel roundtable on the future of retail experience.

Managing Privacy in the Internet of Things

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Yet even human beings have been unable to converge on a single language to share information. Real-time energy usage data can provide intimate information, including behaviour patterns – i.e., when people are present and active in their homes. Photo by Andrew Nguyen.

The Essence of Life and Leadership

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Only 20-50% of re-engineering efforts succeed [1] Only 28% of information technology projects are successful [2] Only 33% of corporate mergers are successful [3] 50% of firms that downsize experience a decrease (not increase) in productivity. [4] “Emotions transform energy; energy creates movement; movement is change; and change is the essence of life.” ~Darren Weissman Did you know?

The Real Reason Companies Are Spending Less on Tech

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After the dot-com bubble, investment in software and information processing equipment in the U.S. job market troubles of the past decade than new technology had. But I couldn’t help but fixate on that information-technology chart, which seemed to show corporate America giving up on IT.


Breaking Down Data Silos

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The biggest obstacle to using advanced data analysis isn’t skill base or technology; it’s plain old access to the data. Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. Data Information & technology Analytics Digital ArticlePredictive analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, bots. The waves of advances in the application of data keep on coming.

Stop Making Excuses for Your Flawed Data

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If anything, these problems grow worse when executives use the data to inform high-level decisions. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step, so ask yourself the following questions: Do I really have all the data I need to make an informed decision?

The Decline of the Rural American Hospital and How to Reverse It

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It’s no wonder that patients, politicians, third-party payers, hospitals, and providers are calling for health-care models and technologies that deliver more for less. In addition, some of the providers we interviewed complained about problems with the technology.

An Introduction to Data-Driven Decisions for Managers Who Don’t Like Math

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Big data, small data, internal, external, experimental, observational — everywhere we look, information is being captured, quantified, and used to make business decisions. Decision making Information & technology

There’s No Such Thing as Anonymous Data

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A privacy-industrial complex has sprung up from this — technology, services, and policies all aimed at trying to protect data while allowing it to flow freely enough to keep the modern electronic bazaar thriving. Photo by Andrew Nguyen.

Predict What Employees Will Do Without Freaking Them Out

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In the quest to improve productivity and work life, the information that companies can analyze about you at work is limited only by software. Human resources Information & technology Managing people

Prevent Employees from Leaking Data

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Information & technology IT management David Upton and Sadie Creese , both of Oxford, explain why the scariest threats are from insiders. For more, see The Danger from Within in the September 2014 issue of HBR. Download this podcast.

10 Kinds of Stories to Tell with Data

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Information & technology Leadership Presentations For almost a decade I have heard that good quantitative analysts can “tell a story with data.” Narrative is—along with visual analytics—an important way to communicate analytical results to non-analytical people.

To Make Better Decisions, Combine Datasets

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What is new is that the advent of predictive analytics, in which disparate information that was never before considered as or looked at as related parts of a system, is giving us new ways to see interrelationships across, and think comprehensively about, entire systems.

How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist

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You’ve Got the Information, But What Does It Mean? Information & technology Managing yourself Slowly but steadily, data are forcing their way into every nook and cranny of every industry, company, and job.

What Big Data Needs to Do to Grow Up

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We are in an Information Revolution — and have been for a while now. These new data sources promise to transform our lives as much in the 21st century as the early stages of the Information Revolution reshaped the latter part of the 20th century.

When to Act on a Correlation, and When Not To

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Combining data from the supermarket’s loyalty card program with auto claims information revealed interesting correlations. Decision making Information & technology “Petabytes allow us to say: ‘Correlation is enough.’”

What’s Wrong with the FAA’s New Drone Rules

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Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and this milestone allows federal regulations and the use of our national airspace to evolve to safely accommodate innovation,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a press release that accompanied the announcement.

Why Hospitals Need Better Data Science

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Using predictive analytics, mobile technologies, and cloud computing, providers are mining utilization patterns to dramatically improve OR scheduling. In addition to improving longer-term patient scheduling, these technologies help schedulers manage an infusion center’s day-to-day uncertainty — last-minute add-ons, late cancellations, and no-shows — as well as optimize nurses’ workloads and the timing of breaks. katyau/Getty Images.

We Can’t Always Control What Makes Us Successful

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Human resources Information & technology Talent management The 2002 movie Minority Report told the story of a future in which law enforcement could tell who would commit crimes in the future. The police then arrested those people before they could commit the crimes.

More Training Won’t Reduce Your Cyber Risk

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But all too often organizations’ approach to mitigating that risk — other than taking the wise step of ensuring that they have the state-of-the art technological protection in place — is more training. Most importantly, the training can help leaders be much more effective in overseeing chief information officers (CIOs), and chief information-security officers (CISOs). Know and prioritize your information. Don’t just share information; block it.

Why Are We Still Classifying Companies by Industry?

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They have expanded far beyond the “Information Technology” tag attached to them by GICS. Today, technology is just a standard part of corporate infrastructure, like operations or marketing. Information & technology Business models Digital Article