Information Technology's Dangerous Trend in Africa

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For the past few decades, emerging technologies such as biotechnology, microelectronics, information technology and communications technologies have become central to the socioeconomic development of nations. These technologies improve productivity and facilitate better living standards when they penetrate into societies. With its ease of adoption, this interdependence has scaled rapidly, unlike any other technology in modern history.

Employers Checking Social Media

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If you’re setting up a separate professional account, give the public full access to your information to encourage them to “friend” or “follow” you. Information Technology Job Search Perception Q&A with Joel

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Unplug from Technology!

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Technology is a good servant but a bad master.”. If, like Vincent, you’re staying too connected, consider these tips for unplugging from technology after work or even during the workday. Try taking mini breaks from technology during work.

Benefits of Help Desk for Your Business

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In this technological era, most daily work functions depend on an internet connection and electronic appliances. This information offers crucial insight into any holes within your company’s IT infrastructure.

StrategyDriven Welcomes Ruth Todd, PhD

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A highly experienced nuclear power consultant, Ruth leads StrategyDriven's information technology and cyber security services. "We Announcements cyber security information technology nuclear power consultant Ruth Todd strategydriven

How Bad Leadership Helped Launch Intel, the Silicon Valley and Venture Capital

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Yet, were it not for the bad leadership of Shockley, Bell Labs and Fairchild Semiconductor, one wonders if we’d ever have had Intel, the semiconductor as we know it today or even the information technology revolution?

Pattern Recognition

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As opportunity assessments are conducted and information is uncovered on the path to transformation, business leaders must allow flexibility when the need arises to veer from the path in order to maximize possibilities. Very large companies in the information technology industry, like IBM, are successfully moving from product-driven to services-driven businesses.

Grassroots Leadership Evolving

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Friedman wrote about the great unraveling of traditional leadership across the globe: The main driver, I believe, is the merger of globalization and the Information Technology revolution. In the December 18, 2011 edition of the New York Times , Thomas L.

Things To Ask Your IT Support Provider Before Signing

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Entrepreneurship business management entrepreneurship information technology strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pexels. Outsourcing large tasks and functions is fast becoming the thing to do in business because of the success it can offer, and the top of that list is IT support.

You Need an Algorithm, Not a Data Scientist

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Complimentary Resource – Data, Data Everywhere: A Special Report on Managing Information

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Data, Data Everywhere : A Special Report on Managing Information. Learn how businesses are transforming themselves based on the abundance of data, and benefits found in the various uses of information and the new methods of visualizing data.

Interview With Robert Strzelecki CEO Of TenderHut Group

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He graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. TenderHut is a technological capital […]. Robert Strzelecki is the CEO of the TenderHut Group from Poland.

What makes a leader special?

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Author information Will Lukang, CLDC, PMP, CSM Will Lukang, MBA, PMP, MASCL, SCM, is an enabler. He has more than 21 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry.

The Real Reason Companies Are Spending Less on Tech

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After the dot-com bubble, investment in software and information processing equipment in the U.S. job market troubles of the past decade than new technology had. But I couldn’t help but fixate on that information-technology chart, which seemed to show corporate America giving up on IT.

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Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business

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Andrew McAfee of the MIT Center for Digital Business explains how new collaborative tools let everyone create and organize information. Communication Information & technology Innovation

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Why Are We Still Classifying Companies by Industry?

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They have expanded far beyond the “Information Technology” tag attached to them by GICS. Today, technology is just a standard part of corporate infrastructure, like operations or marketing. Information & technology Business models Digital Article

Prevent Employees from Leaking Data

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Information & technology IT management David Upton and Sadie Creese , both of Oxford, explain why the scariest threats are from insiders. For more, see The Danger from Within in the September 2014 issue of HBR. Download this podcast.

Ways to Explore Cloud Computing

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Information & technologyvideo platform video management video solutions video player. Andrew McAfee , principal research scientist, MIT Center for Digital Business, offers three suggestions for experimentation. For more, go to the article What Every CEO Needs to Know About the Cloud.

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2014 Reflections: The Path of my Life and Business

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Author information jeffharmon Jeff Harmon is the president of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting which specializes in developing principled, character driven business leaders while helping them translate their strategies into focused, actionable plans that ultimately drive business results and build healthy organizations. The story of my 2014 can only be told if I look back six months prior. On July 11, 2013, I fell and severely broke both bones in my lower left leg.

Surrounding with the Right People

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Author information Will Lukang, CLDC, PMP, CSM Will Lukang, MBA, PMP, MASCL, SCM, is an enabler. He has more than 21 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. Hiring people with different skillsets to help strengthen your team is important, it is equally important that you create your own inner circle that can collectively help everyone in your inner circle.

Editors’ Picks of the Week

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Branding Decision making Information & technology HBR editors read top posts from Let us know what you think @skgreen. Download this podcast.

Leverage Technology for Business Transformation

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Today's business models are fast becoming obsolete with cloud computing, new security challenges, and consumer demands for access to information with a superior experience. Information & technology Innovation Strategy

Assess Whether You Have a Data Quality Problem

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Your team members will either spot errors — the misspelled customer name or information that’s been placed in the wrong column — or they won’t. Data Information & technology Digital Article

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FinTech Is Weaving Charitable Giving into Everyday Transactions

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Social purpose is continuing to evolve from a philanthropic niche to a key part of core business strategy, and this shift presents unique opportunities for technology companies, in particular. Social responsibility Internet Information & technology Digital Article

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Personalized Recommendation Engines Are Coming to Health Care

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In the past decade, consumers have shifted from worrying about sharing personal financial information when shopping on the internet to embracing online retailers’ recommendations for them. Policy Information & technology Analytics Healthcare Digital Article

Companies Are Turning Drones into a Competitive Advantage

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Armed with an array of sensors, commercial drones are about to become a new source for digital information. While some drone-based data may complement existing information, some will make other information-gathering methods obsolete. Information & technology Digital Article

More Training Won’t Reduce Your Cyber Risk

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But all too often organizations’ approach to mitigating that risk — other than taking the wise step of ensuring that they have the state-of-the art technological protection in place — is more training. Most importantly, the training can help leaders be much more effective in overseeing chief information officers (CIOs), and chief information-security officers (CISOs). Know and prioritize your information. Don’t just share information; block it.

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How Companies Are Benefiting from “Lite” Artificial Intelligence

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At the less-expensive end is a knowledge-based approach that organizes data and language into highly malleable and helpful blocks of information. But they can become very smart indeed about sorting and distributing their information in extremely fast ways.

Data Quality Should Be Everyone’s Job

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I’d recommend that provocateurs get over these concerns by keeping bosses informed, accepting help from others, and sharing credit for success. Data Information & technology Digital ArticleAll of us depend on data created elsewhere to do our work.

The Ways Your Brain Manages Overload, and How to Improve Them

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Information overload is everywhere , from non-stop news to rat-a-tat email inboxes. At the receiving end of this deluge of verbiage is the human brain — your brain— metaphorically endowed with a vacuum cleaner that sucks up information; a container for short-term memory; a blender for integrating information; a memory bank for storing long-term information; a garbage disposal for getting rid of information; and a recycling machine extraordinaire.

A Guide to Selecting an Analytics Vendor

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As a result, business managers are becoming the primary information technology buyers, empowered to assemble a custom array of solutions which all work together seamlessly in the cloud. Analytics Information & technology Article

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Data Breaches Aren’t Just an IT Issue - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM VERIZON

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Over the past decade, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) has become the leading global source of information about the world of cybercrime and security breaches. Security & privacy IT Data Information & technology Sponsor ContentYou don’t see it coming.

How is Big Data Transforming Your 80/20 Analytics?

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What happens to innovation and segmentation when serious organizations are challenged to assimilate and integrate 10X, 100X or 1000X more information about customers, clients, prospects and leads? You’ve Got the Information, But What Does It Mean?

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The Industries That Are Being Disrupted the Most by Digital

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As digital technologies continue to transform the economy, many leaders are struggling to set a digital strategy, shift organizational structures, and remove the barriers that are keeping them from maximizing the potential impact of new digital technologies.

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4 Steps for Thinking Critically About Data Measurements

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I have a clock in my office that synchronizes itself at 1:00 am every day using a signal sent out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Fort Collins, Colorado, which has an advertised precision in the fraction-of-a-second range. HBR STAFF.

IT in the Cloud Era

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IT management Information & technology Innovation An interview with Aaron Levie , cofounder and CEO of Box. Follow him on Twitter at @levie. Download this podcast. A written transcript will be available by July 8.

To Survive, Health Care Data Providers Need to Stop Selling Data

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End users can take advantage of quantities of newly available information to solve problems in population health, clinical decision support, and patient engagement, among other applications. And for data providers, ubiquitous availability of information and low barriers to entry means that the competitive advantage gained from the data itself can be quickly eroded. Information that would once have been proprietary — and premium-priced — is now widely available, for free.

When to Act on a Correlation, and When Not To

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Combining data from the supermarket’s loyalty card program with auto claims information revealed interesting correlations. Decision making Information & technology “Petabytes allow us to say: ‘Correlation is enough.’”

How Physicians Can Keep Up with the Knowledge Explosion in Medicine

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But it is simply unrealistic for a doctor — or any human being — to stay abreast of that much information, much less be able to recall accurately the relevant information on demand. While basic technologies such as Google and Pubmed exist that can help automate the search for specific information, they are not sufficient and will prove even less tenable in the future as the advancement in medical science continues to accelerate.

How Machine Learning Is Helping Us Predict Heart Disease and Diabetes

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health care system, a new wave of analytics and technology could help dramatically cut costly and unnecessary hospitalizations while improving outcomes for patients. Toward this end, my colleagues and I at Boston University’s Center for Information and Systems Engineering have been striving to bring the power of machine-learning algorithms to this critical problem. Analytics Operations management Information & technology Healthcare Digital Article

To Go From Big Data to Big Insight, Start With a Visual

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Handling the streams, archiving the sessions and storing and manipulating the information are in themselves herculean tasks. Information & technology Marketing Social media

Two Digital Myths That Trip Up the C-Suite

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Most executives I talk to understand very well that digital technologies are permeating nearly every function of nearly every business. But digital technologies are no more strategies than electric power, telephone communications, or any other advanced technology.

Technology Isn’t Enough to Empower Employees, Even in a Digital World

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Over the last 10 years, a basic shift has occurred from an IT-deployment view of the world of big systems and even bigger projects toward a people-centric and user-oriented view of hardware, information, and human collaboration and networking. How technology is changing the way we work.

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