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What Drives Insider Sales Before IPOs

The Horizons Tracker

2021 was a record year for initial public offerings (IPOs), with over $155 billion raised in the US alone. billion in shares in these companies, with many arguing that this indicates a lack of quality in the IPO itself. “Sales of insider shares have been extensively shown to have a negative effect on IPO performance.

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Data Highlights The Slowdown In Startup IPOs During 2022

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Tough times and unusual uncertainties kept market volatility at elevated levels and led to subdued IPO activity,” EY explains. “We are seeing investors being more selective and a shift to IPO stories related to energy transition and ESG.”.

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Research Identifies Green Ceiling for Women Seeking IPO Investors

Women on Business

In a study conducted by the David Eccles School of Business , a male and female research team found that investors are less likely to back an IPO from a company led by a woman than a company led by a male. This is being referred to as the “Green Ceiling” in the investment world.

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0404 | Do IPOs Hurt Innovation?


Interesting new research from Shai Bernstein at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business suggests that companies that go public experience a significant decline in innovation post-IPO. Hitting an Innovation wall doesn’t have to be the fate of all companies post-IPO, you just have to train your investors properly.

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Executive Compensation in a Pre-IPO Company

CEO Insider

The startup you work for is gaining acceptance in the market and with remarkable growth, you are now eyeing the prospects of an IPO. The fruits of your team’s labor are at hand. But do you know how your executive compensation package will change as a result of becoming an employee of a public company? […].

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Research Explores The Returns From An Educated CEO

The Horizons Tracker

However, when examining Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the United States between 1998 and 2018, the researchers discovered that companies with CEOs holding a Ph.D. The study indicates that possessing a top academic degree, namely a Ph.D. are more likely to collaborate with VC firms that offer complementary management expertise.

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Doing Well By Doing Good With Darrin Williams, CEO Southern Bancorp

N2Growth Blog

Should Southern Bancorp consider a public offering in the red-hot IPO NYSE market? For two decades she focused on organizations that were doing nothing short of reinventing capitalism by introducing innovative new business models. In her case study, she focused on the inflection point currently faced by the company.

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