Dennis Perkins: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

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Dennis Perkins is Chief Executive Officer of The Syncretics Group, a consulting firm devoted to effective leadership in demanding environments—especially those characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid change. Perkins has worked for over twenty-five years as an advisor to senior leaders in organizations ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to nonprofit associations. A graduate of the [.].

Top Online Jobs for Freelancers Revealed

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User interface / IA jobs were up 23%. A new report from reveals the top online jobs for freelance workers based on findings from an analysis of over a quarter million jobs completed during the third quarter of 2012 on the site. Key Findings for Top Online Jobs for Freelancers. Android developer jobs saw significant growth at 16%, primarily due to the success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release.

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Know-it-all supervisor has good ideas, but driving everyone crazy

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Larry Roberson, director of HR, Genesis Health System, Davenport, IA. The Scenario. “Alright, Stu, I’ve got a head-scratcher for you,”said VP Courtney Krewson, pulling up a chair next to HR manager Stu Capper’s desk in Stu’s office. Stu rubbed his eyes.

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5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Life.

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Looking back, it seems 21+18 is a joke equation compared to f(x) is (-ia) n g(a). There are so many books, seminars, and articles about how to motivate (yes I know, this is one too!).


Join Me in Des Moines?

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If you’re in the Midwest of the US–or just have a hankering to travel there–please join me at The Extreme Leadership Intensive in Des Moines, IA on July 18 & 19, 2013.