Research: Don’t Offshore Your R&D

Harvard Business Review

Just because a company can offshore some portion of its operations doesn’t mean it should. That appears to be the case with the offshoring of research and development, according to a new paper from the Center for European Economic Research.

Offshore Centers Can Offer More than Low Costs

Harvard Business Review

Captive offshore operations centers — company-owned delivery units located in low-cost countries such as India and the Philippines — have come a long way. When asked how satisfied they were with the overall performance of their offshore operations, 83% of them said that they were either satisfied or highly satisfied. Nearly 65% of them indicated their intent to increase the scale of their offshore operations by 15% in the next two to three years.

In Defense of Responsible Offshoring and Outsourcing

Harvard Business Review

Yet, the imperatives of offshore facilities and employees are — and will remain — central to American companies' international competitiveness. Offshoring and outsourcing today are like sex in the Victorian era: repressed or criticized in public discussion, much practiced in private behavior. Similarly, companies must be more forceful in explaining the uses of revenues and margins derived from offshoring/outsourcing's competitive cost structures and local appeal.

Robots Are Starting to Make Offshoring Less Attractive

Harvard Business Review

The hype around robots taking jobs is reaching a crescendo, in response to an insightful new book The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, as well as an Oxford Martin School study: ‘ The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerization? ‘ The former states that digital technology and robotics are advancing at such a pace that: “Professions of all kinds — from lawyers to truck drivers — will be forever upended.

Are You An Offshore Software Project Manager From India?

Utpal Writes

Are You An Offshore Software Project Manager From India? by Utpal Vaishnav on October 9, 2009 Are you an Offshore Software Project Manager from India? Share and Enjoy: See Also: Do You Manage Your Offshore Software Solutions Business This Way?

Overcoming the “Feedback Trifecta” to Communicate Better as a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Angela Sebaly: A recent Harvard Business Review article examined Shell Corporation’s adoption of an 18-month program designed to help the company’s offshore workers give and receive feedback before their upcoming deployment.

Scott Adams on a “real” college education

Crossderry Blog

Thousands of sorta adequate [ fill in the programming language ] developers have lost their jobs because management decided it was cheaper — and just as effective — to send commodity app development offshore.

Dennis Perkins: Part 2 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Dennis Perkins is Chief Executive Officer of The Syncretics Group, a consulting firm devoted to effective leadership in demanding environments—especially those characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid change. Perkins has worked for over twenty-five years as an advisor to senior leaders in organizations ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to nonprofit associations. A graduate of the […].

Dennis Perkins: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Dennis Perkins is Chief Executive Officer of The Syncretics Group, a consulting firm devoted to effective leadership in demanding environments—especially those characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid change. Perkins has worked for over twenty-five years as an advisor to senior leaders in organizations ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to nonprofit associations. A graduate of the [.].


Into The Storm: 4 Lessons In Teamwork From The High Seas

Tanveer Naseer

She was struck by their ability to execute a seamless recovery: “The first offshore race I did with the Ramblers lit a fire as to why I wanted to join them as a team member. The following is a guest piece by author Dennis N.T. Perkins and Jillian B. Murphy.

The Market Punished “Panama Papers” Firms to the Tune of $230 Billion

Harvard Business Review

Since they were first published on April 3, the Panama Papers have thrust a spotlight onto world politicians, celebrities, and businesses sheltering money offshore. It also created an academic windfall: the opportunity to study the real financial impact of offshore vehicles.

Two Approaches to Building a Software Product

Utpal Writes

See Also: Twenty Traits Of Software Project Sponsors Who Have The Power To Screw-up An Offshore Outsourcing Engagement. Approach #1: Offer many solutions. Get a mile wide but an inch deep. Provide tons of features that may (or may not) work, look forward to add more. Approach #2: Offer one solution. Get an inch wide but a mile deep. Provide only a few features that will always work, look forward to make those features better. review – Business plan writing service isourcebiz

C-Level Strategies

806, 8th FloorAnum Estate Building,Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi,Pakistan.Phone:+92-21-34321895Fax:+92-21-34321541CONNECT WITH USOUR POLICYTerms & ConditionsPrivacy PolicyWe offer peerless solutions for your offshore communication needs. ADDRESSSuite No. Whether it is your contact center operation troubling you or poor performance of live chat giving you a headache, we can incorporate a sublime new environment that will bolster your company’s performance and […].

The New Age of Innovation

CEO Blog

If there is a trend to moving offshore then there are markets for things like ESL, accent correction, communication process and systems. Moving offshore would need to be done efficiently so a focus on making it frictionless. I continue to blog at # WIF11. S.Kishnan was the first speaker. He is the author of The New Age of Innovation: Driving Cocreated Value Through Global Networks. His view is the increasing communication is changing the way innovation happens.

What's Next When Offshoring Isn't so Cheap?

Harvard Business Review

Over the last decade, offshore manufacturing seemed like a no-brainer. Offshoring isn't going away, but companies will have to be smarter about it. Forward-looking companies see outsourcing and offshoring as tools to achieve strategic objectives such as scale, flexibility, and access to talent, resources and new markets — not just lower costs. or European companies have the same degree of insight into offshore markets.

Which U.S. Companies Are Doing the Most R&D in China and India?

Harvard Business Review

Some companies have succeeded at leadership by transferring strong leaders from headquarters to offshore location; others have done equally well by hiring locally in India and China. “Don’t send only ‘undesirable’ work like porting or testing offshore.

The Flow of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Now Goes Both Ways

Harvard Business Review

continues to lose manufacturing jobs to offshore plants, but those losses are now being offset by inflows. Over the past four years, companies have created more than 80,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by moving production to America from abroad, according to a Wall Street Journal report that cites figures from the nonprofit Reshoring Initiative. The U.S.

Wind Turbines Could Take the Punch Out of Hurricanes

Harvard Business Review

Large arrays of offshore wind turbines, although expensive to build, could take enough energy out of the wind to break the “feedback loop” of wind speed and wave heights that makes hurricanes so destructive, the scientists say.

Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race

Leading Blog

The iconic Sydney to Hobart Race, a 723-mile deepwater challenge—often called the "Everest" of offshore ocean racing—is considered one of the toughest in the world.

Why Outsourcing Can Save Your Business

Strategy Driven

By outsourcing or offshoring certain business aspects, a company will be able to learn about the global market, and in time they may even decide to make the move across the globe and open up an office abroad.

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Standing barefoot and bare-chested in a moonlit tidal pool, the muscular Hawaiian watched the fat man approach, carrying a canvas backpack, slipping on the wet rocks as the roiling surf crashed offshore. The fat man yelled something but was drowned out by the thunderclap of a wave against the volcanic shelf. From Riptide by Paul Levine

29 Fortune 500 Companies Have No Women on Boards

Women on Business

6. Diamond Offshore Drilling, Houston, TX. In a new ranking of public companies without women in top leadership from Bloomberg, it was revealed that 5.8%

Why Sales Ops Is So Hard to Get Right

Harvard Business Review

Because of advancing technology, disappearing cultural barriers, and greater business expertise among offshore talent, many companies are using offshore partners for both types of work, allowing them to source the best expertise while reducing long-term costs.

Byron King Interview


Petrobras put about $200 million into one of its first deep wells far offshore of Brazil. For an oil well, say, and depending on how deep your hole is, it could take a month. It could take 3 months. It can take six months. For some of the deeper stuff, it can take a year to drill these wells.

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Held every year on Boxing Day - the day after Christmas - this 628-nautical-mile, (723-statute-mile) deepwater challenge is often called the "Everest" of offshore ocean racing. The Sydney to Hobart Race is unknown to many Americans, but it is an iconic event for Australians. With unpredictable weather and seas, the Sydney to Hobart Race is considered one of the toughest in the world. It is always a challenging race. But in 1998, conditions were extraordinary. Extraordinarily dangerous.

Sometimes Colleagues Are the Best Coaches

Harvard Business Review

Faced with rapid evolution in their industry, the executive team of a large energy company had decided to transform their solid but complacent organization into a high-tech, sustainability-oriented firm, a key element of which was the completion of a multibillion dollar offshore energy project. The company was heavily committed to its offshore energy project, making it necessary to meet specific deadlines — and pressures were mounting.

The U.S. Can’t Count on Technology to Revive the Job Market

Harvard Business Review

These have multiple causes including the shift of the economy to services and information-intensive activities, productivity growth, the appearance of new products and services, demographics, and continued offshoring that now includes services ranging from call centers to medical procedures.

The Internet of Things Changes the Company-Customer Relationship

Harvard Business Review

” If the answer to both is “yes,” I will serve you as inexpensively as possible using techniques such as self-help on the web, endless IVR loops (“for billing questions, press 1”) and/or offshore labor.

How Industrial Systems Are Turning into Digital Services

Harvard Business Review

“In some offshore wind applications, changing the main bearing on a turbine is so expensive that it undermines the business case for building the turbine in the first place,” said Filippo Zingariello, director of global strategic development at SKF.

Lifelong Learning Is Good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and Your Social Life

Harvard Business Review

Trends including AI, robotics, and offshoring mean constant shifts in the nature of work. In 2015 Doreetha Daniels received her associate degree in social sciences from College of the Canyons, in Santa Clarita, California. But Daniels wasn’t a typical student: She was 99 years old.

Big Data and Big Oil: GE’s Systems and Sensors Drive Efficiencies for BP

Harvard Business Review

BP has deployed GE’s System1TM and SmartSignalTM software across a number of its offshore production facilities located in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, along with other key oil and gas areas such as Gulf of Mexico, Caspian Sea and Angola.

Global Precision Parts Joins The Six Disciplines Client Community

Six Disciplines

GPP prides themselves on producing and procuring the highest quality precision machined products through their domestic facilities and offshore joint ventures. Global Precision Parts (GPP) was established in 2006 as a combination of 3 manufacturing companies located in Ottoville and East Liberty, Ohio and Wabash, Indiana.


Why the U.S. Needs Wage Insurance

Harvard Business Review

Services offshoring in the early 2000s broadened the attention to services. President Obama’s revival of wage insurance is not about trade or services offshoring as a cause of job loss.

How Europe Can Create Its Own Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

Equally counter-productive are tax policies that force foreign earnings to be spent offshore, instead of allowing them to be repatriated and invested in more innovation at home.

The 4 Types of Small Businesses, and Why Each One Matters

Harvard Business Review

from offshore. America loves small businesses. A 2010 poll by The Pew Research Center found that the public had a more positive view of them than any other institution in the country – they beat out both churches and universities, for instance, as well as tech companies.

The Rebirth of U.S. Manufacturing: Myth or Reality?

Harvard Business Review

In the future, many commoditized products will continue to be made offshore. The media has been full of reports lately about a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing.

Businesses Can No Longer Avoid Becoming Political

Harvard Business Review

Rather than being undercut by new, lower-cost competitors in rapidly developing economies, such as China and India, companies have globalized their supply chains or offshored their production. presidency by promising to protect ordinary Americans from the ravages of international trade and immigration and by threatening punitive action against firms that offshore production.

What Data Journalists Need to Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

Guardian journalist James Ball, who has been closely associated with the use of data for journalism – from his work with Wikileaks to the “Offshore Leaks” investigations – recently offered an interesting analysis of these developments.

The Software Project Management Tale – Technology First!

Utpal Writes

Are You An Offshore Software Project Manager From India? “I just don’t understand why we’re NOT using latest version of the programming language to build this software application. By the time we will finish building this application, this version of language will be out of beta and released,” the programmer showed his disappointment. Okay, does current version of the language you’re using solve your client’s business problems?” The newly assigned project manager asked.

4 Things You Must Consider Before Starting a Company

Strategy Driven

CFS International Formations offer a trademark search on their website for those interested in offshore company formation. Starting a company will never be easy, especially if you are new to the business scene.