Ryan Blair’s Five Rules for Being a Rock Star

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R YAN BLAIR is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of ViSalus Sciences. In Rock Bottom to Rock Star he shares lessons from his own journey. Not surprisingly, the journey begins with taking personal responsibility. Without it you can’t move up from your rock bottom.

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What Leaders Can Learn From Ryan Seacrest

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Network red carpet host and king of all media Ryan Seacrest was in his usual position, asking the stars if they were excited and who they were wearing, when Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in a limo. Current Affairs General Leadership Improving Communications Personal Presence Kim Jong-Il Ryan Seacrest Sacha Baron CohenThe most interesting part of the Oscar telecast last night happened before the awards show started.

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0618 | Ryan T. Hartwig


Ryan Hartwig is Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies at Asuza Pacific University, where he teaches courses on Group Communication and Leadership. In this interview, we discuss the myth of meaningful work, its leadership implications, and Ryan’s recent TEDx talk on the subject.

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3 Team-Killing Church Cultures by Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird

Ron Edmondson

———– Excerpted with permission from chapter 13 of Teams That Thrive: Five Disciplines of Collaborative Church Leadership by Ryan T. The post 3 Team-Killing Church Cultures by Ryan T.

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0618 | Ryan T. Hartwig


Ryan Hartwig is Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies at Asuza Pacific University, where he teaches courses on Group Communication and Leadership. In this interview, we discuss the myth of meaningful work, its leadership implications, and Ryan’s recent TEDx talk on the subject.

Three Lessons Dick Clark Taught Us About Succession Planning

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But, it was still Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Current Affairs Leadership Lessons Personal Presence Dick Clark New Year's Rockin Eve Ryan Seacrest

My Favorite Podcasts — Tim Ferriss.

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Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle Is The Way, started as a Director of Marketing at American Apparel at age 21 (!). If you know me, I am an avid podcast listener.

How To Find A Mentor

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Ryan McCormick is Co-Founder of Goldman McCormick Public Relations ( www.goldmanmccormick.com ) and Host & Executive Producer of the nationally syndicated Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show ( www.outerlimitsradio.com ). How does one find, or how did you find, a mentor/mentee?

Ryan Leslie Bets on Community, Moving Beyond Passive Social Media Followers

Managing Communities

Please Update Your ManagingCommunities.com RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Community Cultivation How Should I Participate

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Where Does Stress Fit In Your Life?

Joseph Lalonde

This is a guest post by Ryan Bonaparte. Guest Posts purpose Ryan Bonaparte stress “I ’m So Stressed Out!”. Image by JD Hancock. We’ve all heard that before. In fact, we’ve all said that before.

The Kids’ Table

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Leadership Development autonomy business Deci & Ryan downsizing employee engagement employee involvement Posted in Leadership Development What happened to ‘employee involvement’? Has it gone out of vogue? Has it been replaced by new initiatives?

Paul Ryan And The Needed Budget Conversation

Bird's Eye View

I'm impressed by Paul Ryan , a Republican who has the courage to put forward a thoughtful, yet painfully tough approach to reducing our national budget so that America can return to living within its means.

Channeling Marcus Aurelius: Check Out Ryan Holiday's Book on Stoicism


Huckberry interviews Ryan Holiday , author of The Obstacle is the Way , a book that is an easy and interesting introduction to Stoicism. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Click through then scroll down

Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney's Rebranding Challenge

Harvard Business Review

For starters, his selection of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate is, from a branding perspective, a masterstroke. In this case, Democrats will find plenty to attack in Ryan's record. But Ryan is a favorite of the conservative party base, with unquestionable right-wing street cred and a voting record that's equivalent to Tea Party stalwart Rep. Rebranding is a lot harder than branding.

Interview With Ryan Holiday, Author Of, The Obstacle Is The Way

Eric Jacobson

Ryan Holiday ''s newest book is, The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage. Ryan Holiday 1. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Ryan Holiday The Obstacle Is The Way

Saving Private Ryan: Creating the Soundtrack


An interview with John Williams about the scoring of the soundtrack

M: Self-Determination


The theory developed as Edward Deci and Richard Ryan began to study why individuals engage in activities for their own sake without seeking to obtain a goal or reward. In doing so, Deci and Ryan distinguished between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Deci and Ryan argued that intrinsic motivation is driven primarily by innate needs: competence, relatedness and autonomy. LeaderLab Burkus deci m motivation ryan self-determination

Don’t Overlook Social Recruiting Tools

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Ryan Kohler for Talent Management magazine. iApplicants.com increase employer brand and recognition LinkedIn many of the best hires are employee referrals JobMatch LLC MedfiaTec Ryan Kohler SHRM Talent Management magazine target a specific job level to recruit or contact target job candidates with a very specific set of skill The ability to recruit passive job candidates who might not otherwise apply or be contacted by the organization Twitter.

When Was the Last Time You Smiled Deeply?

The Idolbuster

Featured Idolbuster Update chef ryan scott eckhart tolle power of now presenseThis morning when I was leaving the synagogue after Torah study, I passed a bunch of tween boys arriving for a friends Bar Mitzvah. They were dressed in their jackets and/or ties, and they were excited. It was so cool to see this ethnically diverse group of kids just pumped up for their friend. “This is the big day,” one exclaimed. It made me smile, deeply smile.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Kevin Eikenberry

By Nir Eyal with Ryan Hoover Here is part of this book’s description from the back cover: Hooked is a guide to building products people can’t put down.

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The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

Kevin Eikenberry

By Ryan Holiday If you have ever been stuck or frustrated, this book might help. Using stories and examples from a wide range of people in history (from Ulysses S.

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Wear Two Hats as a Writer and Be Happy

The Idolbuster

A guest post by Teresa LeYung-Ryan. Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here. Sincerely, Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan. I am Teresa LeYung-Ryan. I’m the only Teresa LeYung Ryan. Featured Guest Post Identity identity platform Teresa LeYung Ryan writers writing

Bottling Customer Experience

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article by Theodore Kinni and featured by strategy+business magazine, published by Booz & Company. In it, Kinni — the co-author of Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service – introduces a lesson in creating product-based customer experiences from The Method Method: 7 Obsessions That Helped Our Scrappy Start-Up Turn an [.].

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There's no off-season anymore - Nolan Ryan

Stoics and More Stoics


Seneca would agree You can find them everywhere: FutureLawyer The Sovereign Professional Cultural Offering [Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle is the Way draws a lot from Marcus Aurelius.

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TheAtlanticCities.com, the New Digital Property of The Atlantic, Launches Today

First Friday Book Synopsis

I have just received this exciting announcement from Cynthia Rabe and am pleased to share it with you. As we proceed through the so-called “Age of Information,” an age that seems to be more like a blizzard each day, some sources are much more valuable than others. The Atlantic magazine offers an excellent case in [.].

“No, I Haven’t Read that Book Yet” – “Yes, I feel Guilty that I Haven’t”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Every now and again, I run into the writings of Ryan Holiday. Ryan is not a good writer. Here’s his web site). He is a very good writer. And, he is pretty eclectic. He writes about a lot of subjects. One of the things he writes about is reading books. And I read books. We each… Read More “No, I Haven’t Read that Book Yet” – “Yes, I feel Guilty that I Haven’t” Randy's blog entries

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Why You Should Spend Less Time Talking

Joseph Lalonde

In a recent Success Magazine article, Adam Sher, CEO of Ryan Seacrest Productions, said this about Ryan: Ryan listens to what people are saying and has an uncanny ability to understand where they’re coming from and what they really want.

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Ryan HolidayTalking and doing fight for the same resources.

You’re Going To HATE What I Have To Say.

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You won’t look like Ryan Gosling instantly. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Media Piece Quotations Social Media Uncategorized Ways & Tips Change Focus Friends Luck Lunch Magic Overnight Roadmap Ryan Gosling Seven Figures Snake Oil Test Your Limits

Pay It Forward - How job hunters can make a difference

Chartered Management Institute

It's based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde of the same name. If you've not already seen it, then do buy or hire a copy of "Pay it Forward" on DVD and watch it. Wikipedia explains the " pay it forward " concept as one of: You are not watching this post, click to start watching

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First Look: Leadership Books for October 2016

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Rock Bottom to Rock Star : Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks by Ryan Blair. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in October. Simplify : How the Best Businesses in the World Succeed by Richard Koch, Greg Lockwood and Perry Marshall. Becoming a Leader of Character : 6 Habits That Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home by James L. Anderson and Dave Anderson. Small Acts of Leadership : 12 Intentional Behaviors that Lead to Big Impact by G.

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Mini Saga #107 – The Other Side

Rajesh Setty

Thanks to Ryan Allis for the prompt. Mini Saga frustration job perspective Rajesh Setty ryan allis trust30The grass is always greener on the other side… Typically, we compare everything that’s not working in our current situation with everything that works with the new situation.

Experts Chime in on Bold and Innovative Leadership: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Ryan Jenkins of Next Generation Catalyst shares his take here. Follow Ryan. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our September Festival is all about Bold and Innovative Leadership.

The 20% Doctrine: How Tinkering, Goofing Off, and Breaking the Rules at Work Drive Success in Business

Kevin Eikenberry

By Ryan Tate This book’s title is a tip of the hat to Google’s famous 20% of time given to work on personal projects of interest. This isn’t really a new idea – Peters and Waterman made the idea of “skunkworks” famous in their book In Search of Excellence back in 1983.

Yes - Nice Guys CAN Lead and Finish First

Great Results Team Building

As quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan has become known as a “nice guy,” and that has led a number of football fans in Atlanta to question his ability to lead.

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Leaders Share about Confidence: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Jim Ryan of Soft Skills for Hard Jobs shares that limiting beliefs are those restricting convictions we hold about our abilities. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our January Festival is all about Confidence.

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Checking Rerferences: Seven Honest-Feedback-Extracting Questions

Eric Jacobson

Awhile back, the Harvard Business Review published some great questions that Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan asks when he is checking references. Ryan serves on the board of Yale Corporation, Human Rights Watch, and INSEAD , and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Music Break: The Weary Kind


Back by popular demand: Ryan Bingham

3 Leadership Lessons Illustrated by Tom Hanks Heroes

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From Army Ranger captain John Miller in Saving Private Ryan to astronaut Jim Lovell in Apollo 13 to the cargo ship commander Captain Phillips and, coming later this year, “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Sully Sullenberger , Hanks has lots of experience going deep on what makes a hero. For example, in all the reading in much of the research that I did for Saving Private Ryan was the terror that men in command felt in combat.

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