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Coach Rex Ryan Connects with Jets

Michael Lee Stallard

Check out this great article entitled “ Channelling Churchill, Ryan Inspires His Team “ on New York Jets’ football coach Rex Ryan The article makes several important points that support the conclusion we came to from our research on leaders who produce sustainable superior performance.

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What Leaders Can Learn From Ryan Seacrest

Next Level Blog

Network red carpet host and king of all media Ryan Seacrest was in his usual position, asking the stars if they were excited and who they were wearing, when Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in a limo. The most interesting part of the Oscar telecast last night happened before the awards show started. You may remember Cohen best as Borat.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Free Guy

Joseph Lalonde

This weekend saw the release of Free Guy, a new Ryan Reynolds movie. A Reel Leadership Article. Free Guy’s premise is that an NPC (non-playable character in video game speak) suddenly becomes self-aware. He no longer follows the programming he was given.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Adam Project

Joseph Lalonde

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam Reed, Walker Scobell as Young Adam Reed (I will refer to each as Big or Young as both appear throughout the movie at the same time), Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed, Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed, and Zoe Saldana […]. The Adam Project is a Netflix original movie.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Red Notice

Joseph Lalonde

Red Notice stars Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley, Ryan Renolds as Nolan Booth, and Gal Gadot as The Bishop. Release date is December 20th. Keep checking back on for more updates) article comes from the movie Red Notice. It’s a fun comedy that […].

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Becoming a Leader

Lead Change Blog

Ryan, the young man I had to help carry into school, would be joining me at this middle school soon. Ryan is known as a community leader. I saw myself in Ryan. I am very proud of Ryan and so many others! He was coming out of his shyness and started showing us all he had to offer. Who thought he would be a leader?

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0618 | Ryan T. Hartwig


Ryan Hartwig is Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies at Asuza Pacific University, where he teaches courses on Group Communication and Leadership. In this interview, we discuss the myth of meaningful work, its leadership implications, and Ryan’s recent TEDx talk on the subject.

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