Sharp Insights

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Simply put, the biggest challenge most teams have in forming sharp insights is that they become complacent and stop looking beyond their own four walls. A deep and sharp insight into a problem permanently changes the way we look at it , and when we have a new perspective, a clear solution will present itself, often in days or even hours. There is a difference between information and insights.

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Let’s Stop Talking About the Lack of Technical Talent, Corporate America: It’s Time to Close the Large Tech Skills Gap with Veterans

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… Read the rest Guest Posts Gap Karen Ross Sharp Decisions Technical Technical Skills VeteransOriginally published by Guest Author, Karen Ross, at No Longer Desperate for Work, Veterans Seek More Meaningful Careers.

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Leadership Caffeine-Encourage Rethinking to Keep Your Team Sharp

Management Excellence

Beware the dulling effect of a predictable routine on the performance of your team. It might just be the single most dangerous adversary standing between you and future success. Here are 5 ideas to help you breakthrough routine and encourage rethinking: Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leading Change Performance Avoid Routine Inspiring Action Motivation team performance

First, Learn the Complex – Then, Explain it So Clearly that a Sharp 11 Year Old Can Grasp It (Alan Alda Issues a Science Challenge)

First Friday Book Synopsis

This is a terrific challenge, a really good idea – and, as importantly, brilliant advice to anyone who has anything to communicate. Which means — all of us!). Here’s the story, from an article by Dahlia Withwick on How Can You Explain “Color” to an 11-Year-Old? – Alan Alda’s challenge to scientists: Let kids […]. Randy''s blog entries

“I” Language Doesn’t Influence

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Communication Skills Continuous Improvement How-To Leadership and Communications Messaging Public Speaking Short Bits "i" language audience-focused credibility Decker Communications karen laos leadership listen-focused SHARPs spin class

Leading for a Higher Purpose

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Karen is the CEO of the New York-based strategic technology, staffing and project management company Sharp Decisions. Uncategorized Charity Honor Sharp Decisions V.E.T.S. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

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SHARPen Your Edge

Decker Communication

This is why we emphasize the importance of using SHARPs –. A SHARP is that one bit of emotion that pushes our listeners over the edge – it makes them willing to act or be influenced. But the high stakes presentation is exactly when we need to use that analogy – that humor – that SHARP.

We Missed the Exit to Chick-fil-A

Leadership Freak

I’m back home in Central Maine where the people are wicked sharp, the Humpty Dumpty chips are wicked good, and the air smells like Christmas trees.

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Effective Leadership Communication

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Books Business Coaching Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Leadership Personal Coaching Skills Success What is Work life Brief communicate infographics john sharp sales video joseph mccormack reading speaking unprepared salesman visual communications

Andrea Kates: Part One of an interview by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries Allstate Andrea Kates Audi Autodesk “Business Genome” Cisco CoLabs TED (Technology Continental Airlines Design Entertainment Find Your Next GE ecomagination GM/OnStar Hewlett-Packard IndieGoGo JP Morgan Chase KPMG LunaTik McGraw-Hill PF Chang’s Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific) Sharp Healthcare Starbucks the Houston Texans (NFL) Twyla Tharp We Bought a Zoo

Hiring Trends: Make Sure You Aren’t Behind the Times

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Bob's blog entries Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts chain Hiring Trends: Make Sure You Aren't Behind the Times Isadore Sharp Kate Benson MediaTec Talent Management magazine Chief Learning Officer magazine What’s In: Attitude What’s In: Dialogue What’s In: Vision What’s Out: Ego What’s Out: History What’s Out: MonologueHere is an excerpt from an article written by Kate Benson, featured by Talent Management magazine at its website.

The Opposable Mind: A book review by Bob Morris

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Kennan Harvard Business School Press How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking Isadore Sharp Lee-Chin Lincoln called "very near being a perfect man Lincoln called a "long armed Ape Roger Martin Salmon P. The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking Roger Martin Harvard Business School Press (2007) When I first read this brilliant book, I was reminded of what Doris Kearns reveals about Abraham Lincoln in Team of Rivals.

Writing to Persuade — Author Ross Guberman on What Professionals Need to Know

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a mini-interview of Ross Guberman conducted by Nell Minow for BNET, The CBS Interactive Business Network (March 21, 2011). To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the BNET newsletters, please click here. * * * The most important quality in an employee [.].

Andrea Kates: Part Two of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Design Wikipedia Hewlett-Packard McGraw-Hill JP Morgan Chase Cisco Allstate Andrea Kates “Business Genome” Audi Autodesk CoLabs TED (Technology Continental Airlines Entertainment Find Your Next GE ecomagination GM/OnStar IndieGoGo KPMG LunaTik PF Chang’s Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific) Sharp Healthcare the Houston Texans (NFL) Groupon Wikibrand

The 18 Best Business Books To Read During Your Lunch Break

Joseph Lalonde

Not only does decrease stress; it also keeps you mentally sharp and teaches you things you’d never learn otherwise. The average American reads four books a year. Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates read 50.

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BetterThan Blessings - Appreciating the Blessings

Building Personal Strength

No sharp twinge in my shoulder joint. skip to main | skip to sidebar Building Personal Strength Helping people grow stronger for the challenges of work and life.

Leaders: Do Your Actions Bring You Closer to Your vision?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development This morning I hung out my freshly washed clothes to dry in the sharp, hot Mallorcan sun. After 3.5 years, I was struck by the realization that I actually enjoy this weekly act. Awaiting each batch of clean laundry is my funky royal blue clothes line strung between two orange trees. The process is so simple, [.]. Leadership Development

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The Importance of Excelling vs. “Getting By”

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Once every few years I am driving a car that runs over a nail or sharp object and develops a flat tire. Sometimes I have time to wait for AAA to come out and change it. Other times, I’m in a hurry and tackle the task myself. It never is pretty. I’m slow and the [.] The Importance of Excelling vs. “Getting By” Leadership Coaching Leadership Development develop develop leaders Excellence mediocrity Strengths

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Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask

Great Leadership By Dan

According to John Manning , “there are Five Vital Questions you can ask to get razor-sharp clarity around your organization’s productivity. Answer these questions to get the facts and you can improve goal-setting, make more empowered decisions about your company’s strategic direction, and discover how to more effectively lead and inspire performance.” Read John’s guest post Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask over at Leadership and Management.

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The 24 Hour Rule: Is Your Current Pace Sustainable?

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When we need sharp thinking and problem-solving, our minds are full.”. A S LEADERS, we can and do introduce stress into the workplace. Charles Fred initiated a study of over 4000 post-startup business to find out why, after they had experienced early growth, had stagnated.

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The Third Ring: Enhanced Service That Delights Customers

The Practical Leader

John Sharpe founder of The Four Seasons hotel chain summaries the distinctive challenges of the Third Ring: “The trouble with service delivery is that it can’t be checked in advance, like a piece of crystal, or a luxury car. management American Express customer service John Sharpe leadership The Four Seasons hotel The Three Rings of Perceived Value Tom Peters W. Fourth in a four part series on The Three Rings of Perceived Value.

Management Wisdom from a Versatile Leader: Condoleezza Rice

Tony Mayo

I was pretty sharp with people. In the first year or so it wasn’t just about proving how tough I was, I had to be tough. But I’d learned in the classroom, the last thing you want to do is put somebody down because then they freeze, and not only do they freeze, [.]. For Executives Culture Delegation Micro-Managers Narrative Stories

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Content + Connection + Follow Up — Along The Path to Professional Growth (Why the First Friday Book Synopsis Is Worth Your Time)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Over the 19 years, we have met some really sharp professional men and women. For 19 years (since April, 1998), Karl Krayer and I have conducted the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas. We meet at the wonderful Park City Club. Every month – two books – great food – great networking! Leaders; thinkers; folks […]. Randy''s blog entries

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2013

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Taking Smart Risks : How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High by Doug Sundheim. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January. Infectious : How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within by Achim Nowak. Real Influence : Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen. Admired : 21 Ways to Double Your Value by Mark C. Thompson and Bonita S. Thompson.

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The Next Generation of CEOs: 10 CEO Ready Leaders

N2Growth Blog

As someone who earns their living as a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, I always keep a sharp eye peeled for up and coming leaders. Disclosure: My company, N2growth has worked with many of the organizations represented on this list.

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Forging an Ironclad Brand – Your North Star

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It must be sharp-edged. A BRAND properly conceived is more than a marketing activity. It’s more than a logo. It’s more than a great ad. It’s more than what you do on social media. It informs all of those things and more.

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Dynamic Leadership: Don’t be a Humvee Leader

General Leadership

Although you might think little of a sharp turn, this one was vital because it navigated traffic around an active minefield. “Slow Down… You Will Get There Faster”. Fighter Pilot Saying. Too often, leaders choose to be “ Humvee leaders.”

8 Ways to Decisively End Indecision

Lead Change Blog

Sharp discussions net sharp decisions. In this increasingly “more with less” business world, we can’t afford to let our employees be more or less checked out. And yet an astonishing 70% are just that, disengaged at work, according to Gallup polls.

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Juggling Machetes and Torches

Lead Change Blog

Not the usual balls or bowling pens, he was juggling sharp machetes and lighted torches. Add to the performance the context of a challenging economy, diverse worker needs, and the ever-present need for speed, and balls become sharp machetes; bowling pins become lighted torches.

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How Clear Is Your Vision for 2019?

Lead Change Blog

The sharp vision galvanised my client organisation while providing ample opportunity for those less confident or committed saying their bit. At this time of year, we often find ourselves preparing for change – personal and business – based on our vision for the year ahead. Vision, Not New Year’s Resolutions! So, when speaking about vision, I am not talking here about having stuff in your head! That lies in the territory of New Year’s resolutions!

Think Like Amazon

Skip Prichard

Leadership Tip: Unwillingness to change is a dangerous mindset with sharp limitations. But it’s a dangerous mindset with sharp limitations. Change Your Thinking.

Getting the Attacker’s Advantage

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Seeing what is happening requires that we develop sharp perceptual acuity. To Ram Charan, The Attacker’s Advantage is the ability to detect ahead of others those forces that are radically reshaping your marketplace, then position your business to make the next move first.

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Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

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Physical activity will keep them mentally sharp, meaning they will be able to work more productively. Employees are no longer just motivated by a paycheck. Those who are there just for the money will usually work inefficiently. To improve employee morale and health, you can consider implementing these tips. Encourage Employees to Work Out. As a leader, you should encourage your employees to exercise during working hours.

How Leaders Can Get More Comfortable With Taking Risks

Tanveer Naseer

In addition to being a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Doug is the author the book, “ Taking Smart Risks, How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes Are High ”.

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Real Leadership: Defining Your Personal Leadership Paradigm

Let's Grow Leaders

That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. ” - Margery Wiliams, The [.] “Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you…It doesn’t happen all at once,’ You become. It takes a long time.

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Daily Habits of the Most Successful Leaders

Lead from Within

They know it keeps them sharp, widens their perspective and increases their knowledge. Leaders need to be sharp and focused, able to juggle many things at once, and a clear mind gives you clear thinking.

Focus on Clarity

Lead Change Blog

Mental clarity means that you have total sharpness and clearness of mind about where you are and where you’re headed. There’s a saying that says that we don’t remember the days, we only remember the moments. I’m sure you were probably out having lots of fun this holiday season with friends and family making the most of every moment. And I bet you were also probably capturing some of those magical moments with a camera – probably the one on your smartphone.

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The Three Rules of Intelligent Restraint

Lead Change Blog

My sports coach advised me not to train for three days after experiencing a sharp pain, and to go see him if the pain didn’t go away. In endurance training, you can apply simple rules of restraint to ramp up and ramp down your training program ahead of a race.

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How to Avoid Overpricing Your Consulting Project

David A Fields

But you’re probably more worried about the needle-sharp nails on the ceiling. Project pricing is like a balloon in a room made of nails. I’m not sure why such a room would exist or how you would get the balloon in there, but go with me on this one.

The 4 Behaviors Guaranteed to Destroy Relationships

Leading with Trust

You come into work, do a half-ass job all day, take long lunches, and then expect everyone to help you get the work done so you can punch out at 5:00 sharp! Photo by Lukas on

2 Ways To Guarantee Mediocrity (Or Even Outright Failure) – Poor Work Ethic; No Team Meetings

First Friday Book Synopsis

It took a while (I’m not all that sharp!), I have spent 13 years reading business books and presenting synopses of these books to folks ready and willing to learn. but I think I am beginning to learn some things myself. In fact, I think I am ready to state, for certain, that there are [.]. Randy's blog entries 10000 hour rule Malcolm Gladwell Mastering the Rockefeller Habits meetings MIghty Fine Burgers Outliers Verne Harnish work ethic Zappos

Looking After Myself

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Across the bay the North Shore Mountains stood out in sharp relief to the deep blue sky. I was parked at the beach sitting in my car having just finished a half-hour phone call. In front of me stretched the ocean views of English Bay.

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Coming for the May 4 First Friday Book Synopsis – Imagine: How Creativity Works & Take the Stairs

First Friday Book Synopsis

Recently, a sharp entrepreneur told me that she consistently hears that the First Friday Book Synopsis is one of the top 5 networking events in the Dallas area. I believe this is true, and you can sense it whenever you walk into the room at one of our monthly sessions. The quality of the people, [.]. Randy's blog entries first friday book synopsis Imagine Jonah Lehrer Park City Club Rory Vaden Take the Stairs