Sharp Insights

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Simply put, the biggest challenge most teams have in forming sharp insights is that they become complacent and stop looking beyond their own four walls. A deep and sharp insight into a problem permanently changes the way we look at it , and when we have a new perspective, a clear solution will present itself, often in days or even hours. There is a difference between information and insights.

Laser Sharp Leadership – Leading with Focus

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Does this describe you: You are inherently goal seeking. Everything you do has purpose because purposeful action is efficient. Each step you take has been filtered and evaluated; you’ve determined that a step in this direction directly affects your journey toward achieving the end result. While you might appreciate scenery and detours in theory, you […].

Look Sharp. It's Monday.


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Sharp Dressed Man


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Leadership Caffeine-Encourage Rethinking to Keep Your Team Sharp

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Beware the dulling effect of a predictable routine on the performance of your team. It might just be the single most dangerous adversary standing between you and future success. Here are 5 ideas to help you breakthrough routine and encourage rethinking: Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leading Change Performance Avoid Routine Inspiring Action Motivation team performance

The Opposable Mind: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Kennan Harvard Business School Press How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking Isadore Sharp Lee-Chin Lincoln called "very near being a perfect man Lincoln called a "long armed Ape Roger Martin Salmon P. The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking Roger Martin Harvard Business School Press (2007) When I first read this brilliant book, I was reminded of what Doris Kearns reveals about Abraham Lincoln in Team of Rivals.

Hiring Trends: Make Sure You Aren’t Behind the Times

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Bob's blog entries Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts chain Hiring Trends: Make Sure You Aren't Behind the Times Isadore Sharp Kate Benson MediaTec Talent Management magazine Chief Learning Officer magazine What’s In: Attitude What’s In: Dialogue What’s In: Vision What’s Out: Ego What’s Out: History What’s Out: MonologueHere is an excerpt from an article written by Kate Benson, featured by Talent Management magazine at its website.

BetterThan Blessings - Appreciating the Blessings

Building Personal Strength

No sharp twinge in my shoulder joint. skip to main | skip to sidebar Building Personal Strength Helping people grow stronger for the challenges of work and life.

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Andrea Kates: Part One of an interview by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries Allstate Andrea Kates Audi Autodesk “Business Genome” Cisco CoLabs TED (Technology Continental Airlines Design Entertainment Find Your Next GE ecomagination GM/OnStar Hewlett-Packard IndieGoGo JP Morgan Chase KPMG LunaTik McGraw-Hill PF Chang’s Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific) Sharp Healthcare Starbucks the Houston Texans (NFL) Twyla Tharp We Bought a Zoo

Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask

Great Leadership By Dan

According to John Manning , “there are Five Vital Questions you can ask to get razor-sharp clarity around your organization’s productivity. Answer these questions to get the facts and you can improve goal-setting, make more empowered decisions about your company’s strategic direction, and discover how to more effectively lead and inspire performance.” Read John’s guest post Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask over at Leadership and Management.

Management Wisdom from a Versatile Leader: Condoleezza Rice

Tony Mayo

I was pretty sharp with people. In the first year or so it wasn’t just about proving how tough I was, I had to be tough. But I’d learned in the classroom, the last thing you want to do is put somebody down because then they freeze, and not only do they freeze, [.]. For Executives Culture Delegation Micro-Managers Narrative Stories

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Short and sharp Emily Dickinson : " Surgeons Must Be Very Careful.

Ask the Experts: Is Business Continuity Management (BCM) relevant to me as an SME?

Chartered Management Institute

Reply by: John Sharp is MD and principal consultant at Kiln House Associates Ltd and a leading expert in the field of business continuity management. Is Business Continuity Management (BCM) relevant to me as an SME? You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The Importance of Excelling vs. “Getting By”

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Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Once every few years I am driving a car that runs over a nail or sharp object and develops a flat tire. Sometimes I have time to wait for AAA to come out and change it. Other times, I’m in a hurry and tackle the task myself. It never is pretty. I’m slow and the [.] The Importance of Excelling vs. “Getting By” Leadership Coaching Leadership Development develop develop leaders Excellence mediocrity Strengths

Real Leadership: Defining Your Personal Leadership Paradigm

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That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. ” - Margery Wiliams, The [.] “Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you…It doesn’t happen all at once,’ You become. It takes a long time.

Content + Connection + Follow Up — Along The Path to Professional Growth (Why the First Friday Book Synopsis Is Worth Your Time)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Over the 19 years, we have met some really sharp professional men and women. For 19 years (since April, 1998), Karl Krayer and I have conducted the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas. We meet at the wonderful Park City Club. Every month – two books – great food – great networking! Leaders; thinkers; folks […]. Randy''s blog entries

Returning to Action


When the memory is less than sharp, keeping a log on project status can be a life-saver. Life is one long series of interruptions. As a result, we have to return to people, places, and projects and pick up where we left off.

The Third Ring: Enhanced Service That Delights Customers

The Practical Leader

John Sharpe founder of The Four Seasons hotel chain summaries the distinctive challenges of the Third Ring: “The trouble with service delivery is that it can’t be checked in advance, like a piece of crystal, or a luxury car. management American Express customer service John Sharpe leadership The Four Seasons hotel The Three Rings of Perceived Value Tom Peters W. Fourth in a four part series on The Three Rings of Perceived Value.

Are You Wasting Your First Impression?

Rich Gee Group

Dress & Appearance: Are you wearing a sharp & clean uniform (suit, skirt, slacks, shirt, tie, jacket, etc.)? First impressions occur in the first seven seconds of meeting someone.

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8 Ways to Decisively End Indecision

Great Leadership By Dan

Sharp discussions net sharp decisions We’ve all been in meetings where a decision is supposed to be made but in fact you are left with no sense of tangible forward progress. Guest post by Scott Mautz : In this increasingly more with less business world, we can’t afford to let our employees be more or less checked out. And yet an astonishing 70% are just that, disengaged at work, according to Gallup polls.

The Art Teacher


And speaking of teaching, here''s a short and sharp post by Nicholas Bate

Andrea Kates: Part Two of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Design Wikipedia Hewlett-Packard McGraw-Hill JP Morgan Chase Cisco Allstate Andrea Kates “Business Genome” Audi Autodesk CoLabs TED (Technology Continental Airlines Entertainment Find Your Next GE ecomagination GM/OnStar IndieGoGo KPMG LunaTik PF Chang’s Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific) Sharp Healthcare the Houston Texans (NFL) Groupon Wikibrand

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ZZ Top : " Sharp Dressed Man." Crank it up

Politically Incorrect Authors


Some nominees: Tom Wolfe Tom Sharpe Michael Crichton Daniel Silva Mark Helprin Ben EltonThe great books according to Kenneth Anderson. I always read Steyn but have never read AA Gill. There's another author for the stack.] Who else could make the politically incorrect list?

5 Ways to Incentivize Church Revitalization

Ron Edmondson

We need some sharp people to move from one Kingdom-building opportunity to another Kingdom-building opportunity. We need some sharp church planters to become church revitalizers.

Novels for Leaders


Although the depiction of General Kutuzov's strategy against the invading Napoleon is valuable in itself, the real value for leaders (and anyone for that matter) will be found in the novel's sharp insights on human nature

How to Avoid Overpricing Your Consulting Project

David A Fields

But you’re probably more worried about the needle-sharp nails on the ceiling. Project pricing is like a balloon in a room made of nails. I’m not sure why such a room would exist or how you would get the balloon in there, but go with me on this one.

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Writing to Persuade — Author Ross Guberman on What Professionals Need to Know

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a mini-interview of Ross Guberman conducted by Nell Minow for BNET, The CBS Interactive Business Network (March 21, 2011). To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the BNET newsletters, please click here. * * * The most important quality in an employee [.].

On Leadership, Difficulties and Samurai Swords

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They can give you flexibility, strength, perfected skills and sharpness. Difficulties don’t have to beat you down. But many time, difficulties do get the best of us and impact our mood, performance, and disposition. In fact, you might have found that a week’s vacation doesn’t even seem to help. What is the purpose of all the difficult frustrations? [.]. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Leadership Lessons Learned

Leaders: Do Your Actions Bring You Closer to Your vision?

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Posted in Leadership Development This morning I hung out my freshly washed clothes to dry in the sharp, hot Mallorcan sun. After 3.5 years, I was struck by the realization that I actually enjoy this weekly act. Awaiting each batch of clean laundry is my funky royal blue clothes line strung between two orange trees. The process is so simple, [.]. Leadership Development

Step out of your comfort zone to develop trusting work relationships


This will keep you sharp in your area of expertise while continuing to give you some satisfaction doing work you love. We need leaders who are smart, get things done, AND connect and relate to the people who support them.

Coming for the May 4 First Friday Book Synopsis – Imagine: How Creativity Works & Take the Stairs

First Friday Book Synopsis

Recently, a sharp entrepreneur told me that she consistently hears that the First Friday Book Synopsis is one of the top 5 networking events in the Dallas area. I believe this is true, and you can sense it whenever you walk into the room at one of our monthly sessions. The quality of the people, [.]. Randy's blog entries first friday book synopsis Imagine Jonah Lehrer Park City Club Rory Vaden Take the Stairs

Never Say Die

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Managing what can be experienced as sharp edges in working with other organizations starts with awareness and then deliberate behavior, much like the leadership evolution. Nothing builds confidence like success. The tougher the problems and the more of them we solve, the greater our confidence becomes. That's the paradox of success in action. As our team racks up success after success, we understandably develop a strong can-do attitude, both as individuals and as a team.

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ZZ Top : " Sharp Dressed Man." Jackson Browne : " Somebody's Baby." Mississippi Fred McDowell : " You Gotta Move." Blondie : " Dreaming

Lifestorming: Creating the Life You Want

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There is a time when you cannot change things, they will not get better on their own, and you need to take a sharp right turn to escape your predicament.”

112: Are You Fully Charged? 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life | with Tom Rath

Engaging Leader

When you are fully charged, you get more done, your mind is sharp and creative, you feel fully alive – and you are a better leader, parent, spouse, and friend. Being an engaging leader starts with engaging your own work and life optimally.

Juggling Machetes and Torches

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Not the usual balls or bowling pens, he was juggling sharp machetes and lighted torches. Add to the performance the context of a challenging economy, diverse worker needs, and the ever-present need for speed, and balls become sharp machetes; bowling pins become lighted torches.

10 Rules for Thanksgiving


The sharp silverware. I wrote this post several years ago and it is now an Execupundit tradition: Thou shalt not discuss politics at the dinner. There is next to no chance that you''ll convert anyone and any hard feelings that are generated may last long after the pumpkin pie is finished. Why spoil a good meal? Thou shalt limit discussion of The Big Game. This is mainly directed at the men who choose to argue plays, records, and coaches while their wives stare longingly at the silverware.

It’s All About GRACE.

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People will be impressed and call you a ‘sharp’ executive. I was sitting in church last night during our Maundy Thursday service and as I was reading along in the cantata , one word kept popping up. GRACE. And I realized, we all can do with a little more GRACE in our lives in how we treat other people. Honestly, when was the last time you used the word GRACE in conversation? As you know, this is a business and career blog — so how do I incorporate GRACE into that?

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3 Common Fears of Every Young Leader

Ron Edmondson

” He’s in his 30’s – and super sharp. I’m convinced. After years mentoring younger leaders, there is something all of us leaders with more experience need to know. Every young leader shares some common fears.