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This is the 250th episode of Remarkable TV so it only seems appropriate that we use our journey in getting here to talk about the power of process improvement. The post The Power of Process Improvement – Remarkable TV appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.



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Smoothing Out Some Processes

Strategy Driven

But, as long as you have the main internal processes smoothed out, then your business should be able to go from strength to strength. And, what’s even better, we think we know a few ways that we can iron out the processes so they’re crease free.

The Process


They described the process to me and the more they spoke the more it was clear to all of us that no one really knew what the process was because it resembled a raggedy quilt made by a mad and drunken weaver. So take this process, they said, and fix it.

The Process


You may emphasize certain words or sections and may even add illustrations.The process is key. As you take notes, you filter what you thought, saw or heard and put it in a particular form on some paper. Your interpretation is crucial. You determine what to preserve and what to ignore.

Problems with leadership development processes…


And, I’m excited to share with you over several brief videos the breakthroughs we’ve had in the process of dealing with those problems You know that the soft skills side of your job, the people side, the leadership side, is very important to your success and your security in your career.

Understanding the Change Process

Lead Change Blog

So, do not think you can prepare a checklist for your process, and then work your way through it. The post Understanding the Change Process appeared first on Lead Change. In my February post , I described a simple case study of how I used Michael Fullan’s model in my change consultancy practice. An essential element of Michael’s model is understanding change. In this month’s post, I will explore further what he means by that and how I practice it.

The 5-Step Process To Bravery

Joseph Lalonde

My process will be one people need to revisit. You said there’s a bravery process. Can you expand on the bravery process a little bit? It took me 6 months to come up with the idea of the bravery process. The second step of the bravery process is inspiration.

Creative Process


Do you write drunk and revise sober, so to speak, or compose everything carefully in your mind before setting it down? It’s got to be an explosion. I get an idea and then, bang! I’m at the typewriter, and two hours later it’s done. All of my short stories have taken two or three hours.

Process Improvement


James Lawther reveals the Great Process Improvement Secret. [I I know a politician who has that theory and yet his performance is highly flawed

Results Driven vs Process Driven Leadership

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

You know,” he replied, “Words like process, perspective and paradigm.”. There were way too many “p” words in this meeting for his comfort … planning … process … people … participation. → Read More: Results Driven vs Process Driven Leadership.


N2Growth Blog

Repeatable processes and procedures add great value in stable and predictable times. Principles, not process and procedures, provide the overarching guidance in any situation for making the right decisions and taking the best action. Throwing out standard process and procedures in favor of a handful of powerful but easily remembered principles for managing strategy will soon begin to show improvements in your business results. By Mark Hefner.

Steps For Optimizing Your Company’s Processes

Strategy Driven

In business, time is money, so, in order to maximize sales, longwinded and time consuming processes and procedures must be avoided. Over the course of this article you will learn how best to optimize your company’s business processes. Healthcare Processes. Process Mapping.

Ways to Identify Issues in your Business Process

Strategy Driven

Effective processes are how businesses develop and grow. Managing processes and identifying what is and isn’t working quite right can be a time-consuming process depending on the methods used, but a necessary one.

What The Book Writing Process Looks Like

Joseph Lalonde

It's not as easy as you might think For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been in the process of writing my first physical book. But one thing I realized is that I haven’t shared much of my book writing process with you, my readers.

Six-Step Strategic Planning Process

Eric Jacobson

Here's one more gem from the book -- the authors' recommendations for a six-step strategic planning process : Set an aspirational destination (derived from the mission and vision). Awhile back, I shared highlights from the useful book, First-Time Leader , by George Bradt and Gillian Davis. Assess the facts of the current reality and develop potential future scenarios. Identify options to bridge gaps between the current reality and the desired aspiration.

The Job Changing Process

Coaching Tip

The job changing process is a learning experience. When it comes to getting another job, it can be stressful, it can be a long process and even the smallest thing can trip you up. "But You learn what has changed in the marketplace since the last time you searched for a job.

How To Find Your Process For Success

Joseph Lalonde

Every expert out there has a process for success. I want to share with you how I bought into the hype of the process to success. These will help you find your process for success. Question: What’s a process for success that hasn’t worked for you?

Results Driven vs Process Driven Leadership

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

You know,” he replied, “Words like process, perspective and paradigm.”. There were way too many “p” words in this meeting for his comfort … planning … process … people … participation. → Read More: Results Driven vs Process Driven Leadership.

The Process


The process, even in small things, will become a hidden advantage The crafting of a handwritten word can possess a deliberation which is missing when that same word is spoken or typed. That may be why some authors still use pens or pencils to write their drafts, then have the drafts typed up.

Fueling Business Process Management with the Automation Engine that Can!

Strategy Driven

Organizations deploy automation technologies as the primary resource in their Business Process Management. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) meant businesses had to succumb to the high-cost, untimely, and unskilled labor in order to remain in operations. Process Automaton.

Purpose Precedes Process


If process is a vehicle, purpose is the compass. Purpose gives a definite direction to processes. Most system implementation or change initiatives focus enough on the P-P-T – People, process and technology and somewhere along the lines, the focus on purpose blurs. Being “process oriented” is definitely an asset, unless that is the only thing you are focusing on. If you constantly teach/propagate processes to your people, they would comply at the least.

The Six-Step Strategic Planning Process

Eric Jacobson

Here's one more gem from the book -- the authors' recommendations for a six-step strategic planning process : Set an aspirational destination (derived from the mission and vision). Awhile back, I shared highlights from the useful book, First-Time Leader , by George Bradt and Gillian Davis.

The Six-Question Process

Marshall Goldsmith

The Six-Question Process for coaching is an approach that I have seen work consistently well with executives. This process has produced measurable change in effectiveness (as evaluated by direct reports) with four CEOs that I have personally coached. If executives view coaching as a complex and time-consuming process, they won’t do it! Fortunately direct reports (at the executive level) seldom want or need coaching to be a time-consuming process.

7 Suggestions for Processing Pain

Ron Edmondson

What’s s great way to process (emotional) pain? The post 7 Suggestions for Processing Pain appeared first on Ron Edmondson. I tweeted recently: We all make a decision how we respond to the pain in our life. It is one of the most important decisions we’ll ever make.

Stop Getting Lost In The Process

Joseph Lalonde

What’s The Process? The process is simple. The process is the journey we take from where we’re at to where we belong. We want our way in the process. Stop Getting Lost In The Process. He shared with us how we can stop getting lost in the process.

You CAN Get The Staff These Days: Improving Your Hiring Process

Strategy Driven

Improving your hiring process could allow you to find better candidates, allowing you to build a stronger team of employees. Here are five ways that you can improve your hiring process. The biggest mistake that employers make when hiring new staff is rushing the process.

Dennis Bakke Interview – The Decision Maker Process

Modern Servant Leader

Through story, Bakke chronicles the opportunity, struggles and benefits of driving decision-making throughout a company, together with an Advice Process. What is the Decision-Making process and how did you uncover it’s importance?

Thriving Through Processes

Leadership Freak

Organizations without processes never thrive. Effective and efficient processes create platforms that enable, enhance, and evaluate both individual and organizational performance. What’s your systematic process for achieving breakthroughs, living transparently, and solving problems, for example? Powerful processes: Eliminate drama. Prevent distractions. Focus talent. Instill confidence. Expedite efficiencies. Establish measures. ** John M.

One Suggestion to Lower Stress in the Hiring Process

Ron Edmondson

In our current context, I have spoken into the hiring process from an executive pastor to a someone on our facitilites team. There is one secret I have learned, however, that while it doesn’t necessarily keep you from hiring the wrong person, it can take some of the stress out of the process.

Your Life Is A Process

Linked 2 Leadership

Looking back on my life, the word “ process &# was not even in my vocabulary. In fact, I believe that having a view of life that is built around process is vital if we are going to fulfill our purpose. It has been a process all along, I just never noticed it.

The Plain Words Process


There has to be some clarity in your own mind before writing the plain word summaries but the process of preparing the summaries also produces clarity. Yesterday afternoon I had the chance to write a summary of a class I''ve been preparing.

Guidelines for streamlining processes

The Organized Executive's Blog

More than likely, your organization operates using a complex network of processes that were developed ad hoc over a long period of time. By streamlining processes, your organization can trim down and refocus its energies on tasks having important customer and business value. Create simple flow charts that represent current processes. Ask employees familiar with the processes to supply the details. Concentrate on one work process at a time.

A Decision-Making Process

Coaching Tip

A sound strategy process comprises four distinct phases : Appraise: What's going on externally and internally? "When they get to own a P&L or become the CEO, in many cases executives are rusty at strategy or have never even been given a set of tools to set strategy," says management consultant Tim Lewko. In "MAKING BIG DECISIONS BETTER" , Lewko provides tools that enable executives to develop a strategy for moving their companies toward greater profitability and market leadership.

The Sure-Fire, 4-Step Buying Process

Lead Change Blog

A few months back I had lunch with my old high-school friend Todd, who had just moved to a new city. As we sat down to our salad and steak sandwich, he shared that he had just made an offer on a home.

The Strategic Planning Process

Coaching Tip

The Planning Process. Completion of this Consolidated SWOT is the first step in a visioning process. Here is a summary of the strategic planning process: .

Alternative Selection – More Efficient Processes Can Increase Costs

Strategy Driven

In fact, depending on where the efficiencies are gained within a given process, higher costs may be incurred. The post Alternative Selection – More Efficient Processes Can Increase Costs appeared first on StrategyDriven.

The weekly emotional process of sermon preparation…

Ron Edmondson

The post The weekly emotional process of sermon preparation… appeared first on Ron Edmondson. It goes something like this: Great (God) thought. I love it. This will preach. Why did I pick this topic? This message stinks! I wish I had another week. It’s coming together.

5 Step Process to Take a Dream to Reality

Ron Edmondson

Figuring out how to implement our ideas is the hardest part of the process it seems. This process took several months and numerous meetings. It was a long, difficult process of taking an idea to the product stage, but the deliberate steps made us better in the process.

A Guide to the Employee Onboarding Process

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We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven't already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link]. Women On Business Sponsors employee onboarding human resources new hires

How to Improve the Speed of Your Hiring Process

HR Digest

A lot of companies exceed this number of days in their hiring process; they presume it will lead to quality talents. In that case, employers vying for top talents should learn to improve the speed of their hiring process. When these are in place, the selection process becomes faster and attracts the right applicants. Despite all campaigns for speed, some employers would still not fancy fast-track hiring process, considering the cost of making a bad hire.

One Suggestion to Take Stress from the Hiring Process

Ron Edmondson

The post One Suggestion to Take Stress from the Hiring Process appeared first on Ron Edmondson. There is so much stress involved in hiring the right person for the team. I am a very strategic person. This is especially true when hiring new people to our team.

Trust the Process

Chris Brady

Commitment means you will persist with the process long before it appears to be working.