IPO Fever, and Do Bullies Make Good Bosses?

Harvard Business Review

IPO Economics & Society Leadership & Managing people AudioYoungme, Felix, and Mihir discuss why so many high-profile companies (Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack, Postmates, Casper, Peloton, etc.) are planning to go public this year. They also debate whether it’s acceptable for bosses to throw temper tantrums at work.


Hackers and Hummingbirds: Leadership Lessons from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Terry Starbucker

The book is a fascinating deep dive into many aspects of Facebook’s meteoric success, but I was particularly interested in her perspectives on the importance of great leadership. 3) Remember that the leadership skills can be taught. Half-Full Book Review Leadership

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10 (+1) Dumb Leadership Mistakes from Recent Headlines

Great Leadership By Dan

Don’t launch an IPO and get married in the same week. Last, but not least - and I'm sorry to have to mention this in a family leadership blog - don't ever, ever, have sex at work , under any circumstances. Hope you enjoyed this tour of leadership ineptitude headlines. joe biden george constanza Carol Bartz john edwards CEOs facebook mark zuckenberg mistakes leadership Lauren Odes denise chadwickCome on now, how hard can it be to be a great leader?

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How Bad Leadership Helped Launch Intel, the Silicon Valley and Venture Capital

Modern Servant Leader

We spend a lot of time here at MSL covering great leadership – servant leadership. For example, did you know bad leadership is partially to credit for the creation of Intel and the Silicon Valley? Shockley Fails at People Leadership. You practice servant leadership.

Early Exits - CEO Blog - Time Leadership

CEO Blog

CEO Blog - Time Leadership Monday, November 15, 2010 Early Exits Angel investors and VCs all like to sell one of their portfolio companies. His thesis is that most businesses sell in the $10-30M range so it is best for angel investors to push for a sale at that point which can provide a great return for the angels and for the entrepreneurs rather than holding on, raising VC funds and trying for the big IPO or $100M+ sale.

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0801 | How To Work With Millennials with Brad Szollose


Brad Szollose is the foremost expert on cross-generational leadership development strategies and the award-winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia. Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia.

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View from the 40th Floor: Change at the Top and Bottom

Decker Communication

Those were the words of the leader of one of our multi-billion dollar clients, which accents the amazing changes in leadership over the last 40 years. . As we close out the decade, let’s look at how leadership has become decentralized and team-oriented.

2012 Women in Business and the Gender Gap Research and Statistics

Women on Business

No Change for Women in Top Leadership at Fortune 500 Companies. Research Identifies “Green Ceiling” for Women Seeking IPO Investors. No Change for Women in Top Leadership at Fortune 500 Companies.

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Sound Bites and Statistic from Women Business Leaders

Women on Business

According to the infographic the University of North Carolina researchers put together to visually communicate the data and quotes they collected, “Companies with more equalized gender distribution have 30 percent better IPOs.”

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Making the Turn: 10 Warning Signs You aren’t Shifting from Founder to Leader

N2Growth Blog

Maybe you’re prepping for the IPO. There are warning signs you may be stuck in founder-mode and not making the turn to leadership. Leadership is uncomfortable sometimes. Leadership involves uncertainty. Leadership is messier that being the founder.

Exit and Succession Planning


All the details of their sale of the company through an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and how it changed their lives. The post Exit and Succession Planning appeared first on | Elements of Leadership Blog. by Gary Cohen.

When the Leader Needs Help

Great Leadership By Dan

If you’ve got outside funders, they’re demanding more and better financial reporting from you, and your board is starting to breathe down your neck about preparing for an IPO. S tay in some sort of leadership role, but bring in an experienced CEO from outside.

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Why the Rules of the Entrepreneurial Game Are Changing

Leading Blog

Internet traffic and was the first Internet IPO. If you want to go far in the Third Wave, you must go together.” * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. T HERE WAS A TIME when AOL was how most Americans got online.

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm … on “Good Company”

The Practical Leader

” management culture change customer service employee commitment employee engagement employee retention Good Company leadership Theresa Welbourne Time magazine University of Southern California Web 2.0

Transformational Growth and Disruptive Change: 4 Principles to Guide You

Marshall Goldsmith

Lyft: Values-driven leadership: nobody does it alone. of that vision is a company called Lyft, the world’s fastest-growing ride-sharing firm, whose focus on values-based service and collaborative leadership serves as ballast during this period of exponential growth and change.

The Most Innovative Companies Have Long-Term Leadership

Harvard Business Review

The typical enterprise software startup that IPOs is at least 7 years old (to say nothing of those that try and fail). In the year before Google IPO’d, it did about $962 million in revenue. Call 2014 the year of innovation.

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About the Declining Number of Public Companies

Harvard Business Review

The number of listed firms can decline because of three developments: 1) bankruptcy, failure, or closure of listed firms, 2) delisting of firms going private or acquired, and 3) decrease in number of initial public offerings (IPOs). retains its leadership in technological progress.

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A History of the Job Listing and How It Just Died [Infographic]

Kevin Eikenberry

Subsequent investment and growth would lead to an IPO in 1999. The early 2000s saw Careerbuilder and Monster going head-to-head for market leadership – largely in a race for distribution. 2016 was the year the online job listing finally went belly up.

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What Wall Street Wants to See From Twitter’s Executives (and Why It’s Wrong)

Harvard Business Review

Between now and the IPO, every bit of information about the company’s finances and other metrics will be closely scrutinized. Research shows that firms’ management teams influence the success of their IPOs. Just as investors will be judging the appeal of Twitter’s business, so too will they be analyzing the competency of its leadership. Research likewise suggests that senior management and the board of directors are tied to a firm’s IPO performance.

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A Story on Importance of Processes: From Subroto Bagchi


This book journals growth of MindTree from idea to IPO. A Round Up of My Writing in March 2010 Other Links to this Post QAspire Blog - Quality, Management, Leadership & Life! Robin’s Blog Seth s Blog Steve Yastrow’s blog - new article Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching TerryStarbucker.com The Tom Peters Weblog Utpal Writes QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management, Leadership and Improvement is powered by WordPress WordPress Themes

Why Mega-Mergers Are Back in Vogue for Internet Companies

Harvard Business Review

For many consumer tech companies, this post-IPO pressure on financial returns is too high. What compels these companies to IPO prematurely is that they need to provide a liquidity event for their institutional investors, and sometimes for their founders or early employees.

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Zuckerberg May Need to Fail

Harvard Business Review

The forthcoming Facebook IPO gives us lots to talk about. So why IPO? That is, the IPO is a good way to get rich, quick. Innovation Leadership StrategyIt is likely to be the largest in history (cool). It is predicated on an established business model (good), plus a future growth path into the mobile space that is uncertain ( not so good ). And it will make its 27-year-old founder incredibly rich (good, for him).

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What Spinning Off a GE Business Taught Me About Managing Ultra-Fast Change

Harvard Business Review

Major organizational changes, covering everything from recruiting and branding to regulatory approvals and marketing, happened in rapid succession, with a hard deadline of 12 months to get it all done for the IPO — and 18 months from the IPO until our full separation from GE. What I did know was that I, and our leadership team, needed to solicit feedback — a lot of it. Change management Leadership Digital Article

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Every Fast-Growing Company Has to Combat Overload

Harvard Business Review

That’s because overload is a surmountable crisis—under the right leadership. In early 2013, Norwegian went public and became one of the most successful IPOs of the year, closing the year 87% above its IPO price.

Alibaba Looks More Like GE than Google

Harvard Business Review

Alibaba, the Chinese internet titan that filed for an IPO in the U.S. last week, could be the largest tech IPO in history. But Alibaba doesn’t look much like Facebook, Google, or even Amazon. Instead, it operates more like GE.

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The Best Companies Invest Aggressively in These 3 Areas

Harvard Business Review

Whenever possible, they even work to generate mini-founder opportunities within their companies, to foster responsibility and leadership experiences for their most talented people. The company’s success has made it one of the best-performing IPOs in Asia in the last decade.

What to Do If Your Career Is Stalled and You Don’t Know Why

Harvard Business Review

Take Jim, a front-runner CFO candidate for a leading medical device manufacturer on the verge of an IPO. Our CEO Genome research uncovered that stronger candidates for leadership positions are more effective at persuading others, including their peers. Managing yourself Coaching Talent management Leadership development Digital ArticleJune Buck/Getty Images. A CEO whom we’ll call Melissa was exasperated.

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Many CEOs Aren’t Breakthrough Innovators (and That’s OK)

Harvard Business Review

For example, Qualcomm’s CDMA mobile technology was a breakthrough that led to its IPO in 1991. One example is Ross Stores: It created an innovative off-price fashion retail format in 1982, which led to its IPO in 1985. In high-tech and fashion retail, more CEOs have a product development background than in pharma (around 60% in both industries), but we found that breakthrough innovation for public companies in these industries is rare; most happen pre-IPO.

The Best Platforms Are More than Matchmakers

Harvard Business Review

How should leaderships invest to make their users – not just their platforms – measurably better? That’s platform leadership. The power of digital platforms to profitably disrupt industries continues to impress.

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A simple cure for the Buzzword Bingo | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

Here you’ll find more than 1500 articles and mini-sagas on entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity and simply how to distinguish yourself. In terms of exit strategy , our goal is an IPO but at the right price and the right partner, we won’t exclude the acquisition option. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME. You are a new visitor to this blog. You REALLY should subscribe to our newsletter too - you will get exclusive content that is NOT featured on this blog once or twice a month.

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Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting

Harvard Business Review

All of this indicates that Uber leaders prioritized immediately useful services like recruitment over, for example, legal compliance systems, audits, and leadership development. In fast-growing organizations, HR is designed and staffed to deliver the “services” that are most visible to the leadership team; that usually means large-scale recruiting. Ultimately, boards, CEOs, and investors get the quality of leadership — and HR — that they demand and permit.

Why Financial Statements Don’t Work for Digital Companies

Harvard Business Review

On February 13, 2018, the New York Times reported that Uber is planning an IPO. Twitter reported a loss of $79 million before its IPO, yet it commanded a valuation of $24 billion on its IPO date in 2013. Therefore the most important aim for digital companies is to achieve market leadership, create network effects , and command a “winner-take-all” profit structure. steven moore for hbr.

5 Ways to Project Confidence in Front of an Audience

Harvard Business Review

A study on CEOs giving IPO road-show presentations found that even hardened financial advisors judge a leader’s “competence and trustworthiness” within as little as 30-seconds. These snap judgments are so powerful, CEOs who rated the highest for their executive presence in the study enjoyed higher IPO valuations. Army Commander Matt Eversmann, who teaches leadership at Johns Hopkins University. Michael Blann/Getty Images.


Mark Zuckerberg's Magic Touch

Harvard Business Review

What we are witnessing, and participating in, is more than an IPO. It was one among many attempts to unveil the magic of Zuckerberg's leadership, which only further revealed our fascination with him. Being bestowed with the magic of leadership can be wonderful, burdensome, seductive, or intoxicating. Looked at this way, leadership is like a hoodie. Leadership Social mediaFacebook's shares open for trading today.

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Uber’s New CEO Will Have to Win on Two Fronts Simultaneously

Harvard Business Review

This occurs when the founder’s leadership skills hit a limit, inhibiting the ability of the company to go to the next stage. In February Kalanick wrote an internal memo indicating that he needed more leadership help, having reached the limits of his ability, hence this week’s announcement of a new CEO. However, after its IPO, Amazon’s losses were in the millions, not the billions. Leadership Strategy Managing organizations Digital Article

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VW’s Board Needed More Outsiders

Harvard Business Review

With a strong, competent, and independent chair able to step in and assume responsibility (and possibly act as interim CEO), a company in a crisis that destroys its leadership is better placed to navigate the storm. Hayward’s leadership had contributed to BP underplaying safety its U.S.

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Great Businesses Don't Start With a Plan

Harvard Business Review

One of our most striking findings was that of the entrepreneurs we surveyed who had a successful exit (that is, an IPO or sale to another firm), about 70% did NOT start with a business plan. Entrepreneurship Innovation LeadershipYou want to start a business. So you need a plan, right? Not really.

A Story from Google Shows You Don’t Need Power to Drive Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Brian Fitzpatrick joined Google as a senior software engineer in 2005, shortly after the company’s IPO. In our view, Brian’s work is an excellent demonstration of strategic leadership. Leadership & Managing people Managing yourself Strategy Innovation

IPO 16

Startups Can’t Revolve Around Their Founders If They Want to Succeed

Harvard Business Review

Silicon Valley lore offers examples of exceptional founder-CEOs, such as Salesforce.com’s Marc Benioff, who were able to lead their companies through an IPO. Even when startups have great products and customer interest, they struggle with long-term growth.

Oracle: The Worst-Governed, Best-Run Company Around

Harvard Business Review

And of the remarkable tech IPO class of 1986, which included Adobe, EMC, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems, Oracle has been the best performer. Boards Leadership Technology After 37 years in charge, Larry Ellison finally stepped down as Oracle’s CEO on Thursday. Except that he’s not really stepping down. The 70-year-old will stay on as the software giant’s executive chairman and also its chief technology officer — the latter title a formalization of a role he was already playing.

IPO 12

Huawei’s Culture Is the Key to Its Success

Harvard Business Review

There’s a shared belief within the company that an IPO would result in only a few people getting very rich, and the majority losing their motivation.

We Is Bigger Than Me

Harvard Business Review

That's why it's so easy to focus on the magazine covers, the IPO wealth, the personal narratives. Leadership is about service," he told an interviewer last year , "and you can't lead if you can't follow. Innovation Leadership development Managing yourselfNew York Times pundit David Brooks recently expressed in 800 words a message I have spent the last 15 years trying to communicate to senior business leaders and ambitious young people around the world.

IPO 17

What Happened to Goldman Sachs?

Harvard Business Review

That may just be because some of the partnership ethos lived on nine years after the IPO, meaning that the firm is unlikely to do so well in the next financial crisis. Customer service Finance LeadershipGreg Smith's resignation op-ed from Goldman Sachs Wednesday raised a zillion questions. What was the back-story ? What was with the ping pong ? And what's wrong with being a muppet ? But the biggest question would have to be: What happened to Goldman Sachs?

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