Benefits of Being a Young Entrepreneur

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The Founder Project is a new type of venture fund run by students investing in students'' startups to create a global student startup ecosystem. Education Entrepreneurship Funding Innovation Startups Venture Capital Venture capital

Why it is essential for a leader to use the skills and mindset of a negotiator?

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What do venture funding, employee reviews, project planning and vendor selection have in common? Let’s put it simply – they call for negotiation and persuasion. Most business meetings are not seen as a negotiation, but they still involve communication and bargaining.

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Statistics and Sound Bites from Women Business Leaders [Infographic]

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Unfortunately, only 3-5% of women-owned businesses receive venture capital (95% goes to male-owned businesses), and only 10% of venture-funded startups are women-owned. In fact, female entrepreneurs start with about one-eighth the funding of male-owned ventures.

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Niche can be a Competitive Advantage

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In that, I talk about the advantages of being small (like the Canrock Ventures fund). I have been a niche player all of my life. I choose small markets and learn to be dominant in them. I prefer to be big in a small market. Working in a niche allows focus on specialties.

Something Ventured

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Wednesday night I attended a Cinemonde screening of "Something Ventured - Risk, Reward, and the Original Venture Capitalists" (not to be confused by the autobiography on CM Woodhouse called Something Ventured ) It is a great documentary film. It told of the early days of Kliener Perkins and the funding of Steve Jobs - including interviews with some people who turned him down because he was "arrogant, hippy and smelled bad".

The Time is Now to Become an Entrepreneur

Mills Scofield

Consequently, last year I founded TheFounderProject - a new type of venture fund run almost entirely by students that invests in student startups. We are now a team of 30 ‘ student venture capitalists ’ from all universities in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax.

Difference between hard and soft elite disciplines

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”) or the fund made money. In my last post I referred to Steve Hsu’s (on Twitter @hsu_steve ) post on credentials and elite performance.

A new LinkedIn tool to help managers find non-executive positions

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To begin with Board Connect has just four non-profit launch partners – Teach for America, New Schools Venture Fund, Charter Board Partners and the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation – but the hope is that this will quickly expand. Throughout the past few years, a regular issue in the management world has been how to ensure gender parity in the boardrooms of our biggest companies.

If The Entrepreneurial Shoe Fits, That Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It

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It really is essential reading for any would-be entrepreneur, because it really “lays it all out there&# – all the hurdles and “screens&# that one has to jump and pass through to conceive, plan, fund, staff, model, manage and execute (just to name a few) a new business. The “Secret&# of success is not just a great idea, a positive attitude, and venture funding. Carol Roth, author of "The Entrepreneur Equation" Carol Roth is a truth teller.

Lessons From BIF-7

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After some introspection, she agreed to head up Clayton Christensen’s venture fund, Rose Park Advisors , to help companies grow. I’m tired of all the “Woe is America” stuff – we’ve lost our innovation edge, we’re stagnating, etc. What I see is the opposite – incredible innovation in products, services, processes and business models. It’s just not in the mainstream media.

How Corporate Venture Capital Helps Firms Explore New Territory

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Two in particular are corporate venture funds, which invest in start-ups outside companies'' walls, and internal idea contests. But cutting back on research funding doesn''t work either. Corporate venture capital can avoid some of these problems.

Research: How Cloud Computing Changed Venture Capital

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How has technology changed which deals venture capitalists (VCs) fund and how they fund them? Venture capitalists essentially invest in startup ‘experiments’, and subsequently provide more funding to the experiments that work, so that they can run more experiments.

Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs — and It Affects How Much Funding They Get

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There is an enormous gender gap in venture capital funding in the United States. Female entrepreneurs receive only about 2% of all venture funding , despite owning 38% of the businesses in the country. The prevailing hope among academics, policy makers, and practitioners alike has been that this gap will narrow as more women become venture capitalists. However, homophily does not seem to be the only culprit behind the funding gap.

Impact Investing Could Accelerate the Fight Against Cancer

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As part of our work with the Harvard Business School-Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator , funded by a $20 million gift from the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation, we have been studying these approaches. UBS’s role was to market the fund to its private wealth clientele.

Practical Advice for Raising Early Stage Venture Capital

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But raising venture capital is sometimes a great idea. If your business has high velocity, high margins, and a huge market, venture may be a good road for you. The notes below are practical working tips on how to go about navigating venture capitalist conversations.

Startup Accelerators Have Become More Popular in Emerging Markets — and They’re Working

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Our most recent report with data on over 2,000 ventures from 42 accelerator programs, shows that across country settings, accelerated ventures grow at significantly higher rates compared to ventures that applied but were not accepted into the accelerator program. We were also surprised to find that emerging market ventures are typically older than startups applying to accelerator programs in high-income countries, are earning more revenue, and have hired more employees.

How Corporate Venture Capital Helps Firms Explore New Territory

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Corporations have narrowed the focus of their R&D by pressing for clear, short-term wins; venture capitalists are too quick to get caught up in the latest, hottest thing; and even the vaunted crowdfunding option is pretty limited: It’s great if you’re an internet star, but try getting a crowd excited about an innovative idea in industrial machinery. But cutting back on research funding doesn’t work either.

Why Some of the Most Groundbreaking Technologies Are a Bad Fit for the Silicon Valley Funding Model

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Corporate executives seek to inject “Silicon Valley DNA” into their cultures, and policy makers point to venture-funded entrepreneurship as a solution for all manner of problems. The myth of Silicon Valley is that venture-funded entrepreneurship is a generalizable model that can be applied to every problem, when in actuality it is a model that was built to commercialize mature technologies for certain markets. Jurgen Ziewe/Getty Images.

More and More Companies Want a Piece of the Next Snapchat

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Venture capital investment has reached levels not seen since the dotcom crash, and corporate money is playing a significant role. There’s a case to be made for corporate venture capital as a strategy, but research suggests that this is probably the exact wrong moment to be using it.

True Leaders Believe Dissent Is an Obligation

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I first encountered the term last year, in an intriguing interview with a CEO named Victor Ho, cofounder of a customer loyalty company that has raised more than $100 million in venture funding. These are head-spinning times for those of us who think about the best ways to lead and the most effective ways to compete. What defines acceptable personal behavior (let alone behavior worth emulating) among public officials?

How Advanced Analytics Is Changing B2B Selling

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Taking this strategy a step further, the company established Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV), a venture fund based in San Francisco that looks for other inventive, environmentally sustainable ways to improve crop yield. Marcus Winther/Getty Images. From targeted online advertising to more precise recommendation engines, consumer markets are bursting with innovation around machine learning and advanced analytics.

Don’t Expect New Crowdfunding Rules to Create a Startup Boom

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If the limiting factor for the startup economy is capital, you’d expect newly founded venture funds to generate solid returns. In fact, venture capital hasn’t performed well compared to other asset classes, with the big wins clustered among the top dozen or so firms.

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What Zipcar Can Teach the S&P 500

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While entrepreneurs are grasping for venture capital, the nation's leading firms seem puzzled about how to spend their money. If its ambition was to improve on current products in tiny increments, venture capitalists would ignore them. If big companies are to seize more fast-growth opportunities, they can learn from the venture capitalists that back the most successful entrepreneurs. What could happen if these companies embraced the venture capitalist playbook?

Why John Deere Measures Employee Morale Every Two Weeks

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But this is not nearly frequent enough for Deere and companies facing fierce competition for rare technical talent from venture-funded startups and big software and services competitors like Amazon and Google.

What the CVS-Aetna Deal Means for the Delivery of U.S. Health Care

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This is evidenced by the number of venture funding deals , which grew some 200% between 2010 and 2014. Carol Yepes/Getty Images. The landscape for the delivery of health care in the United States is changing, but the traditional care-delivery players are not the change agents.

Big Companies Should Collaborate with Startups

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Campbell, the food company best known for its soups, is investing $125 million in a venture fund to help finance food startups, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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In Singapore, a Failure to Fail

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Our IDEAS Ventures fund is a joint arrangement with the National Research Foundation as part of the National Framework for Innovation and Enterprise. Government support is beneficial, but venture capitalist investor Mike Maples recently made a point in a conversation with TechCrunch that crystallized a nagging concern that I've had about Singapore: it's too hard for companies to fail.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Network

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Some people line up lunches and coffee dates because they’re in search of a job, venture funding, or clients for their company.

Refugees Need Jobs. Entrepreneurship Can Help.

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Europe, on the other hand, led by Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, spends a higher proportion of its international development funds supporting entrepreneurial and pro-business projects in developing countries. Refugees pouring into Europe from Africa and the Middle East have arguably created the greatest crisis for the “European Experiment” since it began after World War II.

What Tomorrow's Leaders Are Learning in Africa Right Now

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And companies in Accra include venture fund Oasis Capital and agricultural private equity house Injaro Investments. This is the first of several commentaries on " The Paradox of Samsung's Rise ," an article by Tarun Khanna, Jaeyong Song, and Kyungmook Lee in the July?August August 2011 HBR.

A New CEO's Reinvention Road Map

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We now face new competition from Silicon Valley start-ups with venture funding and a great idea, as well as from mature industrial and technology powerhouses from the Fortune 500.

How Watson Changed IBM

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In January 2014 IBM announced they were spending $1 billion to launch the Watson Group , including a $100 million venture fund to support start-ups and businesses that are building Watson-powered apps using the “ Watson Developers Cloud.” Remember when IBM’s “Watson” computer competed on the TV game show “Jeopardy” and won ? Most people probably thought “Wow, that’s cool,” or perhaps were briefly reminded of the legend of John Henry and the ongoing contest between man and machine.

VC Funding Can Be Bad For Your Start Up

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More than two generations ago, the venture capital community — VCs, business angels, incubators, and others — convinced the entrepreneurial world that writing business plans and raising venture capital constituted the twin centerpieces of entrepreneurial endeavor. But the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs never take any venture capital. The business had been funded and grown entirely by its customers’ cash. Entrepreneurship Venture capital

This Program Uses Lean Startup Techniques to Turn Scientists into Entrepreneurs

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That spring Rithmio won the COZAD New Venture Competition , and on the strength of that was able to secure $650,000 in angel financing. Later it received an additional $3 million in seed funding from blue-chip investors such as Intel Capital and KGC. According to VentureWell, as of May 2016 the program has trained over 700 teams, which have raised more than $80 million from venture funding, government grants, and other sources. Cat Yu for HBR.

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research — Here’s How They Do It

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To account for its success, many point to America’s entrepreneurial culture, its tolerance for failure and its unique ecosystem of venture funding. While private companies employ some excellent scientists, most of America’s scientific research is publicly funded.

Groupon Doomed by Too Much of a Good Thing

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Such a strategy limits an early venture's funding in order to force the business to develop a profitable business model and then invests heavily in growth once such a model is identified — Christensen terms such investments "good money" for incubating growth businesses and extols the strategy for three reasons. Finally, reaching profitability quickly ensures that when outside financing dries up, the venture can succeed on its own. "Alright, you caught us.

How Blockchain Is Changing Finance

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For example, consider how new business ventures access growth capital. Traditionally, companies target angel investors in the early stages of a new business, and later look to venture capitalists, eventually culminating in an initial public offering (IPO) on a stock exchange. This industry supports a number of intermediaries, such as investment bankers, exchange operators, auditors, lawyers, and crowd-funding platforms (such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo).

Two Ways to Break into India’s Consumer Market

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Two Indian e-commerce platform companies, Flipkart of Bangalore, founded by a pair of former Amazon employees, and Snapdeal near New Delhi, founded by a Wharton graduate, have each received over a billion dollars in venture funding and are in a war for these customers. Amazon has put the funds and the management bench strength to lend credence to this ambition.

Don’t Start a Company with Your Business School Pals

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Maybe it’s learning that your co-founder is prepared to work with the wrong venture fund or that they’re actively willing to hide bad results from your board. If you’re thinking about co-founding a company with your B-school buddy, break it off right now. This is the “Cool Kids Start Companies” syndrome. But for every Warby Parker or Rent the Runway, there are hundreds more that quietly combust in the background without fanfare or notice.

3 Entrepreneurs Who Made It Their Mission to Lower Health Care Costs

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In 2010, Chandra started a for-profit venture, Forus Health , which launched the world’s first low-cost fundus camera , 3nethra, that screens anterior (cornea) and posterior (retina) segments of the eye for four major conditions (cataracts, diabetic retina, glaucoma, and cornea issues). Raising funds for poor patients was his immediate response. In 2015, at age 21, he founded a venture-funded for-profit start up, Stasis Labs , focused on proactive patient care.

Three Headwinds for Facebook's IPO

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Since his fund's investment, a series of very well publicized auctions on secondary markets have driven Facebook's private market valuation to over 85B. Venture investors look for home runs. Whether Facebook IPOs for 80B or 100B, the venture funds that invested prior to 2011 will have plenty of capital to return to their limited partners. I am not pessimistic about Facebook's future.

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People Are the New Channel

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Brent Remai, CMO at FireEye , was hired into a small, venture- funded company with several years of moderate results. In the past, channels delivered messages to audiences. You either owned the pipe or paid to use someone else''s.

Your C-Suite Needs a Chief Data Officer

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Big names like Ford and Sears are setting up data labs in the Bay Area and we have just witnessed the launch of Data Collective , a data-only venture fund set up by some of Silicon Valley's leading lights. In the closing decade of the twentieth century, Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. showed the world that elephants can dance by turning around IBM, a mammoth if ever there was one.