Disaster and Contingency Planning Lessons from the ICU

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In a hospital, lives are saved or lost long before patients’ treatment plans are written and implemented. Planning is Impersonal. Are you a leader tasked with planning for routine operations along with the response when routines are disrupted in ways big or small? When Plans Fail. It’s inaccurate to accuse Memorial Hospital of not having a disaster plan. If you are a line employee, acquaint yourself with your organization’s contingency and disaster plans.

Contingency Planning | N2Growth Blog

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While this is understandable, it is nonetheless naive, and it constitutes a major flaw in the business logic of most strategic plans. This is so much the case that the most often overlooked aspect of strategic planning is adequately addressing contingencies as part of the planning process.

How Contingency Plans Cause People to Perform Worse and Try Less

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Will Smith said, “There is no reason to have plan “B” because it distracts from plan “A”. Jihae Shin and Katherine Milkman, from Wharton School research found that merely thinking about a backup… Continue reading → Decisions courageous leaders Leadership Leadership Development

My Business After Hurricane Sandy: Creating a Contingency Plan

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Female Executives Strategy Uncategorized contingency plan hurricane virtual assistantHurricane Sandy was a monumental, hopefully once in a lifetime, storm. As the hurricane approached the East Coast many people frantically prepared to keep their families safe and supplies stocked. There was a run on the stores as people purchased enough food to last for a week, water to drink and gas to run generators and cars.

Succession Planning or Contingency Planning

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Succession Planning or Contingency Planning - Succession Planning or Contingency Planning is often talked about, but often considered too complex and expensive for many organizations or businesses to understand & put in action Related posts: Strategic Analysis and Planning Five ways to make leadership succession planning work Counter Offers, Human Capital & Retention.

5 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Small Business Running While on Holiday

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Workplace Issues contingency planning LeadershipAs an independent micro business owner, I relish holidays. However, I’m also a little fearful of them. This may sound odd. How could one be afraid of taking time off to recharge the batteries?

Managers: What’s Your Plan B?

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Others, full of optimism, forge ahead with gusto, experience meteoric success, and later face a precipitous change in fortune due to a circumstance that could have been planned for. I found myself wondering if better contingency planning could have mitigated the damage.

As Brexit Negotiations Start, Companies Need Contingency Plans

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Any company with substantial exposure to Brexit that hasn’t yet devised contingency plans to deal with a range of outcomes, including very bad ones, is about as far behind the curve as Britain’s current government seems to be right now. ” The Brexit-related factors that he cites include exchange rate movements, share price shifts following policy announcements, and the cost of shifting investment plans in the light of anticipated shifts in trade policy.

Life Lessons From The Ziplining Tortilla

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Businesses have Continuity and Contingency Plans (BCCP’s) in case disaster strikes, and they are supposed to test their systems periodically. Everything Else Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Change Management Ziplining

Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty: A book review by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries “Voice of Experience” mini-commentaries relevant to the given context contingency planning crisis response Frederick Funston how to survive and thrive by making correct judgments its implications and possible (if not probable) consequences of risk must also be fully understood John Wilkey & Sons Inc Oxford University Press Risk cannot be managed until it is recognized within its context risk management Risk unmanaged is risk exacerbated Samuel B.

Crisis Planning and Worst Case Scenarios


Not good bedtime reading but the sort of analysis which you hope has already produced some practical contingency plans While watching the news, I pulled two books off the shelf: 6 Nightmares: Real Threats in a Dangerous World and How America Can Meet Them by Anthony Lake.

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Is Your Team Prepared for a Safety Emergency?

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” I was intrigued.The team went into a well-orchestrated checklist delegating contingency emergency assignments and ensuring that everyone knew where the nearest exits and fire extinguishers were. Making a Safety Plan. Yes, yes, plan for the big stuff.

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Some Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

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It''s also used to articulate the challenges an organization has, enabling contingency plans. A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization''s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of using the SWOT tool is to uncover or reveal the organization''s competitive advantages, and what opportunities (sales, profitability) to capitalize upon. An analysis of the organization''s strengths and weaknesses is typically an internal examination process.

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Evolve As An Entrepreneur In 3 Simple Steps

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If you plan everything correctly and do all the research, calling on advice from others and your new knowledge, you can easily start new business ventures. Make sure you have contingency plans in case they do fail, but don’t let failure put you off. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

7 Ways Overconfidence is Sabotoging Your Career

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You’ve Got No Plan B. You’re so confident you’re on the fast track, you stop networking or creating contingency plans. When you think you know what to do, it’s easy to ignore data that doesn’t fit your plan.

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10 Leadership Lessons From My Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie Quotes

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At my firm , we help clients develop strategies and create the contingency plans needed, if certain scenarios begin to emerge.

7 Ways to Help Your Team Deal with Ambiguity

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Find a trusted advisor (could even be a team member) who finds change and ambiguity exhilarating to help you with your plan. Brainstorm those possibilities and develop contingency plans.

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Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

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It's also used to articulate the challenges an organization has, enabling contingency plans. A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of using the SWOT tool is to uncover or reveal the organization's competitive advantages, and what opportunities (sales, profitability) to capitalize upon. An analysis of the organization's strengths and weaknesses is typically an internal examination process.

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4 Steps for Making Change Happen

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Step 2: Have a plan for getting initial buy-in (include contingencies) Make sure your proposal takes into account all these legitimate concerns and potential dangers surrounding change. Anticipate all possible objections and create contingency plans for anything that could go wrong.

Change Leadership: Overcoming Change Fatigue and Organizational Burnout

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Piloting, prototyping, and contingency planning before a change can save weeks or even years of rework. For any business, large or small, corporate change is critical for survival. Unfortunately, though, many of us are juggling multiple change initiatives simultaneously.

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When in Doubt, Rehearse!

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Lately I’ve seen several leaders trip over the unexpected outcome of a grand plan. It not only gave me an opportunity to learn the logic of play calling but it taught me how to consider risk and plan for unexpected outcomes. Leadership And Contingency Planning.

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This Word Unleashes Change & Innovation

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Have you identified all the risks here, and what are your contingency plans should things not progress as expected? Have you ever worked for a boss who always said no ? If you have, my first guess is it was a frustrating experience.

The External Factors Affecting Your Business

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While there might be plenty of directions you want to take your company in, you’ll also be subject to the whims and plans of your fellow humans, who all too often (it can feel like) have plans that are out of sync with your own.

Fear Of Change And 5 Ways To Overcome It

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All authentic change goes through three stages: 1) Anticipation 2) Regression 3) Consolidation Anticipation is the exciting stage of change where we anticipate the benefits and make our transitional plans. Create consensus by presenting your plan to colleagues and stakeholders.

What is Your Innovation Style?

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make detailed plans before I start OR __handle problems as they arise. When you have 3 on the table, turn to "structured" colleagues and discuss what needs to happen and contribute contingency plans.

The Fear of the Finger

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A business executive continues with a risky plan in spite of damning information in hopes it will work out because to turn back would be to appear to admit defeat. Have a plan and a contingency plan.

Great by Choice

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Fear and worry is channeled into preparation, contingency plans, buffers and margins of safety. It is a defeatist attitude to think that luck or circumstances primarily make you what you are. Luck, both good and bad happen to us all. We cannot control much of what happens around us, but the choices we make, as Jim Collins and Morten Hansen’s research confirms, determine our success.

Reel Leadership: 24 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron

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Have a backup plan : The Scarlet Witch was able to touch the Hulk and unleash his rage. Tony Stark knows this is trouble but he had a backup plan… He knew he had to call on Veronica. Think of a contingency plan and have one ready in case you need it.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

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Plan for the future. When your business has contingency plans for future scenarios you will seldom be caught by surprise. Most successful businesses have planned responses to most scenarios because they took the time to think “What If”. Plans are in writing to address inventories and reducing surplus. Legal compliance and precautions plan is annually updated, with measurable goals. Purchasing plan (with processes and vendor lists) is in writing.

Difficult conversations require your head and your heart


A contingency plan isn’t available when the two-way interaction doesn’t go the way you’d planned. Leaders have to become increasingly more skilled at having difficult conversations with others as they take on more responsibility. Greater numbers of people might be relying on them to lead, which often entails tricky situations and tough discussions.

Leadership Lessons from a Heroic Black Hawk Down Army Ranger

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For business leaders this means providing your teams the training and tools needed to be successful, knowing your objective and strategies inside and out, and having contingency plans that are just as defined and well-rehearsed. .

4 Lessons from the Toyota Crisis

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Thoroughly consider alternative solutions, then pick a path, develop a detailed plan, and execute with discipline and energy. Therefore, the chief questions to ask yourself about how your company will respond in a crisis are not contingency plans and policies, but about your culture and your people. “Crisis response must start by building a strong culture long before the crisis hits,” say Jeffrey Liker and Tim Ogden, authors of Toyota Under Fire.

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Four Things to Remember When Change Hits “Upside the Head”

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We anticipate it; study it; plan for it; and, if we are smart (or lucky), we make it happen or respond to it with strength, a sense of purpose and a clear head. Change. It’s a topic that provides much fodder for discussion among leaders.

Book Review: “Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck – Why Some Thrive Despite Them All”

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They channel their fear and worry into action, preparing, developing contingency plans, building buffers, and maintaining large margins of safety." This is a very timely, inspiring, and practical book for leading in turbulent times.

7 Strategies for Your Strategies « Linked 2 Leadership

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you say… But wait a minute… The Strategy Paradox Perhaps previous strategy plans wound up on the shelf and later in the trash for the dumpster divers to use as kindling for their nightly winter fires. However, this new strategy plan is better and you have spared no time or expense.

Lead/”Beek”/Run – Love, kindness & bringing it “all” to the “mat”

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What is it to set an intention, show up 100%, and still have compassion and flexibility for self when things get tough or an well intended plan truly doesn’t work? I thought I’d do something very different on this blog for a bit. Consider this an experiment on multiple levels.

5 Ways the Best Companies Close the Strategy-Execution Gap

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In our experience at Bain & Company, however, this strategy-to-performance gap is rarely the result of shortcomings in implementation; it is because the plans are flawed from the start. Too many companies still follow a “Plan-then-Do” approach to strategy: The organization works tirelessly to create its best forecasts about the future market and competitive landscape. The Plan-then-Do approach is obsolete – even dangerous. James Balog/Getty Images.

How to write an internal communications plan and strategy

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Internal communications Plan. Increasingly Human Resources (HR) or Organizational Development (OD) teams are being asked to drive and deliver internal communications, but what is an internal communications plan and how do you go about writing and applying one? Why have internal communications plans? An effective approach to developing an internal communication plan starts not with what we need to do, but why we need to do it. Example plan matrix. Plan, announce.

How to Be a Pro-Vacation Manager in a High-Pressure Industry

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Ask your team about their vacation plans. Create a contingency plan. Work together to identify someone you both trust to be accountable and agree on a plan of action to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

As Promised – Very Long Post on Managing Remote Teams | Survive.

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Spend some time using the SMART goal planning process so that you know you and your team are on the same page about what’s important and when it’s due. Survive Your Promotion!

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