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Pamela Meyer How to spot a liar TedSummaries

Persuasive Powerhouse

Speaker Pamela Meyer is author of Liespotting , which pulls together research on deception from a number of sources. Summary Everyone is a liar, but the goal to spotting liars isn't to trick them or play gotcha', but to understand the truth. Truth 1 Lying is a cooperative act it needs the hearer to believe.

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Top 3 Mindset Habits for CEOs, Founders, and Executives by Mindset Expert and Coach Jeff Meyer

CEO Insider

Former NCAA men’s basketball coach Jeff Meyer founded Alpha Flow Executive to help the nation’s top amateur and pro athletes — along with fellow founders, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives — reach a ‘flow state.’ Meyer worked with […]. Meyer worked with […]. Copyright The CEOWORLD magazine Limited 2021.

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Someone to Know: Hill-Rom Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Ken Meyers


Q&A with Ken Meyers, CHRO of Hill-Rom. In every interaction with them, there’s much wisdom that they share, and they do it in a way that makes one appreciative and grateful. Here’s the first in our series of people I think you’d want to know!

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We All Need to Be Refreshed – Creatively Refreshed – on a Pretty Regular Basis (insight from Seth Meyers)

First Friday Book Synopsis

And Seth Meyers is now taking over for Jimmy Fallon for the later hour. Here’s a nice read on the two of them – their strengths, their differences: The Difference Between Seth Meyers And Jimmy […]. It is the beginning of new versions of some familiar TV shows. Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show.

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First Look: Leadership Books for September 2020

Leading Blog

No Rules Rules : Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. She explores each of these questions in depth, as well as the six key qualities of leader humility: a balanced ego, integrity, a compelling vision, ethical strategies, generous inclusion, and a developmental focus.

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Interview with Madge Meyer

Chartered Management Institute

Madge Meyer is executive vice president, chief innovation officer and technology fellow at State Street Corporation. Meyer is responsible for leading efforts to benchmark, disseminate and commercialize State Street’s new transformational technology. In this role, Ms.

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The Danger of Unhealthy Expectations to Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Author information Candace Meyer Writer Candace Meyer is a freelance writer at and a graduate student who is presently taking her master''s degree in Communication Arts. Anyone can become a leader but because of the so-called “big expectations,” many of us back off of the responsibility to lead.