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Jim Collins: Stung by a Life-Changing Comment

Leadership Freak

Jim Collins was a first year faculty at Stanford. It was 1988. Jim writes, “… I sought out Professor John Gardner for guidance on how I might become a better teacher. Gardner, former… Continue reading →

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Seven Elements of Leadership Style by Jim Collins

Lead Change Blog

Guest Post by Jess Millis There are quite a few rules and tips that Jim Collins has churned out in his time, and where there may be students essay writing on them all right now, here is a short article on just a few of them. 1 – Work on no more than ten things Jim says you [.]

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Jim Collins on Bullets before Cannonballs

Leadership Freak

” Jim Collins Weak leaders rely on cannonballs. “Shoot bullets before cannon balls.” Wise leaders shoot bullets first. During difficult times weak leaders look for big solutions, giant leaps, and dramatic success. Wise leaders take small steps before making giant leaps. Shoot bullets: Bullets are miniature cannonballs.

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Jim Collins on Paranoid Leaders

Leadership Freak

Hi performing leaders, according to Jim Collins are “paranoid performers.” Bad things will happen. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Even optimists knows it’s true. They’re always asking, “What if,” and then preparing for it. They think about and anticipate the day of “bad things.”

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3 Surprising Truths about Big Goals

Leadership Freak

Jim Collins explains the acronym BHAG – big harry audacious goal – in Built to Last. Big goals and weekend jeans have nothing in common. We say stupid things because everyone else says… Continue reading →

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Jim Collins on Demotivating Followers


Jim Collins, author of Built to Last , Good to Great and now Great by Choice (possible rejected title: “Good to Last”), recorded this insightful clip for Big Think examining three ways that organizational leaders can demotivate their followers.

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Mindful Mondays: What I Learned About Mindful Time Management from Jim Collins

Next Level Blog

Mindful Mondays Jim Collins Laura Vanderkam mindful choices Personal time management' As the title implies, my premise is that being somewhat more mindful in your approach to work and life is an effective alternative to being overworked and overwhelmed. Click headline to continue.

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