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Board Governance Excellence: The Pinnacle of Organizational Success

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This code should lucidly define ethical standards, such as conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and fair decision-making processes. Board members should be mandated to disclose potential conflicts and recuse themselves from discussions or decisions where bias may exist.

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Feelings Of Professionalism Can Result In Unethical Behavior

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The researchers provide a two-stage model to help organizations and individuals safeguard against any possible conflicts of interest. When we have a high sense of professionalism, however, we can often be blinded to such conflicts of interest. The second part is to neutralize the influence after accepting any gifts.


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Researchers Show How Lobbyists Try To Influence US Policy Towards The WHO

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Despite this broad support, however, the administration has pledged to reform the WHO, and lobbyists have jumped on this to try and impart influence over global health policy, despite the clear commercial conflicts of interest.

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Got Ethics? Are You Positive?

Leading in Context

Let''s face it - thinking about fraud, embezzlement and conflict of interest won''t make us better leaders. In spite of all the bad news you see in the media about ethics, we don''t build ethical cultures by focusing on the negative. But that''s what many of us are focusing on in our organizations.

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We Must Hold Our Leaders To The Highest Levels Of Integrity.

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Leaders should be open and honest about their actions and decisions and disclose any conflicts of interest. Encourage transparency. Transparency is vital to restoring trust in leadership. This can be achieved through open communication and technology to enhance transparency. Foster a culture of integrity.

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Being Vague Won’t Help You To Influence Others

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Indeed, we can often fall into the trap of thinking the truth is the sole point of communication, despite life often throwing up clear conflicts of interest. For instance, when the issue at hand was rather more sensitive, it was found that giving a vague answer helped to soften the blow more than giving a direct answer.

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Conflict-of-Interest Rules Are Holding Back Medical Breakthroughs

Harvard Business Review

Legitimate concerns over conflict of interest that have resulted in overly extreme preventative policies are a central cause. It is time for all parties to revisit those policies and replace them with rules that recognize both true conflicts and true confluences of interest. Insight Center. Sponsored by Optum.