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For Young Women Leaders, It’s Time to Set Aside the “Nice” Card 

Lead Change Blog

Today, we are pleased to welcome Elise Perkins, founder of ep communications , with a guest post. Elise Perkins founded ep communications in 2014 after cutting her teeth in the field of communications for Washington DC-based trade associations and think tanks during the financial crisis. People work with who they like.”.

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Singapore’s Employment Pass – How Difficult It Is to Get One

Strategy Driven

If the MOM has already processed enough EP passes, they might reject any other applications that are put on their table. The good news is that you can grow your career by going back to school in Singapore and later upgrading to the EP. How Agents Help in the Success of EP. Things That Will Make Your Application Get Rejected.

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Why Mentoring Matters

Mills Scofield

Hello Deb, The EP [Entrepreneur Program] leaders would like to thank you again for speaking to us at Ben and Jerry's. Joseph: " Dear Deb, Thank you for giving EP members an opportunity to hear you speak. They are our future! From: Sabrina Yu (Jing-Wen) Subject: Thank you once again for meeting us last Monday!

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LeadershipNow 140: January 2017 Compilation

Leading Blog

The Impoverishment of Attention by Shane Parrish @farnamstreet. Five Culture Killers in Your Organization by @GrowingLeaders. The 5 Worst Mistakes Leaders Make When they Apologize by @WScottCochrane. 523: Tom Asacker Interview with Michael Covel. 20 Awesome Questions That Will Make You A Better Boss by @CoachDavidPeck.

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Adapt Your Strategy to Higher Interest Rates

Harvard Business Review

To do that, executives need to rediscover the concept of economic profit (EP) — that is, revenue minus not just operating and administrative costs, but also the cost of the capital needed to produce that revenue.

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Their Commitment Might Mean More Than Our Insight

Marshall Goldsmith

Dave once taught me that effective performance can be seen as a function of the quality of an idea times the employee’s commitment to make it happen (EP = QI x C). David Ulrich, is a highly respected thought leader, wonderful person and perhaps the world’s top HR consultant.

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Strong Dollar, Weak Thinking

Harvard Business Review

This puts downward pressure on stock prices because with lower EPS growth, shareholder expectations of future growth drop, lowering EPS multiples and hence stock prices. At that point, Wall Street will dance for joy because EPS will grow from its lowered base. Actually, it is relatively easy.