Why Cyber Attacks On Identities Are On The Rise

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Organizations are witnessing a record wave of cyber-attacks and whether it’s data breaches, ransomware attacks, fraud or espionage, a common theme seems to be emerging — threat actors are increasingly targeting identities instead of targeting systems.

The Middle Ground Between Milton Friedman and ESG Standards

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Three Ways Your Data is Leaking in Advertising and How to Avoid It

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Fully 62% of business leaders say their companies need to do more to protect data, according to KPMG. Surveys show more consumers are worried about unlawful data sharing, such as through online advertising, than data breaches.

3 Powerful Ideas for AI-Driven Decision-Making Leveraging Your Customer Service Data

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Most business decisions are made using an organization’s structured data, such as sales numbers, revenue, and growth in specific areas. However, this data doesn’t tell you what makes customers tick and how to retain, attract and please customers.

How CEO leadership style can change a company

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Extensive research has shown that the characteristics of CEOs can have a large impact on the life and performance of an organization. For better or worse, an organization eventually starts to resemble the leader at the top and adopt their leadership style.

Say Hello to the CHO

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Working time is a strategic asset. How is your organisation investing it?

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It’s understandable if business leaders feel ready for some respite from the turmoil and challenges of leading organisations during the past few years; first Brexit caused untold headaches, then COVID-19 struck, now we are facing the disruption of global supply chains and the threat of a new war across Europe.

Forget Fiduciary Trust – CEOs Have a Bigger Job

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Resiliency, trust, and connecting through a shared sense of purpose. Which metrics do you like to use when presenting to your Board of Directors or adjusting your strategic plan?

Why are we still overloaded with meetings when we know they don’t work?

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Do you know how many of your leaders are getting up at 4am in order to ‘get their work done’ before the day’s meeting frenzy begins? It’s likely to be more than you think. Or perhaps not – perhaps you’re also trying this tactic to get on top of your meeting overload? This is an […].

How to become a fully connected leader

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My favorite get-to-know-you question is ‘what does connection mean to you?’. While everyone has a different answer, there are common themes. Connection is a two-way relationship between people.’ Connection is a willingness or a shared agreement to be vulnerable.’

Most Awarded CEOs Of The Year 2021

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CEO Insider Chief People Officer (CPO) Insider Chief Budget Officer Insider Chief Behavioral Officer Insider Chief Ecosystem Officer Insider Co Founders Insider Business Leaders InsiderThere is no doubt that CEOs are an integral part of every organization.

Successful Management Practices in the Hybrid Workplace

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Hybrid work is all the rage lately – initially out of necessity, but now out of flexibility and preference. When businesses moved to remote work in 2020, it was a stressful period of time when they needed to figure out how best to continue on with work while not in person.

“Now Hear This – That is All” – Your Communication Tip of the Day

First Friday Book Synopsis

Lunch is available at the CPO Galley. We had lunch on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston a couple of days ago. There was an announcement over the speaker inviting all to lunch. It was simple: “Now hear this. That is all.” ” I never served in our military, but I remember this phrasing from [.]. Randy's blog entries

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6 Ways to Just Say No to Stress

Great Leadership By Dan

The CPO of Microsoft, Mike Simms, describes her as a true pioneer in her field. Guest post from Janelle Bruland: There is a growing epidemic that is killing us as leaders, and it’s completely curable. Our culture is filled with more anxiety and stress than ever. None of us were built to handle what we are all dealing with on a daily basis. The average knowledge worker today is interrupted every 11 minutes by some form of communication.

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A Culture of Quality: An Interview with Laurie Havanec

HR Digest

What advice can a renowned CPO give to aspiring talent? These were only some of the questions The HR Digest discussed with Laurie Havanec, EVP & CPO at CVS Health. How to create the future of work? What is the role of HR executives in upskilling the workforce?

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Abbe Luersman from Otis on Creating Communities to Win as One

HR Digest

The HR Digest: What challenges are you facing while working as a CPO at Otis? Abbe Luersman, Executive Vice President & Chief People Office at Otis, is already hard at work to neutralize our biases and unleash untapped talent.

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Why Quants Should Manage Your Supply Chain Risk

Harvard Business Review

At a typical firm, the enterprise risk management team is eager enough to point out the many risks that a Chief Procurement Officer or Chief Supply Chain Officer faces but the risk team is often reluctant to join the CPO or CSCO's team to tackle those risks directly. When last year's massive earthquake hit Japan, the effect on electronics production was severe, and it also resulted in extended business disruptions for many in the automotive industry.