“Now Hear This – That is All” – Your Communication Tip of the Day

First Friday Book Synopsis

Lunch is available at the CPO Galley. We had lunch on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston a couple of days ago. There was an announcement over the speaker inviting all to lunch. It was simple: “Now hear this. That is all.” ” I never served in our military, but I remember this phrasing from [.]. Randy's blog entries

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6 Ways to Just Say No to Stress

Great Leadership By Dan

The CPO of Microsoft, Mike Simms, describes her as a true pioneer in her field. Guest post from Janelle Bruland: There is a growing epidemic that is killing us as leaders, and it’s completely curable. Our culture is filled with more anxiety and stress than ever. None of us were built to handle what we are all dealing with on a daily basis. The average knowledge worker today is interrupted every 11 minutes by some form of communication.

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Why Quants Should Manage Your Supply Chain Risk

Harvard Business Review

At a typical firm, the enterprise risk management team is eager enough to point out the many risks that a Chief Procurement Officer or Chief Supply Chain Officer faces but the risk team is often reluctant to join the CPO or CSCO's team to tackle those risks directly. When last year's massive earthquake hit Japan, the effect on electronics production was severe, and it also resulted in extended business disruptions for many in the automotive industry.