7 Reasons Why Promotional Merchandise Will Work for Your Home Business

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3 Alternative Marketing Strategies

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Merchandising. Merchandising is one of the oldest, and most effective types of marketing. Merchandising is a great alternative if you attend a lot of trade shows, or community events. For best results, have merchandise that sits on an office desk or can be worn with pride.

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Please Touch the Merchandise

Harvard Business Review

On a recent visit to a boutique bath shop, one of us became so overwhelmed by the intensity of the scent circulating through the store that he was forced to flee within seconds. It's a reminder of how managers are often encouraged to help consumers connect with brands by amplifying the sensory qualities of products and retail spaces. Think of Singapore Airlines' signature scent or the Intel jingle, which is one of the most recognizable sounds in the world.

Increasing Engagement of Front line Employees

Kevin Eikenberry

Yesterday, while facilitating a leadership discussion with a group of managers and owners at a conference for the Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, the topic of engaging the front line employees came up. Communication Developing Others Influence Leadership Leadership Communication Learning engagement engaging employees leadership perspective Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation perspective

As You Eat More Chikin and Eat More Kale, READ MORE BOOKS!

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bo Muller-Moore, who lives in Montpelier, had been ordered to cease using the phrase on T-shirts and other merchandise […]. News item: A Vermont T-shirt maker has been granted a trademark for the phrase “Eat More Kale,” a decision the state’s governor on Friday hailed as a victory for “the little guy” over a “corporate bully.”?? ”??

5 Easy Ways To Give Great Customer Service.

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From the initial screens, to the multiple angles, to the highly-descriptive videos Zappos makes you feel right at home choosing your merchandise. I ordered new running shoes from Zappos the other day.

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Ray Kroc - Visionary Leadership

Orrin Woodward

Kroc had seen the future and wanted in on the action, in his autobiography, Grinding It Out, he wrote, “This had to be the most amazing merchandising operation I had ever seen!” The following is a portion of an article that will be posted in full on the TEAM site. Ray Kroc was a visionary leader who made an impact through his unyielding determination to finish what he started.

They Don’t Get It, Do YOU?

Lead Change Blog

Set up a consistent rewards program for your people to earn free items of choice, such as travel, merchandise, and charitable donations. The Golden Rule for Businesses has been proven by Science.

Is Political Correctness Coming to a Brand near You?

In the CEO Afterlife

It might even increase sales of vintage Redskins merchandise. Earls Restaurants is a very popular casual dining chain with 64 outlets in Canada, Arizona, Washington and Colorado. Twenty-five years ago, they launched a whimsical brand of beer called Albino Rhino.

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Don’t Let Internal Communications Get Lost In Translation


Doing so also allows you to merchandise your translation efforts and get “credit” from employees for communicating in ways that are most relevant to them.

Work That Matters starts with Matters that Work

In the CEO Afterlife

Bean , the idea of selling really good merchandise at a reasonable profit and treating customers like human beings is worth the effort. To most of us, the phrase Work that Matters infers job satisfaction.

One simple way to cut email volume in half

The Organized Executive's Blog

The service rep provided a poor answer to my question and totally ignored the second part of my email, in which I explained that the box I received also included another customer’s merchandise and shipping label. I could send half as many messages if the recipients would do one thing: read my email before they reply. In a dash through their inbox, people respond to what they expected my message to say instead of what I actually wrote.

The Delivery Truck Principle of Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Most of my time was spent in an office or on the road somewhere, but when I had time I loved to hang out in the factory, especially when delivery trucks dropped off merchandise. When I was in business, I once owned of a small manufacturing company.

Create Customer Confidence By Delivering Consistent and Predictable Experiences (with Video) (Shep Hyken)

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They know they are going to get great merchandise delivered with great service. Winning Well Connection. I first met Shep when we were both keynoting at International Customer Service Association conference in Florida.

Homeless, Not Helpless: Entrepreneurship in Unlikely Places | In the.

In the CEO Afterlife

Beneath the pier and within reach of your coins from above are 5 picnic blankets spread six-feet apart, each with novel merchandising themes to entice charitable currency. In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding. Homeless, Not Helpless: Entrepreneurship in Unlikely Places.

The Power of Professional Presentation

Strategy Driven

Your physical presence in-store extends to merchandise as well. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. As a new or growing business, it can be a struggle to compete with larger businesses. In some areas, like customer base and advertising, your budget will simply be too small to compete.

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How To Charge More For Your Services.

Rich Gee Group

This strategy is frequently performed by many service industries in food and merchandise.

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Know When to Kill Your Brand

Harvard Business Review

The owners of Service Merchandise and Woolworth’s have both benefitted from this line of thinking. But by the 1990’s, big box retailers had taken over the market and the Service Merchandise brand no longer offered meaningful differentiation.

Multinationals Have a Bright Future, If You Know Where to Look

Harvard Business Review

And the ongoing decline in merchandise trade long predates any changes in political sentiment. According to World Bank data , merchandise trade grew from 16% of global GDP in 1990 to 26% by 2008. Political headwinds have almost nothing to do with the inability of merchandise trade to keep up with growth in world GDP. Casual observers routinely make the mistake of looking at global economic integration almost solely through the lens of merchandise trade.

Brilliant Boutique: 10 Keys To Lasting Small Business Success

Terry Starbucker

They wanted a place where they could actually see the merchandise, and have a more edited and curated selection so it was easy for them to choose. We post merchandise pictures on Facebook once or twice a day, and we sell out of a lot of things we put up there.

Trust Your Customers and They’ll Return – Chateau Chantal

Modern Servant Leader

Shortly before midnight, we strolled the aisles, browsed the merchandise and chatted about possible gifts for the family. Chateau Chantal Sets an Example of Trusting Customers.

Shoppers Need a Reason to Go to Your Store — Other Than Buying Stuff

Harvard Business Review

One retailer I know saw a 35% bump in sales when it gave customers the option of picking up merchandise in its stores that they had bought online.). All members (men and women) receive a 10% discount on merchandise. There will always be physical stores for pickup convenience and the commoditized or very inexpensive merchandise like Dollar Tree stores sell. STR/Getty Images.

Value for your Community

Women on Business

For example, you might consider offering members-only content, chat rooms, private messaging, status updates, discussion boards, and many other kinds of ways to get people involved, beyond purchasing merchandise, buying tickets, or joining online.

Looking on the Sunny SIde


Thieves Take Advantage and Deal Another Blow to JC Penney

Harvard Business Review

At the same time, Penney stopped requiring customers to provide receipts with returned merchandise, so shoppers grabbed merchandise and “returned” it at cash registers without leaving the stores, the Journal says. Department-store chain JC Penney, already hurting financially from a misguided plan to end price promotions, was so plagued by shoplifters in the third quarter of this year that it lost a full percentage point of profit margin to theft, says the Wall Street Journal.

Creating a social object – ZooZoo Characters!

Rajesh Setty

Merchandise (Mugs, T-Shirts and Keychains to start with) are hot – showing the power of the brand. If you are following Indian Premier League (IPL) you might have heard about ZooZoo characters. In fact, you might be looking forward to the commercials that are featuring them. People young and old are fascinated by these cute little characters. Here is a collection of 25 ZooZoo ads. Click here to view the embedded video.

What Should Your Marketing Priorities Be As A New Business?

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You can do this through traditional mens like merchandise and packaging, but you can also look into sponsorship, like for like trades, and getting involved in local events.

Do You Deliver Good Or Bad Customer Service? | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

I wanted my money back – I had the receipt, I had the merchandise in perfect condition, and virtually everything in the store was on sale at that time.

Caring for the Commons

Great Leadership By Dan

Incidentally, Costco employees sell twice as much merchandise per square foot of retail space as their nearest competitor – Sam’s Club! Guest post by Fred Kiel, Ph.D.

What can you learn about marketing from Tapioca Express?

Rajesh Setty

Merchandising. When my friend Kiruba was here for a few days last week, we went around several places that he wanted to see. At the end of the day, we wanted to stop for a drink.

How We Learned (Almost) Everything That’s Wrong with U.S. Census Data

Harvard Business Review

Scratching our heads, we saw the Census tables showed that general merchandise stores — which is where they code Wal-Mart — had only $88 million in online sales in 2013. What, then, is the $88 million reported as online sales of general merchandise stores in 2013? The U.S.

Why Tesco’s Strengths Are No Longer Good Enough

Harvard Business Review

Private label (retail-branded merchandise) has been growing for years – since Sainsbury and Marks & Spencer invented it over 100 years ago – increasing in quality and forcing down brand premiums. Troubles at Tesco, the UK’s leading retailer, are mounting.

Transforming Today’s Bad Jobs into Tomorrow’s Good Jobs

Harvard Business Review

At Costco, another good jobs retailer, store managers are empowered to display merchandise and provide input into the merchandising system. A merchandising algorithm does provide insight into what should be stocked, but the store managers are on the floor every day, putting their own and their employees’ problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity — the skills of the future — to work today.

Many CEOs Aren’t Breakthrough Innovators (and That’s OK)

Harvard Business Review

This would mean, for example, working in R&D to lead pharma innovation, new product development for high tech, and product design or merchandising for fashion retail. Its key innovation was from the 1980s: a fast-fashion design, production, and replenishment process that brought more new merchandise into stores, faster. Extensive prior experience in fashion design and merchandising help ensure more successful bet.

Point to Ponder


We demand that everyone who talks to us, or writes for us, or takes pictures for us, or makes merchandise for us, should live in our world of extravagant expectations. We tyrannize and frustrate ourselves by expecting more than the world can give us or than we can make of the world. We expect this even of the peoples of foreign countries. We have become so accustomed to our illusions that we mistake them for reality. We demand them.

Why Target’s Canadian Expansion Failed

Harvard Business Review

such as smaller stores in urban places, mobile and online, and its cheap chic merchandising focus—to “be cool again,” as Cornell told Target employees in the fall. It was a brief stint for Target in Canada.

Laura Ching (TinyPrints.com) in “The Corner Office”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here are a few insights provided during an interview of Laura Ching, co-founder and chief merchandising officer of TinyPrints.com, an online card and stationery company. Adam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times.

On Leadership, Marketing and Influence

Linked 2 Leadership

So, I began a dialogue between Customer Support and Marketing, Customer Support and Product Development, Customer Support and Merchandising….you “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.&# ~John C. Maxwell. We all have the potential to influence people every day.

Lessons from J.C. Penney

Women on Business

What is simple is creating a normal price tag with the everyday low prices, showcasing the monthly value in a sales display and simply letting the customer see for themselves that the monthly value merchandise is the cheapest. Earlier this week, J.C. Penney announced that it was going to undergo a major overhaul in the way it does business and communicates with its customers.

5 Tips for Raising Morale at the Office

Chart Your Course

Steer clear of junky merchandise like cheap watches or company T-shirts, and opt instead for gift cards to the local grocery chain, paycheck bonuses or even a free turkey or ham.