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The Decay of Brand Differentiation

In the CEO Afterlife

Branding Leadership Marketing Strategy Business Campbell Soup Culture Entrepreneurship General Mills In the CEO Afterlife Innovation John Richard Bell Kellogg M & A mergers and acquisitions Porsche USP. There’s a host of reasons why great brands decay.

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You Unique Selling Proposition, An Essential Ingredient To Success

Women on Business

Knowing your USP enables your clients to know exactly what they are getting and what you are selling. Your USP is the benefits and positioning that has you stand out from the crowd. It will also show you how they sell from their USP.

The USPS Lesson

Women on Business

The post office is nearly bankrupt, the cost cutting is not working. We are in danger of losing a service that is vital to many small businesses. So while other business blogs are looking at this situation and wondering what went wrong, I’m asking “what can we learn?” The postal situation is not unique and what it highlights is how the wrong type of organizational culture can kill even a giant like the postal system.

All’s Fair In Love And Business: How To Be More Competitive

Strategy Driven

Up-selling your USP. If you’ve got a product or a service you want to sell, you need to make sure that your clients are aware of your USP. If you don’t have a USP, there’s no reason why a client should choose you over another firm.

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Is it Too Painful to Talk About the USPS?

Bird's Eye View

At one point in the last decade the USPS was a client of mine. We were doing a special program for small business owners and the USPS was a delight to work with. My old USPS is no more. Oh, gosh. I want to love my United States Post Office.

Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

The Costco experience isn’t what it used to be, US auto manufacturers continue to struggle, the banking industry has been crippled, and government agencies (pick one…USPS, IRS, DMV, etc.)

U.S. Postal Service - Strategy, Execution, or Business Model?

Six Disciplines

Facing insolvency, can the USPS reinvent itself like European services have—or will it implode? A recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article " The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse " is a fascinating story. Delivery of first-class mail is falling at a staggering rate. It's a shocking, depressing story about strategy, execution, and changes in business models. It is a MUST-READ


Guidelines For Gratitude

Steve Farber

Stay tuned for an Extreme Leader at USPS who just may re-define what it means to “go postal.” This is a good time of year to remind yourself of the people you’re grateful for, and then let them know by writing (and delivering) a “Professional Love Note.” ” Don’t be surprised if it ends up being the most meaningful gift you give this year.


Why I Love Starbucks.

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At the same time such shops have to understand they might have the best brew on planet, but it is not the USP for them.

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This Bud's Not for Me | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

One can argue that we have a case of a marketer hanging on to USPs (unique selling propositions) of the past. In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding. This Bud’s Not for Me. by John • November 7, 2011 • Branding , Marketing • 2 Comments.

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What a Leader Can Learn From 20 Cents Postage Due

Kevin Eikenberry

Tagged as: postage due , procedure , process , process improvement , USPS { 7 comments… read them below or add one } Sandra Connor December 3, 2010 at 5:45 pm Wow, USPS shows us how “not to&# once again! I do think the message, while usefl to the USPS applies to all of us.


Distinguish Yourself or “Perish!”


The jobs I get hired for around my company have been based upon my USP and networking skills. Home ELS Home Leadership Development Executive Leadership Training Change Management Learning Products Employee Selection Contact us May 04 Distinguish Yourself or “Perish!&#


The Slow F: Failure Of Former Successes

Bird's Eye View

The importance of the USPS in the lives of our Nation's population cannot be understated. In preparing for the next Inner Circle, I've been thinking about the different kinds of failure. There's the obvious: you create and distribute a product and no one buys it. That's a failure.


Understanding the New Battle Over Net Neutrality

Harvard Business Review

This legislative involvement has in recent years become the USPS’s Achilles heel, as Congress won’t allow it to cut back on activities that lose billions. The Federal Communications Commission is expected to issue new proposed rules this week on “network neutrality,” the principle that broadband Internet service providers can’t discriminate among the content that runs through their pipes.

The War for the Soul of Advertising

Harvard Business Review

These people are not really people at all, but sandwich boards designed to communicate the USP, the unique selling proposition. If you are watching TV these days, you've probably seen two ads from AT&T. One shows a guy working late at his desk.

A Penny for My Thoughts – Sid Levinsohn : Blog | Executive.


One of the greatest lessons Sid taught Rick and I was USP (Unique Selling Proposition). RSS Feed Schedule a Call Free E-Book Assessment Test Coffee Schedule Coaching Lunch About Us CO2 Story Our Approach Our Successes Our Executive Coaches Gary B.