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5 Reasons to Consider Branded Merchandise for Business Promotion

Strategy Driven

Here are five compelling reasons why incorporating branded merch into your marketing mix is a smart move: 1. Additionally, incorporating branded merchandise into your marketing mix allows for creativity and innovation, enabling you to experiment with different items and designs to find what resonates best with your audience.

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If You’re Not Using Video, You’re Not Marketing Effectively

CEO Insider

Megan Allinson of BKM Marketing outlines why brands should integrate this powerful asset in their marketing mix and offers strategies to creating valuable video content. Just as evident is that brands miss an exciting chance to connect with customers when they don’t produce videos. If you’re like many […].

Video 101

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Elevating Business Triumphs Through Strategic Management and Trailblazing Tactics

Strategy Driven

This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed choices, optimizing their product offerings and marketing campaigns based on real-time feedback. It facilitates targeted marketing efforts, efficiently allocating resources to reach the most responsive audience.

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A New Gold Standard for Digital Ad Measurement?

Harvard Business Review

As the digital ad measurement landscape changes, companies should consider marketing mix models calibrated with ad experiments.

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For Marketers, All They Want Is Some Satisfaction

The Horizons Tracker

It is also useful to know what metrics other managers are using, and how many they are using, as it provides a benchmark for their own marketing-mix.” . “It’s important for managers to understand the different drivers for metric use, both cultural and organisational.

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Do you trust strangers with your bank account? Internet security for small businesses

Rapid BI

In 2016 it is a key part of the marketing mix. Most smaller businesses have a web presence of some kind. We have to. But is it secure? Would you trust a stranger with access to your bank account? Internet security for small businesses I like to think that I am security conscious. I am […].

Banking 28
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Understanding How Organizations Can Measure Digital Success

Tanveer Naseer

Always understand the marketing mix between digital marketing and digital branding. Apply CPA calculations (on a per online channel basis) for digital marketing activities where relevant. Where are we getting the best return on our “digital dollars”? Do we have a strong online presence/brand?

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