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8 Factors Hindering Your Company’s Performance

CEO Insider

License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article 8 Factors Hindering Your Company’s Performance are those of the author Andrew Freedman alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine.

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What strategy is (and what it isn’t):

Strategy Driven

Sir Lawrence Freedman of Oxford University is one of the world’s preeminent international scholars on politics and war. Freedman writes, “So the realm of strategy is one of bargaining and persuasion as well as threats and pressure, psychological as well as physical effects, and words as well as deeds. Survival depends on it.

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Executive Presence: What’s Your “Talk Track”?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Elizabeth Freedman (originally published 12/6/2012 on the Bates Communication blog). Elizabeth Freedman is an executive coach and senior communications consultant with Bates Communications. Elizabeth is one of the instructors in our upcoming UNH Woman''s Leadership Development program. But change is also very possible.

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Thoughts on The Bloating of America, and on The Encore Career… prompted by Marc Freedmans’s The Big Shift

First Friday Book Synopsis

I just presented my synopsis of The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife by Marc Freedman. It is a thoughtful book, and a provocative read. Though there is a lot in it, from a host of sources, it raises issues that we have known for some time. And, in simple terms, it comes [.].

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Who Else Wants Two Weeks Paid Vacation Before the Start Date?

The Idolbuster

It is called a Pre’cation, the brainchild of Jason Freedman, who wrote about it on his blog Freedman has an aversion to vacations. Freedman started offering new employees two weeks of vacation before they start, as a way to make sure that everyone has some time off and arrive rested.

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Are you Ready for the Next Level?

Great Leadership By Dan

They will learn and practice with Elizabeth Freedman , an executive coach from one of the leading executive communication firms, Bates Communications. Day two will be dedicated to strategy and strategic thinking, taught by one of our own best UNH professors, Peter Lane.

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10 Elements of a Great Woman’s Leadership Development Program

Great Leadership By Dan

Elizabeth Freedman , Bates Communications. Here’s our all-star line-up: - Christine Shea , program Director, UNH. Deborah Kolb , Simmons. Vanessa Druskat , UNH. Anne Perschel , Germane Consulting. Great design. In addition to any of the same design principles that make any leadership development program great (i.e.,