Who Else Wants Two Weeks Paid Vacation Before the Start Date?

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It is called a Pre’cation, the brainchild of Jason Freedman, who wrote about it on his blog 42Floors.com. Freedman has an aversion to vacations. Chaplin should have taken 2 weeks off before starting his new job.

Thoughts on The Bloating of America, and on The Encore Career… prompted by Marc Freedmans’s The Big Shift

First Friday Book Synopsis

I just presented my synopsis of The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife by Marc Freedman. Randy's blog entries aging Kurt Anderson Marc Freedman Peter Laslett Reset The Big ShiftIt is a thoughtful book, and a provocative read. Though there is a lot in it, from a host of sources, it raises issues that we have known for some time. And, in simple terms, it comes [.].

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Five Reasons To Offer Two Weeks Pre’cation Before the Start Date

The Idolbuster

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…Prophesies, Predictions, and Forecasts

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Freedman , Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us and How to Know When Not to Trust Them. "You "I confess that in 1901 I said to my brother Orville that man would not fly for 50 years. Ever since, I have distrusted myself and avoided all predictions."

Why do smart people do dumb things?

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According to Freedman, the goal of the conference is to help leaders learn how to leverage the science and practice of emotional intelligence to improve prosperity and well-being in the workplace and community.

10 Elements of a Great Woman’s Leadership Development Program

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Elizabeth Freedman , Bates Communications. I’ve recently had the opportunity to help design a brand-new open-enrollment Woman’s Leadership Development Program to be offered through the University of New Hampshire’s Executive Development Program.

Are you Ready for the Next Level?

Great Leadership By Dan

They will learn and practice with Elizabeth Freedman , an executive coach from one of the leading executive communication firms, Bates Communications.

Yes, Marketers, There Is Life After Mommyblogging

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On her blog, A Boomer's Life After 50 , Judi Freedman covers everything from heart health to cooking, to dealing with raising adult children and the recent loss of her mom. "We buy stuff too."

Planning Your Post-Retirement Career

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Featured Guest: Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of Civic Ventures and author of The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife. Download this podcast. Managing yourself Managing yourself Managing yourself Managing yourself

Your Place in the World of Things


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Leadership That Longfellow Would Appreciate

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Marc Freedman, chair of the Civic Ventures think tank , calls it "one of the most significant social trends of the new century." Editor's note: This post is part of a three-week series examining innovation in health care, published in partnership with the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. In a famous scene in 1875, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow returned to Bowdoin College with his classmates to celebrate their 50th reunion.