Innovation and Overcoming Organizational Stuckness

Mike Cardus

Several years ago, while learning about TRIZ , I came across Nine Windows. Innovation Team Building Team Building Activity change process innovation process innovation tool innovation webinar nine windows TRIZ VUCA webinar

Dimension, Time, Cost Operator: Seeing Problems Differently

Mike Cardus

Corporate Team Building Creativity Innovation Organization Development Power Point Problem Solving Speaking Engagement Team Training create-learning team building and leadership DTC Operator michael cardus TRIZ triz toolsI have written about DTC Operator before here and here.

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Identifying the Solution 1st, Makes Things Easier

Mike Cardus

There is a problem solving methodology called TRIZ the theory of inventive problem solving that I have been using with organizations, teams, and mangers for 2 years now. Below is a generic model of how the TRIZ tools operate. You can read about this model at The TRIZ Journal.

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: DTC Operator

Mike Cardus

Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – A TRIZ tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size, time and cost. creativity innovation problem solving creative problem solving DTC Operator TRIZ triz toolsDimension Time Cost Operator.

inGenius: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity Tina Seelig HarperOne/An imprint of HarperCollins (2012) How and why the tools and techniques of creative thinking are as essential to invention as the scientific method is to discovery There are six components that comprise what Tina Seelig characterizes as an “Innovation Engine.” ” Three are internal: information that becomes [.].

Review 116

Thinking Differently Enabling Innovation Workshop Slides and Feedback

Mike Cardus

Buffalo NY Creativity Images Innovation Power Point Problem Solving Products Speaking Engagement Team Building New York Western New York innovation training innovation training buffalo ny Innovatoin consulting michael cardus speakers in buffalo ny TRIZ Thinking Differently.

Thinking Differently. Enabling Innovation

Mike Cardus

Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem solving. Problem solvers are required to quickly provide solutions to increasingly complex problems, develop and design new and innovative products and processes – all while reducing research and development time and costs.

Blocks to Creativity and Innovation. Tools to Release Creativity and Innovation

Mike Cardus

Creativity Innovation Leadership Leadership Coaching Management Manager Training Power Point Problem Solving Team Building Team Training creative problem solving innovation blocks innovation workshop TRIZ trainingBlocks to Creativity and Innovation.

How to Think Differently to Drive Results–Creativity and Innovation Learning Series

Mike Cardus

michael cardus creative problem solving creativity at work creativity to innovation creativity training buffalo ny innovation training buffalo ny innovation training rochester ny results based team building TRIZ training

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: Nine Windows. Published on ASQ Site

Mike Cardus

Innovation Problem Solving ASQ Human Development & Leadership nine windows triz toolsI serve on the ASQ Human Development & Leadership Division Board as the Education Chair, ASQ Buffalo NY Section as the Community Liaison.

Tools 90

Thinking Differently. Enabling Innovation. :: Buffalo Business First Event

Mike Cardus

Buffalo NY Corporate Team Building Creativity Innovation Problem Solving Speaking Engagement Western New York buffalo business first organization development TRIZ I am really excited to be offering this workshop through Buffalo Business First and Canisius Center for Professional Development.

What if the Miracle Question Worked with Corporate Teams?

Mike Cardus

Finding ‘What Works’ with Solution-Focused Consulting and Training is a quick walk on a long path. You can make it through the path and find your way easily, with little effort. Every time you walk the path…you find something that you did not see and perhaps understand before.

Team 151

ASQ Buffalo Quality Conference 2013 :: Mike is Presenting

Mike Cardus

Understanding and various uses of Nine Windows, a TRIZ inventive problem solving tool. ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference. October 15 Quality Conference. October 16 Quality Seminars. At the Millennium Hotel – Buffalo NY. Registration [link].

Creativity to Innovation Workshop w/ Syracuse University

Mike Cardus

Using a mixture of TRIZ, creative problem solving and brain based leadership models, the participants find solutions to existing organizational situations. I had to privilege of leading Creativity to Innovation at Syracuse University ; Creativity To Innovation Program Methodology.

Photo Inquiry Friday: In what ways can we use and re-use existing resources?

Mike Cardus

Creativity Experiential Theory Innovation resource maximization TRIZ trainingThe idea of using resources that you already have as building blocks to develop variations and growth, is something that amazes me.

5 Whys; Kind-of Useful for Technical Problems. Trouble for Team Problems

Mike Cardus

Creativity Innovation Leadership Management Problem Solving Team Building 5 whys health care team building manufacturing team building quality teams quality tools solution focused TRIZ

Team 161

Innovation and 21st Century Learning

Mike Cardus

Buffalo NY creativity innovation Power Point problem solving School Activities Speaking Engagement Successful Teams creativity training buffalo ny innovation workshop TRIZ trainingInnovation & 21st Century Learning. View more presentations from michael cardus.

Thinking Through Innovation With Canisius College

Mike Cardus

SChool design thinking innovation buffalo ny TRIZCanisius College’s Center for Professional Development and I are offering. Thinking Through Innovation. A highly interactive skills course transferring creative ideas into innovative practices. April 23 – May 21, 2013 ? 5 days ?

The Team / I have a Problem to The Team / I Have a Solution

Mike Cardus

Creativity Innovation Problem Solving Successful Teams Team Building creative problem solving TRIZThe image below is from my Creativity to Innovation Workshop & Consulting. Learn ways to overcome “stuckness” in your thinking and quickly solve problems.

Team 131

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: Nine Windows

Mike Cardus

Nine windows is often used in TRIZ (The theory of inventive problem solving) to explore solutions to a problem in a context of past present and future.

Managerial Leadership Training Tool: Using DTC Operator Innovation Planning

Mike Cardus

Below is ONE Quality Tool commonly used in TRIZ that we used to begin in framing the context of our solution.

Creativity To Innovation: Implementing Inventive Solutions

Mike Cardus

Corporate Team Building Speaking Engagement creativity innovation problem solving creativity problem solving innovation workshop Process mapping TRIZ trainingCreativity to Innovation. View more presentations from michael cardus.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Ideal Solution. Think About IT

Mike Cardus

Processing innovation problem solving ideal solutions TRIZProblems are faced daily. We continue to invent, create and solve daily problems. Teams continue to thrive, work and complete projects and tasks.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Main Useful Function?

Mike Cardus

innovation problem solving leaderhship coaching team building & leadership TRIZ trainingMain Useful Function is the purpose or purposes for which the system was made.

8 Routine Causes of Psychological Constipation

Mike Cardus

Corporate Team Building Processing Speaking Engagement Team Building Team Training creativity innovation problem solving psychological intertia TRIZDEFINITION OF PSYCHOLOGICAL INERTIA.

Three Simple Tips to Start Solving Problems in Your Business Today

Steve Farber

The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – often referred to by its Russian acronym, TRIZ – is an analytical and algorithm-based science rooted in the study of more than 3 million patents. Since Conley literally co-wrote the book on TRIZ ( Simplified TRIZ , Third Edition ), I asked him for some tips any leader could apply immediately. Since none of us exist in an ideal state, we all can use a little TRIZ.


Favorites of 2011: Photos of Teams

Mike Cardus

From a workshop on TRIZ Innovation that I led for Syracuse University. With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/27/11 – Photos of Teams. 12/28/11 – Images used in presentations & Articles.

TRIZ 114

Two Team Building & Leadership Success Stories

Mike Cardus

Below are two short success stories. To read more success stories check out Team Building Stories and the Exponent Leadership Stories. Team Building & Leadership Success Stories. Financial Services Group. Creating and executing new revenue streams.

Building Critical Thinking Muscle: An L&D Mandate


Don’t forget traditional problem solving tools –5Why, TRIZ, etc & go beyond. Last week, I was invited as a guest on PeopleMatters #TChat (Twitter chat) on the topic of developing critical thinking muscle within the organization and the role of learning and development.

TRIZ 144

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Developed, trained, applied methods in TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) for enhanced ability to innovate and utilize existing, new, and breakthrough methods to solve problems in team based methods. Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. The methods and processes worked! and I know with certainty they can work with your Mangers and Organization. Contact me to make your leaders & teams better.

Applying a Model for Small Business Continual Improvement

Deming Institute

DMAIC methodology 8 hidden costs Triz. Guest post by Luciana Paulise, see part 1 of these thoughts: Applying Deming Principles at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. How to apply the model.

The Global Innovation Interest Index

Harvard Business Review

Digging a little deeper into the US-specific data, we can also see that the more future oriented term "Open Innovation" and the current in-vogue term "Design Thinking" are beginning to close on the very tools-based term " TRIZ " in the United States.


The Number One Key to Innovation: Scarcity

Harvard Business Review

TRIZ , for example — a model devised by Russian inventor Genrich Altshuller — is the original empirically based method, followed by SIT (for "Systematic Inventive Thinking") and a few other updated versions of it. Of the 40 methods spelled out by the TRIZ approach, 8 involve what we would term scarcity. How should an enterprise go about inventing something novel and useful? Is there a structured thinking process that reliably produces results?