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Can Corporate Secrecy Bolster Innovation?

The Horizons Tracker

Although their objective of ‘decision usefulness’ is couched in terms of investors, we illustrate that firms themselves use disaggregated CoS information to keep up with competitors.” These results provide causal evidence that disaggregated CoS is likely to reduce investments in cost innovations specifically,” the researchers explain.

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7 Steps to Bulletproof Problem Solving

Leading Blog

Step Two: Disaggregate the Issues. How do you disaggregate the issues and develop hypotheses to be explored? A weak problem statement is a common problem. Rushing into analysis with a vague problem statement is a clear formula for long hours and frustrated clients.”. Every problem needs to be broken down into its basic issues. “We


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7 Steps to Problem Solving

Skip Prichard

2: Disaggregate. Yes, we find the most common mistakes in complex problem solving are weak problem statements, poor problem disaggregation, and insufficient attention to good team norms. 7 Steps to Problem Solving. 1: Define the problem. 3: Prioritize. 4: Workplan. 5: Analyze. 6: Synthesize. Communicate.

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Strategy as a Problem Solving Process

Strategy Driven

How you disaggregate or cleave a problem has a big impact on the insight you get into a problem. This invariably leads to a clear problem statement of the challenges you have to address, the decision context, problem boundaries and success criteria. Have we broken down the problem into key issues to address?

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How Demand Forecasting Can Boost Business Efficiency

Strategy Driven

Although there are many ways to do demand forecasting right, these key tips can help a business get more out of their investment in the practice: Remember that demand is not monolithic and try implementing a disaggregated model.

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Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

HR Digest

Lee Jourdan: One thing we’re doing, and it’s a bit subtle, is that we’re disaggregating the data we provide in our Corporate Responsibility report, so we can gauge how we’re progressing. How do you measure the value these programs bring to the company?

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From Zipcar to the Sharing Economy

Harvard Business Review

They enable the disaggregation of physical assets in space and in time, creating digital platforms that make these disaggregated components — a few days in an apartment, an hour using a Roomba, a seat in your drive from Berlin to Hamburg — amenable to pricing, matching, and exchange.