7 Steps to Bulletproof Problem Solving

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In the book they apply the process to individual problems such as, “Should I put solar panels on my roof?,” “What career should I choose?,” Step Two: Disaggregate the Issues. How do you disaggregate the issues and develop hypotheses to be explored?

7 Steps to Problem Solving

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It used to be that you could learn the core skills for a career in college and graduate school – think management, accounting, law – and then apply it over forty years. 2: Disaggregate. Bulletproof Problem Solving. Complex problem solving is the core skill for 21st century teams.

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The Founder's Dilemma: To Sell or Not to Sell?

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It is hard to disaggregate the reasons, but doing so alongside answering each of these questions will help bring clarity to this crossroads. Career planning Career planning Career planning Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Venture capital Venture capital Venture capitalWe recently did an informal survey of some of our venture capital colleagues.

Design Your Own Profession

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A disaggregated laptop that is lighter and more versatile, since I can use the screen by itself as an e-reader and the keyboard with other devices. Career planning MediaThe world is coming apart in many interesting ways. I recently bought an iPad. After using it for a few days I bought a wireless keyboard. A week later I bought a case that puts the iPad in one half and the keyboard in the other. Presto!

As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has to Keep Up

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Work is being disaggregated into tasks that can be dispersed inside and outside of the organization — the “uberization” of work. IBM has been building a talent system that both aligns with and accelerates this phenomenon of the external disaggregation of work. As described in Lead The Work , he had an expansive career with Shell that spanned 25 years but unlike many top leaders in the company, he had a break in service at the top of his career.

Automation Will Make Us Rethink What a “Job” Really Is

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This is the reason airlines invest in elongated career paths for pilots. To answer these questions, we need to begin disaggregating work and understanding how automation and AI can differentially handle various aspects of work. Disaggregate the different parts of the curve shown in the chart above and determine how AI can play a role.

Why I Tell My MBA Students to Stop Looking for a Job and Join the Gig Economy

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When the students in the MBA course I teach on the gig economy ask me for the best thing they can do to prepare for their future careers, I tell them: “Stop looking for a job.” Instead of creating jobs, companies are increasingly disaggregating work from a job. ” This may sound like odd advice to give MBA students.

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The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

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When I'd initially met him two years earlier, he'd seemed quite supportive of my career as a sell-side analyst. And regardless of whether what they desire is possible, when an employee shares with us a career goal or an innovative idea, their ambition itself should be honored. With nervous, but mostly eager, anticipation I walked up to the C-suite floor to meet with a senior manager at Merrill Lynch.