How To Save At One Of My Favorite Outdoor Stores, REI

Joseph Lalonde

I’ve often written about my love for the outdoors and all the fun activities you can do. These have included ice climbing, running half marathons, and more. As a leader, it’s important to have a hobby that gets you outside of the office and enjoying the great outdoors. Without a great hobby, it is easy […]. Self-Improvement

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Tony Mayo interviewed by client REI 360

Tony Mayo

Chris Haddon sits down for a high-level conversation with Executive Coach, Tony Mayo, who has been coaching him and his business partners for years. During this time they have made tremendous progress in their professional and personal lives. Check it out here. On this podcast they cover: How can you tell if a coach is […]. For Executives How to Set Goals

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REI Sets The Example For Creating And Living Core Values

Eric Jacobson

You can learn from Recreational Equipment Incorporated , better known as REI -- an outdoor gear and apparel co-op. As described in Amy Lyman's new book, The Trustworthy Leader , REI concisely articulates its core values in this series of statements: Authenticity -- We are true to the outdoors. So what makes it different at REI? The people at REI actively seek to live out their values ," explains Lyman.

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Dynamic Dozen: People Need A Purpose, Not Just a Paycheck

General Leadership

Guest Posts courage Growth Heroes Inspiration leader Leadership military mission performance Planning purpose REI SpaceX success Team and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. “A

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The Bull who withstood the Monster

In the CEO Afterlife

Monster entered the market after Red Bull, discounted their product, proliferated the hell out of the brand, and committed a boatload of sins that would give marketing pundits Al Reis and Jack Trout migraine headaches. Branding Leadership Marketing Strategy Al Reis Business Coca-Cola Creativity Dieter Mateschitz Entrepreneurship In the CEO Afterlife Innovation Jack Trout Jacobs Suchard John Richard Bell Monster Energy PepsiCo Red Bull Rockstar Slogans Unilever Vision

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Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance in 2012

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: For the second year, has released its list of the top 25 companies for work-life balance. The 2012 list was compiled from employee feedback gathered throughout the past year. The top 25 companies according to this report are: MITRE. North Highland. Agilent Technologies. SAS Institute. CareerBuilder. National Instruments. LinkedIn. FactSet. United Space Alliance. Rackspace. Orbitz. Novell. Susquehanna International Group (SIG). Slalom Consulting. Discover.

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I’m Not Naive, We’re Just Cowards

Modern Servant Leader

You think Servant Leadership doesn’t work “in the real world” I guess organizations practicing servant leadership like Southwest Airlines, Vanguard, REI, U.S. Dear Opponent of Servant Leadership , No, I’m not naive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… You Say I’m Naive. Cellular, Starbucks, Zappos, the U.S.

The Future of Quality is to Actually Do What People Talked About Decades Ago

Curious Cat

If you want to appeal to those that think you must read something new you can read a bit of Eric Reis, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Dan Pink. They offer good ideas, Eric Reis offers the most concrete suggestions in this group (Dan Pink is next). In the current ASQ Influential Voices post , Laurel Nelson-Rowe, ASQ managing director, asks: What’s the Future of Quality? The report they link to is hidden behind a register-wall.

The Brands That Make Customers Feel Respected

Harvard Business

CQ tries to assess what draws customers to certain brands, like REI, Wegmans, Dove, and Marriott. Take REI, for example. Last year REI announced it was closing all its stores on Black Friday to encourage employees and consumers to spend the day outdoors with their families and friends. A bold move, and it paid off: At the end of 2015 REI reported a 9.3% Not surprisingly, REI also led the pack on this dimension.

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A Monster of an Idea

In the CEO Afterlife

On top of that, I found the Monster logo on an array of items ranging from apparel to condoms – so much for the branding principles in Al Reis and Jack Trout’s best seller, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. My original premise for this blog was to share a variety of leadership and branding principles with the current generation of business leaders.

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5 Quick and Easy Icebreaker Games You Can Do with 1 Piece of Webbing

Lead by Adventure

You can find tubular webbing online, or at local outdoor stores, such as REI. Here are a few icebreaker games you can do with a short piece of 1″ Tubular Webbing. You’ll need one piece of webbing about 15 feet long for each of these activities. If you only have one group (up to 10 or 12 people), you can use the same piece of webbing for each one.

7 Steps to Getting Your Startup Story Right

Rajesh Setty

Although Steve Blank and Eric Reis have made customer development and lean startup methodology household names in the startup ecosystem, there is still a lot of reluctance from entrepreneurs to actively start talking to target customers early in the Lifecycle of a company. Reading about startups and trying to build one is like reading a book and jumping into the battleground to fight.

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How Customers Come to Think of a Product as an Extension of Themselves

Harvard Business

REI—an outdoor supplies company—sells inexpensive co-op memberships , and members enjoy members-only sales, free classes, even in-store “garage sales” of returned merchandise. KAZUHIRO NOGI/Getty Images. Businesses are constantly vying to capture the attention of potential customers. It’s not easy to do. People are inundated with different brands as they stroll through the streets, scan through their social media newsfeeds, and binge television.

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Shoppers Need a Reason to Go to Your Store — Other Than Buying Stuff

Harvard Business

REI) charges customers $20 to $40 to tackle the 60-foot climbing walls and structures it has in its flagship stores, offering instruction and also essentially getting customers to pay to try out its mountain-climbing equipment. STR/Getty Images. The holiday season, which is by far the most important time of year for retailers, highlights the increasingly intense battle between physical stores and online websites.

Big-Box Retailers Have Two Options If They Want to Survive

Harvard Business

Outdoor retailer REI goes even further by holding events, classes, and service projects to engage with the local communities around its stores. Big box retail stores are losing relevance, while e-commerce and specialty stores grow in appeal. People no longer want — or need — to shop as anonymous customers in large stores with shelves stocked high in aisle after aisle.

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How to Improve the Engagement and Retention of Young Hourly Workers

Harvard Business

That’s why companies like UPS, Lowes, REI, and Starbucks are in high demand — they all offer some form of health insurance for part-time, hourly employees. VANDAL Photography/Getty Images. What would you do if the majority of your entry-level, hourly workforce was planning to leave in less than a year? More than half of the 1,200 young people working in entry-level jobs we surveyed said that was their plan — and less than a quarter felt highly satisfied with their job.

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Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

Harvard Business

Retailers like Nordstrom, REI, and Anthropologie have customized package tracking experiences that provide visibility into the delivery. In 2005 A.G. Lafley, who at the time was CEO of the world’s largest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, introduced a marketing concept he called “the moment of truth” for building brand loyalty.

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Message

Harvard Business Review

In a TV commercial for outdoor gear maker REI, we see the backs of two women who are sitting atop a peak, taking in the scenery at night, when the announcer intones, "October 28th. You can feel the tension in the compressed smiles, quick nods and pointed questions at the annual Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare conference.

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Traditional Strategy Is Dead. Welcome to the #SocialEra

Harvard Business Review

Companies like REI, Kickstarter, Kiva, Twitter, Starbucks — they get it. When I say, "Social is and can be more than media," people resist. It's as if the two words (social and media) are now permanently fused together. But they shouldn't be. The fact that they are joined at the hip in so many people's minds means that marketing agencies are thriving — but that the rest of our organizations are not. Social can be — and already is — more than Media.

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Retailers Can’t Rely on Holiday-Season Gimmicks Like They Used To

Harvard Business Review

Outdoor retailer REI does this well across their channels including email, mobile, website, stores, in-store kiosks, and print. This holiday shopping season, the keys to winning for retailers will not be having the “toy of the season,” free shipping, or huge Black Friday sales. Shopping has transformed so significantly that these old ways of competing have become less effective.

When and Why to Part Ways with a Customer

Harvard Business Review

REI cancelled its lifetime return policy due to customers blatantly purchasing products with the intention of returning them. Photo by Andrew Nguyen. List three customers you wish you could fire right now. That didn’t take long, right? Firing customers, when all other options are exhausted, should be a legitimate option — whether you’re working with a business-to-business multimillion dollar client or a business-to-consumer $10 customer.

Using Facebook to Capture Customers

Harvard Business Review

Last year REI drove traffic to its stores by offering $1 donations to charity for every check-in, with a ceiling of $100,000. A central tenant of retailing is to put stores near customers. Now that 600 million potential customers are on Facebook, retailers are flocking to the site and aggressively experimenting with new communication strategies. Here are five ways they're connecting with customers on Facebook. Promotions.

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What Data-Obsessed Marketers Don’t Understand

Harvard Business Review

Finally, companies such as outdoor retailer REI combine social listening with real-time engagement to build human-scale dialogues on the path to loyalty and advocacy. Big data has become the X factor of modern marketing, the hero of every marketer’s story. But it’s a promise at risk of letting you down. You may be thinking that data will magically turn bush-league marketing into a winning “Moneyball” performance.

7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Harvard Business Review

REI’s brand platform is the excitement and adventure of the outdoors; Chick-fil-A’s is exceeding customers’ expectations with a servant’s spirit. A surprising thing happened during a recent brainstorming session I led for a retail client. We were supposed to be coming up with ideas for improving the company’s customer experiences, but the head of operations could not think of a single new customer service idea to explore.

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When Brand Loyalty Goes Too Far

Harvard Business Review

Would it be unreasonable or unfair for Nike and REI workers to be required to wear pedometers and share the numbers of miles they ran, walked or biked over the course of a fortnight? Microsoft managers probably shouldn't bring iPhones to business meetings. Ford employees shouldn't commute to work in BMWs. Coca-Cola employees likely shouldn't drink Pepsi on their lunch breaks. Nike's workforce shouldn't stroll their premises in Merrells.

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Sell Your Product Before It Exists

Harvard Business Review

When Eric Reis was popularizing the concept of an MVP, the guiding principle was to build and release a product with as few features as possible, and then use the market’s reaction to gauge how to refine the product. There’s crowdfunding and then there’s crowdfunding.

Lean Doesn’t Always Create the Best Products

Harvard Business Review

” In describing the iterative process, Reis leans on the word “science”: “With scientific learning as our yardstick, we can discover and eliminate the sources of waste that are plaguing entrepreneurship.” Our current silver bullet is Lean. The Lean movement began in manufacturing , then took the startup world by storm, and now the methodology has crept into companies of all kinds and sizes, both in practice and in jargon.

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Make Customers Want to Buy Offline

Harvard Business Review and Zappos, for example, are excellent online retailers, but they haven’t displaced REI or the local shoe store, because people value that hands-on expertise. Showrooming , once a worry primarily for consumer electronics retailers, is expanding into markets we might have thought exempt. Today we can investigate everything from cars to books to groceries in person and then proceed to order them online , often with greater ease and significant savings.

The Rise of Virtual Brick-and-Mortars

Harvard Business Review

The more compelling and unique — think REI with its climbing walls — the better. Ever since Amazon''s Price App appeared on the retail scene some 18 months ago, pundits have prophesized the demise of big-box retailers. There''s no question that Amazon''s innovation went right for the jugular of any volume- and price-focused retailer selling commodity goods like consumer electronics and household wares.