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7 Brand Management Software Solutions For Your Business

Strategy Driven

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of strong and consistent branding. Whether it’s your artwork, tone of voice, marketing materials, or storytelling; each part of your brand must be handled with care. Brand management software can help your company to organize your brand assets, and to manage your reputation.

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Career Advice from Senior Leaders: Anne Toulouse, Vice President, Global Brand Management at Boeing


I shared the first piece of advice in our Career Advice series a few weeks ago, which covered the topic of finding intersections in your work, and recognizing that it’s okay to not have all the answers. I hope it resonated with you or someone you know.

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Inside the Success of South Korean Brands

Harvard Business Review

Two decades of effective strategy and execution have given birth to some of the most attractive brands in the world: the K-brands.

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Brand Exposure

N2Growth Blog

Have you figured out how to apply the laws of scarcity to brand management? While a brand without exposure is not much of a brand, I consistently find that brand exposure is an aspect of brand management that is all too often overlooked as a success metric. If not, then this post is for you.

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The Hard-Knock Valuation of Brand Equity Growth | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

The Hard-Knock Valuation of Brand Equity Growth. by John • October 11, 2011 • Branding , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 0 Comments. There’s not a Brand Manager that doesn’t want to build brand equity. Consider this exchange between Hogwash Detergent’s CEO and the Brand Manager I’ll call Janet.

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Is Your Culture Powering or Souring Your Brand?

The Practical Leader

That’s brand management in many companies. But poor service experiences don’t match the brand promise. Brand management is an inside job. External brand management is multiplied or minimized by workplace culture. They brand themselves and the workplace.

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Research Explores How Companies Can Do CSR Well

The Horizons Tracker

On the other hand, downplaying CSR initiatives, a phenomenon known as “greenhushing,” can create the false impression that a company is indifferent to its impact on society and the environment, ultimately harming its brand.

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