Write SMART objectives & Goals

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SMARTER objectives form part of the MBO, Managing by objectives approach made popular by Drucker. How to write SMART Objectives and SMARTER objectives for business and personal development. Specific Stimulating Measurable Motivating Achievable Appropriate Realistic Relevant Time Timed. SMARTER formatted objectives are of value in Performance Management as well as project management. SMART goal setting. The post Write SMART objectives & Goals appeared first on RapidBi.

2013 Independent Workforce Predictions [Infographic]

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In a new infographic, MBO Partners shares five predictions for the independent workforce in 2013. Furthermore, Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners, explains, “Professionals will use the independent work path to change, extend and grow their careers.

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1 in 2 Independent Consultants are Women [Infographic]

Women on Business

A new study from MBO Partners reports that 77% these women are satisfied and 74% plan on remaining in independent work. Statistics show women are joining the growing independent consulting sector at a rapid pace.

Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

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According to MBO Partners, a support service for independent consultants, boomers are a fast growing sector of the independent workforce. In its 2012 Independent Workforce Index, MBO Partners estimates that boomers account for around a third of all independent consultants.

Balanced Scorecard - The Next Big Thing?

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Developed at the Harvard Business School by David Norton and Robert Kaplan in the early 1990s, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) represents the newest and most prolific performance measurement system since Total Quality Management (TQM) and Management by Objectives (MBO). Many corporate managers have been introduced to a corporate management system called the Balanced Scorecard.

Managing Remote Employees: Lessons Ancient Rome and Today

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Unfortunately, his ideas were ruined by management consultants who turned “MBO” into a bureaucratic mess. The Colosseum. ?This This post was recently published as a guest post on SmartBlog on Leadership : Question: What do these five “established” jobs: - Call Center Representative.

Guest Blogger George L. Morrisey: Are You Ready for Strategic Planning?


A pioneer in the process known as Management By Objectives (MBO), he wrote the first how-to book on MBO for managers in 1970. This is not a facetious question. The process of strategic planning may be reduced to that of just another paperwork exercise unless it is launched with a clear understanding on the part of those involved concerning: How much time is required? How many and what types of meetings? How much preparation effort is required? What are the roles of team members?

Independent Work May Be Inevitable

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Drilling down further, according to MBO Partners' State of Independence in America report , there is a rapidly growing subset of "independents" in the U.S., which MBO defines as an individual working 15+ hours per week whether as a freelancer, contractor, or owner of a micro-business. 25 million people who are working part-time and are potentially under-employed, MBO calculates there are currently about 17 million independents.

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How VC John Doerr Sets (and Achieves) Goals

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Andy had created this system for goal setting that was deceptively simple, but also the polar opposite of the conventional management by objectives (MBO) systems, which tend to be top down, hierarchical, annual, and linked to compensation. HBR Staff/Steve Jennings / Stringer/Getty Images. Since joining Kleiner Perkins in 1980, venture capitalist John Doerr has helped fund Intuit, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and a host of other well-known tech companies.

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The Management Thinker We Should Never Have Forgotten

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Eliminate MBO. Laura Schneider for HBR. Gothenberg, Sweden, is a long way to travel from Boston for a breakthrough idea in management — especially one that is more than 40 years old.

The Freelance Economy Still Runs on Word of Mouth

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But we’re not quite there yet, according to a new survey conducted for MBO Partners, which provides back-office services to independent workers — which it dubs “solopreneurs.”

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How Overfocusing on Goals Can Hold Us Back

Harvard Business Review

One of the most sacred texts in the business world is Peter Drucker’s classic, The Practice of Management , which introduced the concept of “ management by objectives ” (MBO). Imagine you want to design a robot that can get through a maze by itself. How might you go about it?

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Breaking Down the Freelance Economy

Harvard Business Review

To really get a sense of where we’re going, though, they will need to keep paying for identical surveys for years to come (the back-office firm MBO Partners has been doing this for a narrower population of “independent workers” for three years now ).

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Where Are All the Self-Employed Workers?

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A survey conducted for the past three years on behalf of MBO Partners , a provider of support services for independent workers, counts temp workers, on-call workers, and those on fixed-term contracts as “independent workers.”

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Your Company Needs Independent Workers

Harvard Business Review

The MBO Partners 2015 State of Independence workforce study found that 6.4

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There’s No One System for Paying Your Global Sales Force

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Performance Metrics: Pay on revenues (timing determined locally) for individual (not team) performance; pay incentives rarely for management by objective (MBO) achievement (e.g.

How PwC and The Washington Post Are Finding and Hiring External Talent

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PwC has chosen to build its platform itself and has engineered it to work with other independent worker ecosystem service providers such as MBO Partners (an Emergent Research client), which is providing PwC with a compliance system for engaging and paying the independent worker community. Corporations across the globe are increasing their use of external talent. In the U.S. alone, companies are engaging roughly 6.4

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