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Planning a successful MBO?

Strategy Driven

An MBO or MBI can give you the opportunity to step up from senior manager to business owner. How do you plan a successful MBO? What is an MBO and why might a business go for a MBO. When a business is purchased by the management team within the company by borrowing funds, this is referred to as a Management-Buy-out (MBO).

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2013 Independent Workforce Predictions [Infographic]

Women on Business

In a new infographic, MBO Partners shares five predictions for the independent workforce in 2013. Furthermore, Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners, explains, “Professionals will use the independent work path to change, extend and grow their careers.

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1 in 2 Independent Consultants are Women [Infographic]

Women on Business

A new study from MBO Partners reports that 77% these women are satisfied and 74% plan on remaining in independent work. MBO Partners released an infographic that highlights all of the key findings about women independent consultants from the survey, which you can see below (click the image to view it at full size).

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“You can never tell what’s around the corner”: Here’s how to nail succession planning

Chartered Management Institute

This was back in 2010, and Bill was planning to retire within three years, then sell the business via a management buyout process (MBO) to a new management team that he would put together. But first, he had to recruit his successor. It took hundreds of applicants to land the right person.

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Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

Chart Your Course

According to MBO Partners, a support service for independent consultants, boomers are a fast growing sector of the independent workforce. In its 2012 Independent Workforce Index, MBO Partners estimates that boomers account for around a third of all independent consultants. Will they retire, work part-time or start new endeavors?

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Balanced Scorecard - The Next Big Thing?

Six Disciplines

Developed at the Harvard Business School by David Norton and Robert Kaplan in the early 1990s, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) represents the newest and most prolific performance measurement system since Total Quality Management (TQM) and Management by Objectives (MBO).

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Write SMART objectives & Goals

Rapid BI

SMARTER objectives form part of the MBO, Managing by objectives approach made popular by Drucker. How to write SMART Objectives and SMARTER objectives for business and personal development. Specific Stimulating Measurable Motivating Achievable Appropriate Realistic Relevant Time Timed. SMART goal setting.